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    This is the third or fourth piece from the Kickstarter I’ve painted. I really loved this sculpt, soooo much detail! I only wish it were bigger! looking at the pictures, I may have to retouch some of the protruding bones as they need some shadowing. All in all I’m quite happy how it turned out. The pillars I used in the base are not included in the Kickstarter (for those who were getting a raise in blood pressure) They were gifted to me from a friend experimenting with his 3D printer. As always C&C are more than welcome. I hope you like it
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    Both are true for about 80% of the giants Just before ending for the night they got a challenge from Mr. 20%. Both on the unfriendly and evil counts. I had fun with him - he began with bungling his accusations 'They have come to take our cowrie shells! They have come to take our obsidian! They have come to seduce our women!' - and pointing accusingly at Jon's barbarian. (The friendly giant lady had all but carried him off on her shoulder... There was no doubt about whose idea was the friendly romp on the black sands.) The 80% are looking for trade relations - they have no metals. They are welcoming the Europeans PCs because they think that they can benefit from trade. (This will remain true as long as the Dreamer is the Regent - after that it is a coin flip.) And the party has noticed the tell-tale strands of a web belonging to the larger (but friendlier) scary, scary spider people. It seems someone has been manipulating things in favor of open relations.... (Let us just say that the old chief has developed an appreciation of friendly large driders.) The chief's son is Mr. 20%, and thinks that his time as chief has arrived. Yes I was! Grrrr! The Auld Grump -
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    Speaking of dependent, we are pretty much not depending on McDonald's anymore for their sausage egg McMuffins:) I got one of those cool Egg rings, Toast up some Thomas's english muffins, get some sausage patties from Walmart, throw on some sliced cheese and viola!
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    Today is Hubby's birthday. I'm going to make a cake for him and homemade Taco Bell breakfast crunch wraps. If I can get the sauce right, we will no longer be dependent on Taco Bell for his crunch wrap cravings
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    This was the comic I was looking for. The Auld Grump
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    The food from McD’s is known for many qualities... ...curing madness is not one of them.
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    "The nostalgia is strong with this one." [Ain't it the truth!?]
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    Me thinks it's the timing not the concept that is causing the issue...
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    For my OSL Mousling I stepped my colors down from what I usually use. So my shadows were pure black, my normal shadow tone became my mid tone, and my mid tone became my highlight. I also mixed a bit of blue grey, I think, to my mid tone for an extreme highlight to simulate moon light. I also kept my mid tone and highlight areas small to keep everything mostly dark. For basing I mixed everything with a little bit of black or the blue grey to desaturate it and keep it dark.
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    She was indeed! The giants set up a series of one on one trials, but I didn't send folks not in a given trial out of the room. Jon's was the Test of Strength. (Wrestlemania! What the giants knew and the PCs didn't is that his opponent has a history of celebrating the victory - hers or his, doesn't matter. Same celebration, as long as he did well and tried hard. I cheated, and handed the giantess off to Julie to play. The loincloth stealing was all hers. ) Julie's was the Test of Speed. (Speed across a field before a geyser erupts.) Duncan got the Test of Courage. (Enter a monster's layer to retrieve an object) Megan got the Test of Wisdom. (Everybody's favorite - the Riddle Game.) Jenny got the Test of Endurance. (Sing along with me - Beer, beer, beer, jingly! Beer, beer, beer! Jon got Enlarge cast on him, this time the giant got Reduce cast on him, and whether it ends the same way involves Fort saves, and whether Jenny's character says 'Sure!' The giant likes dwarfs....) This whole time the PCs have had to make saves against the heat - they are on a live volcano that is surrounded by steam. Until now, all the challenges have actually been both fair and friendly. A celebration of potential allies. The new guy... wants to kill somebody. And will make the Challenge of Arms - he and his cronies vs. the whole party. The giantess that carried off Jon's loincloth has joined the party on this, as has the one that actually manged to beat Jenny's dwarf in a drinking contest, and the shaman that managed a draw against Megan in the riddle game. If his people, the Challenger will then fight his father to become chief. In which case, the xenophobic driders will probably die. The current chief is looking for trade - and is old, wise, and prudent enough to know that ticking off the driders would not be good for anybody. The driders that sent the PCs to rescue the lesser driders are Good. Mostly Neutral Good, with a few Chaotic Good and maybe one or two Lawfuls. (Yes, one of them is a drider paladin. ) The Auld Grump
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    I wanted to break in the new place with a gluttinous feast so I used skipthedishes and chose McDonald's because it was close. I didn't know what I wanted, so I pretty much got one of everything. They forgot the McChicken, and because they forgot it that turned out to be what I wanted most. I'm still mad.
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    I dunno, that sounds like it might be kinda fun. Ha! I think it'd be more like a platoon of Stormtroopers trying to shoot one alien before it gets them all, lol...
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    It does. Unfortunately the blocks are so long and the range on the beeper so short that that's only sort of helpful. Upside is I did find it... only about a block and a half from where I thought it was parked.
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    My paints were also messed up. Nothing missing, but they were all swapped around in the wrong boxes.
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    Currently working on a figure for a small painting Challenge, using a Bloodweiser Babe from some kind of Blood Bowl-look-a-like game and an old freebooters fate base. Her hand was completely ruined by the casting process, which forces me to work on her hand using a Kingdom Death hand ... There it is: Which means: cutting, gluing and washing ... yay! More to come ...
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    @redambrosia The Auld Grump - not the comic I was looking for... thought you would appreciate it.
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    put 2 lilacs in the ground today and 2 flats of petunias. also weedwacked the wild section of my side yard. Someone else can go after the back yard...
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    I did one clever thing. I did one possibly silly thing. Clever: I noticed that I had never locked in for CAV:SO the 3rd. I managed to find my paper list of what I had intended to Pledge for, and get the password for KS sorted out, and get the link to the PledgeManager in front of my nose all at the same time. So hurrah me. Now locked in. Silly[?]: I pledged on a different KS for some dwarfs. Because ( @Beagle ) who does not need more dwarfs?!? That one has only 100 or so minutes left. ( RPE Miniatures out of the UK are the perpetrators sponsors if anyone is curious. If I was more clever there would be a link. Or does that count as a commerce link? )
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    Never checked it, but I think it was like 7-10 minutes (Mine usually get merged, sooo...) No and No. That's a tough one, so many cool designs. My tie definitely is Germany's ME-262 and the USA's counter to Japan's Zero, the Corsair F4U. Favorite Flying machine, definitely the Falcon! The sith need to join the Jedi and bring the galaxy into harmony and peace!
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    I got paint on a mini yesterday. Nothing more than a couple basecoats... but all I seemed to be capable of at the time. More work will be done to try and catch up when my mood remembers how to behave.
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    It will take me one day to pick out and replace what I want, and then send it back off. I'm sure we can have it to you before you leave in June.
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    I dunno, that sounds like it might be kinda fun. Ha! I think it'd be more like a platoon of Stormtroopers trying to shoot one alien before it gets them all, lol... Is... is that not fun?
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    Does your car have one of those beep/honk buttons on its remote?
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    Daddy giant and teenaged child. That cloud giant... I would not use it as a giant, but as some form of evil Outsider? It has potential. The Auld Grump - I'm pretty sure there is something in Rise of the Runelords where that mini would be handy....
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    I wanted those giants to stand out, not only as evil, but also as unpleasant. Plus, the PCs had to make a Fort save or be sickened, and were exposed to Filth Fever if they took any damage before washing the crap off. Also, the giants were big fans of eating prisoners - waste not, want not... but it makes ransoms a bit chancy. The Auld Grump
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    Oh yah, I know what you mean about Pet Peeves:) The one I have is hearing "It's a Game Changer". Oh man, I am so sick of that one!
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    On no! I just found more naked metal to throw in the box and it is already fit to burst. I keep thinking of the Monty Python wafer thin scene when I look at the box. Awwww, just one more tiny model...you can do it.
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    Nice job, really like the blue lips. I've been having the same issue with keeping skin pale. Bunch of vampires that I want to paint and I don't want them all rosy skinned. I'm thinking of trying purple or grey or some mix of the two with a fair skin color.
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    No Avengers for me, sold out all day long. We will try in two or so weeks, or once it hits dvd i guess I will just get spoilers, nothing I can do about it
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    The sculptor is definitely a Lo Pan fan
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    It’s basically kitbashing loads of different Bones to try and make the ‘coolest’ figure before time runs out!!
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    For the alien... Sure. In other news, I am highly un-amused... Somehow Google Chrome found its way onto my puter yesterday. I certainly didn't invite it in.
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    @kitThanks! Yay makes things easier and cheaper now to do some shopping....
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    It was like the Bones conversion class that was offered, but only 1 hour long and with a limited selection of smaller figures. I saw a lot of head and weapon swaps done in the session I attended.
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    The only site I could find that automatically adds Bones Black minis to my order... Yes, I ordered from reapermini.com @kit You may want to add a warning about this somewhere on the checkout pages...
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    Coffee!! Waffles!! Now I need to find my car... and I don't remember where it is I left it last week...
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    Official Answer™ Select GBP or EUR as your currency, and the stuff is sourced from the UK warehouse.
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    ...I was thinking We Are The Champions of the World myself...well may be The Bad Boys of the Block.
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    Very clever using the inside of the cloak as the spell casting launchpad! Great execution resulting in a beautiful mini.
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    If there aren't any major objections, I can either bump you up in the order, or move you back a little to ensure you and the box are in the same place at the same time. Let me know what people want to do. Well, it's 5 weeks away. Assuming the box arrives in a timely fashion this week, I plan to mail the box back out on Monday the 13th. Which still leaves about 2 weeks each for HolkDiggity and Samuraijack, and a week for Mckenna. It should be doable, unless one of the others foresees a delay during their leg of the journey.
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    That's pretty cool. Really nice on the glowing rune energy. And the spider looks great!
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    I was also missing my extra x2 braziers. And I got an extra female Spartan instead of a male Spartan.
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    Thanks for the kind reply, Warlady. I am happy you enjoyed the stuff...especially the colors & bases. I will try not to make you wait too long for the next installment.
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    Generic Fighter covered this one, but yes. It's used to write down what you took out of/put into the box. Resin and lead are both fine. Keep the lead separate, and label the bag it's in as 'lead' so people can avoid it if they want to. If there aren't any major objections, I can either bump you up in the order, or move you back a little to ensure you and the box are in the same place at the same time. Let me know what people want to do. ETA-----let's see those loot pictures, people!!!
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