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    I got my Freebie Stone Troll a short while ago. He is okay as is, but I have been admiring G.W's Molog, a mushroom encrusted Troll. Being one of those Guys who can not leave well enough alone, I am Mologing the Stony Fellow: I figure he will be a denizen of Compo Heep's Mushroom Caves & Bat Poop Farm; ergo, the cavern base: Did I mention leaving well enough alone? I thought so. Have a good night!
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    There should be some kind of fancy private club you get to join for completing this model. It's major feat. I'm going to call it the Ma'al High Club. Ma'al took me 11 months to complete, working on it a few hours here and there each week. My Work In Progress blog can be found here if interested. I wasn't able to finish in time for the Large Reaper model contest last year, so he will be an early entry into this years contest.
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    Is not sure if referring to culinary or reproductive processes.
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    I has badge ribbons! Let’s see if I can load this pic (It’s right off my device and is kind of enormous ) ...
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    Had a lot of fun painting this.
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    Today's addition to my pile of unpainted minis.
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    Owlvis Presley? Just received one of these in mail today as well. First impressions: I like the Bones Black. It has a good feel to the material, you can actually feel how crisp the molding is. The pegs on the feet don't line up with the sockets in the base. I have about a mm of misalignment to deal with. Mold lines will be easily dealt with, it looks like it's near tabletop level right out of the package and I had to inspect it under my swing arm magnifying lamp to see some of them. Easy clean up by dragging a blade across and finishing up with a fine emery board. The one wing being attached is going to present some problems come painting time. Please Reaper, either leave these parts separate or tell us what to use for a solvent to break the glue joint without damaging the figure. Overall, I am very pleased with the new materioal GEM
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    All the things. Soon enough all* the Bones will be mine! *read "all" as "99% of all Bones 1-4 minis"
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    From that angle he looks like he's doing his Elvis impersonation.
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    Spring is Coming. So hence begins this year's upgrade in Anti-Mothman garden defenses. A toy tank from Goodwill, and Todd the Tanker Gnome, a repainted Garden Fairy figurine combine in the first of the Garden Defense Force. Ready to roll out of the assembly area and begin testing. The blurriness means the camo is working! Fending off the snow. Scanning the skies for threats.
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    National Weather Service issued a High Wind Warning today for most of Southern California, which in itself is not that unusual. But as part of the warning they issued a small dog advisory, which is highly unusual. Does this mean it's going to be raining Rat Terriers and similar? GEM
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    Dragon Blue has been applied. My thinking with the Miners is that white shirts would make little sense for them being difficult to keep clean. Jarl Jorvik has blue where needed and a black undercoat where the metal will be. Now that the Gnome Tank is finished, they've made it clear that nothing else will be allowed on the table until they're finished. Todd the Gnome is backing them up on this so now I've got a tank cannon pointed at me as well...
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    Little ravioli casserole. It doesn't even fill up half my casserole dish, but it was too big for any of my smaller dishes
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    Lmao! Food! I was making a ravioli casserole.
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    My little casserole is turning out to be bigger than I intended...
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    I'm kinda "Meh" about it. We shouldn't need a day to remind us to proclaim our love to that special someone and its all very over commercialized nowadays. That said, it was pretty funny seeing a group of 8 big burly workmen carefully examining all the various bunches of flowers when we popped into the supermarket today Especially when one of them started asking me advice on what to get his wife. I hope she likes the bunch i picked out for her
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    I should clarify that none of the reaper staff wanted to continue it. Not us, we were all surprised. It was a sad day... But the houses shall live on in our hearts and signatures!
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    House Bones Supporter stands triumphant! Muahahahahahaha! Muahahahahaha! Now where's my cat and my fancy leather office chair...
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    Meh. I used to like it a little more, but the constant "If you really love her, you'll drop $5,458,490,674,070.99 on this shiny rock" commercials ended that. My wife and I do little things for each other all the time anyway.
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    Part of the RP Challenge for January/February was a winter theme. So I decided to do up Binky the Rock Troll as a black skinned troll on the ice.
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    Wait, does that mean your small dog could be blown away by the wind!?!
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    I have the "10mm" heavy grav tank almost all printed now. The thing is massive! But the the 28mm one is 28 cm long, while the MAV3RICK modular tanks I'm printing at 28mm are 12cm long, so this thing is supposed to be massive! It is printing quite well at 10mm. I reprinted the hull, splitting it horizontally, so I could print without supports. Splitting vertically, maybe where the front slope begins, might work better. I'll probably try that too. I had to split the gun too to take off the slope that mounts to the turret, so I could print without supports. I really don't like supports, especially at this scale. Again, if I did it again, I'd likely split it further down the barrel a bit, so a seam would look more natural. The last piece is on the printer now.
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    Ooooh, that's interesting.... My reshipped order said Owlbear on it for the Bones Black mini. Guess I'll find out what's in that box soon enough. Turns out hubby wants the rock troll that's shipping with my Narthrax, so that pans out well there
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    First new paint set since 2016- I decided I need to try out some inks.