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    This past weekend I attended a Masterclass by Miniature Monthly. We painted the bust "Mary Fixit and G.R.I.T.T." which consists of 2 characters. Elizabeth Beckley taught traditional painting on the Mary figure, the little fox girl. Contrast is an area where I struggle and I was glad that was a big focus of the 1st day's class. By following along I noticed a big difference in contrast during the first few color transitions on the face: While we weren't able to completely finish the figure I believe I'll be able to take what I've learned and complete her over the next couple of weeks: The 2nd day was Aaron Lovejoy teaching airbrush techniques on GRITT. I've always had a difficult relationship with my airbrush and was really glad Aaron was able to very clearly give direction and advice. Now I feel more confident with my airbrushing, but I know I still need to practice. This was at about the halfway point of GRITT: Putting both pieces together looks really great. I've still got a lot of work to do on both of them, but I feel better prepared to do it. The first thing I'm going to do is repaint the yellow leather on Mary. I'm not satisfied with how it looks as I just couldn't get the paint to work for me. Going to try out some different colors I've found work well when doing yellow. Hopefully I can still get good contrast.
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    Glass straws (and metal) are a broccoli to clean. My mom has severe limitations to her range of motion and how much she can lift. Light weight plastics cups are a must for her, she just can’t lift one made of glass. It’s too heavy. Straws make drinking much easier for her in public, but cleaning a reusable one is impossible. She can barely manage to wash her own cup and the tiny 1 egg frying pan she uses.
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    Yep. Haha. I'm a PC gamer. I'd love to find some cool mobile games, but most irritate me with their microtransactions. I also kinda forget I have a phone most days anyways. I was just fussing over not having any cool apps on my phone last night. I have Merlin, sky, and Plantnet for all my fun natural identification needs, but when I'm bored, I'd rather learn about something that's in my area without having to hunt it down first. Like a fact file. :D
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    Despite falling into the "millennial" generation, I've never had a game on my phone. I'm a die hard PC gamer (or used to be). I did once have an app for D&D 3.5 spells on my phone, but after I got it we stopped playing. A Latin proverb comes to mind: Ouyay oozesnay, ouyay ooselay.
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    You have my sympathy, I spent last night building 17 Infinity minis. I finally resorted to making little support struts from blu-tac to keep the flipping things together and 3 still fell apart this morning I can't even begin to articulate how much the thought of a glass straw freaks me out I'd be convinced it was going to break at any moment. Just the thought of it makes me squiffy- it hits the same button as contact lenses(something touching my eye? Nope!) and earwigs.
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    I've already dealt with Malifaux models, it can't be any worse than that, right?
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    There. I took photos of the minis I finished last week. Tonight I'll post them and I'll finally hit quota for the RPChallenge. Just in time for March and the next quota to begin.
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    I don't think I have any games currently installed on my phone. I tend to visit a handful of websites (including this one), read PDF content, or (to my detriment) look at Facebook.
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    Five... more... hours. 10 hour shifts are exhausting
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    What are thoughts on this for a general layout? (Ignore the mess. It is temporary while moving things around)
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    Aaand suddenly my desire to buy Inifnity models isn't there anymore. Thank you, means Reaper can get more of my money! Whooooo, my Reaper Feb order box (placed on Valentine's Day I think) is finally out for delivery.... Aka I'll get to pick it up tomorrow at the post office.
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    Little update from this morning. Sculpted his head (sans hair) and did some work on his costuming.
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    @Klarg1 I hate Facebook. I wish there were an easier way for me to keep in touch with all my long distance friends, and I'd jettison that crap like a bad convenience store burrito. Someone I know needs to invent teleportation.
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    Mashaaf is the big bad in a campaign I've been running for going on 7 years now. I've yet to have her take to the board, and I'm hoping that she doesn't disappoint once it starts...
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    Amazon order arrived yesterday!! (original ship date): Ender 3 Complete hotend Ender 3 magnetic bed Ceramic screwdriver set (there are like 9 screwdrivers in a bag, Japanese made) Capricorn Bowden tubing (premium material) Teflon tube cutter Premium 3d print pry/lifter tools (pretty much paint knives, but high quality). I did have some actual paint knives but they were cheaply made (the blades were just stuck in the handles & would rotate when used to pry up prints. This totally defeated the purpose of using them that way). I guess now I should slot that screw & try to get it out of there now?
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    Someone suggested CoQ10 to me for simliar reasons. Next time I go to a doctor, I'll bring those both up. I take a single recommended dosage of calcium once a week. -- I'm painting Ma'al's base today!!!
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    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or Star Trek Timelines, for the most part. Words with Friends 2, if I remember it.
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    So, I'm back. And I decided I needed to paint lots of skin. Recently watched the painting DVDs from Dark Sword, specifically the Marike ones. So I'm going to be trying to practice glazing. Note: I know this bust won't be perfect. But this is me attempting to improve, so all advice and comments are appreciated! Moving on, here is the bust in question, the beautiful maiden bust from Reapercon 2018. And here is my progress this far: So, I wanted to post this because it is relevant to the blending I'm doing. This is from the class I took from @Corporea last reapercon, with some blending with glazes attempted. I hadn't got this right at the con, and would love for that progress to be checked on here! I'm going for high contrast, but not as high as here, so I thought this would be a better way to get some judgement on blending. I seem to be losing a lot of contrast in the process, and would like some advice on what I might be doing wrong.
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    I was messaged by a backer, mentioning that I should come over here and share my most recent Kickstarter project. We've put together the Ultimate Dropper Bottle Transfer Kit! Are you tired of spilt wash, and dried out paints? Having a difficult time finding quality dropper bottles, at a fair price? That's why we came up with the idea for this project. We've bundled together everything that you'll need in order to decant your paint pots into dropper bottles. The bottles offered during this campaign are premium quality, and comparable to other major hobby paint manufactures. The project can be viewed at the link below– https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hugeminis/ultimate-dropper-bottle-transfer-kit
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    So I talked to the ast store director this morning & due to the night closer calling in sick last night (again), I was joking with her about being sick myself & not coming in tonight (it's finally my night off after 8 straight days). Anyways, I found out she was the one writing the schedule now. She was like serious? I'm like yah, when you give one of us, 2 days off & then we go to the split days off week, there is a 8 day gap in between. She was like "well I was just trying to make it nice for both of you." I told her to just give me the split days, at least that way I'm not working the 8 & I can plan my time off better. Since my co-worker treasures 2 days together more then I did, I had no problem with that schedule. I'm still gonna keep my Monday night gaming no matter what my work schedule is & starting tonight, I'll have a Weds night D&D game as well. This one will take some of the overcrowding issue off Monday night (hopefully). Since currently I'm the only one DMing 5e. The other DM had to cancel his day due to his work schedule switched on him.
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    Hi to all! First of all thank you to Samurai Jack for sharing my project in this forum, this is a surprise and an honor for me. And thank you to every people that has commented . This is really important for me to know what do you think about my works. I am the founder, producer, graphic and sculptor (ok, yes...I am the the only employee of my little brand) so is fantastic to see people interested to my little house. I try to create something of original and different from the classic fantasy. I try to tell stories with my words...with my imagination. About the umbrella...Sanael! yes, the strange umbrella is a Kasaobake. So...i try to imagine a story..the story of Kuzunoha...a kitzune, the guardian of the Shinoda temple. For one time...some hundred years ago, she was a wife, a mother. But now she is just a demon that live in the temple, forever linked to it. The strange umbrella is a key to read this work, to undersand how much old is Kuzunoha. The spirits Kasaobake are objects that, for the japanese folklore, become alive after one hundred year that remain unused inside a building. Now Kuzunoha, that is alone, take this mad spirit on his shoulders to feel less solitude, to talk and to find a friend that protect her from sun and rain. So Kuzunoha is alone, yes, but also happy to find a friend...his Kasaobake, an Umbrella that can be painted in every way you want THANK YOU GUYS!!!
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    Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Great tower defense games.
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    some aren't bad, some are a crazy number of pieces.
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    Actually that helps a lot. the game was a lot of sneaky 'take that' and 'you don't really need that treasure, here's a creature instead' action rather than combat. All of the wizards either had telekinesis, leap or transpose on their spell lists, with telekinesis and leap being the most used to either get the treasure faster or to torment whoever was trying to get the treasure. One of the best moments was when one wizard would get the initiative drag the treasure towards them and then he other player, on his henchmen's turn would have the hireling chase it down, not quite getting close enough to actually grab it. next turn it would happen all over again. when he finally caught up with the treasure, he was almost to the wrong side of the board and the first player had slipped 3 hirelings in behind him. It did not end well... overall everyone had a good time, even the person for who this was really her first tabletop (she's played board games and rpgs but not anything like this. I hope to see it reach the table more often.
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    Next up are Boba Fett and a squad of scout troopers. Just the thing for hunting up rebel traitors. :-) The scouts have had a wash of Nuln Oil and two dry brushes of white. Boba Fett's base colors have been blocked in.
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    Okay, you've convinced me I'll pick up some proper pencils and paper the next time I'm near the art store. But I'll make sure everyone knows that you're to blame when I start posting bad sketches in the randomness thread....
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    This part is taking much longer than I thought it might.
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    Glad to be of help. And what you describe sounds just right. I've seen many a Telekinesis dual between two wizards, where one moves it their way, and the other then moves it back. Another good spell to consider is Teleport. Go in grab the goods, and get out. Also Wall and Fog are really useful spells. Nothing like a fog bank from keeping the enemy from seeing the treasure to Telekinesis it to begin with. And just for laughs try Mind Control. Always good to take control of some poor Thugs brain as he is carrying the enemy's treasure.
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    No, I don't use primers with Bones. Primers are intended to etch into the surface to the material they are put upon. Since Bones is acrylic, it really isn't necessary since you are putting acrylic onto acrylic and could cause issues. Some acrylics bond tighter to the bones material, the brown ad blue liners taking the cake on that. Then other acrylics tend to bond well to them. I would only use the brush-on or spray primers on metal or resin minis.
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    The spacer (which is designed for these bottles specifically) sits on top of the opening of the bottle, then the funnel rests inside of it. I'll see if I can put together a little demonstration of it tomorrow. I'm glad that you enjoy our Tufts & Flowers as well.
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    This looks like a very handy kit. Since the funnel airflow spacer is the only new item, would it be possible to post a video showing it in action? Their previous Scenic Grass Tufts & Flowers KS was a great project. They're small, lovely tufts. Funny enough, I just got a 20-pack of mini funnels for transferring paint in the mail yesterday. Tiny things took 3 weeks to get here.
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    No worries. Many Kickstarters I’ve backed do this. The only time I’ve seen it be an issue was when the creator hadn’t delivered on their previous Kickstarter yet, but was using it to advertise their next one. That’s not the case here though and I think many of your previous backers will be interested to hear about it. Wouldn’t an add-on of a second complete set reduce the complexity for many orders though?
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    You should totally put an update in your previous Kickstarters letting us know about this. I’m interested in this, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.
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    They might be a pain in the proverbial to assemble, but they're sooo pretty So pretty that I have 2 different forces and a smattering of singles that instantly went into the "ooh pretty, need to paint" category.... Yeah, if you don't like fiddly minis, I'd advise against Yu Jing. I had one human sized mini that had 14 pieces too many antennae by far
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    It was noted in the past that some colours have awful adherence to Bones. I think it was @buglips*the*goblin that first identified Walnut Brown as being one of the bad ones (and several others), but no clue as to why (didn't seem to be the binders, but the pigments themselves?). This also led to the discovery that Brown Liner is near magical primer.
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    Spilt GW washes are indeed a problem.
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    Mid shadows blocked in. You can see where all the shadows should fall now. Sorry about the blurry pictures. Try #2
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    And here is Boba Fett after a wash of Nuln Oil. The stuff is like magic...
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    The first of the Mushroom Box Mushrooms are done. I was trying for a Bad Moon look to these Mushrooms. That gave me the color ideas. That's it for today...possibly tomorrow as well.
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    See this update -- including the comments -- how the Pick and Mix pledge works. "Basically, you can choose any combination of FOUR £18 Sets (as shown below and in the Optional Extras section) to create your own pledge. Even better, you will save £7 compared to the normal cost of buying four separate sets because this new pledge costs £65 - the same as a standard Crate." From the comments: "Early Bird pledges are for Crates and not for the pick and mix. The pick and mix involves a lot more picking and packing from our end, whereas the Crates come pre-built ready to ship." IIRC, You can still *add* sets to an EB or other pledge. If you play zombie-pocalypse and can afford the four crate pledge, that's the best deal and, I think, least likely to have shipping errors. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/terraincrate-2-crate-expectations/posts/2427091 Next SG: Bikes!
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    Lol. I cropped out most of it. Things look like an episode of hoarders around here...
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    It's not a wasteland... yet. The Auld Grump
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    Kind of wish you'd be able to see beforehand though... Even if just a piece count. I've had two minis ready to go for photos for a week now... >.>;;;; and a third, if I attached his arms, I suspect could be called done (just need the superglue!) I'll probably have to catch up on numbers next period for RPChallenge. Oh, there are a number that are rather gorgeous, I can't deny that. I suspect it's just the whole "hmmmm, do I want to deal with multi-piece insanity if Games Workshop levels of bits drive me nuts sometimes...
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    I would definitely suggest trying a coat of brown liner (or blue, any of the Reaper liners really) as primer on Bones. Spray primers are often problematic, with bad chemical interaction with the bones material causing the printer cost to remain tacky. Not all spray primers do this, but why take the risk? Brush on primer will work fine, but the liner seems to adhere very well to bones and a thin coat of brown liner will help you see the details in the mini quite well because it isn't as opaque as primers (so peaks and valleys have more variation). I use Liquitex gesso to prime my metal minis, but it does NOT work well with Bones.
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    The Wyrd stuff does have on-line assembly instructions/diagrams that are more or less helpful...more or less.
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    It's simple enough to paint a bust. Just paint it like a mini, but skip the legs...
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    Absolutely! I've got all kinds of ideas.
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    This ^ Will you need beta testers? Feel free to Send a PM as soon as there is something to download.
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