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    ♪♩Guess what I've been painting ... ♩♪♩
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    Game over. Our offer has been accepted
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    I loved when they fought the Daleks and the Cylons!
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    On Season Two, Disc Two it turned out to lead to the extended version of Measure of a Man with about 15 minutes of extra footage so it did, in fact, actually lead to additional Data.
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    I do both, though the convenience of ready made is nice. EDIT: I hit post, not attach... so an example of I made And some premade that I just painted.
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    I had not been aware of either of these things. Now that I am, we shall see. I hope you get better soon! I can really relate. >sets drawstring on fire, then wanders off<
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    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. ETA: The agent told us that we're the first offer to go in and he thinks we have a fair chance of them accepting the offer we made. Now the waiting game...
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    Every episode could use more Data. Even the ones where he was playing 3 characters simultaneously. *nods Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This past week I painted the Behir figure from the Bones 3 "Stoneskull" Expansion, as I work my way through the remaining figures I haven't painted yet from that set while waiting for the arrival of Bones 4. For the painting article on my blog, see: Behir Article
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    Silly, those aren't Star Wars, they are from Doctor Who!
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    Neighbors invited me over for grilled cheese. Who am I to say no?
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    You are correct Vega, they don't need money up front. However by running a KS they can get a large number of figures tooled up and into production years before they would if they were financing the tooling themselves. I have worked in plastic injection molding in the automotive industry and these cut steel tools cost tens of thousands of dollars each. I'm not privy to Reaper's finances, but I know from experience even large automotive suppliers need to borrow money to get the tools made and run prototype parts for testing. Using KS allows Reaper to avoid getting loans (and paying interest); analysis of which sets or add-ons are ordered helps to provide insight into which models might sell well at retail, too. Both of these seem like sound business decisions to me. You are also correct about the difficulties working with overseas suppliers. But I can also tell you that the actual production of parts here in the USA isn't just "a bit more", it's a lot more; on the order of double the cost, even taking into account shipping. We are all a little frustrated by delays, but I expect a company as customer focused as Reaper is stressing more than we are. I just visited the KS page for Bones 4; there were 16,200 backers. That's a lot of orders for a company of 2d12 or 3d12 employees to manage. I would say they are victim of their own success.
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    "STEP right up, ladiesangennlemen, to BEHOLD Herq the Turk, the modern world's greatest student of physical culture! From the Bosporus, standing six foot six in his socks and weighing TWO hundredan'sixty-three pounds NONE of it fat, a Hercules or Gargantua for the twentieth century, with a neck thicker than a normal man's waist and a chest LIKE A BRICK OVEN! He's got an arm like a leg, and a punch that could SINK A BATTLESHIP! Watch him bend IRON BARS as though they were WAX! Watch him juggle kettlebells no other man could LIFT! His very MUSCLES have muscles!" 50273 is a whimsical sculpt, bald as an egg and with mustachios that would make Poirot weep with envy. Looks like Stieg Brinegrog's (03627) brother who's taken care of his waistline. I did the weights up in ArmyPainter Rough Iron mixed with a touch of black, and decided on slimming vertical stripes on the shorts and horizontal stripes on the tank top, so as to deceive the eye into seeing him as even bulkier. Of course, on a canvas like this, you gotta add some shoulder, back, and chest hair. The sight of him shirtless is "STRONGLY contraindicated for children, ladies prone to the vapors, or gentlemen of nervous disposition, and attendants ARE on hand to remove those audience members who faint at the sight of SO MUCH MAN!!"
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    ....................... I just work here. Doesn't everybody wear at least 2 pairs of pants? Or at least a censor bar? Edited 4 minutes ago by Pezler the Polychromatic Hold on, I have a solution. *grabs bucket of rainbow glitter paint, liberally douses Pezler with it* There. All covered, no problem.
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    I think my TNG Blu-Rays are busted. I found this in the main menu: but it just gives me the same amount of Data as in a regular episode.
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    I can't add much beyond what others have said, but I'd like to say this (This is aimed at no one in particular): If you are angry and/or upset about the recent delays and/or communications about them, your feelings are perfectly valid. And you have the right to express them, publicly even. But please be aware that being abusive towards Reaper and/or its staff or getting a crowd riled up against them who becomes such is not going to be helpful, nor will it get any of us our stuff faster. Large numbers of direct emails to Reaper won't likely be helpful either, no matter how respectful they are. Neither will being abusive towards each other. Again, my comments aren't directed at/nor in response to anyone in particular. I just wanted to say it because a) now that we're officially delayed, history has shown us that people will generally be more testy and outspoken about the delays AND b) as a tech support guy, I've had to deal with abuse that accomplishes nothing over situations I have no control over.
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    *Shudders at the thought of my most delayed Kickstarters...* I tend to give about six months of grace compared to any Kickstarter estimate. 0-6 months late fall into the "on time category" for me.
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    Thanks @Sylverthorne, glitter is so easy to clean from under scales.
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    >sets drawstring on fire, then wanders off< So, he's now Hot Pants Hoolihan?
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    One thing I've always wondered about many scifi stories is why the AIs want to be like us. Hello! Have you ever studied us? We ain't exactly the pinnacle of perfection.
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    The biggest thing with the delays is that we see them in the kickstarter process. You can bet your tushy that even multi billion dollar companies have delays (caused by stupid stuff like miscommunication) crop up all the time, despite having offices in the manufacturing countries. But we don't see the delays that hasbro and Mattel experience, because they are multi billion dollar companies and don't need to look for financing for their projects. The goal of the later kickstarter projects for Reaper is the same as for the original: get many more bones minis into production faster than they would if they had to finance the molds one at a time. You may not wish to support the kickstarter process, but without it you wouldn't be able to purchase these minis at all.
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    I've just been buying everything lately. Got some Tehnolog Castlecraft figures on Friday (Romans, Celts, Knights, Barbarians, Rusich, Crusaders and Greenskins), then I got the old Wrath of Ashardalon D&D board game as well as the Battle For Zendikar MtG board game expansion on Saturday... I got the other D&D board games, Temple of Elemental Evil and Legend of Drizzt, coming in later this week, plus a box of action figures and miniatures and figurines to convert to miniatures coming in soon-ish. Fun bit of synchronicity in Amazon packing the Ashardalon and Zendikar games together, the Zendikar game comes with this mean-looking devil guy, and the Ashardalon game comes with a trio of Legion Devils, so my devil guy got his devil troops already. :D