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    Got your next vehicle already in mind:
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    My side of the family celebrates on Christmas Eve and my wife's side on Christmas Day so it has always worked out well. Today, my wife has been baking away and I have been doing the dishes as we go [and checking quality control occasionally]
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    Given where you live, how about a snowmobile?
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    I painted the base, attached the overhead structure, and attached Diego. Although I could call it done here, I want to touch up a few spots in the paint (the folds of her skirt, mostly), and add a few bits of Day of the Dead decoration/scenery. Derek
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    Tonight! With vixens and youngest vixen's boyfriend! Even Brutus will get a new toy! Tonight, Starters: Carpaccio with cheese and pineseeds Dinner: Steak, Ham from the oven, Green beans in Bacon, Red beet with goat cheese, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Gratine Potatoes with Truffel and cheese. Dessert: Cheesecake ( blueberry), Pavlova with Forest Fruits and Hemelse Modder ( Dutch, Heavenly Mud it's a Chocolate mousse a bit thinner so it resembles Mud)
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    This is 77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior, a Bones miniature sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. The WIP thread is over here. This mini was primarily an opportunity for me to practice blending and NMM after taking classes at ReaperCon. (I took and recommend @Kuro Cleanbrush's classes on these.) (click on the pictures for larger versions) Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't make any more changes to this figure but I can always use them for my next project.
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    Probably sometime tomorrow and in the next few days. Mom is driving up tomorrow because she figures the roads will be clear. I did some basic shopping. She did. Sir Cyr's injury has prevented him, however. He's been kinda stuck in the apartment, so I expect he'll be doing post-holiday gifting. That's okay - we're so informal that we got a holiday orchid (white and purple) instead of a tree or wreath or usual stuff.
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    Tomorrow, when all the demon spawn congregate.
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    I have a lot of respect for Jason Wiebe for pulling off an anthropomorphic giraffe. I wanted to pull of an expression that someone might have with glasses, kind of an 'I'm not impressed' look. I don't usually black-line the sections of a model as I feel like it generally works better for eye-balls and not photo-setups but in this case I just went with it, my washes got a little out of control and the black lines tightened things up a little :-)
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    Since I had a working coupon code for dndbeyond, I picked up the Eberron book & the racial options for Loxodon & Minotaur. I'm in the process of making the rest of the 20th level Vegas (LVO) pregens. Gonna go with a Loxodon cleric, Minotaur paladin & a Warforged (Envoy) Wizard. Of course using the following minis for the minotaur & warforged: (can't decided if he should have full or half-plate. Leaning towards half)
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    Christmas Day, but not too much at this time. Our family used to do a gift exchange but they stopped that. Most things my wife and I want we just get.
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    I've heard of them - I just hate Suburus. Or rather, I hate that the absurd level of love for them in CO seems to attract a higher percentage of people who can't drive than other car makes.
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    But no one has heard of the Car and Savior, Subaru? In Tahoe and in Colorado, they're the favorites to an absurd level. There are bumper stickers in CO proclaiming love of Subarus and Dogs (together).
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    I like the challenge of painting models that don't have a wide variety of images available in the product area. This is a great model. I really like the stern expression on her face. Bobby Jackson has also sculpted a superb looking bear! Having just restarted the hobby, my basing materials are a little spare. I found, however, that sticking with some very common, traditional flocking materials kind of ends of giving the model a bit of an old-school feel; I like that it looks good but at the same time it is clearly identifiable as flocking material from the modeling section of hobby lobby ;-) Adding a dab of white to the end of the sword made if look SHARP.
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    Why do you think the production costs are less for Games workshop? Sometimess Iim just willing to pay more to support the little guy. It seems that some of the best innovations in our hobby come from Mom and pop operations and I feel that’s it worth paying a little more to keep them around and innovating.
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    Christmas for my maternal grandparents was always before Christmas. Firefighting family, there was a good chance somebody was working Christmas day. So we had Christmas dinner and presents on the night of the 23rd or the 24th. Standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, fresh bread, some green thing nobody ate, and pie afterward. No presents until everyone was done eating so my dad would be the slow eater, purposefully extending dinner a half hour. After I grew up he and I fell into a competition over who could eat the slowest. Then presents and then pie. That tradition is gone. Grandma died in 2016, rather unexpectedly. Nobody knew she had cancer or that it had been slowly metastasizing for 20+ years. Grandpa doesn't do Christmas at all anymore, not unless dragged into it by other family. Christmas for my paternal grandparents was always the night of Christmas. Ham dinner then presents then drinks then drive home blitzed. That tradition changed when grandma and grandpa got old and we all got tired of substandard canned ham. From then it turned into presents at my grandparent's in the mid morning hours, elevensies with cocktails, drive home blitzed, and my mother would make Christmas dinner. Most years it was another standing rib roast. Some years it was a gigantic fresh ham. Either way there were some form of potatoes and greens fried in bacon and fresh bread and pie. That tradition is also gone. Grandpa died in 2009. Grandma had her strokes in 2013? or so. Christmas wasn't fun anymore, it was an ordeal. Grandma died this past year. Grandpa died of cancers secondary to radiation exposure during his work in the Navy post WW2 (no not bombs, medical tested these brand new X-Rays on him to see if they could cure spinal deformities). Grandma died of a wicked case of Old, she was 98. Christmas for my parents was Christmas morning. Coffee then presents then breakfast. Breakfast might be popovers (which were always too salty), it might be pancakes, it might be waffles, whatever it was it would be belly-achingly sweet. Once the kids grew up the fun spread to the dogs who also got presents. I have no idea if that tradition is still going. This is my second Christmas spent a long way from there. Given what's already been lost I don't think I'm missing anything. My sister and her family are stopping in Los Angeles on the 26th on their way to visit the in-laws in Mexico. My brother still lives at home. I have a turkey torso thawing in the fridge, that's more than enough for two people. I hear there's an attempt this year to drag my living grandpa to a Christmas dinner. He might avoid it by hiding out in Arizona again. There might be no traditions left. As I said in another thread, I need new ones.
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    Cap'n John wants to exchange gifts tonight. When I was with my family, we opened our presents Christmas morning...those were The Days.
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    Tomorrow. Not including packages that arrive today. Or food products.
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    @WhiteWulfe Your gifts sound pretty much what my daughter would love to have this year. She is a big time Nintendo fan, LofZ & Pokemon fan. Thou, she'd have to change it to Eevee as that is her favorite. She'll have to settle for some less expensive gifts, a gold Nintendo book (resembles the original NES game, included is a black sleeve) & some other various Zelda gifts.
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    Whenever the Reaper, Amazon, or "insert company name here" boxes come in. Oh, you mean the gift giving thingy that happens around this time. .... .....Uhhmmm... Whenever the box comes in and I'm able to pick it up? ^_^;;;;; So usually about 30 seconds to 5 minutes after I get home from that walk/bus ride. Seriously. This year was one of the first years we did the gifting thing, and it didn't quite turn out as well as we thought it would, because we kind of threw the gifting thing out the window, and put that money towards both of us getting a Switch, a copy of Breath of the Wild for each of us, and hubby got Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Oh, and we also both got a copy of Let's Go, with him getting Pikachu (which came with his special edition Switch), and I got Eevee once it came in from the store transfer ^_^;;; Neither of us like waiting, but maybe next year we'll do the "proper gifting thing". One never knows
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    Yup.... Even the ones where everything in it is cooked. Just kind of how she is. Meanwhile, there's me and OMG SUSHI OM NOM NOM!!! Although I don't treat myself and hubby to sushi all that often because, well, the usual reasons - good sushi is expensive. Sorry to hear about such, but like others have said, rather glad to hear of no injuries! As for the purple.... That really sounds like "Subaru Impreza WRX STi"... Until you said red. Blue is supposedly the fastest Subaru colour, even though they look drop dead gorgeous in black. *checks website* Wait... You CAN get them in red? o_O Mmmmm, Subaru. The brand I was so vehemerently against if you go back 13ish years... And was always proud of beating their times in winter autocross... In a 102hp Corolla! And now the brand I want to buy, because they created a rather "odd" hybrid car with Toyota that's pretty much exactly what I want in a car ^_^;;;;
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    @Cranky Doggood to hear you're ok!
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    Glad you are unhurt. Check out the Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson, all wheel drive, super reliable and comfortable. We have owned 5 of them and everyone of them was excellent.
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    Except for the Saints' Row IV Dubstep gun.
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    It's dubstep - it almost never lives up to either the hope or the hype. Though I have a weakness for Mt. Eden. (I used that song as the intro song for a Spycraft game that I ran for a year and a half.) The Auld Grump
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    Just a quick thank you to all of our backers and supporters during 2018! This was another great year for CAV as we continue to grow and attract new players. 2019 looks just as spectacular and we hope you and all your family and friends have a safe and blessed year!!!
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    At the in-laws for the day, spent last night here too, and maybe will again tonight. Husband had to go back home to pick up packages and do some errands, including grabbing paint for me that I forgot. So this of course means that I'm sitting here painting what I can because I'm so behind on this mini. Might be here all day.
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    Yeah, it's a popular item, doubly so that special edition Switch - probably because the back of the Switch has a bunch of silhouetted Pokémon all over it, and the dock has Eevee and Pikachu kind of lazily staring at you. Hubby wanted the Pikachu one simply because Growlithe is in it. It is a good system, and it's definitely a fun one, but yeah, it is a pricy one, that's for sure.
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    This is true but there is less incentive to copy when the original is reasonably priced. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but when you are charging more than Games Workshop for something with less production costs, I think you may be charging too much. If these were in the 8-15 dollar range they would be reasonable. higher pricing is for exclusivity or intentionally lowered production (He may not be able to produce a million units and therefore wants to maximize profits on what he can produce) I will stick with my pill bottles (with my health issues, i have enough of them :) ) dowels and double sided tape. But i wish him well and maybe with volume will come prices that I feel I can afford.
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    Yeah, I am done for the year, looks like. I might get some primed today but that is very iffy. Have a Merry Christmas all!
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    I have not painted a miniature larger than a 1/600 scale tank in about 9 years (outside of painting Gundam models which is way different/easier than miniatures). At 1:600 scale it is very easy, even infantry, as it is just a spray of paint, wash and drybrush. If I am daring I do a prick of flesh and black for boots/guns. When I see the detail on some of the Bones and metal figures it just confounds me how people do it. I look at some of the pictures and I see detail that I can't even see on the unpainted figure... Anyway, so I am wanting to paint some figures to use in some games (Rangers of Shadow Deep, Blood on the Blade and Blood in Space) which has brought me here. I am posting here for a couple of reasons: 1. I live in Japan and don't have access to Reaper paints which I used in the past. The 3 stores listed on the Reaper site are not near me and none of the mail order carry them and do not have a re-order date for even the miniatures. I am more accustomed to using Mr Hobby (aka Gunze-sangyo Creos) Color/Aqueous/Acrysion paints. I know Mr Hobby has nowhere near the number of colors but I was wondering if anyone else uses them and/or has made progress on an equivalency chart? A long shot, I know. 2. I need motivation. I am a gamer more than a painter. I have half a mind to just buy figures and never paint them. But that just feels wrong to me. I don't mind plain plastic in boardgames but when it is a miniature game it just feels wrong. I am also half-tempted to pay someone but I can be a stingy bastard. Maybe this will be a New Year's Resolution. If I can get active here it may help motivate me. Thanks for listening to me ramble and Merry Christmas from Japan (it is Christmas morning as I write this and I am waiting on my teenaged kids to get up)!
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    Just a quick thank you to all of our backers and supporters during 2018! This was another great year for CAV as we continue to grow and attract new players. 2019 looks just as spectacular and we hope you and all your family and friends have a safe and blessed year!!!
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    Welcome to the forum, and Merry Christmas. Painting for games is a great motivator. I am starting a new rpg campaign this weekend and have yet to pick a figure for my new character. So many to choose from....
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    I did a little more work last night. I've reached the point where I think my attempts to make additional improvements are backfiring. So it's that time... Time to post a Show Off thread!
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    Some will happen tonight, some tomorrow, and some next week(end?).
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    I did some transitions from shadow to highlight. Not sure I can get it any smoother.
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    Maybe it would be possible to structure a two-part day1//day two class, with drying time over night?
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    Thanks @Glitterwolf! I'll do some testing. Can't decide if I should give her an eyebrow or not.
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    I like this foresty/primate look - nice colors and brushwork.
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    Yet another great and different idea for the yeti!
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    Great use of the limited palate.
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    Nice - great work with keeping the muted colors while all parts stand out visually.
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    I like the muted colors and the way you painted his face! Very full of character.
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    Well, that was interesting, and a little disappointing. I feel like there's potential this version didn't live up to.
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    It may have changed. I don't drive the 60k miles per year in the Denver area metro that I used to decades ago. My perception is from the 80s, when I was a delivery driver for a typesetting company. At one point, when I noticed that Suburu drivers seemed to be the worst, to find out if it was just my perception, or there were some numbers behind it, I started keeping tabs on the types of vehicles that would do things like cut people off, cross multiple lanes, fail to signal, etc. The top three were Suburus, Taxis and RTD buses. It's entirely possible that the data actually changed, but my perception hasn't, especially since I only drive about 10k miles a year now, most of that being with 4 miles of my home or out of town highway miles. A couple years after that delivery driver stint, when I was home on leave, the Rocky Mountain News wrote an article about how bad Denver's drivers were. The bias of the article inspired me to write a letter to editor about it that got published. I shamed them because the author only interviewed and quoted taxi drivers and RTD bus drivers - the so called "professional drivers" whom I found to be the worst, and I outlined my driving experiences in Chicago and elsewhere. My letter to the editor got a bunch of follow up letters agreeing with me, and they ran another article about it where they interviewed "real" drivers.
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    Hah! I haven't noticed the idiot phenomenon with them. That's more likely to be the large 4WD Suburbans, Explorers, etc, from what I've seen.
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    I tried this out at PAX Unplugged. They had the basic set available for purchase. I was not impressed. If your thumbs are too flexible you won't be impressed either. They're not rakshasa compatible
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