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    I'm not dealing with the store. See, that's what I thought - that when I bought it they would deliver it from the closest location if stock was present since the store does deliveries. Stock is present. So I figured 3-5 days or something. Instead it appears to be crossing the country by dogsled. I'm annoyed by this, but since I didn't need the TV urgently, it was already paid for, and I needed it delivered then I figured fine, wait it out. I would be unlikely to use them again, but so long as the item had no issues or damage, okay. But if they ask for my opinion, well, I figure in that case they should have it. And if they don't like it, perhaps they shouldn't have asked.
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    RANDOM! New phrase to use if someone is taking entirely too long on the toilet: "Do you need me to call a midwife?"
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    I've been getting around to the terrain pieces (such as the Shipping Containers and Weapons Lockers) from Reaper Bones, and this is the latest: #80053, "Starship Generator." I figure this would be of particular use as a scenario objective for games of "Fallout: Wasteland Warfare" (which I've recently gotten started in -- somewhat delayed because of the difficulty of actually GETTING the game and figures in my area). My first approach would've been to make this thing all rusty like I've done with most of my other scenery as of late, but then I got the thought that this is a functional piece of equipment that someone might actually care to *maintain*, even though it might still be rather weathered and ancient. I also wanted something of a retro look, so instead of painting it up in "iPhone white" color scheme such as I did with my first Starship Generator, I thought I'd either go for construction yellow, robin's-egg blue, or leaf green (with the latter two colors chosen because I thought they might be more likely to evoke the sense of a "household appliance"). In the end, I went with robin's-egg (or something in that general neighborhood). Instead of covering it with rust patches, I applied some messy washes of graphite gray (for grime) and dry-brushed with (light) dolphin gray (for a look of wear). The model already has some cables that look as if they're bodged-on, perhaps bypassing some fried internal system (no doubt some sort of SAFETY mechanism that fused!), as it looks a bit odd to have a device that looks as nicely shielded and sealed as this does having cables that pop out of a grill and then route around to another part of the same machine. (That to me says, "cable patch.") I grunged up the cables as well, and then painted in an indicator needle on the reverse side. (I don't think the detail on that side was intended to be any sort of display or meter, but it just looked as good a place as any to put some more primitive sort of indicator on the device, since, despite the model's original name, I have no intention of this ever going on a starship.) It's a bit grimy, grungy, and not worth a "showcase" post, but I just haven't seen too many (or any, for that matter) instances of the Starship Generator getting painted up, and it strikes me as a useful piece that fills an important niche as a catch-all "gizmo" that could be either an objective, or some terrain to hide behind, or a bit of "battlefield feature" that could, say, blow up if you hit it with too many plasma blasts.
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    My move was neither smooth nor easy, but it's over with, so the less said about it, the better. (Well, mostly over, we still need to unpack and get organized in the new place, but that's not a big deal since it doesn't have a 'you need to be out of this place by...' tag on it.) I'm catching up on stuff so likes, condolences, and good for you where appropriate. Also, you've been a little naughty, too. Let's put a stop to that, shall we?
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    What I've seen on Facebook was complaints about the mold lines on the arms and the gaps at the shoulders. But from the pictures I saw posted with those complaints, the mold lines were normal mold lines, not even in hard to clean up places, and the gaps really weren't that bad. As in I'd be comfortable filling them, and I panic about that sort of thing because I'm terrible with green stuff. I will say that I'd prefer Bones in general to be unassembled, but that's mainly because I don't like trying to poke a brush into some of the spaces that are created once parts are glued together. But I'm also of the "eh, whatever" camp in that it isn't a big enough problem for me to really care.
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    Where I live does get snow often enough that we have the equipment to deal with it; however, it usually comes in gradually, not one huge heavy dump + gusting winds like we had yesterday. So there are big drifts all over, cars getting stuck because they think that 4-wheel drive will save them. It's just ridiculous. Another couple of inches last night, and it's been lightly snowing off and on all morning. Supposed to be more tomorrow too. Our maintenance guy couldn't make it here to even plow our parking lot, so most people are just stuck here. We're way in the back, too, so even if I could dig out our van, I wouldn't make it half a foot before getting stuck myself. I managed to convince two separate groups of Asian college student neighbors to not attempt to get out (didn't seem like it was urgent), with their lightweight cars and all-weather (or possibly summer) tires. They were trying to clear a path using brooms and dustpans, poor things. The few snow shovels our complex has were being used to dig out a truck that got stuck, and to clear a path to the mailbox. I was passing by a very large drift on my way back to my apt, and decided to make a snow angel, because why not, to the great amusement of the aforementioned neighbors. Trying to get MrBoot to the airport for a business flight has been an adventure in itself, but after numerous phone calls we got ahold of a church friend with a heavy truck, who was able to make it both to us and to the airport. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    So that was a bit of a mixed bag... SWMBO had a work function in a resort in the shadow of Mt Kosciusko (the highest peak in mainland Australia), so I'd taken Thursday/Friday off work to go there with her. My plan for killing time on Thursday was to climb up to the peak. After some difficulties with park entry fees (I'd left my wallet behind because I wouldn't need it, right?) I was about to head up towards the parking area at Charlotte Pass when I heard thunder and saw rainclouds... So I thought I'd have a go on Friday before I had to pick SWMBO up from her retreat. This time I paid the entry fee and drove up to the Pass, but went through some rain on my way up so decided to call off the climb itself. I did snap a few photos from around the pass, though. On the upside, on Thursday night I found a place that cooked a delicious steak. It was marinaded beautifully and cooked to perfection. We also had a look at Yarrangobilly Caves as a detour from the way home. They were very nice. SWMBO got a bit annoyed at me because I was able to answer most of the guide's questions. I gave the others a chance to answer, I swear.
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    Sophie is a cosplayer! Always has been! Mind you, she is a succubus that is cosplaying, but still....
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    4x4 doesn't help when none of the tires are in contact with the ground. Not that I have personal experience with that ranging from SUVs to tractors. My theory is if your going to do some do it good. Unfortunately I apply that to getting stuck every couple of years on the farm. Rarely been stuck on a road.
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    This started with me shopping for some "miniatures" to use with Gaslands -- or, that is, some Hot Wheels cars, ostensibly in "1:64" scale, and often cited as being around 20mm scale. The thing is, scale is awfully squishy when it comes to toys, and especially for the Matchbox/Hot Wheels world of toy cars, when you have buses, vans, construction vehicles, semi rigs, airplanes, helicopters, sports cars, VW bugs, motorcycles, carts, etc., essentially the SAME SIZE. I've sometimes used Hot Wheels motorcycles for use with Chronoscope figures (roughly 32mm scale) because of that "scale-squish" -- and whether or not they're truly the right scale, they "look okay." My hope upon seeing this vehicle was that I'd be in the same boat for using this as some sort of personal high-tech flying conveyance for a cyberpunk campaign. Well, my first mistake was that I didn't scrutinize the interior nearly well enough: it's not a one-seater, but rather a two-seater. (In my defense, it was kind of hard to make out the details with all that weird chrome going on, while the toy was still in the blister package.) The other was that I probably should have actually brought a mini with me (or some sort of measurement proxy) before supposing that this would really be big enough for 32mm. Next to a Gaslands car, this thing looks "too big," but the SEATS inside look closer to 20mm. The top of the toy is die-cast, while the rest is plastic. (Why just the one part is die-cast metal, instead of just EVERYTHING being plastic, I don't know, really.) Some of the newer Hot Wheels can be disassembled fairly easily if the part that holds everything together happens to be plastic -- since that means I can drill out the "rivet" (not sure what to call it) on bottom easily. The metal takes a bit more work, but once done, the whole thing comes apart. (Why would I want to do this? Well, I want to base-coat everything, but I don't want to paint over that clear windshield. Also, it's a lot easier to paint the interior this way.) I happened to be working on Reaper Bones #80054 "Starship Terminal" at the same time, which I was painting up in a scheme of grey (with darker grey details, white highlights, and "glowing" blue accents), and the similarity of the blue with the cockpit made me consider doing up the Sky-Fi vehicle in the same scheme. After reassembling, I did some more touch-up work and highlights. (Ditto for the Starship Terminal.) I like the look. I just wish I could magically enlarge the copter a bit so it might look like Sarah Blitzer could actually fit in the seat. (The regular IMEF troopers would have an even worse time of it, I figure.) Just another view of the Sky-Fi that shows the scale disparity even more clearly. :/ Eh. Maybe I could get away with sticking it on the edge of a cyberpunk tabletop scene, and as long as nobody gets too close to it, maybe the players won't notice the scale issue. (I mean, several of my buildings and whatnot on the table have some pretty "squishy" scales or else I couldn't hope to put everything on the table.)
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    Another half orc, good for a bounty hunter, ranger, slayer, assassin. Probably should have added a bow string.
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    I jumped ahead a bit on this one. Here they are all finished: Luke's hair turned out to be a bit tricky. At first it was much too blond. I gave it a very watered-down coat of brown, and that seemed to take care of it.
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    And another update: Finished the pinace: And my self-made Harpoon launchers - around 50 parts are in those: And that means: Ready to paint!
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    Picked up a T-Rex at Hobby Lobby yesterday to mount on a Heroclix base. Going to use a Kaiju base for him.
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    I don't have the troll but I have a surprisingly large number of the owlbear. If the pre-assembly is good, that's one thing. But if it isn't and needs to be disassembled it is no easy task. I cannot pry any of the bits of the owlbear apart without using force significant enough to risk damage. For the owlbear that's not a big issue because the fit seems pretty good, but if the troll is very gappy or poorly fitting and is as solidly glued then I could see it causing many gripes. It would be better, in that case, for them to come unassembled since it would be less work to not have to undo the glue and re-assemble. This is without touching on issues where assembly is... not so great... as we saw with some of the initial Bones kickstarter bits, which prompted an early debate over the merits of pre-assembly. Reaper stated then that the objective was to keep things simple for potential buyers, which makes sense, but I have always felt this may be more trouble than it's really worth and unassembled might be the better route. I made my case years ago, so I presume their conclusion differed from mine, but I can see why the troll figure might generate (or regenerate) some gripes.
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    I can't speak for anyone else, but in my case it's merely frustration over not being able to get into a painting frame of mind or a writing one for that matter.
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    Pretty much the entirety of social media. I primarily view the internet as a research tool and source of new things to feed my reading addiction. This place is the exception to that.
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    Good thing I checked on this because I forgot that part of my goal is the 5 minis for WD:DH, I havent been thinking about that and I prepped a bunch of models ready for painting today- none with the intention of using for this. I dont know what's wrong with me that whatever I want to paint is never what I need for a game! I'm also nowhere near finishing the book and had ALSO totally forgotten about the map part of this goal! JEEZ! I do have one map printed.
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    I've been using this for a few months now as a temporary replacement for my Winsor & Newton brush cleaner/restorer. This is long enough for me to be able to report that it works just as nicely to clean brushes, but is also a lot less harsh on the brushes themselves. I thought it might be worth a mention because if anyone is looking for a brush cleaning solution this might be worth a try. It's been doing wonders for my kolinskys without stripping the oils out like W&N brush cleaner can, and it seems like you can use it more often to keep the brushes tidy without worrying about damage from overdoing it.
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    When I asked my wife what color she wanted her character Drok's pants, she wisecrackingly said "gold with green polka dots", well fine she got them.
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    Hmm. That shouldn't have been your answer. There is a new person handling that inbox since my retirement this week. I'd suggest trying again. Gouges to be filled yourself is not how we are supposed to handle those issues. That would most likely be a poor casting which is replaceable. Send a picture. Warped legs, yes, those do happen and ought to be solvable with the heat/cool water method.
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    Everything I have done, or will do, is in complete accordance with both the religious and secular law of The Free Republic of Cobra Island. Anything not covered by said law is covered by my diplomatic immunity conferred upon me as a representative of The Commander's Benevolent Government. I cannot therefore stand accused under any definition of naughty. Now you know how I managed to win my lawsuit against Santa Claus and not only get awarded my 2018 and future presents, but also any presents due in previous years and 3 million wooden nutcrackers as compensation for pain and suffering.
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    It sounds like all of these people need to assemble one of the large heritage dragons or some of the stuff put out by Ral Partha in the 80s. I have a giant which had an underarm gap so big i actually used a spare eldar head from my warhammer bits to fill most of it rather than investing the required amount of greenstuff. Today's minis are so much better in both mold lines and gaps that there isnt even an issue. And I especially find humor in people complaining about minor issues with their free toy. They dont have to keep it, i am sure that there are others who will be more than happy to take it off their hands. And one more reason why I don't do Facebook.
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    As others have already said, it’s more about the troll than the owlbear. Since I’m still waiting on my troll I don’t know how valid the complaints are. From what I’ve seen on Facebook, biggest complaint seems to be gaps on where the arms meet the shoulders, followed by mold lines, followed by legs being slightly bent so the feet won’t fit properly on the footprints on the base. Gaps seem to be a mixed bag of severity, but nothing a little green stuff couldn’t fix. Some of the pics have shown very noticeable mold lines but they’re in places where they can be easily shaved off. Haven’t seen many folks complain about the bent legs, and one poster said the hot water/cold water dunk did the trick. So far I haven’t seen anything that has me overly concerned. Not sure if the complaints are coming from folks new to the hobby who haven’t much experience yet with these issues, or if they’re coming from folks who don’t know how to manage their expectations or are intentionally trying to be obtuse.
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    How to phrase this delicately..... A certain two word phrase comes to mind, where the first word is No and the second word is >the subject of the above referenced post<. - As a suffer with [fortunately] intermittent OIC there have been times........ GEM I used to really like dried figs. Now, not so much
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    This is probably the highest praise I can think of. Thank you! Sorry for not replying earlier. And I will have to look into Fat Dragon now! That railing is really sweet.
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    IMNSHO : They asked. If they get honest feedback they have the option to accept it and make the necessary changes to improve their customer service or Ignore it and watch their already shrinking customer base [for reasons detailed earlier in this discussion] dwindle away. GEM Who hasn't bought anything from Best Buy for over a decade because Fry's [not the grocery stores, the Electronics Stores]
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    I was a meany last night, and gave one of the important clues to Duncan's character... not the one that is free to run around - the one that is locked in a cage in the cellars of the House of Commons.... And the only person that he has had a chance to mention it to is his gaoler. (Who didn't believe him, go figure....) The party is negotiating with the under dwellers in the capitol city - looks like the wererats - or at least one cluster of them - is the best way to go. The Auld Grump
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    Nope. Not going to do it. American karaoke is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Now, when we go in Japan, my wife always queues up Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" then hands me the mic. Gee. Thanks. Oh, and the difference is Japanese karaoke is in a little tiny room, just big enough for yourself and a half dozen friends, tops. Much less cringing embarrassment.
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    Acquired a 12 pack of battery powered flickering tea lights for 50% off at the grocery store.
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    Specific websites don't pop to mind. I don't like sites with tons of ads and pictures that takes forever to load. I really hate those recipe blogs where you have to scroll through twenty yards of someone's dumb personal history to get to the recipe. Especially when they have a bazillion ads that keep moving the screen back up as they load. So annoying! I don't actively avoid things like instragram or twitter, I just don't care to use them. I really don't think my life is interesting enough that I need to share it like that. Same with Facebook; I have it, but I don't really use it much.
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    I was watching a stream where someone was painting the Bones Black owlbear Rock Troll (found the video) and the legs didn't lineup with the base attachment points at all. He microwaved some water in a bowl and dipped the legs in for, at most, 15 seconds. He took the mini out, adjusted the legs, and they went right into the base. Easiest fix ever. Unfortunately, that gouge can't be fixed with a bowl of hot water. Would it be possible to post a picture of it? It would help us understand exactly how fixable or not fixable your mini is. Edit to add: Here's a link to the video where Snickernack_Studios straightens out the legs/feet on the Bones Black rock troll. Starts at the 02:06:10 mark. Just in case you want to see how easy it can be to straighten out the new Bones Black material. ^_~
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    When this game first was out, a group was playing this at a con I was at and the whole con on Friday night was treated to them annoying everyone with yelling "All hail King Torg!" They enjoyed getting LOUD and disrupting everyone else's gaming. Wouldn't you know it? Saturday I was scheduled to run BattleTech all day and discovered these jokers were next to us. After about 45 minutes of their yelling, one of my players got an evil grin and started yelling "Torg" everytime their GM started talking. And everytime we gave them a break, the other tables would then yell "Torg". The Con had told other games the day before they would have to put up with it, so when they started complaining they were told "Too bad" They finally gave up and asked to be moved. They found them a spot far away from everyone else for the next 2 days!
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    Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat Anything that wants me to pay to join.
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    Made up my mind long ago that I should paint A CIRCUS. I've had 50124 (Merlock the Magnificent) and 50125 (Yvette, Magician's Assistant) for a while, and also one of the Killer Clowns (50247, Zonkers). And then I found a sheet of red-and-white Big Top striped paper, and a few other things from other sources, and The Addiction set in. Here's what I've got so far: Sarastro the Mentalist there is from Black Cat, and the lady in the Romany garb is a Nolzur's dancer that comes with the barmaid. The orb was from Nolzur's Wizard's study set dressing, and you've already met Cole Stoker, the Pulp Minis stevedore. (Every circus needs roustabouts, especially ones with shovels.) BUT IT WASN'T ENOUGH. IT WOULD NEVER BE ENOUGH. A circus needs: -a ringmaster (50277) -MORE CLOWNS (02216, Kosmo) -a sinister knife-thrower (50012, Jack the Ripper) -acrobats (50169, Lady Tiger--there weren't any acrobats under the Circus tag, but if you want spandex and eye-catching costumes, you go Superheroes) -fire-eaters/daredevils (50196, Devil Girl; she would also work in a Weird West game) -animal tamers (coulda used a pith-helmeted pulp explorer, but 50041 has a whip and a sweet costume) -a strongman (50273, Herq) And I also picked up 50121, Dr. VooDoo, because top hat, theatrics, and magic fit in well with the themes I've got. Had some wooden discs for targets (the half-assed paint job is on purpose, such as an underpaid clown might slap on with a very wide brush). I'll also make some cotton candy and fried food stalls, inspired by this: http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-i-made-hotdog-stand-for-my-pulp.html Decided to make Zonkers the "friendly" clown and Kosmo the "horrifying Grimaldi/Pagliacci" clown. My order arrived with a sample of deep midnight/cobalt blue that was perfect. So far, this is ArmyPainter True Red, that reaper-sample blue, white, and black. Devil Girl is also done in Reaper's Cinnamon Red (my go-to for tieflings.) The Plan (advice and C&C welcome): Jack, I think, will be grey pinstripes, including the top hat, the top of which is a target. Firefox the Animal Tamer: Brown whip, redhead, pale skin, fox-orange costume Lady Tiger: I would give her tiger stripes, but don't want to step on the orange territory too much, so yellow cheetah/leopard pattern perhaps? Ringmaster: Seeking advice on the trousers. White? Pale khaki? YELLOW? Stripe down the side, of course. Dr. VooDoo: Straightforward brown skin, yellowed grass skirt, going to try to paint skull-and-ribcage makeup on him Kosmo: that lollipop. Advice welcome. Rainbow, heavy on yellow? Peppermint? Continue his terrifying color scheme? Herq: I feel like he needs horizontal stripes on the tank top. Red or blue? Devil Girl: Also torn. I don't want that duster to be black (thinking probably tan, for the Hellboy resonance?) but that bustier is what's perplexing me. Come with me on this journey into calliope-sounding, popcorn-scented MADNESS!
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    Yes, that was my reaction too. I hope you mean retirement from the email stream, NOT entirely from reaper:(
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    I like it! I like the weatherbeaten look you gave it, and the little details like the cable and the display panels. It will really add a lot to the game when you use it.
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    Anything that mentions or glorifies the Kardashians or Kardashian-related things. My heart can't take the blood pressure spike.
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    I can't speak for anyone else, but in my case it's merely frustration over not being able to get into a painting frame of mind or a writing one for that matter. Mine is currently stemming from <redacted> and this class that I didn't want to take, feel like I shouldn't f*ing need to take, and yet have to take. At least there's only one more week. And inevitably when I'm doing something like this, my mind wants to focus on anything and everything else. Plus I over spiced the chili, my bride has been over critical today, and to get away from it all I've spent the last 2 hours in a coffee shop after an hour at the park with the dogs. Coffee shop closes at 7... I guess I'll head home then.
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    I definitely feel like I know how to do it better next time. I'm happy with the results even though I didn't really succeed in what I was trying to do. Man, it sucks noticing a mold line on the side of the leg at this stage. Seriously not visible in person. I'm leaving it for that reason. Show off will have to wait until I have the library done and I can do my little photo-montage. I have... 18 days. That's doable. Maybe.
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    I know my wife and I went to one to the north. Sad thing is I can't remember if it was any good or not! Have to ask when she gets home from work.
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    Has any information been released yet on the RMS Open and other vendor rewards for the painting contest?
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    El Greco my notes: Gardner, wikipedia, observations elongated limbs, pastel colors, no ultramarine (used mainly azure, yellows & browns ) pale almost white skin, "Illuminated from within" to represent holiness, balanced figure with background elements. really good at details, but abandoned it for emotive painting. painted in bold blobs of color, but would spend hours blending them. willing to go all the way to black, especially to de-emphasize background details. first lizardman: painted in pastels, de-emphasized weapon and shield, highlighted with gold highlights, and then white. added gold highlights on browns to unify figure. its different than my normal painting - but it does not really say El Greco... I'm not particularly happy at this stage.
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    Eventhough I eat more than I want right now, stress seems to help lose weight. Jay...something good comes out of all this crap!
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    Nothing says dearhrock like beige industrial carpeting.
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