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    AUUUUGGGGH. No, no, no... ... I was Groot. Poor Pingo! Getting grief for doing the right thing.
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    Yeah. The problem is cats have an instinct to attack and grab little wriggly things, but they have to be taught by their mothers how to properly hunt and kill.
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    It sounds like you have a moderately efficient exterminator already...
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    Hello all! This is my first bust I am working on! She is from Frozen Ninja 3D whom we met at Reapercon 2018. have been working on her for a bit now and doing a little at a time. This bust made me really sit down and work on prep work. There weren't many mould lines but they stuck out more to me than those on smaller models. From this material though, they were very easy to remove. This has been challenging in the fact size really does make a difference when painting clothing and skin textures and just the general appearances compared to the normal miniatures I paint. The biggest challenge so far I think was getting the eyes right. I didn't want them huge but being smaller they had a surprised look. So I did the bigger ones. I love it! Took about 3 tries to get the affect I have now. The yellow of her dress was different to do, but ended up going on a lot easier than I figured it would. Lots of layers though and I still have some to smooth out. I think using the white base is what wade it so easy to get the vibrant color you see. Skintone as well. There is so much more space so you have a lot more room to work with which means more layering and blending. Lots of practice has been achieved painting her. I will post more pics once I get a bit more done on her. Time to research a little on hair to try to get the right tones. Hope you all enjoy! -Z
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    Interesting because my wife and older son are both aspiring writers and need a solid kick somewhere to actually publish. But also because I've seen them both deal with a lot of the issues being discussed. I just like hanging out with that crowd. It's fun and occasionally I learn something I can use at work or in my gaming life. Our.bassett used to do that. He'd catch a mouse and bring it to an open area of the room, let it go and chase it down again. When the poor thing finally died of fright he would bring it to one of us, drop it at our feet and look at us like 'my toy broke; fix it'. We would throw it out and he'd go outside and get another one. So your cat doesn't like mouse feet? Maybe their being saved for some sort of ritual?
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    That tree was, like, seventy feet high with four trunks, some of which were rotting, the whole thing more than twenty feet around at the base, positioned in the back of our yard where it menaced seven houses and two garages every time there was a windstorm. I mean, I like nature and shade and habitat a much as the next person, but yikes.
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    "Love to eat them mousies! "Mousies what I love to eat-- "Bite they little heads off-- "nibble on they tiny feet!" Looks like somebody didn't memorize the whole poem.
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    Maybe they have native talent? I think the basic idea is killing doesn't come automatically to cats the way catching prey does.
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    I don't know, finding nothing but the tiny pink feet is pretty disturbing. And I don't think either of them were taught.
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    Can you save some of the wood and maybe use it as a base for a Mossbeard? Seems like it would make a fitting reminder/tribute to the memory of the tree. GEM
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    Did the left side of the face, trying to keep it as symmetrical as possible. Covered the horns and added eyes
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    Please don’t. I feel guilty enough as it is. That tree was over a hundred years old and shaded this entire end of the block.
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    Unfortunately, it's generally only other artists who think it's important to support artists. People who don't know what kind of blood, sweat and tears go into creating something by hand have no context for the value of such things. That's why the laughable sentence "I could make it myself for cheaper" often gets uttered in such instances because they think that they know but they really don't. I'm reminded of sitting on the curb at the Venice Beach boardwalk with a "friend" under an artist's umbrella, petting his dog while he painted portraits, really good portraits of this "friend"'s dogs from pictures on her phone. I don't remember the exact price, but he charged something to the effect of $30 per portrait and had offered her a discount of $50 to do two portraits. She haggled him down to $40 for both even though $50 was literally nothing to her. We weren't friends after that trip and that particular instance was one of the reasons for that.
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    Those are surprisingly reasonable numbers... Especially the character pricing, given how much extra detail people want on those (they're your special characters after all, they mean something it's not just a blob of blue, yellow, white, and bolsters!), and doubly so how a lot of games now have a TON of embellishments on special characters... Ugh, lowballers, thinking you'll accept the offer despite having already stated your price.
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    If I buy an “extra” set, and it arrives before my KS order, do L win?
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    With the current expansion prices I think I’ll just wait and cherry pick the few pieces I really want at retail.
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    Oh crud, there would be so many of Mischa Lenn's works here...
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    Went to my Supervisor to discuss changing my shift (as a joke mainly) to be able to come in at 8:00 Hawaiian time and leaving at 4:30 Eastern time. Instead he talks me into working: Week 1 - Monday-Thursday 7:00 - 4:30, Friday 7:00 - 3:30 Week 2 - Monday-Thursday 7:00 - 4:30, Friday - Off I'll take this as a win. Just means I'll need to raid @Crowley or @Colonel Kane's coffee more frequently during the day.
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    Nope. Although, as with weathering, it is something I've been looking into. Nooooooope. I have trouble painting mini's for others even when I have chosen them myself. It's like once I know I have to do it I become less interested in doing it. I like it as a hobby, but I do not want it as a job. Just to add: I rarely get asked to paint mini's for others, but the few that have have offered to pay. I have had one person offer to buy a mini that was already painted. I forget what the price was but it was fair. Point is, if I am painting a mini for someone else it's as a gift and I chose to do it. It just... takes me a while to finish it
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    Next time try for Emerald City Standard Work Agreement: "We get up at Twelve and start to work at One Take an hour for lunch and then at Two we're done - Jolly Good Fun! GEM
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    If I had monies, I'd take the Flames of War and Warmachine stuff of your hands. But I have no monies... And more than likely they'd end up under my bed as well, because outside of 40k and a bit of X-wing there isn't much tabletop gaming going on around here. Oh yea. Professional tree services are amazing to watch sometimes. My mom watched them top out 5 poplars on her property in less than half an hour, including the climb. My dad watched them use a crane to swing between 4 Douglas firs in what is now my front yard as they took them out from the top down. Took maybe an hour and a half, he said. First day back to work after vacation. Not happy.
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    The day isn't over yet, but has thus far been quite splendid. I had Quiche Lorraine for breakfast & one of Cap'n John's chicken/ rice concoctions for supper. Tomorrow we are planning on hitting Taco Bell for snacks. Life is good...especially if you consider the alternative.
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    Just got notification that the replacements for damaged/missing items from my KS fulfillment has received postage. Reaper is tops in service! GEM
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    Hello followers... It has been awhile, but I have finally gotten a base for my lovely dragon. I also have painted up his rider who will be with him on the base. Now to just take time and put them on the base and all that fun stuff. Pic of what I have been working on while deciding on the dragon... Cheers yall and have a great day! Hopefully this weekend I will get some work accomplished on the dragon. -Z
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    Thanks! Vallejo Light Turquoise. A beautiful colour.
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    Well, it was about a decade ago, and I wasn't offering my best possible work. That was pretty well my base/wash/drybrush price (this was still a little while before "dipping" became common practice). Given his army, I still would have stood to make a few thousand if he'd actually taken the deal. The thing that was most frustrating about it was that he was threatening violence over something he'd really had no intention of doing, anyway. Meh. Funny story, now. (If someone asked now, I'd likely quote them at twice the rate I did then... My time has grown more valuable to me over the years. That guy specifically would get the broccoli tax added, to boot!)
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    As it is, it looks like a cross between a desert lizard and a monitor lizard/komodo dragon. A dire komodo dragon?
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    The thing is she caught it but just drug it around and played with it instead of killing it.
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    I would love to see some possessed villagers !! Maybe crawling backwards with head looking up (Grudge style), a villager with their head backwards, maybe one with contorted bone structure ! Creepy !!
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    Extra sets are up in the store! I picked up a Chronoscope and another Dreadmere.
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    Managed to get another Darkreach and a Lost Valley (which I didn't get during the KS) as well as a couple misc. minis.
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    They're in Spain... It's not a country you associate with blizzards, cross-country skiing, or even figure-skating... They don't even have a single long-range dogsled race.
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    Stock was under 10 from the first time I looked. They weren't kidding about limited stock.
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    I made by decision today after watching a couple of videos related to the product, but I ended up ordering Sinister Silver box set from Beadle & Grimm for Ghost of Saltmarsh. Apparently I like my players & I know they appreciate me DMing for them twice a week so the price isn't that hard to swallow.......kinda. I'll post shots of the box, when I get later this month.
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    Paycheck arrived today, and since it's june, it's a big'un... ('Vacation money'... ) Of course I went online and did a bit of shopping... On an online barbershop store, I ordered a 'nom Gustav' Pure Badger shaving brush(Yes, I know that Silvertip is better, but it's also twice as expensive. And Pure Badger is better than the OinkOink brush I'm currently using... amnd which is falling apart...), a Merkur travel razor, and a D.R. Harris Shaving soap('westminster') in a wood bowl. Because I deserve it. From a 'Complete' computer store(Norwegians will know which store) I ordered a BlueWalker PowerWalker Online UPS, a Deltaco C14 to Schuko powerstrip, a Synology NAS and a pair of 4TB HDDs... Yeah, I could have ordered more or larger HDDs, but... The NAS I use now has a single 4TB HDD, and it's about 3TB full of movies(rips of DVDs I own, so I consider them legal, and stuff the ... ) documents and of course, pictures of most of the minis I own(unpainted and painted if possible), except for Reaper where I'm afraid I'm terribly behind... Anyway, it only fills up slowly these days, so I don't expect it to reach full until next year. (I'm mostly done with the ripping) The Synology will be set up as RAID0(Mirrored) with 4TB available space, then I'll copy over the contents of the old, and when that's over, I'll break the old one open, rip the 4TB HDD out of the carcass, install it as the third HDD, and switch to RAID5(striped parity) and get 8TB of storage space. That should hold me for a couple of years, at least. Then I can add a 4th drive if I want. By the time that one nears full I'll be swapping them out one by one by 8 or even 12TB drives. (When you swap out a drive the system will rebuild the data from the old one using the parity data, and when all the drives have been swapped with larger ones, it will allow you to expand the array to use the extra space) The UPS is NOT just for the NAS, though... It's also for the Broadband Router, my network switch, the RasPi that is currently the rather lobotomised brain of my SmartHome, and a few IoT things. I may also move my 3D printers into the closet where the UPS and NAS will live.
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    I just got the learn to pain core kit and it doesn't seem to close properly. Is there a trick to it? Cause it seems like the rounded case won't close if you have paints next to the hinge. I was hoping to store all my paint from Bones IV in there.
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    Really highlights how good of a deal the Kickstarter is. I'm considering the Darkreach expansion, which is $120 vs the $50 Kickstarter price, but that is still only ~$3 per mini, which is still a great deal.
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    When did you send them the email? (Trying to estimate when my paints ships)
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    I like the way you think.
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    Maybe he's hunting literary vampires? (Killing them with pointed iron(y)) He looks really well done, and up to no good...
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    I'd love to have more villager/townsfolk types. Our games have a lot of roleplay, so we're often in cities and villages. Having a ton of minis to throw on the board to represent people in the town would be great, especially if they're not all heroes armed to the teeth. Some of the bigger stuff I'd like to see is an aboleth and a terrasque. I'm just kind of getting into Reaper, so I apologize if they do have those already. Also, I just picked up Lost Valley, but even then I'd love to see more dinos! Chult needs more love. Can't wait for the blacktooth, too, though I did already pick up the Wizkids one (Reaper's looks so much cooler, though). We need a stegosaurus, pachysephalosaurus, mid-range therapods, maybe some fliers. I get that we probably won't get any sauropods, but maybe a smaller one like diplodocus?
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    Aaaaand, they're nearly all gone. I might've been interested in the Lost Valley. Nevermind now. (Granted, the stone giants are what interested me the most). P.S. After refreshing, there's now no indication on how many are available.
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    Just keep refreshing. They seem to come and go.
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