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    This his how I roll. And on the cookie: It took so long to bake (about half an hour) that all the chocolate chips fell to the bottom of the pan. This is an inch-thick cookie so that made a difference. It differentiated I would be in favor of simply using a bag of hersey's kisses instead of chocolate chips next time. That way when they fall to the bottom they're still tall enough to have some height. Might need two bags, I expect to suffer from some serious sampling losses
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    Today's project... Gap filling! I've, uh, apparently been saving up minis for such or something...
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    For a real dire cookie, I think rock candy might work better than Kisses. Spiky == dire, and rock candy is very spiky. For completeness, I'll also mention that if you were to attach licorice whips to the bottom of the completed cookie, you could probably get a reasonable flumph cookie. Dire flumph cookies are left as an exercise for the student.
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    Mann, I never noticed how cool the detailing is on the brass mounting of our front door knob. The house is about 130-140 years old. The door hardware is original. I’m doing an exact scale architectural drawing in preparation for using it in a painting. The door is eight feet tall! The outside hardware is weathered to black. The inside has been gooped over with so much paint it looks like melting wax. But the part with the actual latch in has only one coat of paint on and you can still see the details. .
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    We're gonna get more boxes today and do some more packing. Since my bubble wrap came, we can start in on the toys and stuff. We have a lot of fragile things...
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    So... it's been a while. After last Reapercon, I hit a long stretch where I did no painting at all - like eight months where I just couldn't get it together and paint. Then, at the end of last month, I was like, "****, isn't Reapercon coming up?" and immediately started pushing stuff through to try and get at least some stuff off my chest before I come to Texas again and leave with even more minis. It's been going really well - I'm having a lot of fun, and getting a lot done! I've been mostly doing mid- to large- sized minis, and lots of animals... These are all forest creatures, and I had a ton of fun with them! This gorgeous boy had just come out last Reapercon! He based up beautifully on a horse-base, one of the Base Boss ovals. A good size for a celestial stag, but a bit small for the RAW Giant Elk - still, plenty big enough that we'll just sticky-tak him to a Huge base and use it like that. And, yep, I actually got two! This one is for a module I run that requires a ghost stag, hence the eyes, but it'll do for a celestial stag in a pinch, I think. That said, I actually do plan to grab a third at this Reapercon to do up in a more traditional rainbow-celestial color palette. If I have the melt, I'd actually like to grab three, and experiment making the other two into ewes by greenstuffing regular hornless ears onto them. Like I said, it's a fantastic sculpt, just very heavy. For reference, the whole body and head are one piece, and the ears and antlers a second and third, cut well enough to attach without pinning. I didn't even GS them, just used a gel glue to cover the gap. This is the puma from the Animal Companions I set, the metal version. I just wanted him done fast, so I painted him buckskin yellow, shaded before I added the spots, and did my best to make the spots little circle-type blotches. Nothing fancy, but I didn't really need anything too good, I just wanted to have done something that day... He fit, integrated base and all, almost perfectly into a 40mm base, which was nice. I love 40mm bases - I like that they're not so huge that I have to squeeze them into places for Large creatures, and they're perfect for things that are just a touch bigger than Medium... And last but not least, a pair of shambling mounds. This is a great mini despite being a pretty old one, I think? It has a ton of great details that I did not spend the time to do justice on, but it takes washes like a champ and came out looking pretty fantastic from a foot or so away. My one complaint is that the texture makes it really hard to be sure your paint is EVERYWHERE - I went over these a couple times, and now I'm seeing a couple places where paint bubbled and missed spots... Still, 10/10 minis of one of my favorite low/mid level monsters, and I'll probably grab a few more at Reapercon so I can give them another shot. And they're pretty hefty for an 8$ metal mini - these are on 40mm bases, and they FEEL chunky.
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    There's a keurig at work. I avoid it in all but the most desperate of circumstances. After I bought my old house, I actually went and stripped paint off of nearly everything, including all the old doors, and the related hardware. It was all beautiful brass, and after I got it all cleaned up, it was stunning. I don't know why anyone would hide it. Sure, you've got to polish it every once in a while, but it's SO worth it. Currently 98, feels like 113. Tomorrow's high is 82... Can't wait... Slapping paint on some Bones elf ranger types. Nothing fancy, but it's too hot for anything else. Really, I should have just painted up the werewolves, but I figure knocking out a few more Bones 1 minis wouldn't hurt.
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    *sighs* Farming in Saskatchewan. I would suggest getting one of the magnets on a stick and sweep through the trail, they're handy for finding most of the nails that are covered by dirt and such.
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    We've had 1 48 hour period in the last 3 weeks that it didn't rain. Getting very little work down because of that and breakdowns. It rains almost every evening and in the mornings it is too wet to do much. The last few days have been nice in the afternoons but before that it was over 30 C and they're predicting that again in a couple days. A wicked strong wind went through my farm and destroyed 2 old wooden granaries. Not worried about them as they haven't been used in many years. One is stacked neatly against the side of a solider building that was 15 feet from it. The other kind of exploded and disintegrated all over the place included on my main trail to my fields. Cleared a path through it a couple days ago but need to gather up the rest. Nothing like sowing nail filled boards over a place I drive every day. I'm 2 weeks behind where I was hoping to be and starting to get a little frustrated. In other words a fairly typical summer for me. Just remember to not pop all the bubble wrap until after you unpack. Good luck. Hope it all makes it to Wyoming with no damage.
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    Welp. The heavens have opened buckets here.
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    I’d suggest adding kisses immediately after baking and crust is hot and still a little soft like with peanut butter blossoms. Course this might alter the amount of chocolate chips you add at the beginning unless dire amounts of chocolate is also desired in your dire cookie. But it looks like a delicious cookie blondie as is.
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    Once upon a time, I worked on a Tandy - the predecessor of the TRS-80... it had hard sectored 12" floppies.... The Auld Grump
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    The Galaxy Theatre here has a great soda fountain with over 100 flavours.
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    Or, I could be misremembering the size, after mumble-mumble years - it was a Heath-Zenith H8 sold as a kit through Radio Shacks, back in the late 70s. (Tandy owned Radio Shack, Zenith owned Heathkit, they competed but also sometimes sold each other's products. The rebranded H8s were literally relabeled Tandy - a new label glued over the Heath nameplate. ) Might have been an 8 inch drive - the hard sectoring and being big being what stuck in teen age Grump's mind. Definitely bigger than the floppies used on the TRS-80s. The drive was separate from the computer - as was the keyboard. It came with a whopping 4K. There was also a... punch tape reader. The Auld Grump - there were still some paper tape readers floating around in the early nineties, at a warehousing company in Southern Maine, possibly other places as well.
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    Yeah, I've got enough old sheds and buildings blowing shingles around it would probably be a good investment. Thinking of getting the scrap metal dealers in to clear out 50 years of my dad's junk. Need room for the equipment I'm killing. A trackhoe and bulldozer would be the best improvement for my yard. I already have something similar for tubeless tires. Nails in big chloride filled tractor tires is more than I can handle myself and getting them fixed is expensive. @TheAuldGrump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCazLJp2wwk Not a lot of songs about Saskatchewan despite a few really famous singers coming from here. Stompin Tom ain't one of them but he's got songs for everywhere in Canada.
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    Sometimes you need to say farewell to the farm, and take up a life of piracy on the River Saskatchewan! The Auld Grump
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    GOG has all three Eye of the Beholder games for $10! Already set up for DOS Box! Need to check with Grump before buying them, he.may already have them. Bet I get killed by the beholders a lot, I have forgotten the "dance".
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    I don’t understand why this ^ equipment is tow-behind rather than push-ahead but ...... rent one?
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    Got some stuff yesterday! 2 personalized notepads and a t-shirt. Also, got a keychain but that's got my last name on it so no pics.
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    A giant crayfish or lobster would be great.
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    Yeah, the rain finally mostly let up yesterday over here... It's a... nice change, to say the least. This is the prairies, not Vancouver!
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    Awwww, you didn't link to the original. Don't get me wrong, the Captain Tractor one does have a nice energy to it, but the Arrogant Worms version is well, the original.
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    While they aren't high my list either, I have 1 person play a couple in my D&D games, a druid & a rogue. The rogue met a quick end due to a troll rushed out of a dense fog in a swamp & well the rogue was pretty much the first thing he attacked. The druid is still going. The player is the son of one of the game shop owners & he's probably 11 or 12. In my Saltmarsh 5e game, he's playing a gnome illusionist. I guess if you look at it from a fan's perspective, it's a ok choice. Same could be said about "why play a elf?" really. The delay on this wave is preventing me from playing a clockwork adventure as I want the young white dragon. It's in a lab, in a heat prison box, that's subduing it till the PCs pop open the mystery box. Thou, right now they've got to worry about non-undead vampires & non-lycanthrope were-pterodactyls in a desert ruin/city. Unfortunately, hard to find miniatures so I'll just placing bases down to represent encounters.After that it'll be into the desert to "help" a adult blue dragon in her quest to rid the world of a ancient mummy king-priest from rising again. I've got time for it.
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    I fear that I must correct you slightly... 12" is the same size as LP records and Laserdisks. As far as I know, there has never been a larger floppy disk format than 8", and that was not ever used by Tandy. (I can't find a reference to any using anything larer than 5.25", even in the 'business' sytems) Maybe it used some sort of third-party device such as the Exatron 'string floppy', just weirder?
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    With just a bit of drilling the wheels and axles are free from the frames. Now I have three car frames though for future projects, it'll be interesting to see what I end up doing with them. The initial test fitting went well and I think it looks pretty good. You could make the argument that the wheels are too large but I like to think these really are all terrain segways (they're like the dirt bike or ATV of segways). I also went ahead and chose a sergeant. @ttuckerman was right, the one with the readied lance will be so much easier to identify on the tabletop.
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    These horses are both fountain and bronze statues. The splashing water under their hooves that helps give the illusion that they are moving is provided by small fountains placed there for just that purpose.
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    The assumption is that it would be pulled by something generally immune to the type of detritus that would flatten the tires of lesser vehicles. EDIT: and yes, there are front-mounted ones as well:
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    Grump and Grammum like marmite. They had the jar all to themselves, at a table with eight hungry hobbits. It ALMOST made me hate Guinness.
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    Not sure I have one, really... I mean, I have a little concrete dragon in my backyard that's pretty awesome...
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    Last wave was 8. It had the young dragons with the huge (wrong!) bases in them. As for human sized, it was Minsc/Boo & the sorceress, dragon masked monk, Vampire Hunters (Richten & the Vistani woman). https://www.phdgames.com/unpainted-miniatures-collection-wave-8-wizkids/
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    https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap190721.html We made it quake in its boots...it’s all shook up. It is Worth visiting all the NASA APoD pages from about July 15 to about July 23 (look for the tiny < > fwd back arrows) because they are on a theme of: “50 years ago — first Moon landing mission”.
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    I generally shade pink with lavender or a tanned skin color, depending on whether I want it to look cool or warm. Much of the time I do this by mixing the colors so they’ll harmonize better. So I would mix some of your pink with some of the shade color and then shade.
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    Gorgeous voice... Such a pity the recording has an annoying artificial "dirty vinyl groove / warped record" added on along the entire thing.... It really detracts from the recording >.>;;;;;; How am I so certain it's artificial? If it were because it was a warped record, the pitch and timing would shift slightly over time, instead of remaining waaaay too precise... Same thing with dust. Dust in the grooves doesn't repeat at the same frequency. But man, his voice. Downright delightful.
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    Ezmerelda's Secret. Since bidding farewell to van Richten, Ezmerelda has amassed a sizable personal fortune, some of which she used to buy a wagon to carry her vampire-slaying paraphernalia. On one of her less successful adventures, a werewolf bit off her right leg below the knee, and although she avoided being afflicted with lycanthropy, Ezmerelda was sidelined for months. She commissioned a master artisan to craft a prosthetic lower leg and foot. After several tries, he delivered a prosthesis that restored her mobility. She has since adapted well to the false appendage and takes care to hide it from view. Yes.
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    I'm kind of partial to this version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVmIBG5dHjI He's the most famous person from my home town and a very nice guy.
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    Yah with the lengthy delay between waves, the most recent one feels like it was released a long time ago.
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    Thanks. That was the one with the stone and cloud giants, so I am up to date.
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    And driving through with a car is a great way to find the rest of the nails... It may be time to get one of these;
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    Evil Little Trees take one. Channeling the idea of Bob Ross as necromancer I selected my first victim. And rooting around in the supply pile produced this. Where I'm currently at... This is my first attempt at actual sculpting. By and large I'm quite pleased with it, even if most of the twisted tree like texture it wound up with was more accidental then planned. The Testors putty applies from the tube easily enough, but I had a difficult time coaxing it to wrap around the branches, which came out rather thicker than I intended. Used a hobby knife with a dulled blade for this, seemed to work well. This stuff dries rather quickly and it seems like I've used a large amount already, even before going back where needed. I'm leaving the roots undone until I get it attached to the ground. So I'm putting this aside until tomorrow, see what it's like when dried.
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    Very nicely composed, right down to the graffiti.
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    Tyler should have won Canadian Idol when he was on it. Loved all the songs he did for the show but not as crazy about the one record he put out. Came in 3rd. The girl that did win was my second choice. Man that was already a lot of years ago. He's sill singing some but no record deals.
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    Full. Her family were the ones who kidnapped Van Richten's son and sold him to a vampire.
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    She has a mechanical/wood foot. I can't recall the circumstances why, but she is a new addition to Ravenloft (ie 5e Curse of Strahd).
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    So I picked up the new Warriors and Weapons book when it hit the streets, couple days back. I was bemused to see that Tortles are now a racial choice for player characters. I can't say I ever felt any great urge to play an anthropomorphic turtle. But, then, I was in college when the teenage mutant ninja variety was big, so... maybe I'm just late to the party. So to speak.
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    Fantastic - I love 'em, especially Nogbad the bad! I used to watch the sagas on tv as a wee lad (yes, I'm no spring chicken.....)
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