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    You find a number of moss and lichen covered statues of incredible detail. Too detailed to be made by human hands. Was it a basilisk? A cockatrice? Or is it time to get the mirrored shield and snake bite kit ready? Just a bunch of minis I've got multiples of and wanted finished up real quick. Thought they'd make some interesting scenery and give me a chance to play around with mosses and whatnot.
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    Speed paint at about an hour front primer to finished (including removing the base and pinning). Forgive the lack of polished pics. I will try and set up the photobooth later. WIP Pics:
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    Chip the Wizard is a good doggo. He watches over his wooly friends. His name may change when he goes to his forever home with my sister, as she already has half a dozen of his breed and 2 score woolies for him to help watch over. They didn't actually make this breed in the kickstarter, but he was the closest and easy to mod. So this may be done, or it may get some revision. I am entering him in a contest, which runs through april. It is being made as a Christmas tree ornament diorama (my first of that type) im planning on putting a hook through the top, and cutting off the one provided. Used straight I would have to rotate the base sideways - which seems like a disaster waiting to happen. If you have had experience with that part, please let me know how it went. Also, I don't think the positioning draws enough attention to the dog, the shep (green-stuff sculpted heads and cotton balls) draw alot of visual attention. If you have any positioning suggestions, I still have some flexibility.
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    Received delivery notice for Tuesday April 9th in Greater Vancouver.
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    Some goofy doodles while we're all drinking and listening to our pirate teammate duel a captain: Somehow our pirate friend managed to sweet talk himself into a duel with today's boss.... And when the pirate ran out of alcohol pre fight, "I'm gonna knock back my.... Vials of holy water?!?" "If we shoot the captain in the face, can we win?" "Yeah do we win D&D?"
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    He is for number two grandson, age 11. He was very specific about colors, especially on that cool weapon. I was going to just paint the blades mithril silver, but he wanted blue and yellow, since they were magic blades.
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    At my recent IPMS show I had the honor (not to mention the absolute joy) of running a Reaper Paint n Take and mini painting demo. For this I picked several Reaper figures and the KDM Twilight Knight. To say the Twilight Knight fell apart early would be an understatement but fortunately I was simultaneously working on Remus Raducan, Blood Wolf and he worked marvelously as reference and inspiration. So here he is in all his NMM glory. Which is rather funny since I haven't tried the technique since Reapercon where I took @Kuro Cleanbrush 's 4 hour NMM class.
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    Shub-Niggurath is simply what nightmares have nightmares about! Insanly detailed sculpt, and a total blast to paint. As always C&C are mores than welcome, and I hope that you like it.
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    Just got home, apparently my shipping notice was sent to me 2 hours ago, estimated date of arrival is Monday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I started working on her quite a few years ago, but never quite finished her. I pulled her out of my Case of Shame and finished her the other day. She's been in several D&D games, most notably as Flissamer Barwyn, a gnome chaos sorceress. The Barwyn family were always very well respected, and well known for producing sages and scholars and tinkerers of great imagination, but never any magic users. Flissamer's abilities were tolerated until a very important dinner party hosted by her great granduncle, when things went disastrously awry. There was an unfortunate incident involving a stuffed peacock, the mayor's wig and an ormolu clock, after which Fliss was no longer welcome in the family home. Her only alternative was to take up adventuring, which was good for her, but not always for fellow party members....
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    I'm mostly done inventorying my addons before I check the Core and Expansion sets. Observations: Troll ettin: I like that there is a choice between throwing a boulder or a pig, but the hands just don't want to properly fit in any combination. Currently the only one I'm having real problems with. Roc: The miniature is heavier than many real life birds of equivalent size. It's a heavy sucker! Fire giant huntsman: his hunting dog is definitely a male. Rulers of Hell: Do they have individual names? Right now I just identify them as male and female. And I strangely like they way their scabbards hang. Agramon, Duke of Hell: I like the extra hand and head options. Now I find it weird that it's not more of a thing. Nyarlathotep: Nice interaction with the whole scenery. The assembly was much easier to dry fit than Shub-Niggurath from Bones 3. Mossbeard treeman: He looks much grumpier than I remembered. Spirit of the Forest now looks cheerful in comparison. Fantasy Scenics: Somebody remind me why I didn't pledge for these?
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    Having done a ton (possibly literally) of metal KSs, I think a lot of backers (you know the ones....) would complain a lot when there aren't the huge savings like in the Bones ones (or other plastic KSs). With metal figs so much of the cost is in the actual metal that they can't possibly offer the same kind of discounts. I've seen it on a number of other ones. 4 beers by a crossbar ( the height of a standard hockey net)
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    For a while now we've just been using the dining room table as our craft area, but we just carved out a little nook for projects. Still have to get everything set up, but we're all excited.
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    Ellesmere Island. The growing season is much shorter that far north. GEM
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    Shipping noticed received. Shipped from Calgary estimating arrival Tuesday. Now if it works like my last UPS delivery they'll wait until Tuesday, say it can't be delivered and throw it into the mail to be delivered Friday.
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    RL got in the way of painting so I only finished these guys recently. Painting one as a panda was inspired by another forumite's work.
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    Holy balls! I got these compression socks, because I've been having pain in my calves. They're expensive by my standards, but they might just be worth it. I put them on and immediately began to feel relief! I may have to buy more of these, and at full price too! (The ugly colour was half price.)
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    Oh, and the kid playing the paladin has... interesting instincts. He didn't bother casting Detect Evil on the Beholder, figuring out that if a Beholder is working as a cop, and is giving a team that includes a paladin a pep talk, odds are he ain't evil. But the jerk of a lieutenant that was doing his tin pot dictator routine? Yep, he cast it, and the lieuie was. Like I said - good instincts. The Auld Grump - back to the other group on Monday through Wednesday next week, they will finally be getting to play.
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    Took the 3D plunge tonight and ordered an Ender3 printer and some PLA. Wish me luck!
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    I'm pretty sure Ed also said "Don't hold out on that." :/
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    My guess is the drain for the dishwasher is on the fritz. Or the pump for the drain, if it's a portable. That's what killed my old portable dishwasher, and because it was so old(at least 15 years old, probably 20+) there was no fixing it. Or at least no fixing it without being better off buying a new one. So now it serves as a countertop extension until I can either afford to put in a real countertop and full dishwasher, or I buy a new portable one. Also, one coworker called off tonight. So I'm here solo for my whole shift. And it's raining. And for a while our system wasn't working right. And the guy who broke the boot the other day called in and tried to say he wasn't booted, and that he's not going to pay. But he's also supposed to come in tonight to get the tickets for all the crap he did, and if he does and he doesn't pay for his parking tickets and stuff at the same time then he's going to get booted again. And if he doesn't pay when he's booted this time, he's going to get towed. Because he already drove off once and broke a boot, which means he doesn't get the luxury of being left with the boot on his truck. His truck just goes bye-bye.
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    Coming in Bones F5: Bones table extensions! That's right, the shipping box itself will be made out of Bonesium and can be taken apart and reassembled as extensions for your gaming table! The more you buy, the more room you have to play! And if we reach the stretch goal, new Bones Shelves!
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    Stranger things Starter set came today as scheduled! & yes the Thesslahydra is stated out. It would have been nice to have this particular mini in the box (ie take away one of the Demogorgon minis for example). Hasbro skimped out again on the percentile die so you only get a 6 dice "set". I'll have to get one to complete the set. Demogorgon is nice to have but yah it's flimsy. It'll stand up & will look good on the table but once you pick it up, it obviously can tell how cheap it is. I'll admit I try to order stuff through my game store these days when it comes to game stuff but I'm glad I paid the Amazon preorder price for the box. It's a nice set but I felt like it could have had much more in it. Good week, new hobby chair came yesterday. Pretty much like the one that was in my hotel in Vegas earlier this year. Nice to have a chair that doesn't automatically lean back as soon as you sit in it. Other chair was old & the lock worked half the time + you got the sudden surprise of it unlocking. Nice thing was this chair was a Amazon warehouse deal so I paid half the price for some cosmetic damage, bfd.
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    I had some reward points at El Greco and decided to make use of them prior to the current Brexit date. Of course, I forgot to apply them in my cart. Ah well, next time I'll get the full £25 discount. Maybe we'll get a disorderly Brexit, sterling will crash, and it will be like a big sale before they have to restock. My wish list is sitting at something like £1600, and that's just because I stopped adding to it. Trying new things, I picked up something from Life Miniatures. They seem to do a lot of busts and this was the only figure I saw - Bad Blood. Then from my wishlist another Kimera mini - Yueliang. And then I threw in some brushes, a 1, 2, & 4.