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    I decided to go with a sapphire troll! He won't last long, I'm afraid, walking around in a world with our greedy loot-crazed bunch. This guy makes me want to do an entire Terry Pratchett troll series: Ruby, Detritus, Mister Shine, even Chrysoprase in his suit. Happy painting, Laura
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    So in addition to the standard carafe of Tropicana orange juice with the oh-so-handy cylindrical lid with gothic arches all around that we all know about, Tropicana makes a sort of pitcher of orange juice with a pop-top lid: A lid that can do ... THIS: Woo!
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    Wish I had something to do a background with!
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    Y'all. It's done. I've probably sunk about 40 hours into this, and it's been so much fun to learn some new skills. But I am so, SO glad it's done. ;) Enjoy! And let me know what you think! I'm seriously open to C&C. Thanks so much for looking!
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    *looks at her mini dragons* *looks at triple H* Are you willing to pose while I paint some minis? And maybe sit on anyone who tries to wake up sleeping wolfs?
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    So much facepalm. Very, very glad my teenaged daughter isn't into social media, she gets exposed to enough weirdness just with anime. (And fortunately I'm at least aware of what most of it is.)
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    Yikes. The hashtag #roleplaying on Twitter seems to have an awfully high percentage of young ladies offering, uh, services. I ... may need to rethink how I'm tagging my game-related posts ...
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    Excuse me Captian but these mysterious runes around the portal say not to enter if the seal is broken and if I'm not mistaken there was no seal when we got here...
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    Maybe you have better luck than me but all I ever did by slotting a hex screw was split off on side of the head. A drill and an easyout is a better solution. But good luck. And @Glitterwolf sleep well and let your dreams be filled with power and glory
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    Went to town to pick up a hex key set. Negative on removing that darn screw. I'm gonna have to slot/cut it to remove it.......sigh good thing I got a Dremel. I did stop at the game store, to let the owner know I'll be running a 2nd 5e game per week. With me being the only DM now, Mondays are getting crowded!! Wednesday night will hopefully alleviate that next week. I did pick up the following: D&D 5e Monster Cards CR 6 to (whatever it is) the higher up deck. So I have both decks now!! Nolzur's halfling rogue for a new player (this is the one where one looks like he is farting with a giant gas blast behind him. Ultra-Pro Oversize card protectors for those oversize monster cards Also decided to finally jump into the auto-bed leveling gang & placed a order for a BL Touch sensor from my 3d printer's manfactuar Creality. It means the product is coming from China so it won't be here till next month at least. The customer service at Creality is super thou. Product was Out of Stock, but talking with someone in a chat window, they reset the counter to show In stock!! Gotta love that.
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    Just got confirmation of my leaving ship tomorrow and flying home. Flights are Bangkok - Doha - Paris (Charles de Gaulle) - UK Delighted to be going home, but I can almost guarantee that my bags will get lost in Paris.
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    Figured I've been hijacking @Jasper_the_2nd thread enough, so I've started my own. This is part 1 of 6 of the Tower Keep model from the Riders of the Storm Kickstarter. Hot off the printer - kind of. I actually haven't removed it from the print bed yet. Printed at 0.12 layer height with 20% infill. Stands just over 152mm and took a bit over 20 hours to complete. Stay tuned for the remaining segments.
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    Just finished the base coat so thought I'd share. I found the little spikes on the armor over his stomach challenging but I think they turned out OK.
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    Certainly, just make sure you get my best side.
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    It just so happens that I have a thing I was working on! I've been drawing between doing dishes (standing too long makes my belly hurt). I will post up what I draw tomorrow.
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    I like to imagine this guy drew the short straw and was forced to carry the rest of the horde's hoard after they ate their pack animal.
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    Apologies if someone's already posted it, but this Pixar short popped up online this week. It's called Kitbull and is one of those sad/hopeful triumphs that the studio produces when it's trying really, really hard to channel it's inner Ghibli. I cried like a baby, but that's because I'm a sucker for a happy ending https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AZS5cgybKcI
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    Cat in a toothless costume . Especially yours! I had a long plane ride (again) and was wandering through movies. Wound up first with the catcher was a spy. I thought it was going to be comic drivel but it really was an excellently done WWII spy film which actually gives me hope for the cinema industry. They told a story! With background! And the characters felt real (okay it was based on reality but I've seen Hollywood mess that up before.) Excellently done I also finally saw Bohemian Rapsody and enjoyed that so far beyond what i thought i would that i am still in a bit of a daze. For me it was a really powerful picture Anyway, a real change from my usual fare and it looks like I may have to wander away from the sci fy and fantasy realm for a while...
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    Local card shop guy said he had his too (preorder). While I'll prob never play it, I may see if my son might be interested in it. So adventures with 3d printers (hex screws) ............ I went got a new hex key set (metric of course) & the one that fits the hole, won't budge the screw either. I'm sure the hole was messed up at the factory (since this part is pre-assembled). I'm gonna have to do the cut a slot & un-screw it out with a screwdriver. Sigh. Glad I bought the cheap set at Waldo-world!
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    Good for you!!! (not the losing your bags part, though) Have fun! ...and of course we'll play nice. Good night!
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    *arranges a small army of minis to guard the sleeping wuff* *looks at the usual suspects in the Random Chat* *adds some dragons, a a phalanx of magic user* Gonna need more firepower to keep things quiet around -here-.
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    Well after looking at the damage from the "Glob of Death" & the innards of my control board for the first time, I've finally decided to just order a entirely new hotend unit. I don't think the damage is in the fans, but just to be sure, I'll be replacing everything. I still need to get a hex key set so I can remove that damn screw (same size at the other one, in the pic, they are located where the 2 holes next to the wiring is) but for now, a all new unit is on it's way. Also decided that I'm gonna try a magnetic print bed as well. Figured might as well. Hopefully it cures my not sticking issues (why i bought a glass bed!!!). I also added in some Capricorn Bowden tubing. Stuff suppose to be nice. We shall see. I was gonna order from Reaper, but with the troll being in B4 already. I'll let someone else get em.
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    I've been thinking about a BL touch sensor as well. Let us know how well it performs.
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    I am picturing a diorama with one that has goblin hands sticking out from under a hoof.