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    My box arrived but is currently in the hands of the official package inspectors! Once it clears their check it will be released to me.
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    Ok, so I am about 3 hours in to assembly but think I am done for today. Not a a big fan of how the dragon turtle sits on the flight stand. I love the frost giant raiders. Love the snake people and giant snake. I hate the hand/rock/pig assembly in the troll. This is is a lot more work than previous bones... still so much. I haven’t opened any of the expansions or core yet. Just assembling add-ons and extras first.
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    Hmm, some UPS truck just came by and dropped of a Box (driver muttered something about it being 'eavy!) Wonder what it is????? OOH! Who am I kidding We know what it is And here it is: Smaller then I thought it would be Just kidding. Wow, you know it's a honking big box when they had to strap it:) Okay, time to kick a dead horse:) I am going to show restraint and be surprised with everyone else tomorrow when I open the box here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ratmaster2000/live I will post a quick poll using the likes and see what everyone would like to see in depth first:)
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    Now that I have been working through the Core box, I realized that you meant these minis. Let me know if you want to see one specifically as they dont stay together well just dryfitting.
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    MY Big BOX of BEAUTIFUL BONES are HERE!!!!! Unfortunately my gaming table (and room) aren't completely clean yet so it will be at least another hours or so before I can unbox everything.
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    Got my box, including a zip lock baggy of bases I didn’t order. Not complaining, always could use bases
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    I have received shipping information!!! Also, I think the reason so many are flying by is because people who ordered the out of stock items, probably ordered a bunch of items. So its artificially inflated by small orders going out first.
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    So was just watching BMC's video again and noticed on the side of his box, it was a Bones 4 Core set box. If the carton markings are accurate, they had 14,572 core sets brought in:)
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    Hi everyone, here is 77061, Kord the Destroyer sculpted by Bobby Jackson. This was my entry in Reaper Facebook Quarterly Bones Painting Contest #9. I managed to win an honorable mention. I swapped both of his weapons for a bastard sword and a battle axe from Reaper 03560, Fantasy Weapons Pack, and mounted it on a 30mm round base.
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    Part of me just wants to assemble everything right now and not wait for the time it’ll take to properly prep them. Not because I need them for a game. I just want them on display so I can look at them and not have them boxed away for years like I have done with the first three Bones kickstarters... And from other kickstarters... and with other minis I’ve been collecting since the ‘80’s.
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    I seem to remember mention that Reaper was the one's who made the models for the kickstarter, and when it failed to succeed, reaper retained the rights to the sculpts, and that's why snake, elephant king(?), tree of despair and the amazon/spartan statues showed up in the kickstarter. Sounds good, I will work that out a bit and post something later today:) Sadly, no UPS yet:( Watch him come while I am picking up my son
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    Requires a moderator to use the poll feature. Use the various "like" options instead.
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    I’ve had my minis for several days and still haven’t gone through everything.
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    Yup. And now its time to go home to my minis!!!
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    Above 50% is when you can _breathe_! what? I have no visible gills. I just spent most of my life in either (extremely southern) Louisiana or Florida. I don’t like air that doesn’t hug you when you step outside.
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    Sam ran her murder mystery game for her parents yesterday - now her parents are thinking of running it as a short LARP at an SCA event. So damned proud of her! Andrew is running his game tonight - I will be asking him about it when I see him. The Auld Grump
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    What a well travelled bunch we all are! I'm proud of us for not staying in our own back-yards.
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    Tail end of wave 2. I didn't lock in until Aug 2018. We had the tree and chicken hut in our pledge. Wow, around here you're lucky if UPS makes it all the way up to the door. I have had them leave packages on the walk at the bottom of the steps. Thanks to you guys stalking Reaper on FB and other social media and keeping us updated.
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    Yeah. The vast majority won’t get painted for years. But I need the minis for my pathfinder game.
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    Also, some of the terrain for the Conan Kickstarter was repurposed from Reaper sculpts. I remember Kaladrax's base was one.
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    My BBORBIVR* was home when I got here. This ... is going to take a while. * Big Box of Reaper Bones IV Rewards™
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    Not certain where you live, but... Battlefield Berlin have a few bottles of Brown Liner in stock. They're out of Grey, though.
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    Have never seen Game of Thrones, nor read the books.
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    I haven't watched a single episode yet, nor read the books. And I don't have anything against any of it either. At first, it was simply for not having HBO (still don't). Then when it got really popular, I told myself I'll wait until the book series is done (not gonna happen any time soon). Then I told myself I'll wait until the series is over before I binge watch it, and it kept going and going and going. One day, maybe. And I even expect to love it and kick myself for not watching it earlier. Yet I survive.
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    Far from it. I am Not A Fan of GoT. And Loki sounds like an adorable kitty.
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    Well I didn't off anyone in the game last night. Actually surprisingly when I "laid down the law" about the ruckus from last week, I felt better afterwards. Anyways, I (we) had a odd night at the table. The most boisterous of the players wasn't feeling good, he looked exhausted for one thing, so after the first battle he bowed out. Also a couple other players also left early so the table was down to 4 people about half an hour in. It felt odd to have just that many people. Tables have been running at 7 for a couple of months now, so a nice change. We did have a player come in late & wanted to play so I let him, which brought the table back up to 5. As far as Lost Mine of Pandelver went. The party encountered the fungi cavern. While not too deadly it did smack a few players for 3d6 worth of damage as they ran through it. Most of them actually saved to avoid being poisoned. They then met a former wizard now turned wraith, named Mormesk. The way it came out thou, one player thought I said "Mormon". I told him his wives were behind the door in the room. Table got a kick out of that one. The wraith initially didn't kill them but threatened them unless they traded something of worth. One of the clerics (there was 3!!!) had a Charm Person scroll & convinced him of it's worth. The wraith then tasked to take out the Spectator, in return he would give his chest of treasures. The party agreed, at least the dwarf cleric did. Party made it's way north & found the fabled Forge of Spells & the Spectator. A battle ensued & it was a interesting combat. The party got off some great damage shots initially but the spectator came back with his eye rays. Took the rogue down, but the life cleric was there to bring him back up, along with the battle cleric the next round as he was paralyzed by a ray. The dwarf cleric I think may have gotten the worst attack. He blasted it with a spell for 20 pts but it got reflected back onto him for said amount (central eye power). In the end thou, as all mighty monster do in D&D, the spectator fell & the party had a grand ole time, figuring out how the Forge of Spells works. I even let the Monk place his fists into the flame (no heat, just magical) to allow him the +1 bonus for 1d12 hours. (that & I thought it would make the monk feel cool, see I'm not a malicious DM....so far!!) The dwarf cleric claimed the mace, Lightbringer as his god is Lathander & the mace was made for a cleric of that god. The life cleric (who is human) claimed magical breastplate vs dragon breath. The party rested & will have to renew their temp magic items before exploring more & going back to deal with Mormo....errr Mormesk, the wraith. Who of course will have a trick of his undead sleeve!!!
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    Okay, so with the box in hand, and the unboxing coming Tomorrow on youtube, I have what I will review first from the list below: We will use the likes in this post:) Like - Fan favorites Thanks - Lost Valley HaHa - Dreadmere Confused - DarkReach Sad - Chronoscope Top vote will be shown as the first review after the initial unboxing. Core will be done somewhere in the near future.
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    The bones are here! THE BONES ARE HERE! I'm not allowed to open them until the significant other can be there too, though. She's got work in a show for class tonight. When we get back, though... that's when the mayhem begins! Oh god oh god where are all these bones going to go...?!
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    The bases were a stretch goal and came with the core set. 25mm and 50mm
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    I’m envious of those of you who required packing straps on your boxes. My box had no straps.
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    I've checked all of my overall items are there. All of the contents of expansions are there. Have not checked all of my add-ons in detail, as making sure my order itself was here was rather exhausting. I did notice I have the same issue in my modern scenics. I'll probably report that now, and message them again if anything else comes up later.
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    The KS specifies 3 of each. I only had 2 of each as well. I contacted Reaper last week as US shipping was starting up in case it was factory problem. Maybe it was.... They shipped replacements the same day.
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    My mom texted me leaping on this before I even sent it to her. Hah!
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    Today, at work, I solved a problem that had been completely stopping the AM from using the computer. We had a power failure earlier - and no matter how many times he turned the computer on and off, the monitor wasn't getting a signal. . I pointed out that he was turning the wrong computer on and off... the one hooked up to the monitor was a completely different machine.... (For reasons unknown to sentient beings, we do not have an UPS on our computer(s) The Auld Grump
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    Read the first book, saw parts of the first season. conclusion: too much drama, not enough dragons.
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    Well, another reason to test the Reaper Beta site, then... (And also pick up the monthly free giveaway)
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    That would explain it. Thanks! Shame that game didn't succeed. It was fun and the designers seemed like a decent bunch. Glad that the figures are getting a new lease on life though.
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    One of the service techs I was talking to yesterday said the same thing. That 200 years doesn't even count the bouts of re-construction and rehabilitation it has had. Sad as this loss is, it's likely to help it live far, far longer.
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    I just realized something. Does anyone remember that giant cobra and the elephant on the throne as being part of a Conan boardgame? Maybe my mind is turning to mush these days, but I've been thinking I've seen them before for a while now and it just clicked. I could swear they were part of an as yet to be released game that I demoed at Origins a few years ago. I'm assuming that if they are the same sculpts that the Conan game never released?
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    Not really true, though humidity at altitude is more important than humidity at ground level. But since those interact.... Particularly in mountainous areas, there is often a strong relationship between humidity and rain when the wind is upslope (adiabatic cooling raises the relative humidity above 100% and there are some sort of nucleation sites). Also, thunderstorms rely upon hot humid air rising, cooling, and precipitating. Not true at all for me, or for most people who are acclimated to dry air. Whenever I have to fly to someplace humid, getting off the airplane after the return flight means that I can breathe freely again. It's definitely an acclimation issue, though. Read the first two books, which started well but entered into the usual GRRM grimdark world syndrome. Stopped. Don't really want to start again.
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    And here's the third wagon/trailer for the merchant caravan. I think this should suffice for a while. (Now I've got to figure out how to foam-pack/store/transport these things without them falling apart on the way, what with all the little bits.) I didn't find any cheap plastic cows of the right scale to work with since the last trailer, so this time around, it's another horse. However, I decided to make it a little more Fallout-esque, by granting it the same mutation that seems to plague so many post-apocalyptic herbivores: two heads! Just to make things even weirder, the right head of the mutant horse has two eyes on the right side of its face, and none on the left. I'm sad to report that JoAnn Fabric no longer carries the "Horse Toob," so I've lost my supply of close-enough-to-32mm-scale-for-my-purposes plastic horses without any saddles, caparisons, barding, etc. They've got some other rough equivalent, but the packs are significantly more expensive, and I haven't yet found a "just-horses" pack. (There's one "Farm" themed set with a single cow -- and it's around $13 for the pack, so that's not exactly a cost-effective option, either, if I haven't use for all the other animals in the set. Due to the weird scale logic of these toys, all those other animals in the pack -- pigs, rooster, hen, sheep, dogs, etc. -- are roughly equivalent in size to the COW. Argh!)
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    I finished the third book, but that's it. Did randomly watch some of the 5th(?) Season on vacation 2 years ago.
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    No. I burned out on the books somewhere in the middle of the third one. As far as cats being "odd", it's just the expression of the different feline personalities. A lot of feline thinking is parallel to that in humans and we are seeing our own "peculiarities" mirrored in our feline friends who have had the opportunity to fully develop their own capabilities and potentials. GEM
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    not a big deal, mine should arrive tomorrow or thursday and then I can take pictures :P
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    Am I the only person on the forums that doesn't watch Game of Thrones? Loki is the only cat I've ever met that actually acknowledges his name He's a lovely boy, but is really intelligent and gets bored very easily. I was painting today and he amused himself by selecting a brush soaking in my rinse water, lifting it halfway out of the jar and then letting it rattle back into the jar. He picked a different brush every time and made little "brrrrrrrpt" noises every time he let the brush go. I'd say that he's odd, but so are most cats
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    @Crowley Everything is on your sheet, even things you didn't get, right?
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    Sigh ... Europe will probably have to wait for another 2-3 weeks. But that's ok, I knew it would be like that and at least the Brexit has not happened yet. I got my hands on some Brown Liner now (not THAT easy where I live) ... with the Bones minis up to now, this sounded like a "secret weapon" ... does it still work with the new Bones material?
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