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    And another figure from my pretty productive weekend, a were-rat, I think also sculpted by Dennis Mize, though not too sure, this might have been some of the Citadel Import figures that he redesigned. Anyhow, once again a very simple figure, a naked were-rat running around with a sword, pretty simple and straight forward! I always seem to end up painting rats grey, maybe in the future, I'll go brown or white....
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    My oldest NieceBoot is a very precocious 4.5 years old, and I had an enjoyable (if exhausting) time visiting with her and her younger sister today. She's reached the fun age of starting to really try and figure out the world, which often results in the most amazing one-liners. I wrote down some of the best: The hair doctor is the person who cuts your hair. Me: I'm allergic to flowers. Her: I'm not allergic to flowers. I'm allergic to pollen. *watching an airplane in the sky* The airplane is flying above my feet! Her: Why are we having fireworks? Me: (trying to figure out how to explain this to a 4-year old). It's because today is the Fourth of July! (realizes that explains nothing) We're celebrating our independence! It's, uh...basically America's birthday. Her: Oh. *much later* Her to MrBoot: Today is Captain America's birthday! Me: ...Close enough. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    And my last figure from this week, a giant rat, sculpted way long ago by the immortal Julie Guthrie. I should have taken a comparison shot for this one, as he's really small, but you can probably guess because his base is one of those itty bitty bases I think used for 15 mm figures, not sure where I scored them from. They might have come with the familiars in some Stonehaven Kickstarter. Being that I couldn't take the Friday after July 4th off, because the rest of my department already had dibs, I ended up taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as well as today and I've had some pretty productive painting mornings, so got lots done and this is another one of those figures: He's slightly out of focus but he's really, really small.. One one of the angles you can see a little piece of flash I couldn't get rid of. Anyway, enjoy once again! More figures in a few days!
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    Friday! I have upcoming Monday off, so long weekend coming! Friends celebrating their 25th year of marriage Sunday, so...party and food! I might even be able to paint something this weekend. And best of all, 4 day work week next week and then 3 weeks vacation! We will be off to Crete for 8 days during that time.
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    Before I retired, it was interesting getting wrong numbers or telescammers calling my work number. "Sex Offender Supervision Unit, this is Agent Collier" would always get a looooong pause.
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    Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Gringos, and to the rest of the world, happy Thursday!! So just finished these two figures this morning, two old school Dennis Mize Children of the Night Harpies. I've had these sitting around at least since they came out in the early eighties and finally got up the gumption to actually paint them. I think the biggest problem with these was trying to figure out what color to paint them. I had painted one of these way back in the eighties, but never actually painted her wings, so just have a naked bird chick rising up in to the air kind of oddly, and at that time I made her green. This time though I got some colors figured out, and kind of got inspired by a blue jay and a cardinal, so at least the initial inspiration was there The Blue Harpy The Red Harpy Both Harpies together So anyhoos, another part of this set that made it a little easier was no clothing or metal or dingly danglies and one of the figures doesn't even have any visible eyes. So in the ultimate scheme of things some pretty easy figures to paint! Enjoy! For the fourth of July I give you red and blue, but didn't paint anything white, so sorry!
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    I forgot what he was actually called and Im not really into looking it up. This is more of just a quick and dirty.
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    Oh, I SCORED today! I have the most wonderful wife and she is a truly special lady. So all the great-kids love her to death. She is a magnet to all of them. But I had 2 who LOVE Uncle Kevin in special way and would rather be around me some. Today I added a third! Now, to be honest, there are 15 alltogether, but I've got three [probably slightly brain damaged] with no taste, but I love it!
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    Several dragons + the Spirit of the Forest + a Sword nicked from a giant resulted in a Froggicident that that would give a Jabberwocky something to think about. I have quite a few painted ratmen but I didn’t paint them...so, bullet dodged. That lets out dogs. Limiting this to things I have painted the choices narrowed down to either a Jade golem or a Robot. Going with Robot: This guy is converted a little bit. The standard version has just one Hammer. (But now I wonder where the unused pieces are... ...I should have two claw hands, somewhere.)
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    I haven’t posted in a while. Been mostly painting terrain for the past 8 months or so. Finally getting back to some minis. So I picked up the Wizkids frost giant last fall to paint up as Harashnag for my Storm Kings Thunder campaign. He had been sitting around for a while and I finally got a chance to get him painted. The right arm actually wasn’t glued in very well so I was able to paint with it out of the way for the most part. As usual with these Wizkids pre-primes, I didn’t clean up any mold lines though I probably should have this time around. C&C welcome!
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    Having worked in customer service in various capacities over the years, I've gotten pretty good at what I call my "patter" tone of voice; the kind used when you have a 5-8 second script you need to say when you answer the phone, and must sound pleasantly helpful regardless of how you really feel. I've utilized this power to craft a pitch-perfect patter of my own:"Speedy Pete's Pizza we deliver would you like to hear about our specials?" which I'll use to confuse scam callers (or occasionally amuse myself when friends/family members call). The lengthy pause after I rattle that off at top speed is the best part. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Got in a few minutes ago from the ABBA Tribute Concert. The show was absolutely fantastic. The group is from Sweden so they have the same characteristics to their speech and singing in English as the original ABBA group. Their Bass Player is the same guy who backed ABBA. The girls do costume changes durring the show for many of the iconic ABBA Costumes, seamlesly as one girl sings while the other goes off stage to make the next change. When we finally fought our way through the post show and fireworks traffic from the fairgrounds the group were already back and in the bar unwinding from their days work. We prepared a Thank You card which I took to the bar and presenting while stating "I am not a process server, this is just a little Thank You Note from my wife and I.". - Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Marin County Fair. - rant below - "You should have showed up earlier" is neither a viable ADA Plan for how to handle handicapped parking for an event where people have paid a significant premium for designated handicapped seating and shown up more than 4 hours before show time. Nor is it the right thing to say to an irrascible old man held together with spandex, velcro, and stainless steel who has a wife who must use a walker for any significant amount of walking. I talked with a couple of other people there who had obvious difficulties of a nature to require physical aids to walking, all had similar experience to our own. I'm going to be looking for an ADA compliance attorney, not for our benefit because it is unlikely we will be attending any future events at this venue but because the locals deserve better treatment than they are receiving from the organizers of this fair. GEM Yes I am tilting at windmills.
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    Always wanted the hydra and at the time didnt have enough money to add it during the first kickstarter, so this is a pleasant surprise. Always room for terrain and bits. ^.^
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    The Mushroom Witch has it hands down: There you have her...so to speak.
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    Howdy! My name is Dom and I'm new to the world of minis. I started fiddling away with Procreate in the fall of 2017, trying to make some minis for a D&D campaign I play in. I roughed out two ghoulish-looking figures (which weren't supposed to be ghouls), grew pretty frustrated with it, and shelved the whole business for 2018. I decided to give it another go in January, and started another five for a new D&D campaign. Progress was slow but better than the first go-round, and spurred on by an opportunity to apply for a mini design talent program with a large company, I finally finished my first two minis last week! My photographs highlighted plenty of issues I wish I'd had time to address, but the deadline for the application was upon me. They're mottled because I was trying out different mixtures of putties, trying to figure out what suits my purposes best. I have a good bit of sculpting experience from a former job (not at this small scale) and am more used to an add-then-refine method, rather than having to get it just-so because the materials don't like being sanded or carved. Once I got some Aves Apoxie Sculpt, I became much more hopeful. Here's Aldin Peaksplitter, a Dwarven battlerager who doesn't wear armor and likes to fight hand-to-hand, and Albrecht Glasser, a human divination wizard who masquerades as a fortune teller. The funny bit between Aldin's left thigh and elbow is just a vent for casting purposes. I did make a mold of him because I wanted to submit photos of nice primed castings, but it hit a snag and I didn't have time to redo it before the deadline. With Albrecht you can see some copper armature in places - I thought I'd found a good way to negate some of my Procreate frustrations in the armature phase, but it went awry. Once I learned of the program I wanted to apply for, he was too far along to start over, so I made do. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Edit: These are 28mm or about 1/60 scale, based on the character's height. Aldin would be about 25mm tall if standing erect (he's a tall Dwarf), and Albrecht about 30mm.
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    it seems like readers enjoy posts with interesting combination of models, and since it's actually easier than posting them individually, here's another little group of Orcs (my 2nd one actually). Like the first, a combo of Reaper and Wizkinds. This time they're flipped , wizkids Orc's are on foot, Reaper are mounted (tricky, i know ; ) + i did a Rocky mountain shale type terrain versus grass . The terrain is chipped and flaked stone hand fitted to 3 of the bases, Not an easy set to photograph as the White Wolf tends to wash out , but a newly added Scrim to my photo box helped a lot. Really need a new camera to take it to then ext level, will have to wait for funds as i blow most of it on new minis :) Not much Grew on Iron Mountain. No one was sure what the Orc's lived on when the passes iced over and it became impossible to raid local farms and steal livestock. Some said they grew fungus and fish in the deep caverns and caves below the mountain. Other more macabre theories had them breeding captive Dwarves for food. Whatever it was, it didn't appear to hinder them. They were short and stocky , yes, but immensely strong and their Wargs were fast and powerful. It was a Dark Night indeed when they descended from Iron Mountain looking for a change in their regular diet. This figure sits really low and I held off on finishing it for a long time. Eventually decided it needed some real elevation, so that is Sandstone i attempted to integrate into an "upheaval rock" type of look. Came close , really needed more Black rubble around base of Sandstone to pull it off. Nonetheless, my breaking of the stone to fit came out well and required minimal trimming of plastic base Best pic of the White Wolf, i can see now i need to still add pupils but pretty happy with the look overall. White Fur is not easy to paint The Reaper models are cool because you get a choice of 2 weapons, so you can buy 2 and make them a little different. Excellent model by the way, the detail is just killer. Really deep cuts and sculpting on the fur Wizkds Orc's, I painted these a long time ago, came back and did some more work on them, but not a huge fan of the models. Even at $5./pair there are better choices. They are unique though and really don't look like anyone else's products, so points for that better shot of Brown Wolf. This is straight from Reaper web-site, i wanted to see if I could do it since it's rather complex combo on the fur and I'm happy with it . Also gives me a more likely success and inspires me to try something even more difficult like the White one another angle thanks for looking Fencig
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    Anne Foerster's latest Reaper Toolbox is on YT here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vryQA4lJRZk Interesting demo of techniques used on large surfaces like a dragon wing as she also answers questions.
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    Just finished listening to 1776. And by "listening to" I really mean "performing for my neighbors" Now listening to The Tea Party's "Alhambra" and painting gnolls while enjoying a Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale. Also consumed a pair of sausages. Hope everyone else is having a good evening.