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    Feeling better now. Aunt is amenable to simply turning over the cabin to my brother and I with marking it complete for any inheritance calculation. I did check the estimated property tax and insurance that Zillow estimates for a couple of other places for sale. Not horrible and less than what I’m paying for my own home. Shouldn’t be an issue to split expenses with my brother. Now to deal with the work headaches.
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    Loud pink. Trust me, she is going to be loud and pink.
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    The official answer to your question @Skallabjorn :
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    The prepaints served another useful purpose. Many of you know I’m starting to make videos about matters of art (see my signature). I have some planned about painting minis, and I was in a dilemma about “good bad examples,” as I didn’t want to single anyone out by using theirs, but having some “how not to do it” figures could be illuminating. Up close the paint jobs on a lot of prepaints are, to put it mildly, suboptimal. They are, for my purposes, perfect.
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    Mama Robin is still here, she was a bit startled when I opened the blinds this morning. She's currently sitting in her nest, so she must be getting used to the movement inside my apartment when I look out the window.
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    Well... Everything that can be done at HQ, has been done, they shipped AU first, UK (EU) next, then ploughed through all the US-North America things. What remains is now in the hands of the hubs, ports, container ships, usps, ups, and other shipping concerns. (What is DPD?) That fb thing was from Matt, who runs the shipping receiving department at Reaper, and his bit is done. What remains for HQ is the scattering of folks who pledged something but never locked in. They join their fellows from B1, II, & III in a sort of limbo. (There’s always a few.)
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    I made a new friend while cleaning out the garden today. I mean, I wanted to be friends. Not sure she felt the same way.
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    Have you decided what colors you're going to paint your new mini? And are you going to do it as a 7 day challenge?
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    I just finished reading a "reverse harem" romance with clones. I love Grump dearly, but if there were more than one of him I would have to murder all of him and dump the bodies in Casco Bay. Who the hell thinks that reverse harems are a GOOD IDEA?!!
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    Mostly doing final polishing and detail now i need to go get the black areas and get them properly shadowed and highlighted
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    You should try something daring. Something bold. Why not go with rainbow hair and a multicolor dazzle camouflage pattern? Pink is just so boring...
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    I go in at 5pm this evening. So, 2.5 hours to the final countdown. This is the pre-final countdown. Not to be confused with the pre-pre-final countdown I've been doing for the last few weeks
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    I'm glad to see someone taking some Mage Knight and Heroclix figures, I debated whether to put them in or not. I figured Michone wouldn't last for long in there, I just couldn't leave her hidden in my desk any longer. As for the partially painted GW Sigmarite, that's from back when I took a few painting lessons at my local GW store. The lesson on that particular miniature was on cloth; you'll have to decide for yourself if it was a success or failure. It is pretty funny, this box was almost entirely comprised of abandoned projects. When I needed enemies for D&D I rebased a lot of Mage Knight and Heroclix minis but I still had a tenon their original clix bases. This of course that was back when I had time to DM. For the record Doombots and Ironman figures make great living armor or heavily armored knights.
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    Looks like probably less than 0.5% of backers, which is pretty good, IMO.
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    Not nearly that specific, but my birthday and my both parents' birthdays line up on the same day of the week each year. Now that I am married, Lady Klarg's birthday also follows that pattern, so we hit 4 different months, but you can be sure all of them will land on a Tuesday (in 2019).
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    We are EST in the USA. It should be live around 10:00 on the morning!
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    They may still have customer service to deal with, but they finished the biggest part: the boxing and shipping. I think that's a darn good milestone to call DONE. Annoying for those still waiting on delivery, yes. But the Reaper HQ has done their part on sending things out the door.
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    Flumph: Nope & no. Thou if we actually play Mad Mage of Undermountain in my Monday night game we will!! Thou, my store is going towards away from extended campaign arcs & wants more weekly games. ::(: Oddest, hmmmmm I've sent nilbogs at people in my high school days. Currently in my Weds night game, I'm running a new take on the whole "kill rats" with augmented giant rats (ex are beholder rats, (has 2 eye stalks with various eye powers) canary rats (uses a sonic blast), explodey rats (walking time bombs) & dragon rats (medium size rats mixed with dragon parts & breath weapon to boot)).
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    Rise of the Mimics 2 launches tomorrow on Kickstarter!!
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    It's that time of year again. Those of us in the US have a 3 day holiday weekend coming up (May 24-27) and I am challenging you all to join me in a massively multiplayer paint binge! Everyone is welcome to join, even if you can only paint for one day.  The object is to finish as many figures as possible. Quantity counts over quality. All manufacturers are fair game, posting of WIPs and finished pieces is strongly encouraged. You may prep and prime figures before hand, in fact I recommend it. Get out all those new Bones, old primed or half painted figures and get ready to finish them! Got an army to finish, need to move some half painted terrain off your desk, want to tackle that dragon for the big figure contest? This is the time. All manufacturers are fair game. Prep and prime your figures now so they are all ready to go Saturday morning (or if you're taking a 4 day weekend, Friday morning). Have your camera ready to share photos. Photos strongly encouraged! For this holiday there is a special extra challenge: paint a figure in memory of a lost friend, pet or loved one. Anything goes. Painting begins at 00:01 May 24 and ends 23:59 May 27, in your time zone. Those of you who video chat are welcome to set up channels. Link to 2017 Challenge Link to 2016 Challenge
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    It's amazing how Hop on Pop goes from being an endearing children's book to being a cautionary tale.... The Auld Grump
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    Gonna try for red hair. But like Megan said, very pink.
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    At last, a use for https://youtu.be/9jK-NcRmVcw!!!
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    I tried asking Hubby if he'd ever used a flumph, but it's a weird word to say and he thought I was either talking about a weird cooking ingredient or the thing I do when I collapse onto the bed. He knew what I meant when I showed him a picture though. And no, no flumphs.
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    You know I just realized the rug mimic can double as a rug of smothering for 5e. Since they is a severe lack of rug minis, this intrigues me highly! Looking forward to the start!
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    If you want to use BGC colors, the better question is: Can I mod the figure enough for each of the other three suits so I can have all of them? (You don't have to be exact, just enough to give the impression of the other suits.) This sounds like a project for ReaperCon 2020. (For someone else.)
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    I'm a bit late to the game, but: "IT'S HISTORY IN THE MAKING!" Much more often than not, it's not even worthy of a footnote. When it *is* history in the making, you don't even need to say it. Announcing it won't make it more or less worthy.
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    That wicker urn (?) reminds me of Slimer from the Ghostbusters! :D
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    Well, it will not be memorial day weekend, BUT I will be binging on 32 Mouslings that I need done by the morning of May 17th (and they don't get here till the 10th), so I'll try and get WIP and finished pics. It's little gifts for my son to give out at school for his classmates for his birthday (he told everyone I was doing it, so now I am committed haha). I am getting dungeons and doggies from Miniature Market, so I will do the husky in Memory of our husky we had (His name was spirit)
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    How about some mini bases with a terrain pattern? Cobblestone, etc
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    Yeah I was wave 1 or 2 and no packages in NL here yet. So I agree with @Glitterwolf, it is not over. It might be over for HQ, but they stated it like it is ALL DONE. Nope.
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    "Resin" is just "plastic" in evening dress -- or sometimes a clown suit.
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    Wait I thought you were supposed to just buy minis and then store them away for months/years before you paint them. Are we sure its even legal to buy new minis and paint them right away?
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    Here's another bit of ordnance - a WW II Japanese Type 97 Shinhoto Chi Ha Tank from Tamiya. 1/35 scale, all plastic, with flexible tracks. The kit dates back to the 80s. Fairly easy cleanup and assembly. Paashe VL airbrush and Tester's Model Master, et al, paints. Colored pencils for the paint chips, scratches, abrasions, etc. Reaper acrylics for the various oil, gas, dirt, and dust stains. Finished off with chalk pastels (old school). The base is a cutup, sanded, and stained oak plank from Home Depot. Name plate from a local trophy shop. Now everyone can join in the fun in RC's Ordnance Category. Qs and Cs welcomed. Glen
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    De Kay's Brown Snake, AKA Little Brown Snake. They like slugs, worms and snails. So overall, a pretty good garden friend!
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    It's the Legend of the White Snake! It's a love story you know.
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    Ooh, she's lovely. What kind of snake is she? Also, @Chaoswolf hope you enjoyed your visit to Glasgow! Did you manage to get up north to all the good stuff? @redambrosia I hope everything goes well for you. Say goodbye to your social life!
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    Gah! Software update to my phone last night. It changed how a ton of things work and look and all ugly as elf. I'm finding it far more upsetting than normally would to this kinda thing. It really is bad. Also some of the functions now operate more like an iPhone, if i wanted something that worked like a iPhone, I would have bought an iPhone.
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    Vallejo???? It went to Magic Mountain??? Weird!
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    Fair enough! For us we use a resin from smooth on called 66d it is a bit pricy but their regional vp was at our facility and told us it was specifically made for one of the larger tabletop gaming companies so we tried it and fell in love with it!
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    Knowing how often you ran the "We Be Goblins!" adventure series, there's enough silliness as players to go around with or without nilbogs.
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    Mine was around that amount & it's a ton of stuff!
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    Finished the four commission minis as well as the next four Got the wizard done, still working on barbarian and warrior Finished the fire dragon!
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    May goals: Continue the current commission Paint next batch of Wild in the Streets gang Paint last two minis for grandsons On to the next dragon
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    Exactly Doug! There is at least a dozen types of resin compounds in the car you drive every day :)
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    A quick note on the topic of resins! There are thousands of different types of resins. The tabletop game industry has about 30 or 40 different variations that I can think of used commonly. Some resins are super lightweight and very very brittle, others have a slight flexibility to them classified as "semi-rigid" that we are using ourselves that can withstand a crow bar beating on them (showed that on one variation we used) They also vary wildly in price for the manufacturer so that can play into the final cost of the models. We have finally set on what we believe to be the ideal resin and are using it going forward, started using it a few months ago. I have no idea what version they are using, but i definitely do not want people to think that because a project is resin based it has amazing details but is super fragile. That MAY not be the case :) Kevin
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    If I recall correctly, this is the process I used: base (all but stomach): GW Castellan Green (I think, I'll have to double check, it was either this or WAAAGH! Green) base (stomach): Privateer Press P3 Trollblood base Markings (none on stomach): Reaper Bones 4 Styx Purple layered up with Sorcerous Mist If you notice, there are some purplish areas around the eyes and the nose area. These I did in the Styx, then only put one mark of Mist on the front of the nose area. There are circular designs on the frills, and stripes on the body Wash: GW Agrax Earthshade (brown) on stomach and body Highlight on stomach: P3 Trollblood highlight Dry brush on body/stomach: light dry brush of P3 Bootstrap Leather, then another light drybrush of P3 Rucksack Tan, then a VERY light dry brush of GW Pallid Wych Flesh Horns/beak/toes: I'm going to have to figure out what I used for the base color, I can't remember. But, I did use that color, then washed with Agrax Earthshade, then highlighted up with Pallid Wych Flesh Eyes: White (base white, can't remember what brand I used), bright orange (Reaper IIRC), with a slighly diluted wash of GW Casandora Yellow
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