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    A memory from long ago: My roommates, Max and Winnie, were goin’ to the coast for the weekend. I would have liked to have gone along, but it was strongly implied that there would be much slap and tickle, and I didn’t wanna be a third wheel, and I did have things to do in town, and so I remained. I was a dedicated Warhammer player at the time, and there were miniatures to paint. I spent a good chunk of the weekend painting goblins. And when Max and Winnie returned from the coast, it occurred to me that perhaps the slap and tickle had been rather abbreviated. Winnie in particular was burnt in that way that indicates that NO one is allowed within three feet of her. I mean, she was SUNBURNT. I was kind of surprised -- she had dark hair and olive skin, whereas Max was more of the glow in the dark German/Irish guy -- but apparently, he’d remained under shade more, because he was a little red, but you could durn near see Winnie in infrared, she was so burnt. Get your hand within six inches, and you could feel the heat! And apparently, sleeping that Sunday night was a bit of an issue. There was literally no way the poor woman could lie down without feeling like she was on a well upholstered griddle. And on Monday morning, she’d had enough. “Doc?” she asked. “Do you know of any over the counter medications that will stop the agony of a serious sunburn? Or do you possibly have any drugs that will flatten me and turn my brain off until I start to peel?” “Regrettably,” I said, “I am drugless. But there IS a thing I know of that will pretty much kill the pain instantly, and can be had at any drugstore, although it’s not without side effects.” “And the side effects are?” “You will peel FASTER. And WORSE. And you will largely lose the tan you were looking for. Slather the stuff on today, and your pain will cease pretty much immediately. Tomorrow night, you will start to blister and peel. By Wednesday night, you will look like some sort of leper with cancer. By Thursday night, you will merely look freakish. And by Friday, you should be more or less presentable, as long as you’re not wearing a backless evening gown with slits upskirt.” “But the pain stops right away?” “Within a minute or two of application.” “Doc, the only parts that don’t hurt right now are my scalp, the inside of my mouth, and the soles of my feet. It literally HURTS to BLINK. Where can I get this stuff, and how soon?.” And we went out and got a large jar of Noxzema, and she and Max went into the bathroom and coated her with the stuff. And while I did not have any role in the slathering, I found her agonized groans of pain... and then pleasure, as the pain faded... more than a little chucklesome. And by the time their skins had absorbed literally most of the jar of the stuff, they emerged, much relaxed and refreshed, and able to wear clothes without constant low grade agony, and I was treated to a lovely dinner by the grateful unsuffering. And all was well. The following evening, Winnie looked like a pox victim. Thing about Noxzema? It cools the skin and kills the pain, but it also causes burnt skin to die quicker, and it blisters. Not PAINFUL blisters, but the skin’s moisture pools up under the dead skin of a bad sunburn, and makes you look like you’ve broken out in little pea-sized blister things. She looked like she had the plague. “I don’t &%@$# care,” she said. “I can sleep at night.” By the next morning, the blisters had broken... and she had begun to peel. And this began to bother her, because her skin was still quite sensitive, and little floppy patches of skin flopping around whenever she moved, under her shirt, was starting to bug her. By Thursday morning, we’d resorted to stripping her down to her skivvies and literally peeling her flesh off in strips. And SHEETS. She was literally peeling in sheets. Max in particular was fascinated by this, and began trying to perforate the dead skin in order to get as large a sheet off at one time as possible. And his fingernails were apparently irritating, and before long, she was screeching and growling and cursing like a sailor to get Max to stop trying to peel hanky-sized chunks off, it felt weird enough as it WAS! And while Max kept trying to beat his personal best, I looked at the sheets of skin I was peeling off. An inch wide, or more, and sometimes two or three inches long. Translucent, sort of, but a sort of taupe color. Tatty. Torn. And I wondered... And I ran and got a wire clothes hanger, hung it on the lamp next to me, and began hanging strips of human flesh from it, as I peeled them off Winnie’s back and shoulders. Yes, I know it’s weird. Even Max noticed. “What are you doing?” “An experiment,” I said. And Winnie slept better than ever that night. And in the morning, I looked at the hanger with the strips of skin on them. They were still a sort of tannish color, and had dried. They looked all the world like tattered little banners. I picked the hanger up and held it sideways. The strips had dried and stiffened, and now they looked like tattered flags, flying in the wind. The experiment had been a success. I took the hanger with the strips of flesh, and ran to my workbench... ...and an hour later, several of the Goblins of the Evil Rune were now carrying staffs with banners, flying in the wind. They looked great. When Winnie saw them, she was a little bumfuzzled. Max, on the other hand, thought they looked awesome. And upon realizing the sheer METALNESS of a goblin army, charging into battle flying flags and banners made from HER FLESH, she actually took a weird sort of pride in it. It's not like SHE was using the skin any more. Me? I just liked they way they looked, and the way they almost flapped in the wind... Couple months later, I was at a store to play a game. A guy was examining my critters. “Okay, what did you make the banners out of?” he asked. “I use tissue paper, but yours don’t have a texture. What, did you coat them with something? What IS that stuff?” And without missing a beat, I answered, “Human flesh.” “No, seriously.” “Sunburnt human flesh, peeled slowly from the spine of a screaming woman,” I said. Completely deadpan. Making eye contact. He hesitated. “Seriously? Sunburn peelings?” I nodded. “And what did the woman think of this?” “At first, she screamed,” I said. “But later, she sorta got into it.” Still completely deadpan. He looked at me funny, and walked off. Later, I stomped his Bretonnian army into the ground. He kept looking at the goblins’ banners....
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    Here is a lizard man I painted recently. I actually finished him a while ago but I didn't post him because there was someone else's posted that day that was much better than mine and I was embarrassed . So here he is now. I am quite happy with the color on his chest. I didn't want him to have a straight yellow chest because that would look too contrasty and cartoony so I used some yellow in a glaze medium and put it on. It was kind of chalky so I need to be looking at getting different yellow paint. The close pics show the flaws and chalkiness but from a foot and a half away it looks amazing to me. The underside of the tail is still straight yellow basecoat because I was getting lazy. I am quite happy with him and please let me know what you think!
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    And so the kitten turned put to be a he. Meet Merlin, the most social kitty ever! In other news, I moved into my new apartment. I dont have internet service until Friday, so just limited phone internet.
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    So I figure I should show that she did get fixed. And as I look at her close up I’m okay with how she turned out. Tomorrow I’ll seal her and put stuff on her base
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    Progressed a decent ways on them already but thought I would share the rest of the progress
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    Going to call this one done. This one was another case of the mini looking s lot better after it is painted then when it is bones white. Think I still need to work on skin application was really hard on this one and had to make up where shades would go a long the way on most of it; still was interesting using Sorcerous mist and Vampire mist and think that Vampre mist has potential for work well as a glaze. As you can probably tell went for a Vampirella kind of look. Also kind of happy with the orb as under light it pops more then i thought it would.
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    Just a quick owlbear I did using the new citadel contrast paints. Considering it only took about 30 minutes, I thought it came out pretty well.
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    Gotta use up all the stuff in our freezer. To that end, a friend is bringing over his blender so we can make mango smoothies!
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    I suspect it's a matter of "steak reverence." Or as Doug Sundseth put it, "a religious thing." I've known and used a variety of steak rubs, including a truly outrageous one involving newspaper that I stole from The Big Damn Book Of Sheer Manliness that always amazes people when I do it. Then again, I know it works, and I mainly do it just to see the horrified looks on their faces when I slather a steak with Dijon mustard, rock salt, and peppercorns, wrap it in newspaper and masking tape, toss them in a bucket of water, stop and make small talk for a moment, and then throw the soggy packages on the coals for a big HSSS. It's all part of the process, and makes awesome steak fajitas. On the flip side of it, there is a person who once horrified ME by putting barbecue sauce on planked salmon. So perhaps I am wrong...
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    Because good steak made correctly needs nothing and only accepts black pepper and maybe just a bit of salt. Plus onions and mushrooms sauteed in the juices, of course. It's a religious thing, sorry.
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    Turkey gravy made from the actual drippings from a turkey (not the packaged mix kind). Thanksgiving rolls around, I eat a plate of gravy with a side of turkey and potatoes. Leftover gravy? Give me a bowl of it and a loaf of bread, and I'll be happier than a camel on humpday.
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    In terms of quantities consumed, probably sweet baby ray's chipotle BBQ.
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    OMG. He actually sent out an actual questionaire. Asking us to rank choices 1 - 5. With a rider of "Any Fantasy" that is two points to all the fantasy and not the Fallout or Superhero games. Instead of choosing which fantasy. For those that don't want to choose, I guess? I KNOW Jon & Julie will pick that. Duncan will be all about the Superheroes. DtY I don't know. Jen I don't know. Jenny I don't know.
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    Hmmm... I've never used other people's flesh... But I've used my own sunburn byproducts to make a few scrolls and a cloak before. And that's not paint on this wererat's axe...
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    It's odd. Horseradish works well with beef, but not with any other meat, in my opinion. Likewise it's good on trout, but no other fish. Actually, when I find a pot of really good, creamed horseradish, I will just eat it by the spoonful out of the jar.
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    Also, cook liver and bacon and then make gravy out of the fat left in the pan and a bit of the milk that has been used to "draw" the liver. Usually called "slicing gravy" in our house, because it is that thick. None of that gets wasted!
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    If any depiction of prehistoric cave painting people shows them with white skin, it's wrong. Humans had dark brown skin until very recently, relatively speaking. The mutations for pale skin did not appear until about 8,000 years ago, long after all that Neanderthal-Hominid-cave-painting-hunter-gatherer stuff. And they appeared way in the North and in the Middle East first. Ancestral Europeans were brown-skinned. All that cave art you see was made by brown people. ... And yet every museum diorama I've ever seen depicts them as white people. Even the recently sculpted "Magdalenian woman" bust based on a 13,000+ year old skeleton in the Field Museum in Chicago - which REALLY should have known better - is delicately pale pink and white.
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    I could see the continuation of whatever was completing the barge expansion fitting with an undersea expansion
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    Doing bit of a nicer paintjob on these than just speed painting Noticed the Sabre cat has non-feline anatomical bits. Bothers me a bit, since cats are rather unique anatomically from things like canines, but ah well. Barely visible
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    I love him! The teal is a great color choice, and I think your decision to go with a more muted yellow on the chest was a good plan. To be honest, I wouldn't have thought it was all that chalky; as @Glitterwolf said, your subject works in that regard. I also really like the accent colors you put into the shoulder strap, and nice work picking out the stitching on his leather goods. A thing I'd suggest you push yourself on: you have some decent contrast that I think you achieved with a dark wash; however, you really just seem to have a midtone and shadow. I'd challenge you to work into a highlight as well. If you have another of the Bones lizardfolk similar to this guy, their tails are really well sculpted to practice this sort of thing; those broad, overlapping scales are super forgiving. On this guy, you've got a good shadow at the base of each tail-scale, so for highlights you can just mix a bit of white into your midtone paint and brush it thinly onto the outside edge of each scale. Remember that your brush deposits the most paint at the end of your stroke, so stroke from the center of the scale out to the edge for best results. If you're having issues with chalkiness, the first thing I'd suggest is that you just make sure you're shaking your paint as much as possible, and try using a thinning medium rather than water to thin the paint. Paler colors like yellow and white are especially susceptible to chalkiness caused by pigment breaking apart in the suspending medium, and straight water can be a very bad medium for this.
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    Here's an odd thing, though. I love roast beef, hot or cold. And it is definitely better with horseradish. But I would never consider a steak with horseradish. Why?
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    Yep. One of my favorite things about Christmas. Absurdly rich and very much a poor folks treat originally. Our rømmegrøt is made with heavy cream rather than sour cream, perhaps just a difference in where my family comes from. No rice porridge for us, though. And now I want roast beast for lunch. But it has to have horseradish sauce.
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    Mmm onions. So many recipes start with Saute One Chopped Onion. Hard to go wrong with it.
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    This one probably doesn't require introductions...
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    I eat it so seldom that I couldn't say. Or perhaps I lack that gene.
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    Only the green, sorry, should have made that plain. Oh, and a genetics question: does your urine stink after eating asparagus? I've heard that everybody's does, but if you lack a certain gene, you cannot smell it.
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    Isn't that what Chicken tikka masala is? It's essentially North Indian chicken kebabs (tikka) taken off the skewers and slathered in a tomato-cream curry sauce (masala). As far as I am aware, it is part of the great swizzling of Indean cuisines that was the 19th and early 20th centuries under British "influence". Sure, there has been some evolution since then, and most restaurants don't start the chicken off in the tandoor, but the roots are there. I have never been to Punjab, but this tracks with my experiences over a lot of years of Indian food eating. I don't think I've ever encountered a tandoori chicken I would classify as "hot". Heavily spiced, yes, but never capcaicin-rich. The recipes I've read, and tried tend not to have much hot pepper either.
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    IMO sauce is only needed when you have to disguise the flavor of badly bbq'd meat. :)
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    In the ongoing saga of our adventuring friends: I had a few more pieces that were at tabletop level that i wanted to show off and i managed to finish the standing stones from the bones III kickstarter so i thought its time for the next installment of our little adventure. the ghost is done in glow in in the dark paints but i could not get those to photograph well. unfortunately, the outlining of his swirl and face does not come out well with just the florescent paints. You live you learn I guess. Hope everyone enjoys! The star vampire is slightly modified from RAFM's old Call of Cthulhu line, as are the Ghouls and the ghost. The stone ring is from Bones 3 kickstarter. On a dark and stormy night 3 mysterious figures met in an ancient stone circle attempting to shift the fate of the world (and maybe add a little variety to their diet! It turns out that the tome was not the only interesting thing in the library. through some careful digging after being directed by the nefarious Madam Bruhegier the three came upon a box, sealed with locks and wards. She instructed them to bring it to the circle however our fearless heroes found out where the ritual was being performed and chased off the ghouls before the ceromony could be completed! as our heroes began to investigate the box, a mysterious figure rose from the ground: the ghost of the recently deceased professor Jacob: "you must not open the box or allow it to be taken! what is locked inside would spell the demise of yourself and countless others. Return it to its resting place and do not disturb it again!" unfortunately, our heroes spent too much attention concentration on the ghost and not on the ghouls that they had chased off. Soon our heroes were bound and gagged in a corner of the relic site and the ghouls once again began the ritual! Once again the ghost of Jacob rose and bespoke his warning! and was promptly ignored. The ghouls opened the box but did not have even moments to enjoy their victory before the object of their desire became the object of demise. A Star Vampire rose from the inside of the box and promptly absorbed the living (at least somewhat living at any rate) things around it! What will our heroes do? Will they become the vampires next meal? will they vanquish the beast and put it back into the box that has been its home for so long? Or will they run away into the night hoping to live out their lives before the beast tracks them down? Only time will tell!
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    This sounds like a legit answer to today’s GTKY question.
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    I've dropped models into paint while they were in progress, but nothing like this as I was nearing completion. It actually doesn't look that horrible. Absolutely frustrating, but on anything besides a mage, I might have considered leaving it and maybe adding more for blood effect.
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    It was painful, but on the bright side, it didn’t get in her eyes, which would have brought me to the brink of frustration. And I was able to fix her in a few hours. I guess too in this same vein, I’ve also speckled miniatures with primer, not at all to this degree, but a dot or two of pure white on an otherwise not white paint job.
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    I have had issues where I was painting the base too close to the mini and also flung little bits of paint off on to said mini. It was a lesson hard learned.
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    I like him! As for chalkiness, It doesn't show that much, and being a lizard his skin is bound to be a bit rough, so in this case the subject works for you! I like the colours and the shield.
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    Russi Taylor, the official voice of Minnie Mouse since 1986, has passed away at the age of 75... Rather adorably, she was married to fellow voice actor Wayne Allwine until his death in 2009 - Allwine had been the official voice of Micky Mouse since 1977... Aside from Minnie Mouse, her voice work also included Nurse Mouse in "The Rescuers Down Under", Huey, Dewey and Louie in the “Ducktales” animated series, and Martin Prince and the twins, Sherri and Terri, on “The Simpsons.”
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    Five month after I managed to break the frigate I was assembling at that time, I now decided to give it another try. A lot of damage was done to the vessel, and worse of all, some parts were even missing after such a long time, though I had put it all in one box. Can't help it now. With the use of some wire and plasticcard, I will try to get everything together again. First I needed some music: After finishing the main reconstruction of all the parts that were still there ... I had to do the parts that were missing. It was a pain (an example is shown below) But why dear Sister, was it a pain for you? The parts were small. How small? But finally I was back at were I had been before the vessel broke. One important change, though! I left off the main mast. I can paint certain areas better as long as it is off. And then a friend of mine asked me if I could teach him the basics of painting, so he can do some work on his miniatures to have them look like mine. Wow. That will be interesting. But okay - why not? So I had a look at the remains of my imperial guard and found some bodies and legs, some weapons and heads. That will do, pig. That will do. As he wanted to learn painting and basing and all that annoying stuff, I think I'll teach him how to make a diorama out of this. Let's see if that works out. Until next time! So long!
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    Depends on the style. South Carolina pulled pork needs the sauce. Texas brisket no no no no no no no Yes. All the sauces. Bolognase (no clue how to spell that). Southern cream gravy with black pepper. That brown sauce on general tso chicken. Peanut Ginger. Au jus. BBQ sauce (on a hamburger). Fresh hollandaise....
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    The correct answer to the New Mexico state question is "green". Might be true with a dry-rub BBQ, but not so much with KC or Memphis or NC barbecue.
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    Before we played A Gentleman's War (see above post) we had our monthly Ghost archipelago campaign game for July. We had five of our regular players, and for our scenario we adapted the Genie in the Bottle scenario from the Frostgrave core rulebook. We placed the Genie Bottles as our Central Treasures. We set the adventure on the Island of the Mushroom Men, with half the player-placed treasures being giant mushrooms. When any player went to "pick-up" the treasure, the rolled to see if it was a regular mushroom, or a mushroom man. If it was a mushroom man, the player needed to fight and kill it to recover the treasure. I didn't do too badly, recovering two of the regular treasures from the table, while not loosing any of my crew.
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    Good job and she looks happier. I will say that the "blood" version looks good as well.
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    This is way beyond my culinary skills level. I could only answer as a diner (as opposed to a cook or chef.) And it has to be qualified with a specific type of food: The answer then differs according to what is placed in that blank. Some examples: Enchiladas Anything but green chili sauce, aka: tomatillo. Mashed Potatoes I refuse to participate in that skirmish... Pizza Not barbecue sauce. Tried that once; Nope, Nope, Nope, never again. BBQ Beef Brisket What is the Favorite style or Best brand of BBQ sauce? them’s fightin’ words!!!
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    I... Honestly have no idea at all. Gravy done well is tasty, but at the same time, I sure do like a well-made bolognese sauce. Or however you spell it.
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    yea i know, but since i'm just trying to speed paint these and get them out, i didn't feel like taking a scalpel to it and trying to carefully carve around the brain wrinkles
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    That is one way to make good steak. I maintain that there are multitudes of ways to dress good steak though. I haven't tried a horseradish one, but I bet it could be good. Horseradish isn't on my usual go-to list of spices to use. My steak rub involves almond meal so that the salt and pepper and other stuff gets evenly distributed, and then on broiling, you get a nice thin nutty crust. I also put cumin and paprika in there. Mmm.
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    Did you serve that Rømmegrøt with cinnamon, sugar and a 'butter eye'? Another popular dish during Christmas is rice porridge(I assume that everyone figured that 'rømmegrøt' or 'roemegroet' means sour cream porridge) which is served with an almond hidden in one portion. Whoever finds the almond wins something... Usually something of marzipan. And you made way too much of the rice porridge because the rest was made into rice cream dessert the next day... Onions... I like to pickle thin onion rings. Yummy on top of roastbeef when I make a sandwich.
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    So far so good. I did have a few mishaps with sealers creating frosting or a primer gone bad making the base grainy, I had to use a dremel tool once too smoothen a primed mini again. And misbehaving paints.
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    Thanks for the comments so far! And so, Abaddon won me Store Champion. Which was surprising because there were some nice entries! In so winning, I was provided with a super new light box that has allowed me to take better photos! .
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    Hmm... scrolls... never thought of THAT...
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    Sooo.... Has anyone gotten theres? have you created examples? I am really curious to see if it holds up to its hype.
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    The crocosaurus thing swims, as does that hammerhead shark. And now a Deep One Beholder. That makes three swimming minis already..
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