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    So the wifey says - "these new earrings have a bit of a rough patch it looks like a little sharp edge where there shouldn't be one. can you take care of it? " "You want me to remove mold lines? I can do that all day!" #hobbyskills
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    I live in a university neighborhood. There’s a custom bookcase maker here that makes cases that wear like iron and hold anything. They look pretty simple and austere and plain, but man, are they strong.
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    Hey all! I've been working hard on my husband's surprise birthday present. It was going to be a surprise reveal at ReaperCon, but finances/vacation time mean that it's just me going now. But since I told him about it, that means I get to make a WIP thread! Yay! I grabbed these really cool "Deep Ones Mutant Fishmen" by RAFM out of the Box of Goodwill a couple years ago. He accidentally saw them so I've had to wait until I was sure he forgot about them, haha. Oops. When we were teens and couldn't meet up, we spent most nights online together. A lot of that time was spent in WoW. With Classic coming out, I thought it would be the perfect time to get these little guys done! He's always loved murlocs and even built entire decks around them in Hearthstone, so I decided to make them based off of cards I've seen him use the most. Top: Original minis. Bottom: Prepped and repositioned for modding. Arms, fingers, toes, and bases were chopped off. The middle one needed a lot of bending to look natural. One lost his head. They all lost their noses.... I don't have WIP photos because this was a SECRET. They all got little spines drilled and sculpted on, buttcapes, little details like crab and tentacle armor. The reading one got a little "nightlight." I painted the Hearthstone cards before sculpting the head so I could actually reach the book. (This is a HUGE photo if you right click -> open link in new tab. I couldn't make it wider in the thread.) I did keep a photo of the angler underpinned head because he looked so happy!! What a cutie! This might be my avatar someday. The warleader's sword was made with Apoxie Sculpt for the base and Green Stuff details. I accidentally made it too smooth(?!) because I really struggled to get any GS to stick. That meant I couldn't do the multiple layers I wanted. I also made some terrain on a whim. The little huts are pretty iconic to him so I knew he'd immediately find it in the display area! I drew out the sizes I wanted, cut some baked sticks to size, and doused everything in appropriate amounts of superglue and hotglue. The hut top was made with a ball of foil with Apoxie Sculpt. Once it was mostly cured, I removed the ball and smoothed the inside and outside with more clay. Once it's painted, I'll use long grass to mimic the hay. I still need to add little jars, skulls, lanterns, treasure chest, etc. Lastly - the cards themselves! These card images were pulled from the Hearthstone Wiki and I added some short, awful descriptions. Top left: Underbelly Angler. Play a murloc, you get another murloc. He loves this one. This is Booklight! Top right: Toxfin. He can destroy most cards in a single hit. He's the one with the stinky fish. Bottom left: Warleader. Your other murlocs have bonus attack. Big sword guy! Bottom right: Soul of the Murloc. When your murlocs die, they come back with 1 health, 1 attack. He giggles so much when he plays this. It doesn't look unique, but I think I'll use the ghostly scheme on the Warleader. I don't know if I can do that yet! Tomorrow I'll be making the little bits and bobs. Hopefully I can arrange all the terrain on Thursday, prime Friday, and be painting next week!
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    I have always strapped or bolted bookcases to the wall from the top shelf. The thought of them falling over is too much of a nightmare otherwise. And a little bit of plaster or filler soon removes the damage if you need to move.
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    This is why I switched from shelves of shame to boxes of shame. Wish I was joking.
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    I've had those. They're not really strong enough for high-density books. (They're fine for pulp paperbacks, though.) With high-density books or magazines (or vinyl), you'll get quite a bit of sag over 36". The good news is that they probably won't fail. They're also very space inefficient, e.g., if you have 8' shelves, you'll lose about 32" of running shelf space from the four blocks per shelf, leaving you with only 64" of product space per 96" of wall (67" efficiency), and you'll only get one shelf every 16" vertically as well. They are inexpensive. And they're also pretty ugly, but when they're what you can afford, they're what you can afford. My current shelves are a mix of "oak" (oak veneer on 3/4" plywood) commercially produced shelves that seem strong enough and look pretty good, and homemade pine (1" x 6" board box with 1/4" plywood back attached with screws, and the shelves are also 1x6, screwed in at the ends to the uprights and centers to the back). which are perfect for mass-market paper and look pretty decent, though not professional. They're very strong indeed, though.
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    If you want reasonably priced shelves that caan take a decent load from IKEA then you need IVAR. The BILLY / OXBERG stuff looks better, but can't handle anything close to the same load. (I have 'a few' BILLY shelves, and my sister have a forrest of IVAR) If you want something more classy, and still cheap and durable, I'm afraid you have to build it yourself. Here the HW stores sell laminated 'shelving boards' in different sizes, from 200mm wide to 400mm, and lengths up to 2.4meters. They're finished, either as smooth wood or coated in melamine. It's not problem at all to bolt a few of those together and stain, then laquer them. If you add some trim moulding on top it can look pretty spiffy. i'd check your local DIY stores for similar materials.
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    that was fine in my teens and 20s. Now I want something a bit more upscale. I don't mind paying for upscale, but even a lot of upscale shelving units made by furniture manufacturers is veneered MDF. Tired of seeing shelves warp after a few years of books sitting on them, especially after paying a few hundred dollars for said shelving unit.
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    So last night at the FLGS was my last night of vacation gaming (ie I work Monday nights but I still DM on that night). Played a older season of AL adventure & I must admit, the players loved it! I used Baldman Games' The Arrival (legal AL but from a outside publisher). It's set in the Rage of Demons season but the players didn't care (tbh, if we did away with AL & just played D&D they'd be fine with it). The Arrival is part 1 of a trilogy set in Hillsfar. Hillsfar at the time is in a upheavel after the events of RofD but the focus on this one was of the anti-nonhuman sematics of Hillsfar. There is a hidden invading force coming & this adventure is just round 1 of that. Currently the party is investigating odd events happening around the city for the Lady of the Red Plumes (the merc police force of Hillsfar). Eventually they'll end finding out who is behind the events, which will lead them to ruin just outside of the city. There they'll fight the leader of round 1's incidences, a Night Hag named Granny Eve-taker & her 2 pet Displacer beasts. Funny, the older format of the AL adventures is just like a regular at home game, where the current season has the adventure laid out so bad, that your page flipping (or in my case screen scrolling) that it just confuses the heck out of me. I really enjoyed running last night & the players loved the adventure so far. Tomorrow night's adventure I hope will run well. I'm using Frog God Games' "The City the Drips Blood" & it's a premade adventure in the sense that it gives you the hook & start up stuff to get the players into the city, after that really all it has is a few stories that are going on in city (a deep gnome slave revolt, "will the players take the gnome's side (ie they are the good guys)?") & gives maps of the 2 main places the PCs are likely to explore, a couple of ziggurats. TBH, the Zigs kinda remind me of "From Dusk till Dawn" the interior stuff where they fight off the vampires. You as a DM, are drive the story for your players. It's been many years since I've done my own stories for rpgs so it'll be interesting. Also, due to the odd nature of the people of the city, I won't be using minis for them & will just use empty bases with #s. Definitely not something I want to do but eh, you do what you can do. The end boss is vampiric flower out of FGG's 5e Tome of Horrors so I'll be using Bones Dragon flower for that one at least!!
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    Don't worry. Partial leaking of information can create more trouble for the players than ignorance. Nothing misleads like a hint that points near to but not near enough to the mark.
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    And a different one is a bi-color beryl. **swoons** It is a pink beryl on the bottom and blue at the top. SQUEE!
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    I get to study an aquamarine beryl from North Korea HAPPY DAY!
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    Happy anniversary! The Auld Grump I am great at skating! ... In a straight line. ... In a curve? Not so much. ... Stopping is typically handled using a device called a 'wall'. ... Alternately, a similar product called a 'floor' serves the same purpose. The Auld Grump
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    Happy anniversary @redambrosia! Keeping my fingers crossed for your kitty-cat Congrats on your imminent kitten induced chaos! Good on you! Shelters are full of poor little senior cats that are there through no fault of their own. Even if they have a medical condition, it's usually manageable. Also, seniors are usually AMAZING lapcats. Mostly because they're too lazy to move, but it's a great excuse to sneak in another episode of that series that you've been binging My (greatly missed) senior kitty, Bandit, had an amusing habit of falling asleep on my shoulders and staying there for hours. I could paint, cook watch tv or just putter around the apartment and she'd stay put. Nothing bothered her.
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    Hello all! As the title says, it has been a while since I've painted any minis. I recently finished my undergrad degree in painting and drawing, and this summer I had the time to sit down and paint some minis in preparation for a local fantasy/ board game convention. The pictures aren't great, I didn't have time to get good photos of all of them. I painted them all in the two and a half weeks leading up to the Quin-con. (there are a few Cthulhu Wars minis there as well, but mostly Reaper) It was a pretty successful weekend, and I am now inspired to paint more and get into running a booth at more conventions as well as doing some mini painting commission work in the future. It will be later down the line though because I'm starting a 3 year Graduate program this Fall. I still plan on doing a bit of miniature painting and selling during that time though. I backed the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter years ago, and those are what I am primarily painting right now. I've sadly missed out on the last 3 kickstarters, but I'm looking forward to the 5th.
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    It was a coin toss between using ship or boat to get the right amount of tongue-in-cheek and ship lost the toss. As a Former Fantom Phixer, I've also dealt with my share of JP-5 in all of it's various states. GEM See You at ReaperCon!
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    I gave up. I either buy cheap, knowing I'll be replacing it in a few years, and not to overload it. Or, I have built my own. For my basement in our old house, I used heavy duty twin track shelving brackets, and built my own box shelves that hide the brackets. Once books are all in place, it looks like fancy floating shelves. Taking it down when we moved was not fun - still not fully put up at our new house. Our current house had tons of built in cabinets and shelves with decently built shelves. It's one of the reasons we bought it. I did notice that one of the shelves that was holding my D&D 3.5e books was beginning to sag, so I'm probably going to have to find a cabinet maker who can build me a sturdier replacement shelf. The shelves holding my Encyclopedias and my wife's hard back book collection aren't seeing the same warpage, so I'm not sure why that one started to sag.
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    Stunt school was a good time. Never used the training much professionally, because I learned the film industry isn't particularly appealing to me, but I enjoyed the horses and the being on fire. I do use the fighting-for-film stuff and once in a while the falling-from-high-platforms stuff, but a lot of that translates well for stage.
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    Unless it's an Ikea.... Billy bookshelves are.... Well, just look at their weight ratings. They look the part, but aren't for serious collectors. Sane issue with the Expedit and Kallax line for vinyl collectors. Wood glue can help, but makes it a lot harder to take apart for reuse...
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    dog breed actually. The full name is Australian Shepards, although they are not actually used there. mostly UK/US like this, only with less adventuring gear.
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    The truth has this nasty habit of always coming out after a while.
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    Yes, I'll be returning it as soon as I get my car back from being fixed. It wasn't overloaded, I was in the process of adding books to the shelves and it was about 1/3 full. A well-constructed bookcase is solid, but this one is cheap and made of melamine board. It seems that the side of it started to buckle on its own, and the stupid thing relies on paper backing to give it structure. Still, I've had similar bookcases with a lot more weight in them and they lasted a lot longer, I'm wondering if the board had a flaw in it.
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    Should not be possible. A well-constructed bookcase should be able to handle the weight of as many books as can be placed in and on it.
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    The small beastmen from Bones 4.
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    The look on her face was priceless. She heard the words as they were falling out of her lips. To be fair, what she leaked was pretty much my immediate thought when I first saw the maps, too. A ruined village, and the same ruined village after it has been hastily fortified. Either the PCs are fortifying it against an attack, or monsters moved in after the PCs saw the ruins the first time. I mean, you could use one map or the other - but using both in sequence is so much better! Heroic Maps does that fairly often - there is a ruined and haunted version of the mansion that Megan used for the embassy ball in her Eberron game. Even more so is a castle - entire, partially ruined, really ruined, and ghostly. The Auld Grump
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    I have long suspected that sometimes the programmer at the company I contract to will send me software he knows has bugs in it, just to buy himself more time to fix other bugs while I test the software. Today it was just confirmed. It's been happening for far too many years for me to be mad about it anymore, but I do feel validated.
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    Too bad too many furniture manufacturers just build "shelving units" rather than true bookcases.
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    I Miss the old site. the new one feels broken and incomplete. Wish we could revert back the new one should be in Beta still
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    So... Australians are a breed of horse? I was going to ask what you feed them on. Fosters or Castlemaine?
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    Make him the hero of your story and make sure he knows it. The work load won’t be noticed if so. //Walls and walls of text skipped Testing isn't going as planned. Luckily management seems to have lost interest in any delays, or is going hands-off to allow me to work. Nothing beats having a workday that doesn’t drag. Time for a cheesesteak then taking the wife to see Toy Story 4 while the daughter watches Spiderman with friends. I’ve seen TS4 already, so I’ll be watching backgrounds instead of the main characters. Or that’s the plan.
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    I've been contemplating such, especially since they have a drop leaf table shelf thingy for it now... I just wish they would have a bit more actually on the floor here in Edmonton. They literally have all of three Ivar shelves up, and they're tucked in a corner you won't see. Kind of sad, since they're a good solution, but not being able to see things in person, a lot of people will ignore the options it brings to the table. I especially like the fold-up table idea because it would give me extra surface to work on when doing terrain stuff, but then folds away when done... And solid pine is always good. Not as good as cherry in my eyes, but pine does the job.
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    If it weren't for the similarity in design of the *weapon*, I'd suspect she had no connection to the IMEF troopers at all, beyond the naming convention. I ended up putting some work into converting her to look more like she belonged to the unit.
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    Know of any good manufacturers by chance?
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    Okay, here's how to get some reasonably priced, heavy duty bookshelves. Get cinder blocks and spray paint them, use 1x12 pine or fir boards for the horizontal shelves. Paint those in matching or contrasting color or stain them. Put the blocks about 36" apart.
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    Thank you, Evilhalfling. I've learnt something today!
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    I remember my first Hastings over in Boise & seeing internet pricing before the internet pricing was a thing. A few years later thou, their pricing leveled out & was either equal or over 'net pricing. Sigh. Great chain that went the way of the dodo.
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    This might hurt my wallet: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/trudvang-legends/description
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    I wasn't interested in the nude version so I skipped out. But I'm so so so so sad that means I miss this one, "2.3." I love his sculpts.
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    I took my Bones versions of her, and cut her weapons off to use as sponson mounted weapons on my Rottweiler Grav Tank for my IMEF forces. One of model herself will be used as the tank commander, with her torso emerging from the top hatch of the turret. That way her differences make sense, and still fits with her IMEF name. And speaking of Tank Commanders, I'd like to see more Chronoscope figures in poses that could make them easily convertible to tank commanders and drivers.
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    yeeeEEESSS.... Yes. Yes, it was. It was going to be a surprise reveal at ReaperCon. It's pretty iconic to him so he'd immediately find it in the display area, but finances/vacation time mean that it's just me going now. He also worked from home for a week which was so much fun. BUT it meant I couldn't work on it for a whole week haha! Since there won't be a reveal at ReaperCon and I lost a week of time, I showed him my current progress on his birthday. He's pretty excited about it. Mostly! I'm so excited to have my own art space. A dream into reality! So far I have let our inquisitive one, Kai, in once every two weeks. Once he realizes it's the exact same as before, he meows his approval at me and prances out.
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    A cat free room? What madness is this? But seriously I love your space!
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    Wasn't his birthday yesterday?
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    it's a very reasonable redesign I just enjoyed how terrible the old one was
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    My nice, neat sculpting corner has exploded. It's like an "I Spy" page. I've been working really hard on my love's secret birthday present this past month so I haven't been able to post about it! There's just so much to doooooo! - Husband's present (probably my entry) - Finish Kiara and Tierney (I'll enter them if I finish in time) - Resculpt my antlers I've been making sensible lists with appropriate amounts of work for each day so I don't mess up my hands too much. We'll see if i get it all done in time, but I'll be fine if his birthday present is my entry and I keep taking my time on Kiara. :) The birthday WIP link is here.
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    oh you dont make very much on the sale, thats basically a loss leader. the money comes in when the new owner brings them back for training. or boards them with you for a few days so they can have some peace and quiet/ a vacation. My parents always have a few spare cages. What?
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