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    Hi all! So this is my first posting since we got a new computer, so hopefully I can get the images figured out and in the correct size, et cetera. This one is my third of my swarthy skinned triad of Rap Partha figures sculpted by Dennis Mize. This is a Sorceress with Wand, another old figure probably from around 1979 from Dennis Mize's Children of the Night series. I had lots of "parts" to this little lady and I kept adding colors so hopefully she's not overly colorful. The last thing I painted was the crystal on her wand, and couldn't figure out what color to use. Eventually ended dup with reddish, magma'y or something similar. And with these old smaller 25 mm figures, I think I'm going to start getting into the habit of having a comparison figure, with the infamous US quarter I keep on my desk: So anyhow, that's the figure of the day for me, will be getting back to the old painting board to hatch up some more concoctions of color soon! Enjoy and Happy Father's Day to all you groovy guys lucky enough to procreate! Mark
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    This is the biggest "miniature" I've ever painted. I would not have even looked at it if someone hadn't asked me to paint it. It was a great challenge and a great learning experience. I love his slightly goofy "intoxicated" facial expression.
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    Hi everyone, here's 02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman. This model was sculpted by Ben Siens. It’s mounted on a 40mm round base and was painted with Reaper's MSP acrylics paint. After a major earthquake shook the mountain range of western Zenitonia, Skrug and his clan had no other choice then move. Their entire lair was destroyed in a dreadful collapse. Dozens of Bugbear died or were trapped under the unstable rubbles, survivors had to leave. Has Hruggek abandoned his fateful worshipers? For, after traveling by night and hiding in a valley of the Vermillion Hills, the horde had to stop by the Lynx River torrents. There, they were decimated by a group of adventurers passing by looking for Belladonna berries. Only two families managed to escape the slaughter crossing the river on a makeshift raft. Belladonna or Wolfsbane berries are very toxic, they are also an essential ingrediant to concoct the cure against lycanthropy. But this is another story.
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    So I painted today. Sort of. I painted 3 spoons. I decided to finally test put my mirror chrome and holographic paints. So I primed, sprayed gloss black, and then one spoon of each and one of holographic on top of chrome. The chrome turned out bad. I think I over applied it. The holographic turned out great. The holographic on chrome was dumb and even with the really hazy and bad chrome you couldn't see any color shifting. I didn't think the holographic on chrome would work all that well, but I wanted to try it anyway. I was disappointed in the chrome, but I've seen what people can do with it so the only thing I can think is that it was operator error. Also, it is very easy to accidentally scrape some of it off as I was warned. I tried to buff it a little bit with a paper towel, because I know you're supposed to buff it to get the real mirror shine, and it scratched it a ton. I know paper towels aren't the softest things ever, but I didn't think they would just tear through the paint the way they did. But the holographic? The holographic on gloss black is very pretty. I have to wonder how it will look on top of other colors. Obviously lighter colors won't benefit much, but darker colors like a deep purple or blue should do fine. Also, I need better ventilation if I'm gonna be working with these. They're lacquers, and just spraying 3 plastic spoons made me regret it a bit. That's some strong solvent odors there. So before I do any more with them I'm definitely going to need to redo my workspace. And they're so thin that good airbrush control is a must. I didn't think I was pulling the trigger that much and it was a giant cloud of paint coming out of the brush. Definitely a Krome-use only thing from now on. I'm gonna need that trigger stop. They're also a bit of a pain to clean out of the brush. The metallic fleck is so small and there's so much of it that I'm almost positive that I didn't get it all.
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    Coat d'Arms Barbarian Leather. I would be hard pressed to find a single fantasy figure I've painted that I didn't use this on. This is more or less GW Snakebite Leather, so that name might illustrate why it gets so much use. I see a lot of Snakebite mentions around, it's a useful and versatile brown.
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    Well, no wonder @Chaoswolf won't relinquish it! So what do we drill and epoxy onto @Pezler the Polychromatic?
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    That's what the liquid nitrogen is for.
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    *sneezles, explodes over everything*
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    Corsair has breathed so much pepper spray over the decades, he is immune so sprays Pezler with the stuff
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    Here you go! Entirely done with contrast paints. Not the greatest paintjobs, but for the amount of time it took, not bad either. The black-as-metal isn't very convincing, but I think a drybrush of gunmetal over it would work fairly well. Some minimal shading/highlighting would make these look fairly nice. I don't think they entirely eliminate the need for other paints, even when doing basic tabletop jobs. But I definitely think they have potential to speed things up quite a bit.
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    Especially since the website no longer tells you how much more you need to spend to get free shipping. It used to be so obvious with both the free shipping threshold and how far you are from it clearly displayed.
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    Lots of stuff from Origins: Century Golem Edition, Roll Player and its expansion, Boss Monster 3, Tiny Epic Galaxies, a Game Topper table mat, dice, and a nice bag for carrying board games:
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    I have, but only as a euphemism for a surprising variety of things. Some of those being less magical realms than others.
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    *quickly slithers out of the dustpan and covers @Corsair* AHA! Right into my trap!
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    Scoops pezler into dustpan and dumps in the Sabretooth Tigers' litterbox
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    I suspect the issues I was running into were two-fold: first, for some reason, my camera would change my display whenever I tried to focus, so it would completely blow out the entire image, making it more of a trial and error kind of focusing. It's really hard to nail the focus when all you see is a bright blob. It kind of became one of those "fun" scenarios of adjusting the focus juuuust a touch, take a photo, look, adjust, etc. Secondly, I suspect maxing out my 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 at 60mm lens probably didn't help at all with this issue, since it just doesn't have enough magnification. I would have stolen hubby's Olympus 14-150mm for somewhat better results, but he was asleep, and I also couldn't remember where we put our body caps (they're probably in a safe spot, like the boxes the cameras came in). Most of my shots were at f/8 1/500, although it seems when I tried a second time I gave f/5.6 1/2000 a try because I thought it might be camera shake causing an issue or two. First sets were handheld, second sets were on my knees on a concrete pathway because a) couldn't find a bench or picnic table around the observatory that didn't have a blocked view, and b) all I have atm is a table top tripod (UltraPod II - useful little thing, but no replacement for a proper tripod). Sadly, I thought about the idea of using the built-in timer on my camera after I'd gotten home... I suspect I'd have a much better time if I had a (much) longer focal length, and there are a few different options I'm looking at. I didn't try any kind of eyepiece projection with my G85 because, well, uhm... They didn't have anything for such, and I don't have any t-adapters either. I'm still pretty darn happy about that mobile phone pic though Edmonton RASC had it up on a 16" Meade SCT, but before that they had it on an open truss somewhere around but probably slightly larger than 16" (forgot the company name - Planet Wave. Unknown if it was RCT or CDK design), both of them on goto equatorial mounts (no idea whether GEM or center-balanced). I hear you on the sky conditions - with how atmospheric winds were, even just looking at the moon gave it this boiling liquid kind of look, which was kinda neat and all, but naturally would be annoying to anyone trying to take a good photograph. Jupiter I tried, but yeaah... My phone wasn't having any of that - if I was lucky to get the planet on the screen, it was a mass of purple and green flaring, and so after a minute of trying pretty much went "yeah, it's not going to cooperate handheld"
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    New Luke Towan diorama-build video up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04OqLFCXz8U
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    For my purposes, I don't see this being a problem; anything I run using Starfinder rules is automatically going to diverge from the setting, simply because I don't like very much of what they've done with their setting. ^^;
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    Kali and Rangers No, but I have had one taken as a gift.. Favorite color to paint: Blue Lots of posts because I did not check forums while at Origins.
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    I feel like I'd have more fun with the setting as inspiration than the rules themselves. d6 Space (aka Star Wars by WEG) can probably handle the mechanics just fine. The rest is just set decoration. Yeah... what's the point if you aren't going to line up games to play? Maybe next year you can offer to run something? Maybe get some store credit for it?
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    I am calling him done (almost - need to add some dried out grass...). Thanks for following along!
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    While there are certain parts of the color wheel I reach for more frequently than others, I wouldn't say I have a favorite.
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    I’m making my plug for the dark elf skin triad again. I use them for everything from Drow skin to various washes for lots of different colors.
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    The Warp can be vast and weird sometimes. They are just referred to by players and everyone outside. In the fluff of wh40k, lasguns are the most reliable weapons available. And who needs the power of a bolter if you can send in hundreds of thousands of bodies to just crush your enemy? That said:
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    Our fathers days was 18 days ago. But ... well - same procedure as every year: Guys: Girls: Everyone's a father nowadays ...
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    Yeah, I am a little torn. I am tempted to get some of the shore pieces and the lava flow transition pieces. I have bought a bunch of the Dwarvenforge stuff in the past, but the price/value keeps getting worse to me too. I can buy a lot of filament for the 3D printer and paint for the roughly $500 I would invest here to get some interesting layouts
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    I've watched all their KS ... and they are just too much for me. The price point when I would get what I wanted has always been too high. Add high shipping costs and customs ... and I'm way better off with a 3D printer.
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    @Zanderina just ordered the ribbons to pass out between the two of us, cause we wanna be cool kids too! We enjoyed collecting and meeting everyone via it. Also how do we volunteer to be in the BINGO boards, just in case you need more peeps?
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    I'm wiping out the high elves. Wood elves will survive, though their larger towns and some of their forests have been burned. But the high elves, in their gleaming towers? Pillaged, and the towers torn down. Their dark remainders becoming the root drow, and slave taking among their woodland kin and the humans both. And blaming the wood elves for the fall, not because it is true, but because they will not blame themselves. Other drow are wood elves twisted by the Curse, dark elves more than drow, and called to gather in the North. While identical rules wise they are different cultures. They are forging a dark alliance with the giants, and want to rid the lands of the humans, the dwarfs, the drow, and their own woodland kin. They want a burning. I was originally thinking dwarven ruins, but now I am thinking elven ruins, with magical booby traps and undead stalking the halls. One of the BEST ways for the settlers to begin to drive back the Curse is to forge alliances with the woodland kin. Striking into the strongholds of drow and dark elves alike.
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    Liked and subscribed. I'm going to learn a lot from him.
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    He's an amazing artist. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend his Gold Mine diorama video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b25H-5BeWvY Well, actually I recommend all of them, but that one was particularly amazing.
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    That was bloody amazing to watch.
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    I was thinking about handling some of the historical battles that way, but it would give away too much of the map.
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    I don't think I have ever even heard of Magic Realm.
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    Think you can do that to me? I'll show YOU!!! *turns into goo*
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    That's a huge model indeed. I love how you painted the eyes that seems to be looking in different direction, like chameleon do. It's amazing. Did you use ink to shade it?
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    Looks cool, but I was priced out several KSers ago. The illumination panels through the transparent pieces are pretty neat.
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    So there is a "Contrast Medium" or something like that. Has anyone tried thinning regular paints with that? Or maybe using the medium and some artist inks.
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