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    Finished up the Farmer NPC from Bones 4 today, and I have to say he is the most peasanty looking peasant that ever peasanted, I bet he didn't even vote for the king. really happy how he turned out and was a fun paint
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    The big wyvern from Bones 4. Enjoy !
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    Hello everyone, I was finally able to finish this Bones Mushroom King miniature today. Quite happy with the result so wanted to post some pictures here on the forum. Open for any comment and/or remarks! Have a nice weekend.
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    I also run adventure paths. I run them because I'm lazy and don't want to have to write a story. So I treat a lot of APs as outlines instead of exact step by step instructions. I toss in odd things all the time. Have to, I have players that couldn't follow a railroad to save their lives, or more their PCs lives
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    These are 15mm figures I plan to use as robot rodents in place of giant rats for a sci-fi version of Rangers of Shadow Deep.
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    "Your character realized they weren't going to get paid because your employer was kidnapped. You left in disgust and created a catering company selling exotic roast meats. Your first clients are drunken third sons looking to shock their peers but then their moms get involved and realize you provide a quality and interesting service at half the cost of the standard caterers. Your business takes off from there." That is an option I'll offer after our Conversation.
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    I think this would lead to a more heated discussion & probably not a solution. I never have liked killing a character off when the player couldn't make it. Now maybe if it was multiple sessions, but a single session, nah not worth it.
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    Several of the Fat Little Birds have reached a state of almost perfect roundness. Like feathery orbs. I'm resisting the urge to line them up in an unused egg carton and bring them indoors.
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    Another from @Roonfizzle the DM's request pile that I started around Halloween. I had a lot of fun with this one and think he came out pretty awesome. Only downside is @Roonfizzle decided to modify the monster to make it harder to represent the figure .... am so not looking forward to this fight.
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    I'll try to get a picture, but they've gotten a bit camera shy. Flight, although ungainly is still possible for them and I'm figuring most of it is the addition of the winter coat of feathers. But the way they've been attacking the food, even their high metabolism is gonna be hard pressed to burn it all off. Last winter the flock went from around 20 to 5-7, either due to freezing or predators. They're House Sparrows mostly, except for the two Cardinals, so they have a fast breeding rate, the flock was back to around 20 by July.
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    Which is nice way to do it, but it effectively "kills off" the character. A solution for the DM but not for the player (even if the player is the troublesome one).
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    The Press Gang could be combined with my idea for "guest of honor" status at the local Night-riders meeting. The Press Gang gets the half-orc back at the end of the "party" [as slightly shop worn goods] and the rest of the players get an opportunity to rescue the half orc before it ends up on a vessel for points unknown. During play make it known to the players that the night-riders are another faction that they may have to deal with from time to time. GEM Sounds Reasonable. And you ninjad me by about 5 seconds. GEM
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    They would not flutter away? Can they still fly? Can you snap a photo so we can play ID this miniature (bird)? If the troublesome half-Orc is a no-show, what do you usually do with a parked character? Could you kill this one “off-camera”? Or how about having the troublesome character Shanghaied by a press gang? ...while everybody else was at the ball? Next week you inform the player their character is on one of three ships far out to sea, (or possibly a Spelljammer bound for Krynnspace) and it’s time to roll up a new character. Clearly, you have somehow offended M.E.O.W.
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    So my Conversation might not happen tonight at all. She woke up with a migraine and is probably not going to make it. So we'll get through this dungeon tonight and see what happens. Still not looking forward to it.
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    When they were released to home video the two short seasons (4&5) were combined to make a slightly long season. As long as the last episode of season 4 is the one where Doc moves and finds another Fraggle hole in his new home, it is the complete series.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I just checked the episode listing and that indeed is the ending. Hopefully I'll be able to get through the entire zero in the next few weeks. I've been slowly working my way through the early seasons of Supernatural whilst painting, so Fraggle Rock should be a good change. Here's the theme song so everyone else can get it stuck in their heads https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KLQS6xo40kI
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    Spending the day hitting "try again" as the old HD disconnects from the USB then reconnects seconds later. I tells ya, I'm just excitement personified today!
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    The old GW marketing strategy actually alienated customers. I loved the lore, I collected the armies and books, but every time again they would "upgrade" and change stuff, release new books even before you had your army complete. After a while it gets boring and when new players hit the market they started losing customers. See my earlier experience with the Warmaster Setting.
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    I couldn't find any of my old drawings of it, but imagine if you will, a monstorous feathered beast with a scaled underbelly, 12 feet high at the shoulder, with twin sinuous necks leading to beaks lined with rending teeth, breathing hellfire upon it's victims. Immune to shot or shell unless made of silver or blessed in some fashion. The combat servants of Mammon. An unholy cross between a dragon and a canadian goose when it takes physical form. The Gulthor. In 2003 I worked for a chewing gum company that had a fetish for canadian geese. Large kites of them hung from the ceilings of the endless overlit halls, beady eyes stared at you in harsh judgement from the "inspirational posters" hung upon the walls, the "motivational" seminar new hires were strong armed into attending even had a 20 minute film done in the style of Leni Riefenstahl meets a nature documentary. Geese flying in formation, geese marching through pastoral countrysides, geese leaving one of their own behind (possibly hit by flak fire) so that the flock's (company's) goals may be achieved. On top of other various illegal activities the company was doing which I won't be getting into, I was also 97% sure that the higher ups were attempting to sacrifice the souls of the temps on the shop floor to Mammon in exchange for protection from the SEC and quarterly profit increases. The fact that the main "motivational meeting" was manditory and scheduled on April 30th, did not go unnoticed. Nor did the other troubling phenomina..(The odd chanting that came from the breakroom during lunch, the possibly non human QA manager who was able to literally disappear at will...I am not an easy person to sneak up on especially if I'm in a place I don't like, yet she got the drop on me consistently and often, also I never saw her blink or felt her breath when she'd appear hovering over my back like a distaff dementor demanding product samples. ) The machine I was running was the overwrap, where the boxes of gum were sealed in plastic. It was a tempermental, evil beast, prone to shutting itself down for no reason, or starting itself unexpectedly especially if you had the guards removed so as to clear a blockage. The theory of the mechanics was that this was a wiring issue, one they claimed on multiple occasions to have fixed....it kept happening anyway. A clear case of demonic possession considering that while it was intended to generate enough heat to melt the plastic wrap around the box, it was getting hot enough to actually melt the boxes. We called it the Limbcleaver and eventually I figured out that the company's lust for geese had gone too far and that they had trapped a demonic one in the machine for reasons I could never figure out. This also explained why my pens, stapler and other supplies were constantly going missing. Some of the 1st shift temps were Mammonite cultists and sacrificing them so that the malfunctions wouldn't occur until after 2nd shift got in. Several of the cleaning crew may have also been fed to the foul thing, in the year I was there we went through six different crews. I also have reason to suspect that I was intended to fall prey to this as well. Once I figured out the machine was possessed, the image of the Gulthor and it's name and purpose popped instantly into my mind. I may have escaped that place with my soul still attached, although my sanity took a savage beating, but from then on the knowledge of this eldritch feathered beast has been etched upon my psyche, just as now it shall be etched upon yours, dear reader.... (More of this is actually based on fact that you'd believe.)
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    So I'm walking along behind the couch. Pocky the Cat zips ahead of me to sproing onto the back of the couch and demand pets. But he misjudged my speed and his own, and launched himself headfirst into my testicles. This put us both a bit out of joint, disrupted our respective flight paths, and injured our respective dignity. And both of us probably walked away thinking, "Yeah, that's the kind of day I'm having."
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    It was strange waking up today and not feeling ....ill. For the last week I have been unwell. I have five days worth of Meds to take.
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    The dragon wolf is simply a half-dragon dire wolf. That's one of the great things about 3/3.5/pathfinder 1, there's a ton of easy templates to modify creatures.
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    Yesterday I received the latest Advanced Bionics sound processor for my cochlear implant, the Harmony. It has possibilities that I am quite excited about:. This looks what it looks like in its all boxed up state: I will post photos of it out of the box after it is programmed & operational. OH BABY!
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    To add to critical hit's list (from a largely 3e viewpoint): Boulderkin = Galeb Duhr Dragon Wolf = Half-Dragon or Half-Fiend Dire Wolf Gem Dragon = Gem Dragons (Tamiya Clears can dye them just about any color, and keep the translucency) Three-Headed Troll = Mutant Ettin or Fell Troll (depending on size), or any giant with the Multi-headed template. The Thing in the Well = Mind Flayer Elder Brain (advanced to 39 HD to make it Huge) Dire Cabbage = Mimic Overgourd = Beholder, Mimic, or Beholder/Manitou (Loumara demon) hybrid monster. Dragon-Lion = Dragonne or Half-Dragon or Half-Fiend Tiger/Smilodon, etc. 1001 (Surkar, Orc Shaman) = Orc shaman 1016 (Bane Larva) = advanced Large Grick, or a Carrion Crawler 1017 (Bog Homonculus) = some type of fiend 1020 (Nightcloak) = Cloaker or one of the monstrous bat species from Monsters of Faerun (I forget their names) 1025 = Advanced (Large) Basilisk - which is exactly what they intended it to be, by the way. 1029 = (Krampus) = Half-Fiend or fiendish troll (especially one from union with a Goristro) or a half-troll Minotaur. Goroloth = Aboleth (it's the correct size for every D&D edition except 5e) Yog-Sothoth = Lovecraft Outer God. Adapt stats from Call of Cthulhu d20, or just make up your own stats. Would actually work fairly well for a D&D Sibriex (advanced to Huge or larger; I'm not exactly sure how big that mini will be) Leucrotta = Leucrotta Cerberus = Cerberus = best 3e analogue would be an advanced Brachyurus (wolf-like monster from the Epic Level Handbook) with the Multi-Headed template. Templates are a great thing...
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    The thing is, adult human size can vary from significantly less than 60 inches tall to more than 78 inches tall with weights in proportion. That means the monsters can have a similar range of variability. And not all monsters need to plot on the Good/Evil - Lawful/Chaotic plot, some of them can be just plain Random / Hungry. GEM
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    @NebulousMissy have your Half orc pain in the rear detained by the local Sheriff for some cultural infraction and she now gets to spend her adventure cleaning gutters in a ridiculous outfit.
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    @Humansquish Attention, attention!! You have a CAV 3 order incoming, if you pay for your shipping!
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    Choices made, the package is on its way to robinh in sunny Nova Scotia. Thanks to all for spreading the love.
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    You raise some good points, however the positives you cite did not happen until recently, under Rountree. For over a decade, GW dug their own hole, pricing their customers out of the market, then being suprised that sales dropped. The Old World setting being killed off showed that they had no clue as to what the problem actually was. Ending at 8th made a certain sense, seeing as how out of control balance and entry price had gotten, nuking the setting did not. After all, if the setting was as "trope heavy and overdone" as many of it's detractors claim, then why did the Total War versions gain such a strong audience? Why did the video game version of Mordheim gather a large following? Also in a world where just about every setting has become embedded with the WOW/MTG aesthetic and planewalking shenannigans, the low fantasy grimdark of the Old World was just about the only alternative left and they killed it to replace it with more of the same. The setting was never the problem, taking their customers for granted was. As to painting, Duncan Rhodes and his channel were probably the best idea GW has had in over ten years. I know of several FLGS where GW is sponsoring the paint nights, however seeing as how GW has had market dominance for a long time, and for quite awhile had the "GW Hobby" brainwashing going on I can't help but take a more cynical view on the matter. Especially considering that the quality of their paints has been dropping except for washes and inks for a very long time. Their original line in the 90s was functionly immortal, after they introduced the "screw you" top in the late 90s/early 2000s, the quality went downhill fast. From no other company have I had to return freshly bought paints that were dried solid. That the sponsored paint nights were using Bones minis was something I found rather ironic. The reason for the excellent sales of the board game boxes is also likely due to the fact that they tend to be a limited run type of thing, which feeds a sense of urgency and a speculation market. The start collecting boxes are a good value, and a reason for a cautious optimism in certain ways, but there is a lot of water still under the bridge.
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    They'd better not ruin the Old World by shoe horning in Sigmarines but I'm afraid they probably will.
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    I think Grumpy is hoping for Tomb Kings. I never played Warhammer. But I love me some Mordheim and HeroQuest.
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    It's worth remembering that the 5e DMG explicitly makes allowance for using miniatures that don't have the "proper" base size.
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    Very well done looks like you already have some of the core skills down. the only thing i would say to try on this guy or the next one is to deepen the shades with washes. for this little guy you could do a black wash over the spear tip and sword, a brown wash on the spear shaft and even the gold/yellow bits and a dark green wash on the skin. you will be surprised how much simple washes make details pop out.
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    There was a loud scream followed by crashing noises then Fluffy, the 200 pound sabretooth security officer from MEOW came barreling out of @Pezler the Polychromatic's study. Sending @Glitterwolf, Corsair, @Loim and @TGP sprawling on his exit and causing @Crowley and @NebulousMissyto make a diving catch to save the coffee, Fluffy disappeared from view. The ordinarily dapper Pezler came into the room in a very disheveled state and fixed a steely eyed glare on Corsair and stated "You did this!" "I did what?" "Somehow you put a spell of summoning into one of the pockets of my robe! Now look at it!" "I didn't do it!" "Only you! Who electrified the fire hydrant outside of WOOF Headquarters?" "I have no idea what you are talking about! And they never proved anything." While this debate continued @Unruly wandered in and stole the last of the stroopwaffels and bacon for a snack as @Paradoxical Mouse just quietly smiled and kept her giggles to herself while she slipped back into her pocket, the one that just happened to be right next to the one Fluffy had "accidentally" arrived in...
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    I got exactly the opposite reaction. I thought your color choice is drab...of course, I do tend to bright colors, especially with my mushrooms. I think you might be spraying to close & to heavily. A quick, light side to side motion seems to work best with Dullcote, & you do have to shake the can for at least two minutes.
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    He waffled a bit, then said he thinks they were inch-and-a-half. Sure, it's not a 100% official confirmation, but the fact he couldn't flat-out pin it down to "D&D game piece size" is a bit telling. I intend to hound Ron about getting some test prints out next to Sir Forscale. Me too. I hope to get at least 5, so I can make different Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White ones. That's the biggest reason I'm salty about the way they bundled it in with the other Core set dragons. It's the same reason I'm ecstatic that the Dragon-Lion and the Gem Dragon are stand-alone add-ons.
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    I love the runes on his cape. His staff looks really nice, too.
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    I've seen the first two episodes and I'm enjoying it so far.
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    He looks awesome! I love the weathering, it makes him look really knarly and ancient.
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    I don't think that troll was would be stopped by acid because I think he took some acid and you could probably hear him a mile away as Iron Butterfly plays wherever he goes. Very cool paint job!
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    Last update did mention possibly allowing the pledge manager to go to January. That would be awesome for me.
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    Well, it's not like they canceled the Old World because it was a best selling game. My understanding is that it was a terrible seller and it was either AoS is successful or they become the 40K company. Some of the comlaints lobbed prove it was the right thing to do. "I haven't played for years." "Too expensive." "I used to play." You weren't the market the second you stopped buying product. I'm not a fan of everything they do but in terms of providing value, their start collecting boxes, their battleforce boxes and their various board game boxes, like the Feast of Bone, often sell out on presales alone and are flipped for large sums of cash. Their paints and efforts to get people to actually paint, are leagues ahead of almost anyone else. Everyone else, especially on Youtube, is playing catch up. The Army painter is starting to get some stuff in, which is great, but who else? Vallejo every blue moon? Reaper ?
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    Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey fame say(about flipping cars) that you earn or lose your money when buying the car, ot when selling it. He will take a loss on a car to get it out of his shop and to free up watever money he can from it. A car in his shop may be priced at $50K, but if no one wants to buy it he won't be able to use that money for new inventory. Waiting for 'someone' to come buy cars like that would end up with him just having a couple of old hot rods and an empty building. Old inventory ties up money and just as importantly in a retail store, storage space. Pricing the goods above MSRP these days will make customers start to look elsewhere. And these days, customers do know what the MSRP is. I don't know how much of a rebate stores have, but I imagine that keeping a smaller selection in store, and telling customers that they get a 5% discount on anything that must be ordered should be a working strategy these days.
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    Received my Reaper order on Thursday for my partner and have started on mold lines.
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    Hold on, you painted the eyes on your first mini? I didn't do that for YEARS after starting He looks great!
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