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    You never assume you are safe until you have ensured that the assailant won't even groan while you're searching his pockets for change... Also: Randomness XV: We Came. We Saw. We Immediately Caved In and Bought Two of Them. or Randomness XV: We Came. We Saw. We Checked The Price Tag And Went Home Crying.
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    I follow a few Patreons to try and learn some new things and get a hold of painting concepts I havent got down. I tried an interesting method that put some texture and life into cloth by use of glazing and some more random movements of the brush when applying paint. Well at least on the cloths. I did add a base on to this one as well and some green stuff work to make her look like she is standing in a creek.
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    Good news: the small sore I've had on my eyelid for probably a year and started getting irritating about two months ago is nothing more than an annoyance, and is not a bad medical thing. Bad news: to get rid of the annoying, I'll need to hot compress my eye for 15mins, 4 times per day, wash it 4 times per day, and put antibiotic goop in it for at minimum 1 week. That's going to get old fast. Way fun: Work this evening consisted of professionally playing around in the back collections of the campus mineral museum. *squee*
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    Pushing more and more to try and have games played with painted minis even if they aren't of the highest quality. Did these up for my younger son. First up is an old Mordheim mini as a thug. A Mordheim archer. Frostgrave thief. Frostgrave ranger. And a group photo of all of his current enchanter warband.
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    Last of my golems. Wife and one kid asked why is he brown if clay should be grey? I said I already had a grey golem and I like him brown.
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    Planned on painting this guy ever since I got him. Finally did because my younger son wanted to use him in Frostgrave.
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    Here is my entry for the Yeti contest. A co-worker thought he'd make a good Grinch, so I went with that. A little Greenstuff to make a Santa Hat, and here were are. The gift box was tough. I mixed my own metallic blue paint, and freehanded wayyy too many snowflakes. I included other shots without the box to show off his details. Enjoy.
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    Here is my entry for the LadyStorm's Winter Contest. Lots of firsts here for me. First Yeti, first snow base, in fact first base with more than grass and a couple rocks. I had intended to sculpt a little Santa hat for him and his victim. But that was a first attempt also, and I quickly found out that's a skill that's going to need some practice. So here he is... On the base is a Bones mini that I like to think of as not Indiana Jones frozen in carbonite. There's also little frozen backpack in there. And since it looks like I can put one more picture up here. He asked if he could show off his snowman. Thanks for looking and good luck to everyone in the contest.
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    Bad guy from the Dungeon Saga game. Been painting various skeletons for awhile and he fits the bill.
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    @Glitterwolf: Thanks for the sugar-skull suggestion on her. Four weeks passed. I was out of town for two of them. I covered all the flat wooden surfaces with putty, and textured them with sculpting tools and/or spongy blisterpack foam, to make them look like plaster or tile or crushed stone. Next: attach the overhead wooden structure and then paint all the scenery. I'll probably add a few orange flower petals on the ground, and tuck in a sugar-skull or other set-dressing on the steps, but I'll save that until the scenery is painted, Diego is set in place, and I'm just making final decisions about composition. Derek
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    I got to watch the video of me being sprayed that my coworker took as he laughed at me. When I fell, it was a combination of crossing my feet as I switched from one target to the second and being hit by the target I was turning to. So, my clumsiness. It's also a problem I have in SCA fights when it comes to fighting mutiple people. So my footwork just sucks. Nothing new there. But the cop I pinned against a truck was put on light duty today. We don't know why, but I'm saying that my putting him up against the truck is what did it. He probably wrenched his back or twisted a leg or something, though, because he was the punching bag for 3 or 4 of us. I know I was sore last night and am still sore today.
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    Always liked this mini and decided to paint it up after finding it while digging for some other stuff. Just a quick job but like him.
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    Good day everyone, I've been busy working recently but I managed to paint a little. Here are pictures of the 77434, Yeti Chieftain sculpted by Jason Wiebe and 80072, Antarctic Explorer sculpted by James Van Schaik that I painted for LadyStorm's Winter Contest. Click this link for more picture of W. Smith the Antarctic Explorer. Fooling around during the photo session, Yeti throwing snow balls. Yeti making angels in the snow. Yeti singning opera in W. Smith ears. I've used transparent plastic blisters to create the piece of ice in which the Yeti is trapped. The synthetic snow is Army Painter Battlefields BF4103 snow.
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    Since I just finished a couple different golems I decided to paint up the rest. Like how he turned out and it was fast and simple.
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    I had lots of fun trying out some new things on this guy!
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    My entry and link to the Show Off thread. Please enjoy and good luck to everyone. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84146-77434-yeti-chieftain/
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    This was one of the first GW minis I bought back in the late 80s. Gave him a very slight touch up and he's joined the ranks of my high elves again.
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    Hi everyone, I painted this 80072, Antarctic Explorer to complement the little scene that I did for LadyStorm's winter contest. This model was sculpted by James Van Schaik. I painted it with Reaper's MSP paint and the synthetic snow is Army Painter Battlefields BF4103 snow. Any similarity with an old bearded man from the northern hemisphere is pure coincidence.
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    So, they apparently make these alarms for the deaf that literally shake the bed? I think they even make a variant that only shakes a specific half of the bed? So you get vibrated out, but your partner/personal oven does not? At least, in theory. I am impressed, entertained and charmed, all at once.
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    Aaaaaand oldest child has thrown out most of one box, re-packed the rest into the second box and put the box back in the garage. Well, it's progress. And I don't begrudge him that second box, it's all books for kids around age 10 and his girlfriend wants to keep them for when she's done her teacher's degree and needs classroom books. So they'll be gone before too long anyway.
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    I've been doing wrong all these years? Curse my friendly genuine niceness!!! I bow to your mastery. [Please don't hurt me! Oh wait, you just said you liked my shoes. Man, this'll take some getting use to.]
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    The bases got some attention today: One of the benefits of W.I.P. photos is that I can see things I missed. I forgot to do the Big Alter Egos mushroom stems: Now done: The tentacles are truer to actual color in this photo: Until whenever.
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    At lunch today, I sculpted the Sorcerer's hand, embelishment on the staff butt, and the metal bracket on his shell.
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    For days he walked the frozen desert of Antarctica, but "yet it" was time to go. The exploration boat was going to raise the moorings and leave on the day of the austral summer to pursue is main mission to map the coast line of the new continent. On its way back, some distance from the ship, a mysterious reflection on the snow caught the attention of W. Smith. With amazement, he made a discovery that would shock the world. Frozen in the ice, preserved from the effects of time, a species of humanoid unknown until now was standing in front of him. With a mystified look on his chapped face the exhaustive man began to think about all the mysteries still buried or petrified in the ice and that are still waiting to be found. See my Show Off post for more pictures and the making-of the scene 77434, Yeti Chieftain sculpted by Jason Wiebe and 80072, Antarctic Explorer sculpted by James Van Schaik.