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    Also: Randomness XV: Is there a character limit on th Randomness XV: Abandon all hope, ye who enter Randomness XV: Things you people wouldn't believe Randomness XV: Drei Tage wach Randomness XV: Some assembly required Randomness XV: Sanity optional Randomness XV: We've gone plaid! Randomness XV: It's full of memes Randomness XV: Batteries not included Huzzah! Randomness XV: Ever tried to have a serious conversation with your girlfriend, while a crow is sitting on your head? Randomness XV - THIS Is His Parachute. THAT Was A Knapsack Full Of Bowling Balls. Randomness XV - Is It Supposed To Be This Color? Randomness XV - It Goes Better With Bacon. Randomness XV - Because Purgatory Was Full. Randomness XV - The Bunny Gets The Pancakes. Randomness XV - 'Cause Tetradeca Is In, Baby! Randomness XV - The Saturday After The Friday Before. Randomness XV - Welcoming Our Insect Overlords. Randomness XV - Sparking Vampire Miniatures.... Randomness XV: Mauve snakes and lime green lakes Randomness XV - Oh, look, TV Tropes! I'll Only Be A Moment.... Randomness XV - Dice Fall, Everybody Dies. Randomness XV: Free Hugs! Only $5 (international backers add 538€ shipping) Randomness XV - Keep Plenty of Brain Bleach On Hand. Randomness: XIVilization Randomness XV : Another day, another project. Randomness XV : Ooohhhh Shiny!!! Randomness XV: These *are* the minis you're looking for. Randomness XV : Paint, Post, Sleep, Repeat, Paint, Post, Sleep, Repeat... Randomness XV: That's no moon! That's a randomness thread! Randomness 14: Because Roman numerals are pretentious. Randomness XV : Who needs reason anyway? Randomness XV : 20 minis, 20 paints, 20 brushes, 1 wallet. Randomness XV : That's not Coffee! That's my Paintwater! Randomness XV : Brushlickers Anonymous Randomness XV: Reasons to Ramble Randomness XV: Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket? Hm, probably too long. 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Randomness XV: 1/3 of the way to The Answer GEM Randomness XV: Brains versus Beach, an Epic Rap Battle in Iambic Pentameter. Randomness XV: All your bacon are belong to us Randomness XV: III.LXXIV Squared Randomness XV: Because Louis was taken... Randomness XV: Wait I’m Not Ready Ye... Randomness XV: Don't look at me! I have no idea how that Glitter got there! Randomness XV: I deny having bought minis! Randomness XV: Who told you to touch my paint? Randomness XV: Your Bacon or mine? Randomness XV: Focus!!! Ohhh shiny!!! Randomness XV: we didn't research this Good news everyone! Coffee tastes like coffee again! Randomness XV: Contemplation and rumination. Erratic and unsystematic Randomness XV: What was the safe word again? Randomness XV: Random Randomness is random Randomness XV: the Randomness is a Harsh Mistress Randomness XV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA! Randomness XV: This is not the thread you're looking for. Randomness XV: A New Hope Randomness XV: Surviving the cold, An imperial handbook on how to invade an Ice Planet. Randomness XV: Buglips for President! Randomness XV: If You're Still Here After This Long, Our Weirdness Probably Hasn't Scared You Away Randomness XV: The Return of Bob Randomness XV: They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! Randomness XIV: Raphael in the OG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie wanted to make strange little babies with April I'm pretty sure and that's basically the plot of The Shape Of Water Randomness XV: POLYCHROMATEXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!! Randomness XV: Shameless Self-Promotion Randomness XV: The Moon is not enough Randomness XV: Randomness Is Forever Randomness XV: it goes on and on my friends! Randomness XV: and I would randomXIV more (Da da da!) Randomness XV: Bryangles as far as the eye can see! Randomness XV: I am very interested in how you destroyed the moon Randomness XV: anti-life affirming anecdote Randomness XV: Kill It With Fire Love Fire Randomness XV: We didn't start the fire but we did bring the s'mores Randomness XV: Stop the thread, I want to get off. Randomness XV: Zomething Different Randomness XV: What's the point anymo... Argh, stop stabbing me with the point... Randomness XV: Starring Will Ferrell. Randomness XV: Between the Movies and Acquisitions Randomness XV: The Sievening Randomness XV: Because Art Belongs in Purple Randomness XV: The reboot no one wanted Randomness XV: Rome wants its numbers back Randomness XV: Froggy is tired of your broccoli Randomness XV: The one without Ub3r Randomness XV: Still Buglips' fault Randomness XV: Full Contact Origami Randomness XV: Wait, What? Again? Randomness XV: There may just be crumbs. Be careful, it may become a habit. Randomness XV: Alphabet Soup for the Sole It's been an odd morning, in some ways. Randomness XV: Please Reinstall Universe and Redo from Start.
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    Goodnight Wesley, I will most likely kill you in the morning.
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    You wouldn’t want me to pull the plug and start a new thread. My idea was: Randomness XV - It’s time to get things organized.
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    You need to make sure that you have a broad testing pool. *raises hand to volunteer*
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    I think my story is pretty unique. I can't recall if I've actually told it on the forum before or if I've only told individuals from the forum. So mid-2014, work at my then job slowed down tremendously for a couple of months, so despite taking tasks off of other people's hands, I still found myself with a couple of hours of free time every day. I knew it wouldn't last very long (and it didn't) so I spent that time on something that I enjoyed very much at the time: beauty blogs. The way that we buy miniatures and paint? That's the same way I bought makeup back then, so I enjoyed reading through reviews on the latest products. But with a couple of hours to burn every day for a couple of months, I found myself constantly searching for new blogs to peruse. One day, I stumbled upon one that was not your typical girly girl beauty blog and I found myself fascinated because, well, if you know me, I do wear makeup but I am in many ways not your traditional girly girl. I mean, hi, I love xenomorphs and Skeletor. What was so unique about this particular beauty blog was that the writer would include these little fantasy figurines in the pictures that she took of her beauty products. At the time, I had no idea what these little figurines were, but I knew that the skeleton ones were something that I needed in my life immediately. Look at them, they're so adorable So I immediately started googling, trying to figure out where I could get these cute little guys, thinking I could use them as desk decorations or something of the sort and that's when I discovered that people didn't typically just buy these little things as is, they bought them and then painted them themselves. That was mind-blowing to me. They were so small! How could anyone have the patience and talent to paint such small things? I had no idea at the time that people used them for tabletop games, nor did I have any idea that there was such a large gaming community. I'd heard of Dungeons & Dragons but never knew anyone that played it, so I didn't know what all went into it. I had no intention of getting into the tabletop gaming side of it (and still haven't) but the painting end reignited my interest in art that had all but extinguished over the years of struggling through adulthood. More googling led me to the Reaper forum and more specifically, to Buglips' Bones WIP thread where he'd taken step by step pictures of him speedpainting his Bones figures. He was encouraging and had made the steps easy to follow and made me think that maybe, just maybe I might be able to paint these tiny things. Fast forward a couple of years and as it turns out yeah, I actually can paint these tiny things, I just so happened to fall in love with the man behind the goblin whose posts convinced me to join the hobby in the first place and I couldn't tell you the last time I actually bought anything makeup related (that wasn't a restock of something I use often.) Also, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the blog (I have it written somewhere at home) and this was the only picture from it that I just so happened to have on my phone. I can't remember if Buglips and I wound up being able to ID those skeleton figures or if I put the picture on my phone so I could try to get them ID'd, so if someone happens to know them, please let me know.
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    Also there is a Full Lunar Eclipse this weekend. And it is visible from Reaper HQ. @Froggy the Great ...if there was ever an auspicious moment to cap the thread... Randomness XV: Howl At The Moon
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    DC is astronomically high, none of us will make it.
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    In the mid-80s I built a few model kits (in the literal sense, I just glued them together), and at some point I started playing around with old Testors enamel paints. It was fun but the results were terrible. At some point I got it into my head to use the paints on some plastic army men, which was even more fun and somewhat less terrible. But when the paint ran out, no more army men got painted. A few years after that I started playing AD&D, but none of the assorted groups used miniatures so I had no idea such a thing existed. One day, my friend Dave showed up with some figures and Citadel acrylic paints. I asked where he got these neat things I'd never seen before, and he directed me to a downtown comic store. We all went down to check out their RPGs and off to one side was a spin rack of tiny metal people - Ral Parthas. I bought this guy for the princely sum of $1.50: Not knowing anything about these weird 'acrylics', I painted him using testors enamels. I got a taste for it, and started buying more - using AD&D as the excuse (though we still didn't actually use them). I eventually found a group that did use miniatures, but by then I had ironically purged my collection and moved on to other things. I started thinking about them again in 2004, and decided to buy maybe 20 or so to paint for old times sake and that would be it. (ha!) Eventually I stopped playing D&D, and RPGs in general. Truthfully, I've come to hate them and don't enjoy roleplaying. It took me a while to realize it wasn't the game, it was me, and that I would never find an RPG experience I found satisfying. I'm actually fine with this since the game(s) had long been secondary to collecting and painting figures. But since I do like to have some purpose beyond just painting, I've started to delve into wargames. This has led me to find and drool over some very neat WW2 and Napoleonic figures. Thus I have come full circle back to painting toy soldiers, and am slowly morphing into a kind of reverse-grognard. I still enjoy painting fantasy figures for their own sake, my issues with RPGs are the implementation and not the aesthetics, so I will still do so. I just might not buy hordes of orcs, only buying however many are different. Regardless of how much of my collection remains intact, I have determined that in any case - due to contamination, if nothing else - when I'm able to paint again I will have to start again from scratch. This is also something I don't mind, since it provides an opportunity to answer the eternal question: if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? It's been a long time since I painted starting at zero finished figures, and now I can put to use all that I've learned. And I think I'll start with that goofy-looking partha fighter in plate. This will be the third iteration of my collection, and he started the other two.
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    This is the random comment thread. Ook! Merble! Defenestrate the slugs.. SHAVE THE WEASELS! Break on through to the other side! This thread has gone where other threads fear to tread!
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    Yes, please! Oh, I strained my arm when I fell down the stairs. It was all inflamed, so I was icing it. Feels much better now. Yes, please!
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    I'm a coffee addict. I get my beans from a second generation Eritrean immigrant who lives in my neighborhood. He travels to new coffee plantations every year or so to arrange for the purchase of beans from the best slopes. He roasts it all in house in a small Turkish roaster he imported (particularly during rush hour because he discovered more people stopped if they could smell the roaster). And he's cheaper than major chains. I don't understand coffee with milk, sugar, etc... I love it black. I brew a pot of coffee or espresso any time guests drop by. I homebrew beer and have added coffee to everything from pale ales to imperial stouts. I have a deal with a local roaster to trade homebrew beer for beans. He says it's "for science." Seriously, I really love coffee.
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    Join me all! This is the thread that never ends, It just goes on and on MY FRIENDS, Some people started writing not knowing what it was, And they'll continue posting JUST BECAUSE...
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    It's been snowing heavy here. My wife has been at the kitchen window for two hours, I bet she's gonna be mad when I let her in...
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    I should probably salt the porch and driveway in case Mrs. Strawhat brings me some dinner. It wouldn't do for my dinner to get dropped/smooshed. Or for Mrs. Strawhat to hurt herself. Probably should have put that second part first.
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    OKAY!!! This is the title for XV!!!!
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    It's true. I am significantly less sneaky - it's the chili bombs. *sage nod*
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    Anyone else notice the sneaky goblin in the get to know you thread? Glad to see @buglips*the*goblin pop in again!
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    When I finally buy T'Raukzul my plan is to paint him as a silver dragon and use him as an avatar of Bahamut.
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    To be fair, my words of "this title sounds juvenile" or "wait, didn't we just reject this?" and "these guys submitted 8 papers out of one experiment?!" did feel like they mattered.
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    Converted Gregor the Wizard, who is a druid type character, well wrapped up with a bird as a familiar. I thought the model would look good as a female character and the way the coat bunches up means that a conversion looks OK, in my view. I just cut off the head with a razor saw and swapped it with a reaper bones head for Drys the Dryad. I just stuck it straight onto a blob of green stuff. I didn't need to do much texturing because the beard on the original male model just looks like a scarf following the sawing. The mittened hand holding the bird just got accidentally bent back while I was sawing the head off (is this forum externally monitored?). It wasn't an intentional part of converting. Then a pretty simple paint job, have done the washes in these pics and need to do some basic highlighting and a winter effect on the base.
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    ...and thus Goblin math was born...
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    Well... at least one person in the physics lab in CO did that while I was there. Despite the laser warning signs I installed in the building. It was my master's adviser who had issues with the x-ray diffraction stuff. Not the eye, but he had to get some skin issues removed on his face because 40 years ago he got zapped by a super strong x-ray. Whoops. Current group has the top two editors for a geology journal. One of them is my adviser, who tackles the science side. The one who tackles everything has her bachelor's only in geology, but is an amazingly nitpicky writer. She will make every sentence perfect. She is our cat herder. She is our master. Degree level be darned, she is the queen that makes the prospective authors quiver in fear and awe.
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    I might make banana bread for game tomorrow. I'm cleaning out the fridge and freezer, this will get rid of the eggs, the walnuts, and the old bananas...
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    My main adviser knows, although he may think that I was being sarcastic. The others were briefly made aware.