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    I think I've watched that guy. Also Steve1989mreinfo. His review of the mealkitsupply MREs sold me on a case and I only have one breakfast one left. In fact, I was just outside setting off the remaining flameless ration heaters so I don't wind up with ten of them going off in the garbage bin. The town council forbids me to have flaming or steaming trash. No fun at all, tbh.
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    I assure you that's impossible, even for a computer. And don't give me any grief about how you used to merge Womp Rats in your T-16 back home.
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    The Man is always tryna tell me what to do. I think I deserve more respect. I even paid my taxes once. At least I think I did. Well, at least I paid them in my head, which is just as good or whatever. And they still haven't approved my application to open a rock mine in my backyard. This place sucks.
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    I appear to be spending my day watching a Russian guy eat various country's military MREs while complementing every food item and the cuisine that created it. It's oddly uplifting. Like a Bob Ross binge but with MREs and canned meat.
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    I look at those and think, "Hey! Good practice for water-slide transfers!"
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    From Spring to Spring, I will be concentrating on Goblins of various sorts with a few more or less related distractions. These are the first batch: Gander O'Peek's Pikes & Associates. Here are the Lads are posing bravely in the Spooky Woods somewhere near Heep's Mushroom Brewery & Bat Poop Caverns: The rear rank: Front rank: ...from the rear: The Heroes...so to speak: There you have them in all their glory(?).
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    What. But... What would a town council have against a good old fashioned trash fire?
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    Alright, back from my hiatus - here is a picture of the finally finished table. It certainly is not perfect, but I am pretty proud of how it came out. Now I just have to make a matching bench...but that is for later time.
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    Merge...womp...uhhh... WOMP RAT-KING! The terror of Mos Eisley sewers, spirit of vengeance against teenaged hooligans! Now I need a theme song for this magnificent beast. Sorry. Off topic, but I think we can all agree it was necessary.
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    Oh we use those too! And custom print our own. Did a Loki manicure where I wanted "I am burdened with glorious purpose" on my nails and I was -not- going to try to hand paint that!
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    Sorry for not letting everyone know in advance, but the app isn't turned on at this time. So if you're trying to use the app to view your account, you won't be able to access it. Again, sorry. Should have let you guys know beforehand. We'll try to get it up and running before class tickets go live.
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    @Reaper Ron, you might want to reach out to Growtix and have them take a serious look at updating their app for android as it has some serious issues. Using the app I am not able to login and view what tickets I have purchased. Also, when it comes time to start class selections, if I'm at work then I would prefer to use the app since I'm not sure if I can access on the work computer. It isn't???
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    Hua... yeah, same once I clicked on view entire message. *shrug* Either way, I'm coming!
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    It was my card's fraud protection. I got a call from them this morning, Haha. I called them back and straightened it out, and now my wife and I have tickets!
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    Never mind, I did it. It’s at the post office. I came in my pajamas and got a little wet but I should be able to beat the bad rain home.
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    Man, today just got better. Two business owners bought me food. One guy bought me 6 wings, just slapping his money on the counter when I went to get my wallet, the other gave me smoked pulled pork. The pork was offered yesterday to the whole office if anyone wanted to stop by for it. And lemme tell you, that pork was DELICIOUS!
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    Threads merged. First time doing so. Hope I didn't destroy anything or blow up the Death Star.
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    Apparently my bank thinks Texas is another country! :D
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    Glad you got that worked out, Kevin! We are hoping with fewer issues with the Growtix process this time around. :)
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    It does the exact same thing to me. Which is why my lawn gets mowed so rarely. Or at least part of it. The other part is that I hate mowing my lawn. Or any lawn, for that matter, unless it's large enough for a riding mower. Thankfully I have an airbrush and an airbrush booth, so I can do the sort of stuff you're having issues with at any time. It's just a matter of motivation and free time for me. I just bought a 12 pack of Jolt cola tallboys. Because I could. And because I need caffeine.
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    I like Monday starts on my calendars so my weekends are not separated. :) There was no other post or anything, I've just been working on a scheduler for a couple weeks. It's been working really well for me so far!
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    I'll miss the banquets, but I imagine it might get tricky to coordinate as the event keeps growing. I think that means banquets (as distinct from the meet & greet) only ran from 2014 - 2017.
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    Now's good! What a silly resolution... I've adjusted all the e-calendars to set Monday as the start of the week too. Just makes more sense to me. I didn't realize that was a thing... Only on player in this morning's D&D game, so I let him start exploring a small side dungeon, rather than attempt the main Megadungeon. I came pretty close to killing him and his henchman, but... he managed to survive, though failed to secure the "big" treasure.
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    Thanks for the warning. It now appears the page links are working again, among other things that were broken. Quick service from Kit today.
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    Heroic Maps is celebrating May the Fourth with a 75% Off sale on their SF maps over to RPGNow/DriveThru - there are some pretty nice ones. $0.63... for the Falcon's smaller cousin. (I already have this one, along with one that seems to have run into a mountain...) I don't do much SF gaming, these days, other wise I might be buying them out right now. Some are good for simulating Imperial entanglements. The Auld Grump Damn you brain, I do not want an idea for a game with Imperial Stormtroopers vs Aliens.... The Auld Grump
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    Mission accomplished; I now have new, non grinding, safe brakes again. The sun even struggled to make an appearance. I think there might be something wrong with me, though. I took a spin down to the local comic book shop (which is also a game store) for free comic book day and I left without anything.
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    All because of the Star Wars RPG. From the movies, I'm rather a fan of the A-Wing.
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    Forgot that last night picked up an old Traveller book, Survival Margin and some minis for the BOGW. Today another railroad kit showed up, a Ten Wheeler that will also wind up in SP colors.
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    Imperial Star Destroyer Develop a vaccine for Midichlorians.
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    Yes, please wait. :) I got that too in my email confirmation in the test tickets I purchased. When I clicked on "Message Clipped: View Entire Message" it all went away and turned into something legible.
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    I slept a lot last night. Still don't feel caught up though. Blarg.
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    Thanks for the kind words everybody! I've got a touch of the Birthday Blues so I'm extra appreciative this year. Just waiting for the traditional birthday takeaway to arrive at the moment.
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    Sorry, guys. Trying to get a SSL connection configured. Didn't realize invision board was going to be stupid and redirect login back to a http endpoint. Trying to find the proper configuration setting now. Edit: found 'em. Try to log in now. Let me know if you can't.
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    WHO are you and what did you do with Unruly?!?!?
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    I haven't seen anyone else post this so: May The Fourth Be With You! GEM
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    As threatened, I took some more artsy photos of O'Peek's Pikes & other notable Goblins. The Lads are posing bravely in the Spooky Woods somewhere near Heep's Mushroom Brewery & Bat Poop Caverns: The rear rank: Front rank: ...from the back: The Heroes...so to speak: There you have them in all their glory(?).
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    I agree. I know the various games that Reaper has produced kind of go by the way-side because Reaper has always maintained that they are a miniatures company first, not a game company. I really appreciate this. But the lore side of things would be easy to build and maintain, especially if it was just in web form. I also think it would actually be a draw to purchasing the miniatures. It would be really cool if they started to roll in the Warlord factions in with Dreadmere into a larger setting as a whole.
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    Out of all the flying eyeballs in the galaxy, the TIE Defender is my favourite: Insanely agile and maneuverable, and sporting 4 laser cannons and 2 ion cannons, as well as 2 warhead launchers and optional tractor beam. Also had hyperdrive and deflector shields. As for which big'un I like the best, that would be Emperor Palpatine's flagship and superest of the super star destroyers, the Eclipse: Personally, I would have called it the Overcompensator (the Emperor was very insecure at heart). There has been some discrepancies with the actual size of it, since it was originally described as being twice as long as the Executor. However, the Executor's size has changed from merely being described to actually being given a solid number for length, while the Eclipse was never updated to reflect this. The Eclipse was massive, and sported a weaker version of the Death Star's superlaser that was able to vaporize capital ships. As for the Sith, they're actually the introverted side of the force. They hide away by themselves for a long time, come out to interact with the galaxy until things become too stressful, and then sequester themselves away from all the people for awhile. Seriously though, I would like the Sith to become like they were in the Star Wars: Legacy graphic novel series. Set about 130 years after Return of the Jedi, the Sith come back in full force under the leadership of Darth Krayt. Under an iron fist they're ruled under the Rule of One, where they all work together for a common purpose. For the most part, backbiting and infighting is kept to a minimum, though they're still Sith. When they're under the same banner they're a frighteningly effective force, and the series is an absolute must-read. I loved all of the new concepts that they put into it.
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    Get hold of a heap of small nuts(M3 is good, about 1/8" for those using outdated systems) and glue one under each base. Then take a plate of perspex or whatever, drill holes, and install bolts so that the end pokes up about 2mm. Fasten them properly... Now you just have to place a mini atop a bolt, give it a twist, and it's stuck solid.
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    Going to have to go with the classic X-wing; although there were a handful of other ships that were pretty nifty (I also, for example, like the B-Wings). ... The Sith seriously need to take some time to reassess their goals. There's some good ideas in there, but the crazy has seriously taken over. :/ This is fixable, but not if they keep on like this.
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    Hard choice but probably the x wing. Relax and have a beer. Seriously I wouldn't trust either jedi or sith to handle anything properly. Too hung up on their own importance and bizarre schemes.
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    Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I've backed a few where the company had multiples going on, but that's usually because I know the company at that point through other Kickstarters. Here's the problem. Let's look at Black Hollows. They had date X in mind. They missed it. So now it's going to be months late. Because they thought it'd be done, they started another one. Fewer backers this time around I noticed. And now the backerkit is open. But they get no further money from me until I get the original KS. I appreciate that the unknown happens. So should the people using Kickstarter as their funding mechanism. Because no matter how well you plan, someone can get sick. A caster can close down. You could have a car accident. The list of things I've seen happen in Kickstarters is near limitless. Thinking you're not going to have problems because you've got it all down? Well...
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    I always need more bandits. While I'm sad it's these guys making them, because like Red Box Games version, they'll clock in at the smaller side, I'm always glad to have more bandits. In.
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    The lore might be a good thing to have on the website somewhere. One of the main appeals in Warhammer is the lore. I appreciate Reaper not going off the rails on the books etc... but if the material is already written out somewhere, having it easily accessible to those interesting is only a good thing.
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    Tie Interceptor. They look nasty, they hit hard (which makes them nasty to deal with), aaand did I mention they fly stupidly fast and are rather mobile too? Clearly they need to order in more cookies, and someone with a clue by four to smack some sense into the emo kid that was in episodes 7 and 8. Either that or get a competent leader....
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    Felicitations on your personal solstice!
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    Why ask? Do you have a question about Forbidden Planet? A better Fantasy film. Having worked in Kent, OH in the summer of 1970 I react badly to trivalizing May 4th.
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    I would say pics or it didn't happen, but I don't think @buglips*the*goblin would appreciate everyone seeing you in your PJ's.
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