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    This is my life now. THE WALLS ARE LAVA
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    My exchange partner this year was Fealron and one of the ideas suggested was a new enemy or villain to throw against his players. I had this guy on hand and wondered if a giant werewolf would fit the bill: 14030: Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha While I was painting that I came across these guys and they just begged to be henchmen: The one in the middle I believe is an old Grenadier, the others are clix. Meanwhile, back at the ranch I did a little digging and discovered that Fealron has a set of DwarvenForge, so I felt compelled to paint these as a gift. It's all molded from Hirst Arts molds (except the barrel mimic). I hope they provide hours of fun play.
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    For those who were wondering about @knarthex I texted him the other day. He says he's doing OK. Not sure about making RCon this year.
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    Let it be known photography is not my strong suit. I also have no setup for it. With that in mind, and ignoring the background that is my unprepared studio apartment... The base was modified with a pile of epoxy putty to add snow. The Glacial Dragon uses a highly limited palatte. There are three colors on this dragon, MSP HD Dragon Blue, MSP Frosty Blue, and MSP Peppermint White. Dragon Blue was limited to mere washes and some blending. This Glacial Dragon has no pupil, only the blues found in ancient ice pack. As they grow older their eyes turn more blue. This one is certainly powerful enough to knock over any northern village, claim ownership to a major glacier, or stomp a fire mage. Here he is in his current terrain, lording over the can of air on my painting table.
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    A few citizens of Innsmouth town, out on the docks. Forgive the uneven lighting; I was shielding the flash with my hand. These fellows are from Rattrap Miniatures and hoo boy are they great sculpts. I especially like the way the dorsal fins are growing in on a couple of them. Here's Fishy Pete. "I yam what I yam," says he, and what he is is a blasphemous mingling of fish, amphibian, and mammal. He's strong to the finish because the blood of Father DAGON runs in his veins. Jimmy and Morgan work at the Innsmouth Fish Packing plant. Morgan's still a little sensitive about The Change. And Pretty Sally, the town beauty back about ten years ago. "Don't ever fall for an Innsmouth gal / they're charming as can be / but you'll find it strange when they start to change / And they'll drag you down to the sea," as the chantey goes.
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    Brutus is telling me that he wants to go walkies...very subtle, by parading through the room, looking at me and at the door. Oldest vixen has now intercepted him for a snuggle session, so I got another few minutes.
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    It did, and it is excellent. It may also be the only part of the entire project that went in as designed straight away and did not require any modification or redo. (this is not a fault of workmanship, the reconstructed CAD plans contained many small but cumulative errors that were only discovered during building and needed correction on the fly) But, yes, I have my window. And I love it very much. I visit it at least once a day and lick it from the outside.
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    This is the Wererat Leader from the Grenadier Action Art Monsters Box Set. The original sword was lost, so I used a friend’s spare parts bin to find a replacement. Enjoy!
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    Brain Bleach needed in Randomness...........................already.
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    The butt prints on the fresh paint aren’t mine.
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    Back again for some more smooth sailin' ... Lately the project got a little halted by the fact that some of the weapons broke, hands crumbled and I was pretty pissed. So I looked around, checking for alternatives. I didn't find any. So I asked some people in a German forum for assistance, asking for a sword or two, but was rejected. But I am not that easily dishearted, so when @aku-chanposted some updates on recent KD:M works ->check here<- I decided to ask if there was a sword left or two, to which aku-chan replied. "Hm - I think maybe I have got a sword left or so. I'll have a look later, but I don't know, as I already got rid of most of the stuff I didn't need." 'errr - oh, noooo!' "Yeah well, anything would help." "Hm - I found a few swords. Do you need any other stuff?" "If you don't want it, I take it." "Nah, would get rid of it anyways. Gimme your address." "Sure! Cool, thanks!" And the package arrived yesterday evening. Opened it and thought: Really now? Are you serious? I asked for a sword or two, and I got this: Err - wow! You just equipped my whole army with new heady, hands and stuff. Thank you so much! Which triggered my itchy fingers and I continued working on the group. The combat YorHa got her hand: And I did some work on her cleavage. The second YorHa fighter got her sword, but as Combat androids don't use flaming swords, maybe I will use the flaming effect to do some kind of "materializing" effect. Then I repaired her hands: Worked on the backside of the rogue android - and no, that's not a camel toe - I just slipped with the sculpting knife. I will correct that later. And she also got some more cothes on. For Kaine I did some work on the swords. And I found a solution for her ribbon: Just did some small ribbons as if she tied it together. Nice! And our executor: Fixed her bust and did some work on the cleavage and her neck area. Then I started to work on her right shoulder part: And that's it for now. I'll continue tomorrow. Currently thinking about how I get boots on the feet of the first YorHa android. All the boots I create look more like she's somewhere in Antarctica. Any ideas?
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    Wing scrapes on the walls are the new texturing craze in the home design books right?
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    That is a mental image I did NOT need...
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    Banana bread is in the oven. Will check on it in an hour.
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    No-one lean on the walls, paints still wet!
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    "Mbuyu, do the English drink rocks? I do not know what is in this barrel, but it surely cannot be water!" "Ha, Patrice, who knows what they choose to bring? I think this package is nothing but shoes that will get swallowed by mud as soon as the English puts them on, and fine shirts to be torn by thorns." "I would feel easier in this if it were not the errand of one touched by madness. It is bad fortune to hunt here; Nzembo says this place is haunted by--" "Nzembo will say anything when he is full of palm wine. The English wants to hunt gorillas on the mountain where no one has ever come back with a dead gorilla, and he is paying us up-front." "Paying us to kill ourselves under the weight of his baggage, more like! How can you be smiling, Mbuyu?" "Because, Patrice, I think our contract of employment may be terminated early. Walk quietly..." "Quiet your deuced racket, you two! ! I know there's one of those infernal apes around here...can smell the brute." "Be the toast of the Explorer's Club when I come back with an ape big as a man. Bigger! *That* will show Lord Bleicester! Shut him right up!" "You two dashed imbeciles, can't you tread quietly back there? Crashing about like an elephant, you'll scare the game away!"
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    Some more fine citizens of Innsmouth! These are from Black Cat's line of Deep One Hybrids. Casting quality is sometimes an issue with Black Cat, but in the case of these horrible chums, that's more of a feature than a bug. Here's a couple more employees of the fish-packing plant: And some of the local fishermen/fishmen. BONUS! For a Call of Cthulhu game, I made a business card:
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    Urf. I have no points in my Photography active skill. I end up defaulting to Intuition. But! White dragon Kyphrixis is up in Show Off.
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    I am also not sure about making it to RCon, but at least @knarthex knows we're thinking about him.
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    Hey! Look! A New thread! It would be a shame...if someone "lost" some glitter in it. wouldn't it?
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    We will be right over, I will bring cold milk.
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    Got the posing worked out I think and started adding the bottom layer of skirts. Still a lot to do but I feel like it's starting to come together.
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    Good point, and anyway it's not our fault the paints still wet, perhaps they should've stuck to 2 thin coats...
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    Touches everything with sticky and dirty fingers.
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    Oooh, it still has that new thread smell...
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    Aw, Froggy went with my title suggestion. I feel so honored...
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    Good game last night - we have not managed to rescue the more than 500(?!) prisoners yet, but we have the beginnings of a plan - we will need to send part of the party back to our base, and retrieve the two Warforged Juggernauts - we will need a couple of linebreakers. I will be with them - if they go down, I will go down with them. The damaged Juggernaut (now mostly repaired) will also be carrying the Orrery - our plan is to have most of the party create a distraction - pulling the Kytons away from where we will smash through - then we will open the way back. After that, we will open the gate again at a scheduled time and place - to get the rest of the party back to our normal reality. The party will not be engaging the Kytons, if all goes according to plan - we are talking guerilla tactics, not a head to head battle. There will be... rather a lot of fire involved. (Have I ever mentioned that a flying, flaming, screaming, raging barbarian makes a great distraction? ) Tonight's game, on the other hand, takes us back to the capitol of the Regency - where Duncan's character is currently caged beneath the House of Commons. I... have no idea what the party will come up with. At least one was talking about leaving him there. (Julie was not amused by Duncan keeping secrets from the party. ) *EDIT* Mind you, the character imprisoned is not the character that stole the papers. That character will be involved in rescuing the other character. The Auld Grump
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    I told you that you can't contain him.
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    Your secret holding facility is apparently not so secret after all. *whistling, while moving non-nonchalantly to another thread.*
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    Yes they are. It looks quite nice, so spread those wings!!!
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    @Kangaroorex posted: "I'll just leave this here. It seems like a good place The Downfall of civilization will start with googly eyes https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/robots/a25896081/marty-giant-robot-grocery-store" Googlely Eyed dolls were a thing in the 1920s . . . . . . . . Then came the Crash of '29. Just sayin'. GEM "Comments to this thread are now closed." Not as long as I can still cut and paste.
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    Hungh? What? Where am I? Oh!.....It's the new thread! Before I fell asleep I was beginning to think we were the Lost Tribe of Reaper. I see @buglips*the*goblin has checked in. Hope that life is treating you well. This looks like an OK place but I see you lot have already started to "break things in" }rolls up sleeves and hitches up belt{. Ok fingers lets get to [email protected] GEM
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    I am slightly out of touch was is up with Knarthex?
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    Ok so I am a 12 yr old....... That is what she said.......
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    Congrats to everyone working hard and trying to be a better you! :D We started our 3rd whole 30 on the 3rd. It makes me feel so much better!! I definitely recommend it if you have the time to cook every SINGLE thing you eat for the next 30 days. :) 2 weeks in, and so far I'm down 7 lbs, and a total of 6 inches in bust/waist/hips. I plan on introducing an exercise regimen in the next week or two to really get it going. Has anyone tried the PiYo program? I need something I can do in the house during nap time every day.
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    Ooh got the new thread smell. Edit: and on the first page!
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    4th! Okay, like 7th? Still first page.
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