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    That moment when you realize that you never told somebody that you have known for more than twenty years that you have gotten married, and have a toddler. Lords and Ladies, I am terrible about communication! The Auld Grump
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    Runoff elections are good, because they mean overtime pay for me, which means more minis money to throw at Reaper. Runoff elections are bad, because most of that overtime is spent interacting with...the public. And the public never calls the elections office unless something is wrong, and if anything is wrong it must mean we're willfully and maliciously disenfranchising the public, and they adjust their tone accordingly. On a side note, working in an office that uses words like 'public' and 'election' on a daily basis means typos are one of my main worries in life...
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    Forgot to mention I put in a 50% grey photo card off to the side to use as a white balance. A good camera helps deliver better pictures, as does a good software. I use Adobe Lightroom, which is quick and easy to use. My absolute pet peeve from when I was developing my method was seeing shadows from the physical lights. I once won a mini from a famous European painter (charity auction), and was shocked at how poor the paint job was. Most of what looked like immaculately painted shadows was just the lighting from the photo shoot. Never trust photos you see on the Internet! And another piece of the puzzle that led me to traditional art: I was never satisfied with painting shadows on minis, not enough control over the entire scene (and I hadn't yet learned the concept of letting detail disappear in shadow). I forgot to post this one in the custom base answer post, but it was one of my last mad attempts to develop better lighting on a mini (Zachary in my last pose was another, quicker and looser attempt).
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    See, you're just getting hung up on your mammalian instincts. She doesn't have breasts. As a female, she has enlarged venom sacks due to her much more potent venom, but most humanoids just assume that their breasts.
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    I'd think lips or eyelashes, sort of like the Green M&M. I'm okay with breasts on Dragonborn, but they'd be a bit much on Diceborn. Cyradis, I had to edit this for our creepy timing of the M&M comparison.
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    A blank sheet of white paper, placed under the mini and then curved up to make a seamless backdrop. I'd love to have a light box and fancy backdrop someday, but it's not in the cards right now.
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    That... Would be a lot of effort... Plus then I'd have to resort all the minis, which would take so much time... This is why instant runoffs (ranked choice voting) are the way to go!
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    @pcktlnt I looked up the numbers from the Chicago mayor election (and I have already managed to forget the exact numbers). 537,008 peoples voted. Least popular candidate got ~1500 votes. The top candidate ended up with a little over 90,000 votes; number two was sitting at around 86,000. I wonder if the whole city is eligible to vote in the runoff or just the 537,008 from round one?
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    If really in doubt, close your eyes and paint the first mini you touch. If you finish it, great, and if the Muse doesn’t touch you, perhaps she’ll clue you in on what you should have picked up...
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    With 14 candidates how would that work? With 14 candidates for one position, I think I might rather have some sort of negative voting. In this instance you could say, what? 60-70-80%? of those who voted the first time around were and perhaps are still opposed to the two that remained Ah... I remember the California governor race of 2003. We had 130+ candidates to select. A range of characters, from the clown to the pornstar, from political figures to liberists. We ended up with the governator, Arnold Schwarzen*cough cough* ... <__<
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    She is a female disk candy and an iconic part of ridiculous American advertising. If she can be obviously she, a few dice could be too!
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    Present kitties little present to the noise makers as kitties thank you for all their superfluous noise. GEM
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    I bought a "Portable Photo Studio Box for Jewellery and Small Items" (Yes, "Jewellery.") that came with a few solid color backgrounds. A nice camera isn't an option right now, and I'm sure y'all have seen my complaints about my cheap phone. The lightbox is very flimsy, but it was only $10 and makes my photos at least mediocre now. I plan on making a couple backgrounds with scrap cloth from other projects or using matte scrapbook paper for fun scenes. I also need to paint a gray card to sit on the side to help with light balance. Thanks for reminding me, Cash. Doug Sundseth told me about that at ReaperCon last year and I keep forgetting to make one!
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    Try the local Goodwill Store - they generally will have something with a sheet of cork on it that you can pillage, and generally priced cheap... They may also have a giant bag of wine corks - those seem to show up with some regularity.
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    @Glitterwolf @TGP - Those are super cute!!!! Thank you, friends!! I appreciate and love you all. My love and I had pho and watched Kiki's Delivery Service last night, and today I had a "eat all the good food!" lunch date with my best friend! I'll spend some time tonight in Guild Wars 2, we have a game night planned with the guys this Friday, and I have two full days this week to make fun art things! It's looking like an excellent week.
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    You can come to my home and paint my living room...
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    Got home and received this email from UPS. The receiver was not available for delivery. We'll make a second attempt the next business day. I was home until noon and then gone for a few hours. The wife was home all day. @WhiteWulfe, man I hope it's nothing serious. It's scary when your body isn't doing what it's supposed to. @redambrosia, that's rough. About the only good thing I can say with the diseases that made up vomit was that they usually hit hard and fast and left quick. We're usually lucky in that me and the wife take turns getting sick. The one is usually mostly recovered before the other goes down so at least one of us is still able to handle the kids and help the sick one.
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    I'm reminded of the remark I once read, I think attributed to Mark Twain, that goes something like: " I love humanity, It's people I can't stand.". GEM
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    That's a new way of rewording armed and dangerous.... Or dangerous even without weapons...
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    There isn't any reason, even with ranked choice voting, that you'd have to rank every single candidate... Top 5-10 would work. And as crazy as those candidates are, will anything ever top Lord Buckethead? Really want to go home and paint tonight... But what?!?
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    Well, from experience: buddys headache powder can be your friend. It tastes horrible, but you can put it under your tongue, no swallowing necessary and it can break the fever. Coke syrup is a great anti-nausea agent. you can get it over the counter and we have always used it served over ice and sipped slowly. short of actual anti nausea medication, its about the best I have found. I know this because the meds I take leave me nauseous every third week. Its too late now but in the future, the great English invention of the electric kettle is a great way to heat tea water and broth without having to go to find a stove. Hope you both feel better soon.
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    We got some snow yesterday. Last I checked they were calling for 6-9 inches. We got 14+.
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    Be careful what you desire. It appears that my goblin breeding program is a bit more successful than anticipated(82 20 +/-) and that after Bones 4 delivers, I may need to do some culling of the weaker members of the horde. @Chaoswolf, can you make sure that @Pezler the Polychromatic and I are in the same BoGW group & I follow him please, I know the perfect place to send the undesirable rabble rousers?
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    That's not cool! I hope it's nothing terribly bad. Wouldn't that take too much energy? Just sneeze on them. I hope you're both feeling better ASAP. Scenery/terrain items. This was determined by going to Reaper's store and randomly punching in number combinations until one of them actually yielded a result. (77317 Bed if you're curious) I second this. To you as well!
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    Happy GM's Day, all ye that lurk behind the screen! The Auld Grump
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    Yikes! I hope the problem is swiftly identified, and then fixed.
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    @WhiteWulfe Hope everything is ok. Medical problems are PiTA! Sigh, I was hoping my screws & other small stuff would come by USPS instead of UPS today from Amazon. As USPS comes way before UPS. USPS has come & gone, thus it's the waiting game (around 6 pm). Sad thing is I don't think the screws are the right size anyways....ugh just anther hurdle in getting the 3d printer back up & running. I need to hit the local hardware store with the actual screw & compare. To be honest I didn't think anyone in town carried metric screws, ha ha.
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    I can't take credit for the basic idea - I saw someone suggest that interpretation on the KS comments ages ago.
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    just no female mammalian features unless you're a mammal! i'm taking those breasts off the female snake person in the core, because it's bloody ridiculous absolutely no purpose. Her thin waist and larger hips already denote her female, she doens't need useless breasts too haha
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    Aside from the eye lashes and lips there's also the smaller hands and feet.
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    Off to Shadowrun tonight! I get to play instead of run for the first time in far too long
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    I have, & I'll take those over these unruy bastiches anyday.
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    I second that motion as well...... I feel off today, I feel like I am always second for some reason.
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    I saw @WhiteWulfe like my post... which means he's around... which means he needs to give us an update! We're worried!
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    I made my own light box out of a cardboard box, a piece of cardstock, and some fabric. I think I got the instructions from the forums too...
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    Starve the cold, Foil the fever.....? ummm Anyway, having chicken noodle soup with a toasted cheese sandwich. Free the cold; starve the fever..?
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    Finally went to the eye doctor and got a new trial pair of contacts. I forgot what the world looks like with a fresh clean pair of contacts! I can't wait to paint some minis that I can actually see!
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    Both of the big box hardware and lumber dealers run by bean counters have metric fasteners available in the drawer section of the nits and bolts aisle. If you have a Real Old Fashioned Hardware Store within driving distance, treasure them and shop there as often as possible, even if you have to spend a few pennies more for an item. GEM
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    [MOD] Gender differences in toy models have multiple other threads already available to have this discussion. Please continue your conversation on this topic in a more appropriate thread. [/MOD]
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    Well, Mantic had some 'female' octopus critters in their Dreadball game - but that was because the Nameless discovered that human teams found them distracting... (And were in no way an indicator of whether the octopus critter was male or female.... Mimic octopus bewbs....) The Auld Grump
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    Good to see that someone remembered my explanation!
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    Or was that a Groucho Marx line? GEM
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    Nice set - really like the skin tone and the masks!
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    I've been using a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper. I looks something like this.
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    I would mix the plaster to the desired thickness and then add the paper. You might use more plaster than necessary, but rather that than ruin the project. Of course I haven't used anything like that in decades; pretty much use dental plaster to cast molds these days.
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