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    Ron just posted another Update, and took some glamour shots of the models. Showed off some that we haven't seen yet: Centaur Pirate Skeletons Old Bones Stone Golem vs. the new one in Bones Black
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    Check your inboxes.... a new update just arrived with lots of Sir Forscale comparison photos!
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    HAHA I have lots and lots of ideas I'd love to do within the kid heroes genre. I got to explore quite a bit of cultural variety in this set which was a ton of fun. Things like alternative races and various ages/classes would all be things I'd like to get more into.
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    I just had an amazing head-cannon: the kiddie hero with the dragon is Hyrekia and Kaladrax.
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    It's okay, already got a back story for it. The Bridge of Stout-Lager This bridge exists on a disused former trade road that once ran between the Dwarven mountains and the Goblin plains. It was built during the reigns of High King Snorri "Boilermaker" Arnulfson and Grand Biggest Boss Yag "Fartflinger" Yagsprog as a cooperative effort to attempt to establish trading relationships between the Dwarf and Goblin domains. All went well, with separate Dwarf and Goblin crews working toward a common meeting point at the river crossing now known as "Busted Keg" by the Goblins and referred to only obliquely in Dwarven records as "The site of the 347th Goblin atrocity". Historians have managed to reconstruct some of the occurrences that led to what is now called the "52nd Dwarf-Goblin War". Apparently, the two competing crews reached the crossing at the same time, and began constructing the bridge. The Goblins, more numerous but haphazard, paved their side of the bridge in traditional Goblin style, using diagonal rows of rounded pavers. The Dwarves, a smaller but more efficient crew, laid their pavers with typical Dwarven precision, using squared pavers in neat horizontal rows. Both crews completed their work at roughly the same time and met in the middle to bless the final paver with a ceremonial baptism of their chosen potables. The goblins brought a large keg of "Buglip's Really Old Peculiar Funky Fungus Lager", while the Dwarves brought out an even larger barrel of "Gut Gutbusterson's XXXXXX Moshroom Stout". The crewleaders each filled a large mug with their beverage and solemnly exchanged them for the ritual of "Quaffing and Libation". That is where it all went horribly wrong. The Dwarf crewleader was the first to spit out his huge gulp of Goblin lager, shouting "This tastes like pig urine wrung out of a sweaty gambeson. Are you trying to poison me?!!" The Goblin crew leader responded, saying that the Dwarf stout was "Like trying to drink mud mixed with the droppings of several incontinent goats". Stronger words were soon exchanged, with things rapidly degenerating to the point of the final act of disrespect. It is not clear who did it to whom, but both sides agree that one crewleader grabbed the other and stuffed them head first into their opponents keg, Getting that crewleader ridiculously drunk, and causing the keg to eventually burst. As both races take their drinking very seriously, there was no possible turning back from this final atrocity. Thus we have the abandoned Bridge of Stout-Lager at Busted Keg crossing.
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    About all this talk about the kids, it also bears mentioning: Both updates today (on a Saturday!) have been great! A further-ahead stretch goal to cover the weekend, timely updates to the KS front project page (including another page of the comic! Wooohooo!), and new scale images (which will also apparently be available from Reaper's website soon). While I'd still personally like to see more of a Reaper presence in this thread, I'm actually really happy with what this weekend has brought. Seems like they're getting caught up on the day 1 aftermath!
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    The kiddos were already high n my list but the closer looks made them my favorite thing in the kickstarter so far! So much personality and awesomeness!
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    After coming back from work or after I wake up, sometimes I dread coming back to this thread because there's over 100 comments I need to slog through. Boy, y'all are talkative!
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    FWIW, I plan on using them as half and gnome adventurers. They work really well for that, and add some nice variety to the smaller races.
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    Good day everyone, I've been working on a diorama display for some time now and I thought some of you may like the see my progress. I used AutoCad for my sketches and Inventor to build the 3D model. Then I used Blender to texture the model and Slicer to generate de code for my Prusa printer. The following pictures are the steps I went through so far. It’s my first big project. It's taking long but it's a learning experience. Let me know what you think about it so far. The first image is a screenshot of the final model in Inventor. Some sketches in AutoCad software. Floor part in Invetor software. Generating the code of the floor in Prusa Slicer software. I got a printing error while printing the floor. The plastic filament and I had to stop the print. On the next picture, we can see how the parts are on the inside. There is some supports but most of the part is empty to save on printing time and material. I decided to print the remining floor tiles individually to salvage what I had already been printing. I then glued each tile on the base. I had another printing error on the column, and I had the print another one. The column was printed at the highest level of quality my Prusa i3 MK3S can print, which is at a 0.05mm of precision. The arch was also printed at 0.05mm. The level of detail is amazing. Even the ring was printed flawlessly without support. Here’s a screenshot of the wall assembly after I completed texturing it in Blender. Here’s a screenshot of the wall assembly in Slicer. I generated the code with supports to make sure the door arch would be print perfectly. It looks perfect like this, so I didn’t see a problem coming. Some parts of mu model were not right, there were some gaps. The software filled these gaps with support material, so when I see the issue, I decided not to stop the printing session. The support material is showing in drak green the the simulation. After, when I generated the code without support, I could clearly see the gaps. I think this happened because there were errors, holes I didn’t correct or masking I didn’t remove, on the model I imported from Blender. I will need to investigate farther. See the result after I removed all the support. Removing the support takes forever by the way. I’ll try to avoid supports if possible, in the future. Here’s a picture of the wall. It took 40 hours to print only and probably another 40 hours to build, texture and clean the model. I still need to fill the gaps the Greenstuff. Here are all the parts I printed for this project. And, all the parts together. I haven’t glue anything yet. There is still some sanding and cleaning to do. I will paint each part separately. I patched the gaps with liquid Green Stuff. Closeup of the first layer of liquid Green Stuff. I converted a 02712 Eye Best from Reaper Miniatures. This is the pewter version of model that was sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I added eye stalks from the 03440 Creature Components II, also from Reaper. The Eye Best will be pinned on the wall and the door. All the adventurers I'll be displaying on the diorama are from Reaper Miniatures Dungeon Dwellers brand. From left to right; 07012 Caerindra Thistlemoor, 07004 Stitch Thimbletoe, 07002 Baran Blacktree and 07008 Luwin Phost. The models can be moved from a recess to another to allow different layouts. More to come soon!
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    My guess would be because it's the same 3D print that's been shown every time. Someone mentioned they did it purposefully to gauge people's opinions of which they liked better during ReaperCon.
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    More races would be great! Something I would really love to see (kids and adults!) is an exploration of the people in the Five Nations of The Eberron campaign setting. They're loosely based on real world cultures in the post-WWI era.
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    I thinks it more that even though I’ve been promoting the kids minis as being great for characters just starting out, I’d never considered where their characters might end up.
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    I've seen college basketball teams use neon uniforms before and I have a theory as to why. Neon colors can attract your attention. Hence their use in signage. They can also cause eyestrain if stared at too long. I imagine, if you're a member of the opposing team, these slight distractions could cause a small degradation in performance. And at this athletic level any slight advantage could potentially help. But that's just my theory. My younger brother helped me find an almost adequate description for the Seahawk’s uniforms: Nuclear Gatorade Green He remarked, “that’s a team that’s been drinking too much Gatorade.” And remembering certain versions of Spiderman’s origin story I said, “right, Radioactive Atomic Gatorade” and right there a color name (and a superhero origin story) was born.
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    So, I was looking on the great river site for baby toys. Found this little gem: The flying pig-icorn! I need one in bonesium.
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    Dat demon-centaur tho... (yes, yes, I know it's supposed to be horns on the helmet. Demontaur...).
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    Witch was today. Here is mine: And here is my daughter's:
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    Seriously starting to appreciate watercolour pencils here. Inktober 5, "Build"
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    My Ghoulie Bag arrived today!
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    Know what? It's stew weather. I have all these ingredients that aren't going to last forever. Game or not I'm making food.
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    Bridge is still showing 2 styles of paving. Asked about it in update comments. Other than that, AWESOME! Love the size on the war mammoth! Maybe a Goblin crew built one side and a Dwarf crew the other?
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    Okay, definitely getting the dragon and the expansion. Glad the armory is getting included in the core set, otherwise I'd have skipped it. Loving the kids too!!
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    Colored the torterra: And "carrion + rhinoceros" is not a pleasant thing... But sometimes unpleasantness is what the prompt prompts. I don't think I'll color this one, so it'll stay black Prismacolor and pencil.
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    Received today Arclight 5e generic spell templates from their Kickstarter awhile back. Overall please with them & they'll be a nice addition to my games. Transportation might be a pain as the lightning bolt one is quite long. I've popped out 2 of the 3 sheets you get.
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    I'll tell you what we need, more non-human townsfolk & non-combatants! Its impossible to find a descent selection of those anywhere; give us elven merchants, halfling nobility, orcish farmers, goblin milkmaids, etc. Anything would be great, really.
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    Got a half dozen Heroclix Bug characters in today to use for Starfinder conversions.
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    The announcement said they were Monday-Friday, so I would not think so.
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    Hmmmm, across the street neighbors actually opened their door to call their dogs inside. I wonder if my phone call yesterday had anything to do with that. Normally they just let the damn things bark & chase people everywhere. I still have photos on my phone of 'em in my yard & coming at me while I was out on the street, if the code-enforcement officer ever wants to see em. So tired of them, right now. Pretty sad, we came home from the store right as our mailperson drove up to give us our mail, so I went & got it. She said "those dogs are starting to be a nuisance." I told her "I'm working on that."
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    With everything else they have to do during KS season (including run their actual business) I don't really expect much presence in the thread as long as there are consistent updates elsewhere.
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    Girl could also be Saxon, Early Norman, North Scots, Orkneys, Early Russian, or Irish/Scandinavian. (Contrary to popular belief, knotwork is not Celtic in origin, it is Norse. It's presence in Ireland was the result of Scandinavian settlers in Cork, Dublin, etc.)
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    Less than $24k to go until the Armory unlocks. Can't wait to get to the Greek stuff, and some Cthulhu goodness.
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    Gonna take a break from cosplay sewing to make some gold, dangly star themed earrings for daughters homecoming outfit. Oh, and chocolate chip banana muffins. Because she's going to go with a group of girls to the dance, and they're meeting up several hours beforehand.
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    Hit the blue "Manage My Pledge" button. Hit the green "Change my Pledge" button. Scroll down to Pledge Amount and change it, then hit the green "Continue" button. This changes the $$ amount but not your wave#.
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    In just seven days, I can make you... A ma-a-a-a-an!
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    i dont' know why but i really like painting centaurs as zebra zebra stripes are just so fun i used to play a MMO game that had centaurs as a playable race, and the armor you equipped included horse barding
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    Whereas I've made centaurs a playable race in my Pathfinder campaigns, and am generally rather disappointed with the variety of available miniatures. There's none that are wearing heavy armor, for example. I'd love to see a centaur in full-plate, including barding on the horse parts...
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    My favourite dice are still my first sets I bought in the early 90s (bottom two), combined with the complete set (top) that came with a Chessex Pound-O'-Dice bag I bought after graduating college. My clear yellow d8 has gone missing years ago. But these remain my "go to" dice no matter what I play.
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    Fall is going as planned. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting colder (morning frost is getting more and more common), and leaves are yellowing, though have not reached the full autumn spectrum. No pictures yet, as it's not pretty enough yet. I know we can get better. I'll expect more when I'll be ont he road next week for Thanksgiving.
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    Did a bit more. Debating a wash to tie stuff together better. Could call it done with the base. May do so. Dusky skin highlight for shirt shadows and gun /pants highlights. Black for pants shadows. Redstone highlight for leather highlights. Red shadow for skin shadows.
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    There were, but one was one you already knew about, and the second one they never said what it was. So yes, there are two. Looking at it right now, nice little piece!
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