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    Trooper Wagner surveys the wooded area behind the church. The trees are very still. Pilot Captain Becker approaches. "You have your orders, trooper! Why do you stand here?" "Search the woods, and quickly. The Commander will arrive soon and you do not want to disappoint him."
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    He kept rolling extremely high numbers, so one of the other players made a joke about it. Then one of his opponents said he wanted to try his dice. The guy got really touchy so I said I wanted to see them. He refused, so I told him he would either use my dice or be out of the game. He refused and I ejected him. Only the second time I have had to remove a player in 20+ years of running at cons.
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    I've made my yearly tithe into the Fed and state tax coffers. Half a paycheck to DC and 3/4ths of a paycheck to the dome up the road. That's the worst thing about having my wife get so much of her income from her craft stuff. Plus, her new job didn't take any income tax out either because she hadn't met the threshold or doesn't work enough hours, which made another little nibble into the wallet. Yeah, I suppose we could send in quarterly estimates, but that would just make the TurboTax more complicated. Payments set for first of April. Raise season is in there somewhere, so the bite will be less in a few months. But task is done, and I don't have to worry about things for another year.
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    For games where competition might become... intense... I have always bought dice just to go with that game. So the Axis & Allies games used A&A dice, no other substitutes, and the dice remained with those sets. Flames of War had its own sets of D6, some generic and some of the special tin kind. Again, branded dice stayed with the branded game. And now with Bolt Action, it had its own D6 bought from Warlord to be used exclusively with it. I figure this way if the dice suck, they ought to all suck equally and nobody can gripe. (In theory, but in practice a lot of people griped about the FoW generic US green dice, and they were pretty craptastic. Nobody who used those ever rolled decent results. Sometimes the system breaks down, most times it works)
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    Cheating is one thing that Hubby cannot abideas a DM. We had a teenaged girl try to change her dice roll once, but Hubby caught what she was doing (covered the die with her hand and moved it). Instant scolding and lost an advantage. Hubby is very good at scolding.
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    Gonna head to the tattoo convention later today. I'm interested in finding an artist. Also in looking at cool tattoos.
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    At this time, all of the available weapon packs are metal. The exception might be if you are buying from a secondary market (ebay?), where you could find the unreleased Bones 3 plastic weapon sprues.
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    Completed printing and glued the WOWBuildings heavy grav tank together at 10mm. It is a massive beastie!
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    Thanks @Corsair. Between my Wife's flu and my son's welding, the morning got away on me. I'm not good at being here in the weekends. Cold, sweet, with lemon Or Hot Earl Grey with 3 lumps sugar o Or Hot Mint
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    Mine starts off scalding, then hot, then warm, then tepid, then finally cold (room temperature). I only start drinking it between hot and warm (I burn easy), and finish it when it's already cooled down more than I would like.
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    Interesting, how did he get caught at it?
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    I think it helps that this place is pretty inclusive as company forums go. Yes, we may get a little defensive when we perceive that Reaper is under "attack", but try posting a pic of a non-company mini you've painted on some of the other official forums out there... At best you'll be completely ignored, at worst they'll be breaking out the torches and pitchforks.
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    This might be part of the reason why I didn't sleep on my back for a very long time. Of course with the sleep apnea I always woke up whenever I slept on my back, so being able to sleep on my back at all is pretty new. Hang in there! You'll get through this and it will all be better.
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    Getting stuck in bed is really annoying. ----merge space----- I'm the one in the back, legs flailing. https://i.gifer.com/XakY.gif
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    Trying to get a feeling for when I am done painting a mini, without infinitely finding things to tweak, is tricky! I experimented with adding rust today by stippling Dark Highlights, Redstone, and Rust Brown onto the sword, shoes, and spikes. I did a final pass with Filigree Silver to add some fresh scrapes and brighten up the edges/tips again. I also did a little bit of lining where the armor meets the skin using a mix of Dark Highlights, Ebony Flesh, and water. I painted the base with GW Stirland Mud and brushed some of it up onto the edges of the fur and his boots. I was considering adding more contrasting highlights to the skin, but I feel like the skin already pops because it is the only color in the mini that isn't a shade of gray/brown. I'm also afraid of messing him up now that he's looking pretty good, haha. I do want to eventually base him but for now, I think he's playable. I think it is time to move onto Mangu Timur!
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    Chocolate Hot or Cold? Hot for drink, cold for bar. (You mean we can't edit the question?)
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    *jaw drops* Oooooh, that would be a lovely tank in 28mm, or even 35mm scale... Yes, I have a thing for big tanks, is it that obvious? (and by a thing, I mean more I just like big potent tanks) EDIT: Wonder how big it would be scaled to be next to the resin Dictator B... o_O
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    Both. Hot in the morning or when it's cold outside. Iced in the afternoon or when it's hot outside.
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    Either? Really depends on my mood. And the weather. It's like they are two entirely different beverages.
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    Those little blue strings that look like spaghetti straps are kinda ruining this for me.
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    It starts hot, then gradually gets colder, while I get distracted, depending on the amount left in the cup, I might finish it off even at ice coldness just for tidyness sake, now excuse me while I got hunt around the house for at least 5 missing mugs. (Yes I drink my tea in a mug) I found 7
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    Just preordered the Wizards Conclave and plastic Wizards for Frostgrave, and tickets to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in March.
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    Finished the scabbard and hilt. Started working on pouch and straps.
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    Not much by way of leftovers - it turned out that Megan's idea of mixing the two moles had legs.... Also... freakin' cultists! The Auld Grump - meanwhile, getting ready for tonight's game, which will also feature freakin' cultists....
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    Should be very close to the same, that's a 10mm Dictator B and the heavy grav scaled to 10mm. He said the heavy grav at 28mm scale is 28 cm long. But as a quick Cura estimate just for the main body piece at 28mm using my minis profile is 1 day and 17 hours, it will be a bit before I even try printing it.
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    I should clarify. In the summer we drink iced tea, which is not at all the same as cold tea. Cold tea is unpleasant. Iced tea is refreshing.
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    Yes. Clarification: Black tea: hot and slightly sweet or cold and bitter. Both are ideal. Green tea: hot and bitter or cold and slightly sweet. Both are ideal. REAL green tea, not that gross powder. Oolong tea: I've only ever had it hot? Mint tea: Hot, cold, blended, don't care, is all good. Herbals: Depends... NOT chamomile. It gives me a wicked (and wickedly painful) case of the hiccups.
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    Back when I managed the games department at the FLCS, I once got in a set of cheater dice. One of my players bought them. From me. We smiled at each other. He regularly brought them to game, and left them sitting in his dice pile. He never used them. There were times I could see him thinking about it though. One of the downsides to using the laundromat is that the machines don't all run on the same settings. I put in 2 different loads about equal in size both on the cold setting. One finished in the usual 30ish minutes. The other ran for somewhere closer to 45... This weekend's menu: Chicken Corn Cobbler and Chicken and Hominy soup with lime and cilantro. The cobbler will be lunch for the week, and the soup will be dinner. There'll also be a big pot of rice.
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    When I'm hot, I want it cold. When I'm cold, I want it hot. In all cases I prefer it with lemon and honey, though the honey is tricky to dissolve when it is cold.
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    We think it's an over-rated and over-marketed event, but pretty much all events are like that nowadays. People are allowed to enjoy things they like, but I hope that they don't just stick to one day a year! My love and I tend to use holidays as "bunker down with good food and cuddle indoors until the crowds disperse" time. He doesn't think he's good at creative and romantic things, so he usually doesn't try. But other times, he tries really hard and it just makes me love it even more. This is what I found this morning! Oooh. Goodness. I love tea. It really does depend on my mood and the day. My absolute favorite tea is hot jasmine green tea, sometimes with a little bit of honey. I keep some loose leaf tea at home for mood boosting. :) I love milk tea with boba too! So good. I generally ask for half sweetness, since it can get pretty ridiculous. Sweet iced tea is great, provided that it's not 80% syrup.
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    Well, a couple months have passed, but I was working some more on our Loot Train project today. A friend finished 3-D printing the Drogon model we're going to use, and delivered the last parts to me on Friday. This inspired me to assemble the Daenerys to ride on it's back, and to start working on how I'm going to mount it con the cone-of-fire base I made earlier (See this post: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82932-got-loot-train-battle-project/&do=findComment&comment=1759786 ) For Daenerys, I used the bottom half of a GW Wood Elf cavalry figure, the torso and arms are from the new Frostgrave Female soldiers set, and the head is from the Warlord Amazons set. Next, I will need to extend the coat and fill and blend with green stuff. For the mounting, I've tried simply drilling a whole into the mouth and neck. I'm hoping that will be enough to hold it, as the model is very light weight.
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    Room temperature, but then poured** over Ice, so 32°F (**by someone else, I have no means available of making Tea myself). Pretty much Zink’s first sentence. I cannot abide “American Sweet Tea” especially if HFCS was used as the sweetener.
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    I got so used to rolling out of bed and off couches, that I did it fairly rapidly and that surprised more than one medical professional. The bit that got me was the constant kicking, right when I wanted to sleep, just kick, kick, kick, kick for a solid hour.
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    Hot tea every morning and afternoon. Cold tea during the summer with meals. Valentine's candy started going onto shelves around christmas, and Easter soon after that.
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    Don't forget their hedgehogs! They're pricy, but ohhhhh my they're good. I've switched to their chocolate bars though, because an occasional purchase of those is a lot lighter on the wallet than even a small box of hedgehogs are. They're chocolate put into molds that look like hedgehogs, no actual hedgehogs involved in the process. o_O I drink my tea pretty much one way - rather piping hot, if I had to guess it would be about a degree Celsius lower than where I'd burn my tongue ...When able, I brew my tea in my tea press, and I have a tea cozy that goes on over that (with wolves on it!) to keep it piping hot the entire time... When I just want to have a mug though, I have an infuser I use. Don't get me wrong, iced tea (tea that's been chilled and iced) is good, just not really my thing, but I'm also not really into black teas - green and white (but especially green/white blends) are more my thing.
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    Hi friends- I am sorting through hundreds of old metal minis from the 80s and 90s, many of which have long since lost their original weapons. A Google search for replacement weapons only brought up options that do not specify if they're plastic or metal... does anyone happen to know if the Reaper packs are metal? Thanks!
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    Cold. Never was able to stand the taste of hot tea.
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    That was my experience at HEB yesterday. Cap'n John & I stopped by on our way back from Llano. there were three bags of truffles on the shelves at one (1300). I did take two of the Lindor truffle bags & a bag of KitKats that was $2 off...the truffles were full price though...it's all The Donald's fault. What has Donald Duck got to do with Lindor Truffles? I did get a bag of Ghirardarelli chocolate squares at half the original price. (There was about 3 foot of remnant chocolates left.)
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    You claim no experience in painting/arts... Yeah, I think you're bluffing... The wear wou've worked into that weapon is awesome. I have to try that sometime. In case no one has warned you and you haven't read the 'welcome' topic in the off-topic area... Purple means that it's a joke. We use Goblin Math for all the most important things in life(such as how many minis or paints we own.) and in Goblin math the largest number is 20. (Unless the goblin in question has lost a finger or toe... ) So we never have more than 20 minis, we never have more than 20 paints... and the gamers definitely never have more than 20 games. Check out the 'Mini Exchanges and Pint Contests' for some more fun, but be wary if anyone wants you to do a 7 day' or 'Goblin challenge'. (They were invented by Buglips the Goblin, and is basically to paint a very large mini in 7 days or less, using nothing larger than a #0 brush... )
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    80s and 90s minis are more likely to be 25mm scale, rather than 28 - 32mm or Heroic scale as is used today. (measure from the bottom of the feet to eyeheight of a typical male human mini to find scale) Weapons pack 7 shows a ruler that will help decide if they are suitable for your minis. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/weapons pack/latest/03447 Oh, and we expect lots of pictures of the minis after they've been restored to their former glory and (hopefully) painted...
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    Your cake platter is adorable. ... Cake looks nice too.
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    Just completed my taxes. I think it's time to readjust my W-4 so I can get a little more in my paycheck even though it will result in my refund being cut in half.
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    Thanks for all the comments and stay tuned. :)
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