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    That was... not exactly my limit but near enough to remind me that I have limits. Especially since I'm operating on zero painkillers today and can feel 100% of what's going on. The apple guy at the farmer's market one block over brought out the cider from this year's first press. I bought half a gallon. Along with the three pounds of peaches I already had I was near my 10 pound limit. Near, but not over. Nothing hurts, nothing pulled or popped. But it's enough to feel like I did something. Going to take it easy the rest of tonight. Also might take some ibuprofen. And drink some cider
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    I made a plan. It did not fall to pieces. Or come crashing down around my ears. I am confused. Murphy and his wretched gremlin-minions took the day off? If they wandered off to bother some of you lot instead, Sorry.
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    So there are two problems: 1. quiltville.com resolves to two IP addresses (107.x.x.x and 45.x.x.x) but is only actually served from one (107.x.x.x). 2. The site for whatever reason is configured to redirect visits to somewhere else if a page doesn't exist. I presume this is the fifth grade site but I didn't actually try following. #2 affects both requests for non-existent pages served from the 107.x.x.x IP but also all requests served from the 45.x.x.x IP address. Without any further information, I presume #2 to be the result of either the repurposing of an old hosting account for a fifth grade class site or the web hosting provider screwed something up on their end. (Or the hosting provider's software is just screwed up.) Since I don't know who is responsible for the DNS for the site, I don't know if there being two IP addresses present in the DNS response is the hosting provider's fault (either directly or indirectly) or failure to follow directions. If you're responsible for anything to do with this site, I recommend addressing at least #2 with the web hosting provider. If the hosting provider is also responsible for the DNS, take up #1 with them. (And if this is the result of something on the hosting provider's side, I'd recommend looking for a new hosting provider unless they explain what led to this behavior and make arrears. If they can't explain the behavior, there's nothing to prevent it from happening again. If they don't make arrears, it means they're not interested in owning their mistakes.) (Disclaimer: I work for a managed service provider (i.e. competitor). I also have strong feelings about the responsibilities of MSPs which are my own and not my management's. Everything I say here is my own opinion and is not representative of my employer. (Or even remotely paid by. I'm on vacation today!))
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    Yeah, this isn't happening. When I scaled the parts up and ran my materials/cost estimate, it's going to cost more than just buying the one she wants. Not to mention the 400-500 hours of printer time. Guess I'll look at doing an old fashioned wood one.
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    On the desktop it sends me to the quilt site. On my phone it sends me to the 5th grade class site. Weird.
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    Is this Reapercon class feedback or advice for new DMs?
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    I think one of the takeaways from this thread is that people like handouts.
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    Funny you should ask about that. Originally that's what they were doing. For a variety of reasons on both sides, PD wanted to go to single use codes that they could buy in a batch and hand out. They buy 500 or a 1000 codes at a time. Approximately 1% of them don't work by the time the PD gets around to using them. My other solution for the guy was to give them 2-3% more codes than they pay for.
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    I know it would cost him more money, but.... Has the owner ever considered a keycard type system so the police department can just swipe a card to use the system, and then bill them every month? Assuming such tech is possible with their current setup?
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    Assuming you are using decimal and not a different base it SHOULD be 10x more combinations, though that wouldn’t matter too much if it was a modern computer trying to hack the code (should still theoretically take less than a second). You could probably confuse this customer by asking them to pick a code using the numbers 0-F. Too many people do t know that hexadecimal is even a thing that exists, much less what it would be used for.
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    Yup, got them all processed and will be in the next update. Including the Reapercon triad.
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    your link gave me the quilt site. This link, though, gave me the 5th grade site: https://quiltville.com/16pinwheels.html As did this link: https://quiltville.com/16.html My guess is that the sites 404 is somehow pointing to the fifth grade site - so any mistyped link, or error directs them to the 5th grade site. yep - played with it a little more. type in quiltville.com/justaboutanythingyoucanthinkof and you get the 5th grade site unless it's a legit page on the site. Your 404 Page Not Found errors are pointing to the 5th grade site.
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    Reaper Toolbox streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures . Looks like dragon wings are on the agenda.
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    Thanks, it seems to be a phone related bug. I have not been to Paducah, but I have been to the Houston show a couple of times. We have a big midwest show in KC now, too. Personally I like the smaller local shows. Kind of like game cons, it's more relaxed and you get a chance to see everything without being squeezed or rushed.
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    Brutus is doing his administration.
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    If there's a fever I go with the traditional ibuprofen or acetaminophen. For the rest I often use a russian remedy of a shot of vodka with 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper in it just before bed. Makes a person sweat like crazy for a bit and seems like it might reduce the strength of the symptoms. The wife also has some sort of vietmnamese medicine that you use like Vick's or menthelatum. Rub it on my nose and throat. Not sure what else is in it but it smells like camphor and menthol plus other stuff. It help me breath better when congested. The interesting thing with it is if you don't have a cold you smell it but don't feel it. When sick it can feel like your nose is going to burn off for a few minutes even though it's applied to the outside. Buckley's if I have a cough. Other than that rest as much as possible and eat well.
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    Do the base structure out of wood but 3D print chandeliers and other small detail parts — best of both worlds.
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    I don't think it's an unreasonable question. I mean the answer is obvious to anyone who deals with combinatorics or password policy regularly, but for the other 99.8%* of the population, probability theory is deep magic. Heck, too many people who have job responsibilities for setting password policy really don't understand that a long password is much better than a password with a wider character set. And that constant resets also don't notably increase security. * Accurate to within 50%.
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    it's for code entry on a car wash to arm the wash, so it has to be manually entered. No worries about computers hacking it. And yep, it's decimal, so it's 10x. He's annoyed and complaining because he has people drive up to his tellers and start punching random numbers hoping to get a free wash. The system alerts the main console and pages out after five incorrect entries, but the systems are effectively unattended at night and he's over 30 minutes away, so people can sit there for a half hour if they want and just try as many codes as they can before he comes and runs them off. It's a problem to him because he sells a thousand single use codes at a time to the local PD, and about 1% of those codes end up not working because of the people punching random numbers. Since he's not willing to address the situation in other ways, I suggest that we set his system to 6 or 7 digit codes. It's a simple enough "solution" to something that really isn't a problem, but he thinks that it is going to be 'too complicated" to do that and won't make things secure enough to be worth it. wash codes ETA: I should probably mention that by default the system should be alerting on 3 incorrect entries, but the owner previously had us bump it up to 5 tries because he didn't want to get as many alerts as he was getting every 3x.
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    @Inarah if you are in to quilting, have you ever been to Paducah Kentucky for their big quilting convention? If so, you aren't too far from us.
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    I hope you don't begrudge me a little compensation for prolonged absence from friends and family. Soak white onions and bread in hot milk, additional doses of honey for sore throat and lemon for congestion. Stiff tot of whiskey before bed.
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    My busts from the War Demons Kickstarter arrived. Including magnets. Superb quality. One little horn on the back of Kreethul's armor was broken, but I have all the pieces so I can easily fix that.
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    Well, the bard/reporter has made her place in the party - she cast Detect Magic before the group kicked open the door, and held it long enough to see that it was an Abjuration spell that was waiting to go *BOOM!* The wizard even thanked her for remembering to do so, then cast Resist Energy (Fire) on the people that would be directly in front of the blast. Then they knocked the door off its hinges. They still took some damage - Three whole points for the one that failed his save, one for the one that made it. This was followed quickly by fire being thrown at them by the two flamebearers (lesser devils - relatives of the Laughing Devils from the last demon war). Against the same two people that were already warded against fire. A battle in the hall followed, the party hampered by only one person having a flask of silversheen, and no weapons that were actually silver or mithril. Enough of a ruckus was made that they will have no chance of surprise in the rest of the building. (The laughing devils and the flamebearers are noisy, laughing, shrieking, and more laughing.) *EDIT* That the bard/reporter was singing the whole time also added to the volume. Tomorrow starts the second group - five players, formerly four. The Auld Grump
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    Cold shouldn't be a problem (unless your Winters are actually hitting liquid nitrogen temps). Heat shouldn't be any more of a problem than it is for the figures getting stored in a Texan warehouse. You might need to boil & bend a few things, but probably they're fine. Just don't keep your paint out there!
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    From the pictures that have been shown, there is quite a lot I like (Cat pirates, undead pirates, black riders on horses, storm giant etc). But it will all depend on the general offer (i.e. what is in the core set, how is the core set divided into smaller groups, what are the expansions) and the conditions (shipping, Brexit, sculpts or concept art) etc.
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    Stay home. Get plenty of rest. Drink plenty of fluids. Take a multivitamin if you can get one down. NyQuil if sleep doesn't come naturally. DayQuil or similar if I have to be functional (but, really, if I have a fever, I don't want to be functional). I agree with @NebulousMissy. If you're suffering a fever, let the fever do its work. (This presumes a standard fever and not one of those ridiculously-high-you-should-go-to-the-ER-right-now fevers.) Wrap up in a bunch of blankets and endure the chills. If you wake up in a sweat, congratulations, the fever broke! Now you just have to deal with the long tail symptoms. I used to drink Pace picante sauce to deal with sinuses. I'm not certain it helped (but I like the taste of it, so it's not all bad).
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    Hold on, you happened to post this on my paint maintenance day! I'm about to start shaking my blues/checking which need water... Edit: ok, the clear blue is a little more navy than that ridiculously pthalo blue shade but they are reeeeeeeal close.
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    I wasn't familiar with Bob's work, so I googled "Bob Murch miniatures" and found his pulp figures website. I'm not sure if "cartoony" would have been the word I used, but he definitely has a style. Edit: Okay. This guy is a bit cartoony.
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    What liittle I tried can only be rated a FAIL: FAIL... FAIL... FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Next time go to one of those non-urgent care clinics and ask for ciprofloxacin. It's cheap, readily available, a will cure digestive distress from bacterial infections. I got a bottle through my family care doctor and , based on reports, will need to remember it next year for Reapercon.
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    What is LifeRPG ? Is it an App?
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    Surprised nobody has gone with the "obvious" tongue in cheek answer - don't have to deal with the symptoms if you don't catch it! :p ....Dayquil and liquids for me. Dayquil so I don't look and sound like a walking plague bearer...
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    one i might have to look at, once they're on retail, but price-depending. Busts tend to be rather pricey
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    HD Dragon Blue to start the lenses. Washed the tunic with Druchii Violet, and reapplied Dark Elf Highlight.
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    If it's a repurposed Vortex Genie they sell test tube adapters that I've been told will fit the base of a Reaper and Vallejo bottle. Then theoretically you just insert the bottle in the cup, turn it on, and watch it go. But I don't have one so I can't confirm if it's true or not. Looking the cup adapter up online tells me that it holds test tubes up to 40mm in diameter, which seems larger than Reaper and Vallejo bottles. But it also looks like the cup is tapered, so it may work if you put them in cap-first. Edit: Nvm. I misread. It seems you have a cup-style already rather than a plate. Dang. I still think I need to get a cup for myself, though. Trying to hold them in position on the plate sucks.
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    You seriously need / needed one of those paint vortex mixer things.
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    Ahh. Probably some good reasons on both ends for the cards, namely that whole issue of "what happens if a card gets misplaced". I like your solutions, both of them... But especially the six digit codes, because it means owner doesn't "feel bad" about "losing money" because of the alternate solution (give them slightly more than they pay for). Six digit codes are also harder to randomly key in during the middle of the night. Well, at least reliably key in and get lucky... Ugh, I hate the every 45 days password nuking at work. Pretty much everyone creates a password then just adds a number at the end, because several people caught on that after eight password resets old ones are allowed again.. This is a trick even our IT staff have admitted to using, because someone running the show thinks the old way of doing things is the best way... That and when you already have to have two dozen passwords because of the systems you're involved in.... And now that we have a new automated reset tool, other "clever" people have discovered that loophole still exists, so now you literally can have the exact same password you did before with about ten minutes of work. It does nothing for improving security, but the old way sure does annoy a lot of people, doubly so because passwords wind up being easily forgotten. The XKCD method is currently my favourite, because three relatively random words are easy to remember, and brute forcing it is going to be a lot harder. Impossible? Virtually nothing is impossible, just harder to get in.
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    Just went into a panic at work and came home because of a sudden storm. Thankfully, boss & coworkers were understanding.
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    This isn't specifically a tutorial, but this video is loaded with fantastic examples on how to use an airbrush. It actually has quite a bit of info about using an airbrush that I haven't seen in actual tutorials. Vince shows how much he thins paints for certain uses. The most useful part was seeing how he cleans the brush between colors. That alone helped me better use my brushes. I don't use the paint brand he is demonstrating, but his demonstration has been helpful with all my paints. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN-_huJXbqg&
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    I'm going put in for $200 instantly as it goes live and i can reach a computer. Then will start up my spreadsheet of what i want and the cost at that point in time. Then the last week, adjust up or down as needed. since i dont do core sets, $200 should be good. That said, bones 4 ended up being like 450, although i ended up not wanting a lot of it and sold it. Will need to be more thoughtful this time The expansion could kill me. Like, i must have the eye of the deep, and while i dont like the scale of the storm giant, i do like the model so want it. if the giants are in an expansion, that becomes a must buy. Regards, Sanjay
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    When I got a bad cold in California I'd get a quart of fresh salsa, stupidly hot. Then I'd eat the whole thing, as much as I could manage. Fresh salsa is basically made of necessary vitamins and when you're that sick you can't feel the horrible burning pain you should be in. Generally worked by the time I was 2/3rds through the quart.
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    yep, and several of us had debated that subject just before Reapercon. I will definitely pass on the lesson learned to instructors not typically on the forums when we start talking about next years stuff
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    I paid $130 for four during the KS, the plinth was an add on. Also free magnets and STL files for 3D printing
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    the one wearing the triceratops skull i'm not one for bust painting, but that's a bust i'd paint haha
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