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    Hi everyone, here is this weeks Critter DSM8079, Nom the Cat Paladin. This two-parts model was sculpted by David Summers for Dark Sword Miniatures, Critter Kingdoms - Anthropomorphic Animals line. I painted it with acrylics before gluing the sword it's holding. It was very easy to assemble.
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    I had been admiring G.W's Mollog miniature when I received my freebie Rock Troll. SO I thought I'd do a little modification to the Big Dude. The resulting silliness is seen here in Gray Scale Caverns: Ah the joy of getting carried away!
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    Two more models completed for my Nighthaunt commission! One to go. Learned a lot on this one. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    And the last Mini of my Nighthaunt Commission! I'd love to hear what you all think!
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    Having a much needed girl's night with my mom. Currently sitting here talking about the house and how to decorate.
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    Into the electrical SOCKet, naturally.
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    Finally finished my commission! Thought I'd share a picture of the whole thing.
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    Hmmmmmm I dunno, two problems... a) that's too close of a deadline, and b) Requires actually having funds to GO to ReaperCon (which definitely isn't even remotely in the cards for me as an idea this year) On the flipside..... (images behind spoiler) Question is... How much taller is T'Raukzul by comparison?
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    I got some things, picked up a few larger size paintbrushes (1 & 2) some basing materials, a nifty travel case and some grey spray primer. In a separate order I picked up the last of the reaper master series HD paints that I needed. Doesn't look like I will ever have arctic grey but I'm ok with this, really pleased to have managed to get as many as I did.
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    Good, gooooood. Let the creativity flow through you.
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    There's no way I can narrow it down to even 5, so I'm just going to +1 to all those already mentioned. Actually, I don't think anyone mentioned Clyde Caldwell:
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    If you're looking for someone to talk you out of this, you have surely come to the wrong place.
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    I think this is my favorite sculpt (at least top 5). I’ve had it for quite some time now but for whatever reason it never got to the front of the line. Recently I thought “what the hell” and put him into the paint queue. I have been struggling for quite some time with trying OSL. Every attempt ended with me calling it quits and discarding that element from the paint scheme. This is the second one that I decided to keep (the first one is the two skulls from the bones cultist circle). I’m really happy with the overall result.
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    I started off last week to paint a few 1/72 scale plastics for my portable set. KISS, brighter colors, etc. Next step: use them in a game.
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    Sounds like the beginning of a good Diorama for ReaperCon.
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    So I made Jiffy cornbread the other day in my new castiron... WOAH! So good I think I got addicted. LOL. Good recommendation! THANK YOU.
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    I have a halfling npc in a DnD5 game I’m running. When I introduced the character I had this figure in mind and he has since become one of the PC’s butler. It’s taken me some time to get around to put some paint to him and …. The face didn’t really work out all that well. He looks a bit psychotic. I’m not sure that the players will trust him once I’ve placed the mini on the table :)
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    Maybe they were using acceptable as a term for 'able Sailor'. you know the English marine rating meaning you can stand on a deck and haul on a rope when being hit with a starter without barfing.
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    Okay, so today is another day, and now my favourite is Rodney Mathews: Or maybe Brom; Or even the wonderfully appropriately named Dorian Cleavenger: Or even dear old Heath Robinson:
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    Female Viking Warrior New DNA Analysis of a Viking Warrior Grave on the Swedish Island of Bjorko has revealed that the high status warrior was definitely female. Commercial Site so spoilered: And she has a game set as part of the grave goods. GEM
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    The real question is, did you cook bacon in the cast iron first, wipe the grease up onto the sides, then pour the cornbread batter over the still-warm grease? Many cornbread recipes are good, some are even AS good, but I still haven't found any that actually beat Jiffy-in-a-bacon-pan.
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    Nah, I'm not crazy enough to try and be talked out of the idea. I think it's my subconscious going "that's awesome, see if it's actually feasible" and/or if there might be issues with such. Problem is which one to go forward with. Pathfinder Red Dragon kind of requires sculpting (orrrrr, it could be an "axillary weapon" (I doubt @CAVBOSS would ever approve such in play - who needs drones when you've got a DRAGON!)) while the other is more a case of making it look seamless. The third option (scifi vs fantasy) would require even more planning, and possibly the acquisition of IMF troopers or such to represent the infantry (and the dragon having maybe a few knights, hmmmm) ...... This is becoming more of a fleshed out idea, isn't it...
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    I can't believe I forgot! One of the books I loved growing up (even as a child, despite my mother claiming she "always thought the pics were a bit naughty") was the 1919 edition of E.A.Poe's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination," with illustrations by Harry Clarke. The long, angular style of his anatomy is the aesthetic of my most enjoyable nightmares, and the intricacy of his textures gave me hours of exploration into each plate. This is the plate for my favorite Poe story, "The Cask of Amontillado:" And the plate for "Ligeia" also graced the book's cover: I've often thought of his style as "Klimt and Gorey had a collective nightmare." The timing is entirely wrong for Gorey, but Clarke and Klimt were contemporaries. Clarke also did illos for an edition of "Faust," and several other things besides, all with the same creepyglam style. But where he truly made his money was in windows. His windows are throughout Ireland, many in Dublin. This is a detail of "The Baptism of Christ," one of several he did on the subject:
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    Sudden change of priorities after slowly puttering on terrain this month. Got asked to run a demo of any mini game on Friday. Decided to go with Frostgrave because it's fairly simple, 4 people can play on a relatively small area and I have a lot of stuff ready for it. Found out that even though I have a lot of suitable stuff I still need to paint more to have 4 fully painted starting warbands. So now I'm going to try and paint 10 minis tomorrow and Friday before the game night. That's not so bad considering I'm taking 40 minis and enough terrain to make a tightly packed 3'x3' table. So cultists are #1 right now with a couple minis for another warband. I did figure out what I needed for Shadowdeep and have been working on it but lots to do yet. Almost finished 3 of the girls but they just got dropped lower in priority. Stinking switch for foam cutter still hasn't arrived so no fun there.