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    Trying to get into the Christmas spirit and use the new holiday paints. Used citadel "Thousand sons blue" because I liked the color, Holly Berry for the red, Christmas Wreath green cloak and Ginger Cookie for the skin color, Golden Yellow and Hearth Fire for the edge of the cloak. Some grey black base along with Turkey Brown and ginger cookie for the owl, and Turkey Brown for the staff. I didn't attempt the face, I am terrible with faces.
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    I made these three guys out of my bits box. The bodies and arms are Wargames Factory Vikings, the heads and weapons are from various other sources. The Wargames Factory bits have rather shallow detail, so I didn't spend too much time painting them. I figure they'll make good village militia and/or bandits. Background figures whose job is to take up space and get killed by either the heroes or the orcs.
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    I don't know about the rest of you, but this little dragon is ready for Tuesday morning
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    Ooog. We made a pot of stew last night. Maybe 8 pounds of ingredients went into this stew. The pot of stew will not last through tonight. We ate it aaaaaalll... And I still want coq au vin.
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    Been wrapping and baking and cooking and laundering most of the day, with pauses to take the kids to see Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse 'cos it's youngest's eighteenth birthday. Soooo tired ...
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    If my memory is working properly, I think this guy came out a blister pack marked Ral Partha Imports, so he may have originally been a citadel sculpt. In any case, he's older than at least some of you reading this. His paint got pretty badly dinged up in a move, so i decided to fix him up. Which led to a complete repaint. I hope you like him.
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    Primed brown then washed with brown Strong Tone by Army Painter. Fiddling with drybrush and glazing with INSTAR's brown Mud Brown, and lighter Dust Brown.
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    I've been working on this guy for well over a year I think, really just finished his base off b ut here he is in all his glory. Wonderful sculpt, typical FW resin (mold slips etc) but he's a beast in 30k games vs flyers so really really love him! :D
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    One of the unfortunate side effects of "time off" is hitting me square in the jaw. The urge to cook. I reeeeally want coq au vin.
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    I... was unprepared for the dubstep version of Greig's Hall of the Mountain King.... There's only one thing to do - Oh, Megan! I've got something to show you! The Auld Grump *EDIT* The reason I was looking for the song - I just picked up a nifty map for a dwarfen stronghold titled Hall of the Mountain King - and for a buck... I needed the music! The upper level was $3 - Gee, if only I knew where to find a reasonably priced model of a dwarf king on his throne, that would be perfect!
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    Tsu is Best Frog! Deku has two super powers: one that he got from That Thing In First Episode, and one from his mother. The original super power? Crying buckets capable of drowning a city block Went to grocery store to make sure we have everything we need for feasting. Was looking at pot roast, and asked the butcher how to cook it. He was going to give me a recipe and then decided that we needed prime rib - I said that was pretty costly. He told me to wait, went to the back, and pulled up a prime rib with a pot roast label (he halved the price of the prime rib). Many blessings upon the kind butcher!
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    Ok, I know that the figure is called 'Blood Demon' but It reminds me of the Bone Devil (Osyluth for all you real old timers out there) from a certain well known role playing game. So, that's how I painted it. Relatively quick tabletop painting, I think I spent about 2-3 hours including basing on this figure.
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    Sent the maps off to Megan - since she has been making noises about Skyrim. The Auld Grump - Far over the misty mountains cold. To dungeons deep, and caverns old. We must away, Ere break of day, To claim our long forgotten gold....
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    Hmm. I don’t have a nerd hat for pins but I do have a nerd lanyard for my nerd pins. And thinking on it. I do have a cowboy hat with all my Calgary Stampede pins that I’ve been collecting for years. But that’s not nerd. That’s cowboy that is.
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    I received a box from Canada that I suspect is my Secret Sophie box. The customs declaration reads: Plastic Miniature Metal Miniature Chocolate Since it is only a day and a half away, I'm going to wait until Christmas to open it. That way I am guaranteed minis for Christmas.
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    I am finally sitting down to paint. Wooo. I got on the hangouts, in case anyone wants to join me.
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    I stayed at work past the last Sunday bus - so Megan is coming to pick me up. Thank the gods I remembered to put the pot roast in the crock pot, I am pooped! The Auld Grump
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    I don't have any geek or nerd pins... ...I do still have the husky plushie that we won in the whack-a-mole game at the one Stampede I was at.... Funny what happens when you're faster than your friends at the game, and they want the GIANT DRAGON OF DOOM and you keep winning by 10 points...
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    Signs that you and your wife are spending too much time in each other's heads. I sent Megan that map, and got a reply of 'We need that mammoth!'.... And I knew exactly what she meant.... + The Auld Grump Those dark dwarfs will also be a good fit. The Auld Grump
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    My wife is awesome. Why, you ask? Weird Al tickets!!!
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    Pcktlnt box has been back in my hands since monday, but I've been so busy. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Dislikes holiday season when I have to take care of the customers. Sales needs to stop overpromising customers. I have placed customers in queue and priority. So far out of the 15 vendors, only two are dissatisfied. Argue all they want, if they can't provide proper shipping information, email contact, or follow our SLA, we cannot push their product. Anyway, lots of fun stuff in the box. Did a quick pick and will go through again. Pics later tonight.
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    Well, just the treasure right now; I'll get around to the candelabra sooner or later. I'm not entirely sold on my distribution of wealth; I think next time I'll paint it all gold and try to pick out coins in other colors instead of starting with silver.
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    Sad about no game night tomorrow due to some holiday's eve or something......... Thou, I guess it kinda gives me a bit of a break. Granted I had a 18 year break before running games at the FLGS, so yah I wanna play!! At least I'll have Starfinder Society night on Weds this week. Only need 2 more players to actually start!! That reminds me I need to update the listing on the Paizo event site.
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    I think I can top that. I'd been on a nice long ride on my Honda 550. The plan had been to go from SoCal to at least Bishop and back on US 395. I say had because my planned fuel stop at Coso Junction went Wahoonie Shaped when I rolled up to a shuttered and lights out gas station. Turned out they had gone from 24 hours to limited hours a month previous due to the person who usully covered the overnight shift quitting. It's not a very populated area so finding somebody to cover the hours was proving difficult for the owner. If I has topped off atht eh Pilot Truck Stop at the junction of US 395 and Cal 58 I would have been in OK shape. As it was, using every trick I knew to stretch my limited fuel supply I still came up about 5 miles short of the next gas station, In Lone Pine, Ca and had to push my bike, in the middle of the night all the way into Lone Pine. [observation: nothing will make you more aware of not just the prevailing grade but of every small dip and rise in a roadway like having to push a motorcycle over it] I stopped at the first available station and had to wait till the guy opened up at 6AM. Went on into Bishop as planned but was very tired from my after midnight heavy exercise. I got a fairly decent nap at the Coso Junction Rest Stop on the way back and pushed on for the remainder of the return leg. I must have been more tired than I thought because south of the 395/58 Jct. I must have drifted off to sleep, on a motorcycle, in an area that was/is a known "Blood Alley" because I suddenly came wide awake [a sudden adrenaline rush will make you wide awake and very allert in a remarkably short period of time] with no memory of the last 5 miles, on a straight road doing circa 70 mph. Just one of numerous "tales from the road" where my Guardian Angel must hae loggd some serious overtime. GEM Seasonable Greetings You get the hockey pucks if the animal is stressed out prior to the kill. Bison is one of those meats where you need to know that not just the butcher but also the person doing the kill and dress out of the carcass know what they are doing. GEM Seasonable Greetings
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    Basecoats and shading wash applied to Hannibal, Face and Murdoch: This seems to be the best I want do with the chains on B.A. right now: I know I can do better if I cut it off and tried again, but since these guys are for table top and it gets the point across, I'm going to leave it as is so I can just finish these guys.