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    You can never know what you might get from a goblin. And, to be fair, if I was running Reaper then every day would be nothing but pain and suffering. Suffering's good, don't ya know. Builds character, which you can then use in an RPG. Also! ...*sipppp*...
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    Again I wanted her to tie into my "order of red witches", as a hero or commander figure.
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    This was my free mini of the month I got from reaper, starting to luv the bones black as where I don't really care for the regular bones. I was also fun to paint a monster instead of my usual character mini's. Was also surprised how huge it actually was.
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    well since never got around to posting last months work thought I'd post some recent stuff, but who know maybe post last month work if I get the time. With her as with my Kristianna work I wanted to tie it in with my "order of the red witches".
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    They actually did it right with HD, in my opinion, except the timing of it was abysmal and threw people into an unexpected paint crisis two weeks before Reapercon and the closing of the pledge manager. This is a valid point. Most of my frustration stems from having to hunt around to find things out, having no idea what's going on, and discovering things after the fact. My frustration tends to be cumulative. It's like radiation exposure. With a low enough dose, spread out over enough time, I'm prolly cool with it. With too much dose too close together, I get so mad my skin comes off. But I could probably be sufficiently placated if I feel like Reaper's keeping us all in the loop from time to time. Even if there's bad news I don't like, if I recognize it is necessary and didn't have to discover it on my own, I would be prepared to back Reaper up on it and find a nice way to put it. Repeated negative surprises make me want to do the opposite. Reaper knows there is some level of discontent, especially with communication. Hassling and hounding them will not be productive, so I wouldn't recommend it as a course of action. But, as a free citizen, I will occassionally exercise my right to be cranky and gripe. It is not my intention to start an uprising (please don't pitchfork Ed. Or Ron, either, I guess ), nor is it even to really effect any change. I just thought it was perhaps time to let people (especially people who feel likewise) know that I share a lot of the gripes. For my part, outside of this unexpected vent, instead of complaining I'm actually going to try and be nicer and friendlier. Maybe, occassionally, that might provide an avenue to offer a good suggestion here and there - which might be more effective than people yelling at them. I mean, outside of my gripey gripes I do very much like the company and the people in it. I would love to have no gripes and have nothing to say except awesome stuff. I gripe because I love. Or I love because I gripe. Or something. Love Gripes.
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    Given the size if the building next to it, this looks like a screenshot from a really lame B-movie: "Attack of the Mug From Outer Spaaaaaaace!" Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Mmmm.... There's a lot of room for improvement... Sounds like something you'd get from a goblin. Free RPG day. Kinda debating whether I actually want to go down to the FLGS. I'm supposed to play in a Starfinder game at 5... Kinda feeling lazy. And like I should be studying more, and... probably less posting here too...
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    This, and it disproportionately hits a large chunk of customers. $35 dollar mark to $40 mark isn't a big deal, especially when the $40 mark was already set for mini of the month. 35 euro to 40 euro, same percentage increase. Meanwhile, Canada just got completely boned, going from $35 to $75.
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    That's why I suggested a letter, not a social media post. I don't know about Twitter, but FB is too easy to delete stuff that is... problematic. Harder to ignore letters.
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    I was searching eBay on my quest to find the Stonehaven Troll Mage and found a lot of their giants and trolls for $80 At least half of them are going to be given away or sold again, but I couldn't resist the deal for the ones I did want
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    So I went and looked up some references of what sorts of ground vehicles might be found in Robotech, and it turned out I couldn't find any green ones. So maybe I imagined them. Most, especially larger APC-like ones, seemed more of the yellowy-brown sometimes seen on Destroid units. Several of them in the Robotech Battlecry game screenshots had reddish-orange squares painted on top, too. I guess for recognition or tactical marks. So I decided to do another APC anyway, see what it looked like: I think that actually looks wayyyy better. So once it's ready, I'll put some markings on it and see how it looks. If I don't screw that part up, it ought to look real nice. (tweezers have also made my tool replacement list now) The only other progress is my slow, taking forever, filing of the cut-out windows on the building.
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    Awww. They are adorable. Congrats on the little one Red. As for Aonghus...I do not have him. He wound up really really bonding to one of my husband's friends. To the point he wound up being train within two weeks to be fully off-leash. He also now herds sheep as well. He is also extremely spoiled as the two adore each other. I'm glad to be back even with all the changes I'm seeing. This is still my little slice of sanity. Thanks and good to meet you as well
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    Wooooooooooo, that was the final challenger! *is crowned King of the Forums*
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    always luv pirate's and a mind flayer, woot. Had trouble deciding the clothing for him but that decided to just go with a leather like feel.
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    And yay! Finished a mini! So happy. Just have to brush up a few skills and press forward once more
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    So, I broke down this morning and ordered 13 molds from Germany to make 40mm figures from the Franco-Prussian War. I'll assess presently whether that was crazy or not, but they were mostly used molds from the flea market section of Berliner Zinnfiguren, and the manufacturer has been out of business for 35 years. They still have some old stock as well, which I used to fill in the gaps in the used collection. Everybody needs a possibly fictitious later 19th century project, don't they? (How fictitious it ends up being depends on what I can scrounge for opponents...one army may be Prussians with a different paint scheme.)
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    Chinese food acquired and consumed. The planned-for leftovers were... less... than planned. But I do still have my whole order of sesame noodles left. I just decided to eat the two extra egg rolls right away rather than reheat them. Now, to wait 2 hours for my shift to be over! Then a stop at my mom's to pick up something I left there and to be reimbursed for money I had to pay to pick up her dog last week, a stop at the store for drinks, and onward to the party!
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    At this point, we start to evaluate closing the thread. Are there still large numbers of backers who have not received their rewards order? Not replacements, the initial order? If not, this thread gets closed.
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    I’d have said “hive”. But that doesn’t really work. Bees are almost 100% female. Never mind.
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    I had a realization. A cheesy and hilarious realization. What do you call a group of boys who hang out with a female leader and defer to her? A reverse harem. That's what my D&D group is. I have my own reverse harem. Complete with a "favorite" (Sir Cyr, duh). But y'know, sometimes they have to encounter a saucy wench, and then I have to be a temporary flirt with any in the group. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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    Aww. That is nice to hear he found a happy home & his forever person. And a job! Working dog breeds really like doing the thing they’re meant for.
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    Yup, no problem. If you paint an army, they'll be on the table that much sooner...
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    Dang it, Rob!! This appeals to me on too many levels... We'll need to talk next weekend...
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    It's a big amount of love for those sculpts.
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    Goodbye thread! All wonderful 1205 pages of you! See you all over in the thread for the unnamed Super Secret Project!
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    Yup. One of my favorite shirts, which I mildly ruined one drunken night and was very upset over, simply said "w00t!" on it. It was a ThinkGeek purchase, and unless you were a particular subset of gamer you wouldn't get it. Then there was stuff like the pint glasses I bought that had "#include <beer.h>" on them. Not exactly super niche just based solely on what it says, but pretty dang niche based on how it says it. Now? Now it's just mainstream stuff like Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Mario. I don't think there's a single coding reference on anything there now. And all the t-shirts look like stuff you could find by walking into a Hot Topic or even the screenpinted shirt section of a Walmart.
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    A couple more. Repetition is the mother of skill, they say. Second one took about 3 hours, the first about 2 and a half. Charcoal on newsprint, 18x24.
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    No, that's just @Crowley's coffee mug.
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    Ouch.... Yeaaaah, doesn't quite give the best impression to people for something as simple as an inquiry as to why minimum shipping has more than doubled to be nuked. I'm rather curious about that house, and what it's for....
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    It seems that they liked my idea of a primary set and will add the set today at 6PM CET, so if someone is interested in trying the colors but don't want to spend a lot, now there is a chance to do it :)
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    Eh, isn't the 'Kickstarter packaging' for most of those just a plastic bag? (The only exception I know of is Argent) I may need to snag another Dance of Death...
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    I'd like to remind you thaat Peter Pan has been played on the stage by some very famous actresses. Just sayin" GEM
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    I have not. I once had plans to build a ship for a D&D campaign that was able to sail into the sky, but never got around to it. Had the foam, had the electric foam cutter, but life and its chaos made the plan fall apart. A campaign I always thought would be cool to run would be based off of the world of Arianus from the Death Gate Cycle (a Weis & Hickman book series, highly recommend), which would require a few flying ships. Maybe one day I'll get to do that.
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    I wouldn’t think you would be disqualified for that. It’s not the primary focus of the piece.
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    Farewell, good thread! I think the New Zealanders and Aussies have gotten their goods, yes?
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    Major stressor! Gave me nightmares.
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    We just bought a Lebeda mattress, it will be delivered on Tuesday. Really looking forward to sleeping on it. Between this and the recent vacation to the Black Hills, the credit card bill will hurt a bit.
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    I'd rather not say. I really enjoy talking to sculptors at conventions, and I'd rather not publicly name favorites.
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    Seconded, I've looked at a lot of the model kits and tabletop figures but somehow I've resisted the temptation so far.
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    That is one very small building!
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    With my British infantry unit done, I finally sat down this morning to get started on French Revolution project expansion unit #2 (of 7+). This time it's British cavalry, and with the rules we'll be using (A Gentleman's War), the default cavalry unit is six figures. My recent casting sessions have produced the parts, so it's now a case of assembling them into some semblance of what I'm looking for: I see that I will be going back to file off even more of the original lapels and lace from the basic casting, and I'm going to try to add the rest of the helmet crest with some green stuff before painting. I built up the first figure as a test this morning.
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    I am somewhat tempted to pick up the skintones. Early bird stuff kinda helps... I'll make up my mind later today I guess.
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    Looking good. I find the bones statues need a metal base to help keep them from toppling.
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    Certain to strike fear into the hearts of even the sturdiest heroes. Good job!
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    yes, BUT, he broke his chains and exacted revenge. I like your take on this one, old dude taking a nap after some exhausting slaughter, Zealot shipping prices to US are actually excellent from UK, about $6.,
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    Yes. The point they were making was they aren't going to be in fancy retail packaging yet.
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    It was brought up twice on FB and both posts were taken down. I have noticed that Reaper does have a tendency (at least on FB) to delete posts/comments that are (or can be seen as) negative to the company.
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