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    This model was so much fun to paint and I had so many ideas as I went along but I couldnt add them to this one so may be the next, anyways, great model, I would recommend painting it in pieces and just go nuts with it.
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    Pretty happy with this overall, but I would paint a 2nd one given the chance. The wings are weird in the back, almost as if they were not part of the original sculpt and it makes for an odd fit with the serving platter arm. She's got wrist warmers on each arm and, sorry, they're just ugly. Not happy with the face. Repainted it four times and finally just had to stop.
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    I painted this a while back but could not come up with a good base for it. I found this resin rock base and figured it would just fit, if I could get it off the metal plug it comes on. Much blood and many tears later it was free from its metal prison. The cat originally had a faint stripe pattern in its fur, but as I said there was blood, and I ended up repainting a fair bit of it. He's painted vaguely like a desert dwelling wild cat.
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    The Knife isn't strickly gaming related. It is from a Rose Redwood - originally from China by way of 80 yrs in a St Louis Botanical Garden. hand carved by my Father (74). perfect for opening letters, presents or in an emergency killing a vamp. In the latter case would probably break on its first kill The Dragon King is from Kingdom Death, and took most of my morning to assemble. It has wings - but I'm not sure if I should attach them before painting - even though it will be a few months before I'm ready to paint it.
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    Just don't do like the blond who cooked the turkey for 2 days because it said cook 1/2 hour for every 5 pounds and she weighed.....
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    Had a very nice holiday today and yesterday. Got some stuff I really wanted and some stuff that I'm somewhat confused about (grill spatula, we don't own a grill(from MIL)). But overall pretty good, and I got to make my Reaper order today!
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    My family was too kind to me. not much in the miniatures front but a new leather jacket and a new lathe to replace the 20 year old Korean one I have been using (lathe beds are not supposed to bend...) I did get the new T'Raukzul Bones mini (or not so mini as the case may be...) and a copy of dungeon saga so all was not completely without minis this Christmas
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    This is 77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior, a Bones miniature sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. The WIP thread is over here. This mini was primarily an opportunity for me to practice blending and NMM after taking classes at ReaperCon. (I took and recommend @Kuro Cleanbrush's classes on these.) (click on the pictures for larger versions) Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. I won't make any more changes to this figure but I can always use them for my next project.
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    Late Supper isn't much of an issue for me, although I suspect it'll be closer to 22:00 before it's ready, but that's life just so long as I'm not putting the last of it away in the fridge at 02:00 - I've been there before (new years eve last year, due to hubby having been in the hospital on Christmas day) *snerks* oh man, that would be one dried out turkey, that's for sure!
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    9:00 PM seems like a fashionable time for a Late Supper. Bonny Apetite! GEM Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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    DH gave me a set of jewelry making tools and a bead board, and a cat tshirt. :) https://d3qdvvkm3r2z1i.cloudfront.net/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1800x/6b9ffbf72458f4fd2d3cb995d92e8889/d/o/dowhatiwant_newthumb.png This is one of our cats. She will look you in the eye while knocking stuff off the table.
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    http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-true-meaning-christmas-that-everyone-forgets/ Winter is here
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    A combination of my gifts and some games the kids and wife got.
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    I was given 50 grams of a superbright glow-in-the-dark pigment and an accompanying bottle of super matte acrylic medium to make paint with, and a still-shrinkwrapped 1984 boxed set of Grenadier supervillains for the Champions roleplaying game. Also a copy of the new Girl Genius “The Works” card game, a couple of skirts printed with NASA photos of star fields and nebulae, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley, and the latest “Skin Horse” collection. Does my family know me, or what?
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    Well, I didn't expect to get any painting done this week but did find some time tonight. Since the Tsuisekis only needed a single color, decals and canopies, I decided to hit them. Even had time to drybrush a bit. I used the paint scheme and markings from the Marines in WW2 off the USS Bunker Hill. I also got a single color on the Templar Halberd.
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    I tried, I really did. Trouble is, I really don't like Will Ferrells acting style. The beginning was whimsical enough to keep my attention (stop motion animation critters are always a win) but I rapidly lost interest when he got to the 'real' world. Fortunately there was a dog in the house that desperately needed a good run to calm him down Dinner was great though, and we left before all the people that don't get along started bickering with each other. Time to chill out and fall asleep on the sofa with my new floofy throw/blanket. Christmas day is almost over in this neck of the woods. Hope everyone had an awesome day. Peace to all
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    Turkey in the oven at 16:45 isn't too late, right? *laughs nervously*
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    A slightly belated Merry Christmas to All, And may the blessings of the season be yours to claim. We had a traditional Family Christmas this morning - lots of goodies, lots of presents. I got a Niffler! 13" high and he's already snatched a bag full of gold wrapped chocolate coins. I spent most of the day in bed, still recovering from our Sunday Night trek to the Movie Theater to see the new Mary Poppin's Returns movie. Which is highly entertaining and a fitting and well executed tribute not just to the original movie but to the Mary Poppin's Stories in general. I hope that you have all had a wonderful day and made lots of memories to treasure in the future. For our Friends who Celebrate Boxing Day in addition to Christmas may it be joyful. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, or any similar festivl or marker for this time of year,please accept my good wishes for you at this time of year and know that they are not just for now, but for the entire year to come. GEM Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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    The mini arcade keychains all have all four of the games on them, you just need to desolder the jumper and add a four position switch to be able to play all of them if you want, though that sort of negates the point of collecting them.
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    My cup runneth over when it comes to geek gifts this year. Customizable GM screen One Deck Dungeon Set of six dragon etched shot glasses FLG Mats 4x4ft snow gaming mat Viking world tour hoodie And my Deadpool Christmas sweater
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    Full accounting of the gifts except for the local cheesesteak coupons (homemade, make someone other than me pay): Dilbert calendar, General Darg bust, Ralph bust, and then both Galaxian and Mrs. Pac-Man! The Mrs Pac-Man? It has the intermissions! So cool! And my wife thinks there may be four other kinds. Must collect them all if so!
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    I got a portable airbrush booth.
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    How true that article is. Again, it's just a anther day to me but I do treasure the time that I have with my wife & kids. The kids are 20 & 17. They won't be home for much longer (or I hope they aren't. I want them to live their lives). Great article. Back from my parents & food was good, gifts exchanged. I didn't get much, but really I don't care as I never ask for anything.
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