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    *puts @Crowley and @Paradoxical Mouse in tiny little lab coats* I have no rats, this is the best that I can do.
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    My alma mater! Hey, I had friends on the Ultimate Frisbee Team
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    Well you're so close to Montana it must be important! Here's a pic out the window a few minutes ago 15 minutes north of Montana.
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    I prefer to pick up painted minis by the base, and those bases are too thin to do that. I like the concept and appearance, but not the usability.
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    The Brass Bull. out of the Bully for you subset in the Bones 2 core set. This is a not-Gorgon from D&D. I do not know why Gygax would call this a Gorgon, since it really has nothing to do with the Gorgon sisters from Greek myth. But what it is, is a massive metal bullock that has a petrifying green gas breath attack. Even though the Gorgon is described as iron, in that it can be rusty, I did it in bronzey brassey colours. I gave it a bit of green around the muzzle to look like some residue from it's halitosis. More beneath the click
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    Well if you wanna get all fancy and magnetize, sure.
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    Have you all seen these. Good for scale Regards Sanjay
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    I hear that regular shipments of stroopwafels help to stave off the arrival of snow. Is it odd that I use my Vortex mixer to stir my iced coffee?
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    Or do what I already do: ignore the plastic base and just use a fender washer. With a magnet in the convenient center hole.
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    Hey, wait a minute... *casts leomund's tiny hut* I think their name works too.
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    So essentially it sounds like this is what’s wanted. You know, we have a thread for such requests.
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    As Doug said, those small bottles hold an astonishing number of paint. When I was doing a dark basecoat on one of my hugantic minis, I kept track of how many drops I used because I was curious. It ended up being roughly 300 and the bottle was still not empty! It looked like I could have gotten another 100-150 drops out of it. So yeah, a bottle of mini paint (when used to paint minis and using thin-ish layers) can last a REALLY long time! ...I want this to be a thing now. It's a simple enough design that I may have to break out my GS and attempt to MAKE it a thing if a better sculptor than I doesn't get to it first. I have a gleeful love of minis that can physically nom on my player's characters. LOL same here! Re: bases - I primarily paint for gaming. I also prefer painting over basing. The only time I don't like the integral bases is when they don't keep the mini upright. When this happens, I superglue the mini to a black base of the appropriate size and continue on. Not saying anyone's approach to basing is right or wrong, that's just how I do it. I'm really kind of lazy about basing in general (a fact I've been gently chided for by more than one ReaperCon judge ), so I love integrated bases! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm fleeing to Gran Canaria upcoming wednesday! SUN! SEA! FOOD! NO SNOW!!!!
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    Absolutely. I use 1" diameter zinc washers for my standard miniatures, and I have some 2" washers for all my large creature bases. They get suitably hefty and don't tip over atr all.
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    Hardware stores are your friend... Glue a nice big round fender washer underneath! It adds heft, weight, strength, and stability (by lowering the CG considerably) all in one fell swoop.
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    I'm a big fan of Reapers straight edged bases. Much easier to pick up than the sloped or rounded ones. Not sure which of the dragons I want most, but the big red one might be the overall winner... On the other hand, the black on the ruined tower is a close second. I wonder which one will be the first stretch goal? Or will it be one we haven't seen yet?
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    The last time I went to a sportsball game it was the Red Sox vs. The Patriots - playing basketball. (Charity, for the Heart Association.) The high point for me was when Steve Grogan tucked the basketball under his arm and took about five steps. The ref comes running out, blowing his whistle and laughing, and Grogan handed over the ball, also laughing and shaking his head. It was a slaughter - the Red Sox massacred the Patriots. The Auld Grump
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    'Sportsball' season never ends. There's always some sport with some ball and some weird fans trying to climb lampposts.
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    Wow, been semi-stoned most of tha day on legal pain killers. Chairs at the con yesterday tore my back UP. Woke up this morning, took some strong painkillers and muscle relaxer. So sat here drooling/dozing. Now waiting to see if the Cardinals can win today to finally win the division. Did enjoy learning Starfinder yesterday though. Now that I'm awake try to figure out what to add to him with my earnings.
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    It's actually a little tricky, in that the magnet really wants to jump out of the hole onto the surface of the washer, so you need to clamp the assembly until the putty sets. Oh, and if you normally use JB Weld or JB Kwik (which have iron filings or fibers embedded in the glue), the glue wants to crawl onto the surface of the magnet, too. But I find the magnetic base convenient enough to spend the effort.
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    I like the scale of those. To me that's how large a boss dragon should appear.
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    Any group activity like this takes awhile to build inertia. Once a couple players have joined, and as long as you're there consistently at the same day/time etc., it will grow. But yeah, that first while can be very disheartening. #beentheredonethat YIKES! I'm glad that the only thing you lost was your grill! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    The Giants are down 0-5 against the Dodgers but it's still only the 2nd Aka, sports teams need to be more inventive with their names
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    Please go back to using the triangles on mini pictures. They were easy and simple to see. The baby blocks are nice to show if it's Bones or metal but is not nearly as easy to judge by when trying to figure out how big a mini actually is.
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    Not perfect since ForScale isn't nearby or all that handy, but... here's a few others I have on my desk for comparison... Angles might be slightly off from shot to shot, since I was moving quickly.
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    Does anyone have a pic of the Bones Iron Golem in comparison to a regular mini? I really detest the new baby block marker they use now...
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    I don't put magnets in my bases, but I do use magnetic sheets to hold my minis down.
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    What if there is a great big enormous epic Greek thing AND a Greek ship rather than a Pirate ship ?!?? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LxA3wFYxUB8 I’ll just leave ^ that here.
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    Your son and my daughter have very different ideas about homecoming. We got as far as deciding on a little black dress and fine gold ribbons braided into her hair for the dance. Oh, and earplugs. Because that's how she survives the music volume. She's probably going to not bother with most of the other stuff, she's too geeky to be into sports jerseys, togas, etc.
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    I do ribs all the time on a propane fired BBQ. I have a layer of common clay bricks that go on the grill and the ribs go on the bricks. Grill on high heat till the blood/juices rise to the surface with the bone side down then turn and repeat. Usually takes about 45 minutes unless it is really windy*, in which case the heat gets carried away from the bbq too fast so the meat takes longer to cook. GEM *We get some really intense Santa Ana winds through our area on a fairly regular basis.
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    Which is why I use automated software that lets me set my max. bid days ahead and then forget about it. Either i get it for the price I'm willing to pay without being pressured or some other fool bidder who wants it more gets it, without getting caught up in a bidding war. I learned a long time ago that the people with the fastest internet connection have a consistent edge playing that game. The only way to level the playing field being to use the automated software direct from a server farm that's on the backbone of the Internet. GEM
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    No takers today, either. I did talk with an old friend who had come in to play Magic, and chatted with someone else about wargaming in general. Also helped my comics guy move some displays around. And I found out that the whole shop is thinking of moving locations because the mall won't let them expand into the empty shop next door. My comics guy thinks the reason they won't let them take over next door is because the mall management doesn't want to have to finish the remodeling work they started in that space. He showed me that half the ceiling and a back wall were torn out where the mall was redoing the lights and some other stuff and apparently stopped halfway through. But the FLGS has kind of hit the point where they're too big for their current space. With the merger of my comics guy, they've got their current space packed as much as it can be while still being navigable, and in some areas even that's tough. And half my comics guy's stuff still isn't in there. They don't necessarily want to move, but they may end up having to. He said they'd even scouted out one building downtown, just a couple blocks from his old shop, which would have been a great space, but they decided against it because of expensive structural issues(foundation and plumbing issues) that would need to be remedied before use, and the ever-worsening bum problem downtown. Seriously, in the last 2 weeks we've had at least another dozen just appear out of nowhere. It's getting to the point where you can't go 20 feet downtown without running into a group of 3 or 4, usually sitting in the middle of the sidewalk begging for change. Half the time they're drunk or high on heroin(with used needles not far away), and at all times they're obnoxious if not outright aggressive. A few of them have taken to busking instead of straight begging, but rather than prop up on the side of a building where they're out of the way they'll put themselves in the middle of the sidewalk with their guitar case taking up half of it, and they'll glare at you as you try to dodge around them.
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    no time to paint tomorrow, so here's the tally admech army 0 minis painted free blades substitutes: 9 minis painted 3 bones rogues, a leaping woman with simitars, the september bones of the month mini, bones 4 fish monger, bones 4 wingless sophie, bones 4 milkmaid, woman with a bow rogue traders didn't entirely finish any paint cats no zombicide invader 3 minis roy, priss, and some robot woman other stuff 2 battle android troopers 2 bones 4 guards 1 robot devil 1 blackstar corsair with sword and shield 1 blackstar corsair "scope doug" 1 mageknight orc doctor a total of 20 minis
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    Aquaman and the Rock from the local dollar store. I think they'll make good statues. It helps that the Rock looks nothing like the rock face wise. It's about as generic looking as possible. Also picked up a wooden dowel to make connectors for the big island. Hopefully that will make it easier to store. When this is all said and done.
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    In the Dodgers case, the current name is a shortening of the original name which was The Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. The Giants were originally The New York Giants. Then they migrated to the west coast...... GEM The season isn't over yet? {I don't follow much sportsball since Lasorda retired]
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    I need a proper titan. But also need a hecatonacheries. Not sure bones could do one justice. But would love an attempt Sanjay
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    That looks amazing! Which color shift paint did you use on this guy? I looked at them but had a hard time picturing them on a mini. This works really well. You paint a gloss black basecoat and then apply, right? Did you airbrush or just brush it on? If you don’t mind me asking, what paints/process did you use to achieve the tarnished metal look on the rest of him?
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    t In the scenario you described you have the option to refuse the bid of the bidder outside of the area you have specified as willing to sell/ship to. You then accept the bid of the next highest bidder and notify them that they are the winner for, reasons. Oh for the days before computers mucked up International Mail. Used to be you just put the address on the letter/package and it was up to the various Postal Services to figure it out along the way. They generally managed to do it efficiently and with a fair degree of dispatch. GEM
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    Very nice. The metallics look awesome, and having just a few places with the color shift effect makes it really stand out.
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