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    Mrs. Bowes makes her way into the village. It's a lovely morning, but.... She can't shake the feeling that something is not quite right. Even the sheep seem unusually disturbed.
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    Scored one of my miniature holy grails, Ar-Fienal from Studio McVey.
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    Copy and pasted from today’s update: ”When will my rewards order ship? When does Wave X ship? There is no update to the information we shared last update. Our final container shipped last week. This means we expect to receive it the first week of March. This means we won’t be able to begin fulfillment in this month (February) as planned. “
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    So had a second interview with a company today. Think it went pretty well but we'll see. The important bit to this topic is that their offices are 5 minutes from the shiny new Princess Auto store (apparently similar to Harbor Freight in the US), So I had to pop in. So what I was looking for was the gizmo on the left, a deburring tool. Great for taking the edges of a brim off 3D prints, apparently. Then I found the funky curved files. Thought they may be good for some of the places that flats won't fit. We'll see. And then I spotted the little bar clamps. Hadn't see such little ones before. Perfect for making buildings and things like foam core paint racks, which I need to make more of. I was incredibly restrained and only got 4.
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    Like a number of you I picked up one of the new owlbears to see what the Bones Black material was all about. Given the local weather I decided to paint it up as one of those mythic polar owlbears you occasionally see wandering around.
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    Now Best Buy wants me to review the TV I haven't got yet. And I'm like: "Don't you go bringing Samsung into this! This is between you and me, Best Buy!" 5 days.
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    I am not going to disclose how much Sir Cyr and I threw at it. Nope. So.... $20.
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    So since I had to rebuild my music collection it seemed only proper to fill it first with Metallica and Megadeth. Having done so, it then seemed only logical to listen to them in order. This has proven most satisfactory, as it feels like a real ripping metal duel, with each attempting to out thrash the other. On my way to the end of Peace Sells, it occured to me that Dave Mustaine is almost 60 years old. And then, suddenly, I heard a whispered rustling noise I couldn't place right away. It was my joints. Turning to dust.
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    So I painted her as my player character in an upcoming game, the tricky thing was that she had some pretty bad burn scars. I tried to paint a burn scar on her shoulder holding the wand, I am not sure how well it came out. As always let me know what you all think of her. I feel I should also apologize for the photo quality, I am trying to get something set up for decent pictures.
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    Yup. I don’t care that there were no pictures today. I only wanted to get confirmation that the container made it safely out of China before the new year.
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    I mean, it's not like casseroles are difficult if I had a crock pot I imagine they'd be even easier. I had this weird dream where Dwayne (the rock) Johnson was a wizard and he was fighting the forces of evil, which was lead by Cate Blanchett as a necromancer. There was a pretty rad castle in it too. Kept getting bigger. Or it was just bigger on the inside. I guess I woke up before I met the time lord.
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    Hi folks, It's been awhile since I posted, and since I've been painting online with friends a lot more, I figured it was time to get back to it! Painted this one via Twitch livestream the other night when someone in chat suggested a freehand pattern similar to a marsh frog (to go with the "bog" theme). While I can't take credit for the idea, we took the concept and ran with it-- I think the freehand really makes him stand out! Below is a frog stock photo I pulled for general reference. The hardest part was picking a random pattern to draw on the wings and mirroring it on the other side. Oh, and trying not to make him look too cute, with big, cartoony googly eyes, though the sculpt is stinkin' adorable, I just can't stand it! Thanks Bob Ridolfi for creating yet another Reaper sculpt that makes me smile I can't decide whether I want to break up the beautiful matte paint finish (all Reaper MSP colors) with a gloss varnish on the egg-like-sac-protuberances on his back... part of me wants to keep it all matte, but another part of me wants it to look extra gross and slimy. Thoughts? I appreciate you taking a peek! Hope you have a great day Thanks, Mocha
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    I have had some VMA Signal Red (metallic) gathering dust for quite a while, so this morning I decided to try it out. Three hours later (including finding and shaking the paint) I have a complete test subject. I think that given the time to really work with it a person could do a decent TMM red with it. As is, I have a tabletop ready dwarf.
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    Reading what everyone spent and sitting here thinking "man, they're all crazy." So I added up how much I spent over the life of the project and the pledge manager being open and... Well... Howdy fellow loonies!
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    At the risk of sounding nit-picky, I can't find where Reaper specifically said that. It's implied, but I'm very cautious about getting attached to fulfillment dates.
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    Well, I guess it's an Acquisition as I was billed for it today. Got the Ship package from Starship III Kickstarter for 3D printers. Still don't have a printer but it turns out a gamer at one of my LGS's has one and loves starships in a Starfinder game, so we may work something out!
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    Someone send a cleric to Reaper HQ so they can get rid of the crud faster! I suppose it's better that happen now than during fulfillment?
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    Despite their protests, the Heroquest orcs and goblins have been bathed. Now with cries of dismay, the Battlemasters and Dark World ones have entered the Tub of Simplistic Greening.
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    I like Gauth too. He’s one of my favourite dragons because he is so different. In fact since Bones 1 was first announced I had been pestering ReaperBryan for Gauth in Bones, to which he’d reply wouldn’t you like something better? And then we got Nethy and Kaly and Wyrmgear and all the other great Bones dragons. But none of them were Gauth. Finally after Bones 3 came and went with still no Gauth I gave up and ordered the metal version through Reapers Online store. I was glad I did cause it wasn’t long after that, that the big metal dragons were pulled from production. Very happy to finally see Gauth arriving soon in Bones though.
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    I'm pretty sure Mr. Thorne and I are also in the loony bin category, but... I haven't done the math, and you can't make me! *hiss* .. there were dragons. Shut up. <.<
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    My mistake, I now have a more accurate picture of you:
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    Final container shipped last week! Great news!!!
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    So she took the Ring in the end... You might want to write down what details you can remember of the dream, form it into a script and send it out.
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    Their oldest maps, and some of their newest, are designed to be plopped right over the existing map. Some are half the size of the HeroQuest board, and the newer ones are the same size as the HeroQuest board.Look for 'HeroicQuest' . They even have a free sample - Torchlit Dungeon 1 (Torchlit Dungeon 2 is about $3.) The newer maps are very, very nice. Now dip it in chili peppers and unsweetened chocolate! In this case it is a beef mole - two pots not just for volume, but because folks have different tolerances for hot peppers. Cubed beef, chilies, cumin, cinnamon, tomatoes, cloves, onions, and cocoa. Not things you think of as going with beef, but oh, my fuzzy ears and whiskers! It is good! Mine is too screamingly hot for some people, so I also put on a milder version - Megan tends to mix the two. (She is saner than I am, but still crazy. ) The Auld Grump
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    Wow, same number as your mini's What a coincidence