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    One of my son's favorite characters he plays. This is Njorak the half orc barbarian turned assassin.
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    Turning Goldar into a half-orc, this particular one is the Bones version. I hate missing mold lines but still works for throwing on the table. I find myself putting red on a lot of my half-orcs and orcs because, you know, red makes you go faster.
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    Hi all! It feels like it's been forever since I last posted a new WIP project, and for that I'm very sorry! Too many of my projects recently have been (by reason of release schedule) shrouded in secrecy or just quick tabletop paints, so there hasn't been too much to show. However, last ReaperCon, a few of us artists had a fun idea, and Jim from Dark Sword Miniatures was more than happy to help us out with it. Our idea was to do a collaborative project where each of us would contribute a single adventurer to a party on a unified base, and we all picked some DSM critters to work with! I picked an otter knight (Ian Markon = Kuro Cleanbrush), Erin picked a cat warlock (Erin Hartwell = Corporea), Tish picked a hedgehog bard (I'm not sure if Tish is actually on the forums), and Rex picked a rabbit ranger (Rex isn't too active on the forums). We all live in different states, so we keep each other updated through messenger and work on things separately, hoping to put the whole composition together in person at ReaperCon 2019! With there being four figures, we struggled for a while to come up with a good idea for how to balance the whole composition. We liked the idea of using different elevations to bring everything together, and then Erin tried out a few composition ideas using spares of the minis which Jim was nice enough to provide for us! Currently, we are going forward with the fourth picture as our composition. Originally, we thought about having everyone gathered around a campfire, but we thought consistently painting OSL on our minis from across the country would be too difficult, so we went with a pile of treasure from a defeated foe instead. Everyone has been so very busy with life that it has taken quite a while for all of us to get started, but we are finally moving along at a pretty good clip now! As we paint, we discuss color selection with each other so that we can try to pull colors from each mini into the others and unify the team as a cohesive party. Here's where we are all at so far: (please forgive our quick phone photos) Tish: Erin (who also is doing the base): Rex: Ian: Everything is still at a pretty rough and early state, but hopefully some of you will have fun watching along! If this turns out to be popular, I think it might be fun to sponsor some kind of squad painting competition/challenge at future ReaperCons! Thanks for checking things out!
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    Sobek was a complex crocodile god of the ancient Egyptians. He was god of fertility, wild sexytimes and strength, and also a protector against the ravages of the river Nile and its inhabitants. The khopesh was a kind of ancient Egyptian sword evolved from a battle axe. The one on this sculpt is a little thicker and more swordlike than most of the ones I've seen, which makes it sturdier on a miniatures scale. The figure is Reaper's 14381, Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat, sculpt by Bob Ridolfi. I didn't make a WIP thread. I was halfway done with him before I realized that he was supposed to be a stone statue with cracks and chips in the stone. Maybe another time I will paint a version of him like that, but in this case I overlooked the texture and painted him with fairly realistic crocodile and corroded bronze colors. And because I like to play around with photography and backgrounds:
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    That was... unexpected - against my advice, we went to the Karrnathian Embassy. Where it turned out that the person that sent me the invitation was Kaius III - military dictator of Karrnath. Who used that age old tactic of 'putting myself in your power to put you at ease' - outright telling us that his guards were far enough away that we could easily 'put me to the steel before my guards could reach you.' It seems that since shortly after his disappearance, my mentor has been performing a task at the behest of Kaius III - against the Blood of Vol, which have been garnering far too much power within Karrnath. Needed allies during the war - when Karrnath relied on undead troops to bolster its forces. And while needed allies, Kaius III has '...personal... reasons' to wish them weakened within his lands. Unfortunately, my mentor has disappeared again, after messaging that he had gotten the information needed. And that he was last seen booking passage to Sharn... with no confirmation of either his departure or his arrival. When we left the Embassy, via carriage, I quickly realized that we were being followed. Julie's character cast Protection from Missiles on the driver - just in time, as the goons in the shay chasing us opened fire on the driver and the horses - killing the horses, but rebounding from the shielded driver. I leapt from the still moving carriage - and gained the roof of the pursuing shay - hurling one of the gunmen off of the vehicle, and trying (but failing) to disarm the second gunman. I took a shot in the ensuing scuffle - but managed to hurl the second gunman onto the road, as the party Webbed the driver and horses. Which allowed time for a screaming raging flaming barbarian to come into play on the next round, while the dwarf gunslinger took shots as the opportunity arose.... Sadly - none of our pursuers survived - either falling in combat, or biting down on poison filled capsules before being taken prisoner. So, we don't know whose agents these were - a faction withing Karrnath, the Blood of Vol, or a third part.... Yet. We do have a necromancer, so dead men can tell tales. The Auld Grump
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    Journey to Style: So one of the things I want to work on this year Is developing a more personal style. So I found an article on artistic style - and it had suggestions: Study Art History Experiment with different styles Talk about Art View other work of peers Push yourself Develop your story Cross-study Seek inspiration Break rules A lot of that I get here, but what I want to undertake is painting in different styles - So I went back to my College Textbook - History of Art and Architecture by Gardner. I went straight to the artists I have always favored - the 17th century & Baroque painters. To push myself im going to try and paint minis in styles of various artists. start with a few and move forward in time. Here is my Current List: El Greco, Caravaggio, Diego Velacruz and (possibly) Rubbens. It will expand once I try these out. What do I have a lot of? Bones Lizardmen - I can try 2 of each, and perhaps a human as well. That will give me a familiar canvas to work on and highlight differences. Plus it allows me to start immediately. If I really like one of these styles, ill buy another bones giant or break out one of my metal figures. Has anyone else tried this kind of push? I have a vague memory of someone else trying it here.
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    Worked on some actual painting! I'm very happy with it! I'm almost ready to call her done, with a few adjustments. I'd love to hear any suggestions! I went with dots!! More dots! Then GBO decided her belly should be yellow. Yellow it became! I worked on her face and added some spots to her belly to ease the transition. I painted her crown bronzeish, and plan to age it pretty considerably. I have some netting type stuff I may add as a kind of veil, we'll see. I also went ahead and left her as a brunette. I think it works rather well! Hair is not something I've ever been comfortable with, but I think it works. I'm happy to hear other opinions though! I'm going to do her bra in a kind of weathered leather look. The wrappings on her arms and tail are supposed to look linen-ish. I don't love the shell, since it's not terribly swampy. So I'm planning on making it look like her weapon. Several of the skulls in her hoard have big chunks missing, so I'm playing it that she's a fan of blunt force trauma. I glued down the bridge and laid the first coat of PVA to the whole base. When I tried my practice pour for this, there were lots of bubbles trapped under stuff. I'm going to do another test where I seal it with PVA and see if that negates the issue. I didn't work anymore on the guy tonight. I'll work some more on him tomorrow probably. Hope y'all like it!
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    This is the mermaid from the old Grenadier boxed set #6004, "Monsters of Mythology" from their Fantasy Lords range. I used to have the set, once upon a time. This was one of my favorite figures from it (though I painted it very differently back in the day and I am pretty sure my memories of how well I painted it are seriously rose-tinted). There isn't a WIP thread. And because I do like to play around with photographic backgrounds and water effects:
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    So... Now that you've spawned enough minions, you're moving onto Phase Two of your plan for World Domination?
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    I have a Facebook that I'm on once a week or so with my forum name. Though it's easy enough to find my full name on the internet these days. I'm only logged into it on my home PC and I forgot the password months ago. So I guess at some point I won't be on that anymore! I really just keep it around for Messenger. I made accounts years ago on most of the other sites to hold my name in case I ever became a cool kid. But uh. Those are long forgotten. I keep Snapchat to send my sister stupid pictures of me and cute ones of my cats haha.
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    Nah. It was named something stupid, which I can't remember, but it wasn't a normal pizza shop name. I think it had something to do with hot peppers. I'm currently extremely bored, and tired, and nothing I can do is anything I actually want to do. I don't even want to sleep, because I only woke up 5 hours ago after sleeping for almost 12.
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    I tried the Kimera paints while visiting the awesome Wren this past weekend. I liked them. I also like the acrylic gouache from liquitex she has as well. They both mix well and are matte. The consistency is similar to the golden fluid acrylics, less thick than heavy body paint. I just ordered some atelier cadmiums I'm going to try next week, since they are actually the cadmium pigment and I'd like to try them out. I think what I might do with the scalecolor ones is pick up a few from reapercon if they bring them, so I can play with them. If not this year than next. Or maybe pick a single set to play with through the kickstarter. One thing I've learned in mixing paint, is that it's really nice to have a few key secondary colors. For those staying in the kickstarter, trust me when I say you can mix most things- especially skin colors from primaries; but what's really hard to get are high chroma purples and greens. If you've ever played with mixing, those will be the shades you'll struggle to replicate. I've not had as much trouble with oranges as the other two secondaries. If I were choosing by number, I'd get: 23,24,25, 30, 32, 34 ... and 19,20 because I can never get enough ochers, though that's just me and my obsession with making yellow more friendly. Then if you wanted to mix almost all the others, pick 3,4,5. Rather than going with the plain black and white to round mixing off, I'd probably go with 41 and 43, but I already have plenty of titanium white- it's a very cold white, and their pastel white reminds me of lead white, which we don't have our current painting era. As a rule I don't like plain black and white as they tend to look flat, so if you get 1,2 then make sure you add a hint of something else to them while painting.
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    Presenting the Urkin Shaman, part of the Dickensian faction in the game Twisted. Being smarter than the average Urkin, he works as Nancys right hand man, relaying her orders to the others through the ancient art of hand-puppetry. He also has an ability to "Hulk out", hence the little and large versions. Had a few issues painting this pair, there's a few areas where I never really worked out what it was meant to be, and I don't really like how the scale is a bit off on the bigger Shaman, but overall I think they look okay. As always, and comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    These big TV stations wonder why people are switching the netflicks and the like it because of all the stupid commercials. 10 minutes of show for 15 minutes of commercials. Crap on a cracker.
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    So much for not wanting to sleep. I just slept for 2 hours. It was the quickest I've fallen asleep in a long time. Just head down and I was gone. Now I'm back awake and I should find something to do, but I don't know what.
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    No hobby time today but I did replace hardware in my wife’s travel laptop. (Specifically, the DC port. It was a $7 part. I dislike working on laptop hardware but it was either this or buying a new low end laptop.)
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    Oh, I have done both of those techniques before, but thanks for the advice. I brought back a very fine* foam cutter from Japan, so I'm itching to use it. This cuts I need are very fiddly, and if this gets hot enough it should do well. *Fine as in size, not quality. But what do you expect from the 100 Yen shop? But stupid simple tool, too.
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    Started in on my big ReaperCon entry that’s been in my head for a few years. Nothing physical yet. Working up a dummy Wight (CAV) first to see where I want it positioned before I start working up what the Gremlins are going to look like and be. Going for a Gulliver’s Travels-like take down. The cutting is going to be a nightmare on the Wight. Need to see if my styrofoam cutter has the power to go through Bones. Need a C battery for that check.
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    Nicely done. Was the place named "Vinnie's" by any chance?
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    LOL! Really all he needed was for me to come out and look at it. With an aid another bonus we got it done.
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    *flails arms above the snow drifts* It snowed...a fair amount here between Friday and today. It's so windy that it's difficult to tell exactly how much, but I'd say at least 3-4 inches, with drifts up to 2-3 feet in sheltered places. Here's a couple of pictures; I've never seen snow sticking to vertical surfaces like this before. Crazy!! (That gray cinderblock wall poking out of the snow is about 3 feet tall) (Our back porch + storage closet door) (That's our little Saturn in the foreground. It's near the corner of where two buildings meet, so there was a lot of drifting) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I have locked this thread. No posts are removed. Y'all are better than this. People are allowed to disagree. You don't have to like. You do have to stop being unkind and rude to each other. Here, on these forums, it is actually the rules. I'm sorry the OP found customer service lacking. With the volume of emails increased, more form responses are used. When the ordering volume jumps from what we see in a year to what we see every month, some personal touch services had to be phased out.
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    Even with a Google search, I don't get the reference... It is from a slightly popular US TV show. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JD9YwujgvR0 Sheldon has all kinds of rules about hot beverages (...it's a, very complex, running gag...)
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    I agree, that went from "we've got it" to.... Not much at all... I always feel somewhat weird when I show up to a gaming session nand I'm offered food with no strings attached. Of course I accept it, but it's also one of those "but I didn't bring anything to share!" things that makes me feel somewhat bad. So of course second session we brought Coca-Cola.... Only to find out they only drink diet. And she gave us tacos, again! ... And I kept playing my minotaur decker that, for some reason, enjoyed being stealthy, and pretending to be a bit of an aloof idiotic moron. ... That had a talking dog. Talking dog (aka wolf shifter) was hubby. Nobody seemed to mind him and his more or less silent weapon though... ahhhh, the joys of having a compound bow, and a decent supply of regular arrows... Just enough to look like a hunter that wandered the land (because well, that's what he did...). The sleep darts were always concealed... But yeah, that's just... If you clai myou have everything.... But that's just my thoughts. I'm one of those "oh, a friend is over, I need to eat, I know they haven't eaten since they at least got here.... Plate of food is made for them too" kind of people. Oh, and coffee. If you drink coffee, you don't get a choice when I make coffee, you're getting a mug of it out in front of you :p okay, you get to choose how much sugar is out into it, and if there's a selection of beans (usually is at least three different ones in our house at any given time) you get to choose that. Saying no to an offered coffee is only allowed if you're a tea drinker, at which point I then "make" you choose a tea :p ...Okay,maybe I should be more understanding when surprised with... Surprise food, since I pretty much do it to my guests...
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    So? You can keep working on it after you get the bulk of it out.