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    Here my last one that needed to be completed
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    Howdy, My first use of the new light box... Kev!
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    Got mine in today, so first impressions and a few pictures. I'm uploading straight from my phone so the pick dump will be at the end. This new material is hard. There is virtually no flex at all, and it feels about like some resins I've worked with. He is all one piece, but with a separate sculpted base, so rather excited about that. The color is darker that the previous 'grey' bones, which really shows off the fine detail in the feathers. In the second pic are Kord, in white bonsium, and part of kyphrixis in grey Lastly he is a great intimidating size to face down your adventurers. Or Sir Forscale in a pinch.
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    Howdy, Lil' kitty... Kev! P.S. Too tiny!
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    Yes, WITH the guitarist/flamethrower.
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    Howdy, Last of the skirmishers... Kev!
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    Howdy, Out of the breeding pits... Kev! P.S. Good Golly Miss Gnolly?
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    Howdy, Last of this group of kobolds... Kev!
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    Her staff survived the straightening!! Now I guess I should paint her.. Lol. Only have her and the white pawns before I have to figure out a board and bases for my chess set
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    QFT. This probably also explains why I keep so much random junk.... Yes, you can! I just got a random wrong number call. It was someone in the Navy trying to get a hold of a new guy that was supposed to be checking in to 'the ship' (never said which one). We both got a bit of a laugh when I told him that he REALLY had the wrong number, 'cause not only was I not who he was looking for, I was retired from the Navy.
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    Couldn't resist this little guy when I saw him. Love me a good dwarf. And on a pony, no less!
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    Below 13C (56F) the dominant form of tin is called "grey tin". It's really brittle and easily turns to powder. Above 13C (56F) the dominant form of tin is called "white tin". It's the metal we all know and use in pewter minis. The addition of lead into pewter was meant to prevent what's called 'tin pest' or 'tin waste', essentially to prevent pewter from dissolving in the winter the same way tin organ pipes often used to in medieval churches. Now that we can't use lead we use metals that aren't as good at preventing tin waste, metals like antimony and bismuth. It's not the only reason why working pewter minis is better when they're warm. But it's the reason I cite. And why I don't put minis in the freezer regardless of what anyone says about stripping stubborn paints. Because not only would tin waste start a mini's dissolution, it autocatalyzes (the reaction causes itself and feeds on itself). Ultimately, tin can be classified as a semi-metal depending on which periodic table one looks at. (educated as a chemist despite my career in math and taxes)
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    To be honest, I'm not a car guy so anything that runs & is paid for is fine by me.
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    I'm not sure there's enough coffee to counteract jet lag. But I'm caught up!! On this thread anyway...
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    Before I retired from being a Parole Agent it would be interesting when I would get a call as a wrong number "Sex Offender Supervision Unit, Agent Collier, can I help you" would get a REALLY long pause.....
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    You might laugh, but there was a time when I envisioned myself with a pilots license, a Huey and pair of motorcycles in the cargo/passenger area (one for dirt and one for roads) .. of course, that time was when I also thought I'd get an aerospace engineering degree, get my flight hours from the Air Force and then become a free-lance test pilot.. :D
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    Running and my favorite team is me! In a bit of a state of flux on this one these days ... on the one hand, I would really love to get a Ford Raptor... On the other hand, electric is pretty cool and I've always wanted to convert an old pickup truck (say a '50's era Ford Apache) into an electric truck with a 100+hp motor on each wheel, 35" mudders and generally not look like an electric vehicle :) and then there's the Tesla Roadster.. It doesn't help that I play Forza Horizon off and on and would love to drive about half of the million $$ cars featured therein.. Come to think of it, perhaps winning the lottery would be a good thing..
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    I personally feel that Super Dungeon Legends and LOAD broke the risk assessment mold. SDL had all of their renders finished, they had delivered two Kickstarters already, and been involved in several others, and the KS was for a known successful property. Their own Kickstarters had good communication, one was basically on time, and the other was a couple months late. It was pretty red flag free. LOAD had all the red flags- shady past of a notoriously undelivered Kickstarter, hiding their identities, caught lying to backers, and a plagiarized rulebook. No way that one should have delivered. I'm losing my faith in my ability to predict these things.
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    I'm not a car person so I'll just take one that's reliable, fuel efficient, isn't stupid expensive, etc.
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    But sadly don't work so well if you leave the windows down hoping to clean the interior.
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    There are these devices that will do the outside of the car for you You just drive up to them, swipe a card or insert cash, then pull in, and they magically wash the exterior. And some of them even help pay my bills.
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    I cant speak to the examples above, only my own experiences with kickstarters I have backed. I would say a lot of kickstarter users I have encountered act as if backing something on kickstarter is a sure thing- basically a pre-order. Which is what we all want it to be really, but that isnt what it is, and that's not what kickstarter intended their company to be. But some companies do use it this way, an example off the top of my head is Oathsworn, who's kickstarters I think at launch time seem to have everything lined up and ready to go- all they need is the money to pay the bills and there are manufacturers waiting to start the build. Other companies, for example Saga Worldbuilder, have an idea- a great idea! and they've priced up everything they can think of and then in the excitement of the kickstarter, start promising stretch goals, these stretch goals aren't as well thought through or priced up and in the case of Saga, I suspect are why the kickstarter is deemed "failed" (though recent updates have re-ignited hope in this particular instance) because in the stretch goals they promised an app, probably paid a developer to work on it, and then when problems came up with the manufacturing process they didn't have that money available to fix the problem. Another kickstarter that I suspect has just managed to overcome some serious financial problems without ever alerting backers to it is the Critical Role miniatures KS by Steam Forged games, after their wildly successful kickstarter there were a few updates... and then silence. Absolute silence, for months. Then they announced additional minis that were also Critical Role minis, but these were Resin, and Limited Edition, and at no point were they mentioned on the kickstarter-despite the obvious huge captive audience they had for this product there. I think they started making the resin minis to raise additional funds to continue the Critcal Role KS- and they didnt post anything about it there because then people would have suspected something with the "additional" minis coming so quick and fast and yet radio silence on the KS ones. They're now on their... fourth or fifth? resin release, and the kickstarter updates have resumed, so I assume they've made enough money to carry on with the KS- they never had to announce a problem and risk the wrath of backers, there were just a few people upset at the lack of updates as opposed to everyone being angry if they said "we underestimated how much money it would take to do this"
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    I hear they're pretty good at 88mph