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    A couple of my players/friends gave me this and a gelatinous cube for Christmas and said, "Please don't kill us!" So hopefully he won't smush their characters too much! I wanted to give him a little bit of color so I did some purple and pink on some of the leaves as well as bright mushrooms. I used a few tufts of foliage and moss on him. I didn't want to overdo it and cover too much of the figure. I like how he came out.
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    I'm going to reach out and give Bobby Jackson a big virtual hug! As I was finishing up painting this sculpt, the word 'Grace' kept coming to mind. The model had this life and emotion in it, her face had a... I don't know, compassionate, sad yet jaded look. She is smiling but not with a happiness. Her gesture in holding the shawl, the slight curve of her hip, it just all felt very subtle and sublime to me. I found it an emotionally complex model; Reaper models are always wonderfully characterful yet the unusual non-combat related emotion in it caught me off guard. I think she expresses the personality of a cleric in very deep way. I also felt that the sculpt transcended genre, not that such a thing makes one model more powerful than another, but it felt like she was bigger and wider in how one could relate to her. She is something like a Madonna to me. I'm blown away :-D On the technical side of things, I had a lot of fun with her flask, I was going for a translucent effect, making it appear to contain a fluid. I think the illusion is very effective. The bottom of the dress I didn't pull off as well but was going for a textured effect like Rhonda Bender executed on the cape of Caerindra Thistlemoor. The model offered a lot of space for good details.
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    Good evening all! So here's my last Hackmaster endeavor, another Jim Johnson figure (really enjoying painting his sculpts), an Elf Magic User with a staff throwing a fireball. I think he was sculpted around 2003 like the previous female elf magic user, and the figure it all kinds of fun. As always I didn't know what colors to use. I ended up making him blonde, after deciding on lilac for my female mage, and then started painting him from the inside out. I grabbed his shirt as a bright yellow, pants orange, and then I started thinking more autumn colors so red inside of his cloak and the cloak itself an earth brown. Pretty straightforward figure, didn't have lots of dingly Dangley items going on. Hackmaster figures either have a lot going on or they are simply elegant. With them as well, they are larger figures, not the classic 25 mm from early Partha, but this is a line that they acquired not too long ago and in itself was sculpted in this century so a bit of size creep will have occurred. You can see the size difference in these and other figures Jim Johnson sculpted for the Partha brand. Did a green flame, now I've done a couple magical green flames instead of just normal fire color, and I'm still way too chicken to do OSL. Maybe someday. In the meantime, hope you enjoy him!
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    Had some time off, and managed to get a lot of room cleared off of my 'waiting to paint' shelf for the February Bones shipment! Now, if only my photography skills could improve as much as the size of my unpainted mini collection... I swear they look better in person. I'm thinking it's my light setup, but it also could be my terrible vision. I painted about a dozen dwarves, just to get them out of the way. I assembly lined them all, and tried a lot of new 'speedy' techniques... heavy on washes. And, because I always like seeing the 'metal vs bones' pics... Metal on the left (from a few years ago), Bones on the right. Not a reaper... Not sure where this is from, actually. It's old, though. At least 10 years... maybe 15? A Bones dragon that I slapped together in a few evenings just to get it on the table... Really fast paint job, I'd barely call it 'done'. And, an old Reaper demon... I think it's 'Abyst'? Again, we're dipping pretty far back into my 'unpainted' stuff here... And, lastly, some non-reaper stuff. Butt-Kicking for Goodness... Obligatory Eye Tyrant... Rincewind the Wizzard Lastly, not really a mini, but I ended up getting myself a present for Christmas this year... I've never felt to organized!! It's a huge improvement over my old 'buckets o' paint' setup... As always, C and C welcome.I really feel like I've plateaued over the past year or so. I'm spending some time this Spring reacquainting myself with an airbrush (and getting some bigger stuff off of the shelf and onto the tabletop), but I'm really not sure what techniques I should focus on (brush-wise) to take that 'next step'.
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    Good day everyone, here's DSM8114, Asha the Cat Rogue . This two-piece model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals line. I've assembled the arm holding the dagger before painting the model. I mostly used my new MSP HD colors on this Critter. The cloak color is a bland between 29813 Bright Turquoise and 29846 Spruce Green.
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    Howdy, Another Gnoll Variant... Kev!
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    Howdy, Some people call it a sling blade... Kev!
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    Howdy, The fish of the day is... Kev!
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    I realized I hadn't quite had enough terrain for small villages, and with a large amount of the Rangers of Shadow Deep having cottages and houses as objectives/scenario focuses, I thought I'd print out a few more. A burninated cottage from The Lost Dragons A frozen cottage, also from The Lost Dragons A Dwarven House, from Printable Scenery: Viking Houses and Tents from Terrain4Print:
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    More recently finished works, here are the female Soldiers for Frostgrave. I really liked these kits...the entire plastic sprue is a callback of equipment and options to the first Frostgrave release. First, the metal Specialists: And the plastic infantry:
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    Among my first finished minis of 2019 (finished in, some started...well, this century), a lot didn't fit into any category. Here's the random ones. The Ladies (mostly Reaper) 60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa 03845: Mina Splinterheart - River Widows Captain 07012: Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor 03061: Anushka, Female Fighter I now realize this is a Warmachine Pirate, not Reaper...but she snuck into the group shot already! The Jason Wiebe tribute miniature, "Johann Rumbleguts". I only noticed the missing part of the base in the photos...time for new glasses. 50268: Bill Foster, Lumberjack A very strange miniature, 02044: Cadwalon. He's supposedly an ugly human but he's Halfling sized! And trailing far behind with all the equipment for these weirdos, the simple Pack Mule
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    Howdy, I hope no one is offended... Kev!
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    Ohhhhh, this will be a good one. Short version: through a short mutual friend (we joked 4'6", 5' with the mohawk) who threatened to beat me upside the head with her largest cast iron frying pan when she found out I was interested in him but wouldn't say anything because we both were in rather long distance relationships at the time. Long version: nah, I'll stick to the "short punk chef who actually will use a cast iron frying pan to keep her cooks in line" threatening to send me to the hospital version, it's better :p
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    Received in the mail today, couple of pieces for the LVO games Resin green/clear shard (about the size of a large size mini). On the base there is switch that allows it to light up or pulse fast or slow. I'm thinking about painting & doing up the base, but most likely it'll get dropped into play like so. This will be the primary scenic piece in one of the games I'm running. Orcs are mining material off it & creating weapons. The shard is infernal in nature. PCs must stop them!!! Also picked up a dwarf prepaint to represent a npc blacksmith that is trapped by the orcs. (he fits in the cages I got)
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    At school. When she poured a bowl of custard over the head of a particularly stupid and offensive chemistry teacher I knew she was the girl for me.
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    Well, It was a long day but I managed to sculpt a head for Alice. The hair still needs some work but I'm pretty happy with the face. I tried a new approach to construction, working from primitives as opposed to starting with ZSpheres and then meshing them. I like the level of control but it also makes blocking things out take a little longer for me....at least for now. What do you think? Did I manage to get her attitude/expression to translate well?
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    One more done ...still 7 minis to go to finish this ork band :D
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    These guys are the truly random offerings I have wrapped up so far this year. Many were half-finished somewhere beforehand, but I don't keep track of start dates. To start of 2019 with hopes of a revised Mordheim, I offer another (converted) Pit Fighter to the bloody streets. Mantic's scatter terrain from Terrain Crate A fat jailer from Paizo A Dwarf Prisoner from the same Paizo set. An iconic Rat Catch from Mega Minis. I think Turnkey Miniatures makes it these days. A Barbarian porter from Frostgrave A Dwarf Waitress from TAG And a converted Kislevite Archer from Warhammer parts.
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    Last time I had an 'enforced' vacation, it was longer than 3 weeks. It was more like 5-7 years. Course I used a spork and dug my way out in 3.
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    Tough to choose. Either: Queen Zenobia Or the Fire Giant from Blood Rage Think I backed 6 this past year. Most of them were just getting a few pieces and not the full KS. I went biggest on Limbo Eternal War. "Focus on the process and the results will take care of themselves" Has really come to mean a lot to me since I started painting. As a kid I always enjoyed The Phantom Tollbooth
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    Hi there! He's a little late to the party, but I gave these out as Christmas gifts to our D&D group, so I couldn't post them anywhere until late. I actually painted several of the holiday minis, but this one turned out the best. This mini practically painted itself! Love the sculpt. I base him on some chunks of frosted glass that I found in the hoard; I used baking soda and superglue for the snow, but I might try a proprietary mix next time. It seems to want to turn yellow...not a good thing for snow. Late cheers, all! Laura
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    Actually, she had conducted my first interview at the place that i applied at. She was already in another relationship at that time, but 6 months later she was chasing me down the parking lot while I pretended I didn't hear her calling my name. There's a long story to our entire relationship.
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    Hello all, here is another Hackmaster figure I completed a few nights ago, a Female elf mage, sculpted back in 2003 by Jim Johnson. This is the first time I can recall I've taken an elf and given her an "alternative" hair color, so I hope she looks okay. This was actually a pretty fun and straightforward figure to paint, not too many hanging, dingly-dangly extras going on. She's one of the many Hackmaster/Kenzer and Company figures that Iron Wind Metals acquired a while back. I'm really enjoying painting them up! Anyhoos, enjoy!