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    Hi, new the the forum and new to mini's as well. Picked this one up (and about 30 others) for a summer campaign coming up and fist thing i did was look for painted examples to draw inspiration from. A nice example posted on this forum comes up readily in search engines and It highlighted the nature of the monster being 3 creatures (or at least 2 paint-wise) that need to be blended and presented as a uniform construction. A tall order, since the Lion and Dragon are really quite different, one soft and fuzzy, the other hard and Scaly. I decided to use similar Brownish tones, + metallic Bronze, and dry-brush blend them together. This then went onto a Reaper oval base 74067 (to be honest starts off little flimsy) , but is plenty stiff enough if you build it up. For this model I found a Mica Bearing Sandstone with flashes of Mica crystals . I oriented the Mica outwards to mirror the metallic hues of the beast and it's mystical origins, then tediously nested all the real stone with the models inherent plastic-stone base structure. at any rate, I think it's good enough for "table top " presentation this summer as it slaughters our adventuring party LOL.
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    On a related subject: WARNING! Not for those of extremely delicate sensibilities: GEM
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    alas, another half orc just to cover my bases.
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    Dismayed by the offerings at the market, the old crone continues down the street and encounters a friend. "Don't go that way," she says, "Nothing fresh there today." "I've a bit of fresh news," the hag answers. "There was a bit of a ruckus up at the church this morning..."
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    I finished up this hungry little fella this morning and made him a simple base of cork stones. The stones clearly need more contrast, but I'm calling him done. The detail was a little soft on the feet and hands, but overall he was a nice project, and a quick paint for me.
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    My wife was sick all weekend so I canceled all my plans and stayed home to take care of her. Since she mostly just slept for two days straight this left quite a bit of time for painting. First thing I got completed was this dog from Iron Wind Metals and 77468: Christina, female cleric. This is a pretty cool figure, but I think it would be a lot more fun to paint in metal. I think the dog is supposed to be a pitbull maybe? Regardless, all the best mutts I've ever had were rottweiler mixes so that's what this became. Next are a pair of kobolds from last year's Dungeon Dweller promo. They're giants compared to the size of other kobolds I've painted. Practically goblins. But that's okay, like people, I don't see any reason why kobolds shouldn't come in a variety of sizes. Finally, I painted up the last of my skeleton gnomes from an OSM miniatures kickstarter I backed a while ago. In addition to a Necrognome and his army of skelegomes (will post the whole group some other time) it came with a Frankengnome's (Gnomenstein's?) Monster. I was a little sad to paint the last of these as I always enjoy having something cute yet deadly to paint on hand (what can I say, I like cats). But in a serendipitous coincidence a whole bunch of killer medieval bunny rabbits showed up on my door within an hour of finishing these! Anyhow, thanks for looking.
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    Another half orc, good for a bounty hunter, ranger, slayer, assassin. Probably should have added a bow string.
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    I stumbled on this guy in December and knew I had to get him right away. I view him as a a fallen paladin that was resurrected and corrupted by a Lich to serve as his general. The runes on the horse armor really drew me to him, I decided against painting them all the same and instead went with a mix of colors that could have a cool gaming effect. Alas my painting skills aren't where I want them to be yet as I wanted to do a cool effect on the sword but it just wasn't working out. I'm still very happy with him and its probably my best painted mini to date.
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    My son uses this one as Dredd the Executioner.
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    And my last half orc in this current run...
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    When I asked my wife what color she wanted her character Drok's pants, she wisecrackingly said "gold with green polka dots", well fine she got them.
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    Managed to get some hobbying in tonight, and came up with an interesting observation . I'm reverse engineering the CAV Wight into a very blocky mannequin to determine its final pose before I start cutting. I need to have it broken up into the pieces that I think I'll need, so I'm measuring then roughly building each piece in FreeCAD. Did the pelvis and each thigh last night, and did the two feet this evening. I put in little holes in all of those parts so I can get an axial alignment for the assembly constraint between two pieces. Then, I put in a planar constraint along that axis to get it aligned left/right on the figure. The final constraint is an angle between two surfaces of the parts, so that I can control the rotation of the joint around that first axial alignment. This way, I can move the legs and feet with respect to the pelvis to get everything in the positions I want. Thing is, I'm wasn't trying to replicate the original pose of the figure just yet. Just needed to get all the parts put in, and select some obvious surfaces that I can eyeball to get angles about right. I can then play with things. And that when I noticed something. It can't stand upright! At all! If you look at the figure, front to back, the inboard toe of each foot almost reaches to the other leg. If the figure was standing still, with each leg parallel to the other, the toes would overlap. Now obviously, the figure looks "correct" with a set of symmetrical toes about the center of the foot. But if one was to build the vehicle in real life, it would constantly be stepping on its own toes, or have to always have one foot in front of the other. Now I've got a conundrum. Will my lil' engineer brain be able to ignore this massive design flaw, by either saying that's the way the figure is, or by retconning in some articulated toes that are spread for running, but fold in for standing?! Or will my lil' engineer brain force itself to come up with some solution to make things work?! I could cut off the inner toe completely. I could reposition the toes to make them look articulated. I could shorten them, so they don't interfere. I'm really going to have to ponder this quite a bit!
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    Yup, I enjoy collecting and shooting vintage firearms. Here's one from 1905:
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    Dust and dirty dishes! I don't get many visitors. I've never been much of a collector type person. Sure, I sometimes purchase stuff that is part of a collection, but nothing that warrants special treatment. Even when I was a regular gamer, I never tried to get all of the books, just those pertinent to the occasion. When I think about it, paints and minis really are a curious exception for me.
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    Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast figurines. My ex-wife worked p/t for the Disney store when the original animated film came out, and I had commented in a random conversation with one of her co-workers that Belle was my favorite princess because she loved books. So for my birthday that year, my ex bought me a Belle figurine. It spiraled out of control from there. This is just the top shelf of my collection:
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    All due respect, regarding the defenses of the Bones Black troll problems that people are reporting, but if you directly quote from the Reaper press release regarding Bones Black, I think that even "minor" complaints are valid. I've made bold the points that I think are especially relevant below. (I snipped stuff at the end that I did not think was relevant.) Reaper specifically notes that they listen to their customers and invite feedback on their products, including Bones Black, right there in the press release. The entire point of the promotional figures is to give customers a chance to try the products for themselves and obviously give feedback on what they think of them. What it does not say is "Praise only, haters!" Not everyone is going to be 100% satisfied with every product, especially when you're making really lofty claims like these figures are "equal to resin." A large percentage of the resin figures that I have personally worked with have required zero prep and the rest, very minimal prep. So when you compare a product line to resin, whether it was intended as a minimal comparison or not, for many people that is a very large promise. You have the same thing with promising that the figures "are cleaner, crisper, and require less cleaning." Now it does say less and not zero, but the pictures that I have seen of the troll on Facebook don't look to prove that to be true. I will say, because I do not have a Bones Black troll in hand, that it is possible that the grey material, while enhancing the ability to see details on the figures more clearly, may also be enhancing the look of the mold lines and that may just be an unfortunate side effect. I have heard plenty of praise regarding how much easier it is to clean these mold lines as compared to traditional Bones figures. But all of that combined, along with the phrase "Just a quick rinse with soap and water and you're ready to paint" and the lack of any sort of mention that you may need to gap fill and smooth craters is, in my opinion, a misstep that opens these figures up for harsher criticism. I think it's complicated even further that the releases for the individual figures themselves have said that the figures come "unassembled and unpainted" and the unassembled part is just demonstrably untrue when these figures are, in fact, mostly preassembled in the factory and in some cases, a less than stellar job appears to have been done with this. Personally, I think that Bones Black is a positive change compared to the malformed shar-pei faces, drooping issues and shredding material that has unfortunately been so common in traditional Bones; I look forward to the Bones Black figures that will be coming via my kickstarter pledge. I appreciate the sentiment that customers should temper their expectations, but when the company has made claims that have not implied that they should do so, then I don't think it's unfair for people to challenge them on those claims and give them the feedback that they have always invited and used to keep improving their products.
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    My move was neither smooth nor easy, but it's over with, so the less said about it, the better. (Well, mostly over, we still need to unpack and get organized in the new place, but that's not a big deal since it doesn't have a 'you need to be out of this place by...' tag on it.) I'm catching up on stuff so likes, condolences, and good for you where appropriate. Also, you've been a little naughty, too. Let's put a stop to that, shall we?
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    I actively try to resist my inclinations to collect things (which I am bad at), or at least keep them to a manageable level (which I am much better at). One of these days I hope to transcend to the point that I can divest myself of more things. To actually answer the question though, I tend to collect books, woodworking tools, video games, and, apparently, cats (we have 4).
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    Heretic! Fie, Monday! Fie! As if I didn't really waste my weekend anyway...
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    I did some subtle touch-ups on the copper on her gun and some subtle blue-grey shadows mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna on her dress. I mixed up a bright blue from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White and painted buttons and trim on her corset; a soft violet from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta and Titanium White to add color and highlights to her skirt ruffles; and a gentle blue grey from Ultramarine BLue, Burnt Sienna, and much Titanium white to soften the shadows on her white blouse. I mixed a bright, transparent blue from Ultramarine Blue and a little Phthalo Green and colored the ribbons on her hat and also shaded the mauve ruffles on her skirt, a little. Then I lightened it with white and painted highlights on the ribbons.
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    Everything I have done, or will do, is in complete accordance with both the religious and secular law of The Free Republic of Cobra Island. Anything not covered by said law is covered by my diplomatic immunity conferred upon me as a representative of The Commander's Benevolent Government. I cannot therefore stand accused under any definition of naughty. Now you know how I managed to win my lawsuit against Santa Claus and not only get awarded my 2018 and future presents, but also any presents due in previous years and 3 million wooden nutcrackers as compensation for pain and suffering.
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    El Greco my notes: Gardner, wikipedia, observations elongated limbs, pastel colors, no ultramarine (used mainly azure, yellows & browns ) pale almost white skin, "Illuminated from within" to represent holiness, balanced figure with background elements. really good at details, but abandoned it for emotive painting. painted in bold blobs of color, but would spend hours blending them. willing to go all the way to black, especially to de-emphasize background details. first lizardman: painted in pastels, de-emphasized weapon and shield, highlighted with gold highlights, and then white. added gold highlights on browns to unify figure. its different than my normal painting - but it does not really say El Greco... I'm not particularly happy at this stage.
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    I don't intentionally collect anything, but I think I've mentioned before that I have a knack for accidentally collecting clocks. Somehow they just seem to accumulate, like dust bunnies. Here are a few of the more interesting ones. (Yes I know the blue one has a number missing - it had an accident at some point.)
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    You know your little engineer brain will continue to niggle at you about this if you don't listen to it, don't you? GEM Confidently heaving sand and gravel into the gearboxes of the universe for more than 65 years.
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    It sounds like all of these people need to assemble one of the large heritage dragons or some of the stuff put out by Ral Partha in the 80s. I have a giant which had an underarm gap so big i actually used a spare eldar head from my warhammer bits to fill most of it rather than investing the required amount of greenstuff. Today's minis are so much better in both mold lines and gaps that there isnt even an issue. And I especially find humor in people complaining about minor issues with their free toy. They dont have to keep it, i am sure that there are others who will be more than happy to take it off their hands. And one more reason why I don't do Facebook.