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    I do mostly skirmish and large wargames so I'll tell you a bit about my high elves. No names will be used to protect the innocent and stupid. Plus I never got around to doing a real detailed back story for them. They were the first Warhammer army I bought as a young adult back in around '93 and the scond I finished painting in around 2017. They and my goblin army are my most used for the last 10+ years. They are a proud elite unit covered in shiny armour and carrying the best quality weapons. Despite this and their decades of training they are mostly useless on the battlefield. The ultimate parade ground soldiers. Leading the army is the Dragon Knights. Mounted on the best steeds in the world and wearing the finest heavy plate armour they have a record of running away from every battle they ever fought (maybe not quite but it sure seems like it). I guess they just don't want to risk the pretty horses and shiny armor getting dinged up. On the plus side they are often the only survivors of their battles because they spend much of their time running almost to the edge of the field and then returning for another quick melee before running away again. I supposed they think they are just using proper hit and run cavalry tactics. The other elite troops of the army are infantry, white lions, swordmasters and phoenix guard. The lions and phoenixes have a decent record but tend to be missile magnets so never have enough numbers left to sway the melee in their favour. The swordmasters are impressive usually in a suicidal way. They take the fight to the enemy and often stand to the last man causing much more damage than they take before succumbing. The true heroes of the army are the archers. As is to be expected of elves they are deadly with their bows. While the pretty swordsmen and spearmen are busy stumbling around and dying they cause a large amount of damage to any enemies and even can hold their own in melee. This army is supposed to be a small, deadly elite force and yet it is one of my larger ones and despite their stats on paper they are unlucky and most often lose. Compare it to their most common enemy the goblins who are supposed to be a weak, horde army yet win more of their battles and are outnumbered by the elves. This is slowly changing as the goblins seem to have an active breeding program going and their numbers are always increasing while the elves have mostly stagnated for years.
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    Lo! These many years ago (13, to be exact) my brother and I were going to start gaming with a friend of his. I rolled up a druid character and was prepared to play her. Then the friend left town and didn’t come back for a few years. I have long since lost the character sheet for this druid, but I still had the mini I purchased! I never expected to paint her, but here she is! 03094, Maralise Moonscythe and her parrot!
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    Magos maniplus and her servitors. Unlike most of her rank she has opted for gigantic legs as opposed to magnetic levitation, because you cannot stomp on people if you have no legs. She fought to a series of pyric victories on the planet of Aleusis. She delayed but could not stop the forces of chaos from claiming the world when the planetary defense forces fell apart leaving her to fight a last stand with the remaining mechanicus forces.
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    While I've been collecting Undead almost since I got started in the hobby, it wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to create a Halloween themed force. Behold, the Army of the Great Pumpkin... (Stuffed onto the middle shelf of my hutch in varying degrees of comfort.) Trying to break this down on a unit basis will clog the thread, so I'll just give an overview here. Part of the army is the traditional Halloween force of spiders, pumpkin dudes, and skeletons. Another contingent is based on the idea that a dead witch can return as a vampire or werewolf, and utilizes these as well as ghosts, zombies, and ghouls bringing it close to a regular undead force. Another branch is the witch as infernalist, which opens up the possibility of units of goatmen, demonic creatures,etc. Balancing that is the Nature Witch faction which will include angry trees, giant housecats, and other creatures normally found in a Wood Elf army. The plan is to eventually take all of these and expand them into thier own armies. For now though, this is a display army although I think I could get most of it onto a Kings of War list.
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    While my shop's Wizkids Wave 10 was delayed untill Monday, I did take part in their 10% sale off existing mini stock: Nozlur's Female half-orc barbarian Female elf paladin Phase spider x2 Male tiefling rogue Plus I picked up a order that was there already Chessex 12mm d6 cube Goes with the set I picked up in Eugene earlier this year.
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    it happened out-of-scene. Perhaps he was sampling a hot dog to see if it was safe for customers and then went into convulsions knocking the stand over on himself, absorbing the chemicals through his skin? Then afterward he ... ate the rest of the hotdogs? IDK. maybe it wasn't a full dose...
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    A few previews from yesterday's Bones 5 Live episode: The Fan Favorites Hellborn and Landsknecht 3d renders: They don't know if the the Landsknecht will come with two head options? That is a Ron question; they were just speculating, based upon the fact it was rendered with and without the helmet. They also showed the concept art for both the above models. The Hellborn was shown with what looks like a flanged mace included in the concept art. They speculated it might have a weapon option with the model? Pure speculation, though. . As far as my preferred expansions: 1) Dungeon Dwellers: I'm a long-ish time DM that's been gathering pre-painted mini's since 2006, so a lot of this set isn't a "need" for me, but I was desperately looking for affordable 25mm plague doctor mini's last year, and couldn't find any. This set has two. I'm getting it, dammit! I was so stoked when that Part 1 was revealed on the first day of the KS. 2) Greek Odyssey: So much great stuff in this set that I will definitely make use of. 3) Dark Depths: Since the pirate ship has inspired me to buy and plan on running Dragon Magazine's Savage Tide adventure path, the underwater set is a natural pairing. Sure, it probably won't have all that much underwater action in the AP, but it has some great creatures in it, including the Fathom Tyrant. 4) Fan Favorites: Some of this is too odd and quirky for me, but there's enough stuff in here to make it a no-brainer. The mephits and axoloti will be great for D&D. I'll sell off the Tortle and the Wildfolk to 5e fanbois, but I can put most of the rest of it to use pretty easily. 5) Brinewind: Those characters will be great for populating the pirate town that Savage Tide is based out of. 6) Daimyo: I have a love/hate relationship with this expansion. But the Chinese Dragon and the Oni are going to run more than $50 at retail, so I might as well buy the expansion. 7) Chronoscope: It's not really my thing, but for whatever reason, I REALLY want to paint some of those steam punk mini's. The elder god would be useful, too. This set isn't a lock, but if I have the funds, I'll probably get it. 0) Brinewind Extras: I'm putting this last, because it's not technically an expansion, but I actually love it more than anything else, at least with respect to how many I'm going to buy. I'll probably get four of this set. I'm starting to love using terrain in my table-top game. I do actually love monsters more than terrain, but there's just so much useful in this set, and it's even more useful in multiples (merchant wagon train, small boats skirmishing in the harbor, etc.)
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    I think the Great Keyboard Drought of 1926 is finally over. You can probably find one to replace that one. When I lived in Laramie, once the ice came, it stayed until spring. You might want to look into getting a set of Yaktrax or similar traction devices. And do be careful; my broken back was caused by a similar fall. MRIs aren't as much fun as you might think.
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    Off to Drinking and Dragons, my quarterly charity event. I'm running an original game for 5E. I'm hoping that I can keep everyone enertained for the full 5 hours.
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    I've sold a few, given more away, but mostly keep them for myself.
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    Pinnacle Entertainment Group ran a KS for The Goon Comic RPG. Included in the KS were eight metal miniatures. Despite the unique setting of "zombie noir", some of the miniatures can be used in other genres. I'll be painting the miniatures, starting with Merle the Werewolf. Obviously, he can be used as a generic werewolf, although his eyes are white, not the usual red I use. Bases were made from the OOP Happy Seppuku narrow wooden plank texture stamp, and miniatures pinned with the Army Painter hand drill. With extra paint, I painted some very old Grenadier werewolves, and an Against the Dark demon (looks more like a minotaur to me). Last pic doesn't include the ochre Skeleton Bone, which I used to lighten the browns to add contrast. Merle looks a little sad in that last pic, although that's appropriate for his character in The Goon...
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    Enjoy the movie, feel better soon. A hot shower will make you feel just as good. Epsom salts only help if you are low on magnesium, which most people aren't, and in which case there are plenty of foods you can eat to help.
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    We sort of averaged our drinking. I used to drink a lot more, Grump used to drink a lot less. Like a bottle of beer a year or something. He's up to a pint every other week or so. I'm down to a pint a week or so. But the beer we share is better and more expensive than what I used to drink. I used to drink Bud.
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    Thanks. I spent a bit of time on the cats so they'd match the ones I did ~15 years ago for my Warlord army. Was tough matching paint colors they don't make any more. The rats I did very simply with a thin wash of brown liner and then some ink glazes. It's really sunny and nice today and we're going to do christmas lights at some point this afternoon so I may not be as productive today.
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    Seven Wonders was mentioned, and I will second that as one of the most-played games in my collection. It's a great game for as many as seven players (eight with expansions) and plays very well with as few as four. Three or two is possible and fun, but gets pretty swingy. Also already mentioned: Lords of Waterdeep is a really enjoyable game for five players (six with expansions), and I really like it for two as well. Azul is fun, simple enough that I will introduce it to my parents (Carcassonne is their most complicated game), complex enough that I've never felt bored by it. And I'd add Seasons and Small World to the list. Seasons is a card-drafter with a really interesting chance element and gorgeous artwork. Plays well with two, three or four players. Smallworld is a territory control game with a really great army-refresh mechanic and a hilarious aesthetic. Good for two to five players.
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    That is just beautiful. The contrast with the nicely faded, plain cloak and dark bodice make this very eye-catching without being gaudy.
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    Beautiful. I am jealous of your tartan.
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    Inspired by the weekend question, I took some pictures of the army thus far and found that posting it in the question thread would be excessive, also that I didn't have an ongoing thread for my largest painted army so here it is. The plan is to get my Shelf of Incompleteion cleared off then work on reinforcements for this alongside my Old School Undead army. Here we have the Pumpkin construct unit led by a Storybook Witch from Old Glory. I have 3 more of her, but the bag only came with the one flight stand and the Reaper ones I have don't fit, when I get around that, they'll form their own unit. Behind her is Rotpatch, and the scarecrow is hanging out with these guys until I can get a couple more. The constructs are filling the slot of core infantry. Here is a Ral Partha Witch leading the Pumpkin Knight heavy infantry consisting of the Halloween Knight and converted Barrow Wardens. Willow Greenivy leading the skeletal Pumpkin Guard. 10 newer GW skeletions and a variety of Reaper Bones. Elise with the Pumpkin Chucker and some Bones skeletal archers providing ranged support. A female Necromancer and the Etherial Legion of ghosts and wraiths. An Iconic Witch, Pumpkin Spider, and friends. A converted Brettonian Sorceress with the skeletal heavy infantry. Basically, what happens when adventurers irritate the witches. Bats, wolves, and allied vampires. Another vampire and werewolf allies. Zombies, ghouls, and another Reaper Witch. Beastmen and hell hounds with an infernalist witch.
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    And so you have discovered why Box Wine is a Mimic Trap. And also why there is no sight gauge on the box. Seriously, from now on you need to acquire your wine for personal consumption in bottle form as it is easier to gauge your consumption. Best of Luck. GEM
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    The trick is to consider your time almost without value.
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    I married a woman that enjoys Black Friday shopping. Sadly, we did not manage to make a kill, so went home and bought online instead. Megan now has a computer coming! She decided against the laptop, and went for a refurbished Dell desktop instead. It will need a bigger drive for data, and could use a better graphics card - but unlike a laptop these are things that can be added later, along with a DVD R/W, since it comes with just a DVD reader. Which means I can start looking to replace my old computer next year or so. The Auld Grump - I didn't use the computer yesterday at all, I don't think. Black Friday kicked our butts at work. Why does that sound familiar? Serious question - it sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it. The Auld Grump
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    My Kazumi Temple arrived today. Haven't checked if everything that should be in the box IS in the box, but things do look good indeed. A packing list would have been nice ... as would have been a sheet of paper showing some assembly ideas for the temple. The quality is there, enough to make me think of adding more to the $1 I pledged for the dungeon tiles (which gives me access to the pledge manager ... when they get around to opening it). But I can't say I care a lot about how they run things ... so I'll probably stay at $1.
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    Might have to call it a month at 22. Really wanted to get 30 done but it's been a very rough month around here. Will try to get more painted if I have the time and energy today but I may not be able to.
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    I have to say I'm not as thrilled by any of the Expansions this time as much as I was by Bones 4's selection. Each seems to have a share of both stuff that is useful to me, and stuff that really isn't. That being said, here is my ranking, mostly based on the balance of what I can and can't use for wargaming. 1) Dark Depths- Love the potential for unit building in this one. The Mermaids, Slithe, and Brine Goblins are all present in numbers that will allow me to start building units from them; then picking up the extras I need to fill the ranks from ebay, trade, or retail. I also love the Giant, and I can see the big Jelly Fish being used both in fantasy and sci-fi encounters. 2) Brinewind- Unfortunately I already have a bunch of pirates and skeletal pirates, so a lot of this et s redundant, but there are enough set gems and interesting character types to make it worthwhile. The Anchor of Damnation, Shark Butcher, Merchant and Porter are all good set dressing for various scenarios. And who can resist Otter and Cat Pirates! 3) Chronoscope- Like Brinewind, a lot of the zombie, zombie hunter, and steampunk figure types I already have similar figures in my collection. But I will probably get this expansion for the few standout pieces: the trailer, the thing bursting from the sidewalk, and the big mutants and the robot/mech types all appeal to me; and there are a scattering of fun characters throughout to make it worthwhile to me. This is now the point where how finances work out will decide if I buy or not. 4) Fan Favorites- There seems to be enough fun stuff in here to make it worth while. Love the Lady Landsknecht, the Pizza Dungeon and the Animatronics, and the Axoloti (Which I see being right at home with the aquatic gang from Dark Depths.). The Gatormen have the optimal to form a fun unit for wargaming too. 5) Dungeon Dwellers: I love this set, but not sure there's enough in it to make it worthwhile for me. I don't do a lot RPG-ing, so many of characters would probably go unused. Could see the orcs being the basis of a unit, and here is a unit of goblin cavalry in my future as well at some point...just probably not starting with this set. This is the point where outside of winning the lottery, purchase is unlikely. 6) Greek- Love the Cloud Giant, but not being a big student of Greek mythology, little else appeals. Also, I already have old Yephima, so painting a whole new one seems redundant, even though this one is much more spectacular. 7) Daimyo- Never really got into fantasy Asian as a setting, so little interest in anything here.
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    Very nice, wonderful effects on the cloth.
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    Congrats! Great ice effect.
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    Everybody gather--gather together, we’re going to have a group shot! Oh yes! Oh, it's going to be a lovely night... (The beholder photobombed the shoot - it has nothing to do with using his eyes to use up paints, not at all...) Deena (and the Tressym's) eyes are LED Blue and Catseye Green (naturally), both from Reaper. I need to hit both of them up again with another coat. They're solid eyes in part because I stink at doing eyeballs smaller than those of, well, a Beholder... and in part because, especially in her Solar form, Deena is more magical creature than mortal, at this point. Deena's laces ended up being Cactus Rose (Reaper) another limited edition paint I will dreadfully miss when I'm out of it. Her choker is Sparkling Blue - which I might use for the trim on the dress as well? Not sure. I think the not-buckles on her boots will end up silver with a little blue in them - or maybe Gunmetal Blue with a little silver (and then drybrush them with mithril or something). Both of these two still need some cleanup - in particular, looks like the membranes on Lorge need some more coal black, and maybe a little nightmare black on the "fingers" of the wings, and smol needs an overall cleanup. Then Smol gets some shading, and Lorge some highlighting - Lorge Bastia is already dark enough as it is, so I'm going to drybrush her with some dark blue or purple (undecided) to draw out some of the detail and structure a little. I also still need to find a color for her ears.... Garius loves his Belt! It holds his armor up! It only coincidentally matches his breechclout, because he bought them from different merchants! I need to do another pass on the yellow and orange... whatever those ares - hanging off his pauldrons, and maybe another coat of brown on the scabbard - then off to do his pouches and greaves and what not. The belt is turquoise whatever, the copper is, uhhh... Dragon Copper (same as the hilt of Deena's sword?), and the frog for his sword is Dryad Brown (since i had it out to do some touch-up on Deena's boots).
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    That book isn't going anywhere that he isn't.
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    I always love seeing fresh faces at the FLGS! Whether miniaturists or board gamers, it's good to actually see the evidence that these things aren't dying out. (Not that I'm actually worried about that, but I have my own little game group and sometimes the FLGS is empty enough that I feel like my group is the last bastion of the hobby.) As for the new WizKids stuff, we picked up the well and the statue-on-a-fountain (as evidenced by my post a few days ago). Both are great terrain pieces. I like the campfire-and-sittin'-log set, but I already have all of those pieces from other companies (except the log, but... It's a log), and I want six of the tent but don't really need more than one of the lean-to. I wish they'd packaged the tent with a campfire, or some baggage or a cot, and packed the lean-to with some trapper items, like a small snare-on-a-sapling or a bear trap. Still, this is a really useful wave from WizKids. I didn't see the horse, the fact that it has no saddle is really great. All of these things together will make for some good encounters, either with combat or just RP for a session.
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    Watched "Watcher in the Woods" last night, along with both WTF alternative endings... I'm glad they went with the ending they did.
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    Thanksgiving paint binge runs through the 2nd. You can join us and finish up there. :)
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    Going to see Frozen 2 for my birthday movie soon. Gonna bring my cushion because I definitely broke my tail bone. Hand is doing better, though I need hubby to help me dress and everything. My fingers are a lovely shade of grey. I’d love to have a tub to take an epsom salt bath right now.
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    Happy birthday! Hope your tail bone gets better! The Auld Grump
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    Well, read one of the issues.... Uhm, ewwww? Definitely not my cup of tea. I like mad science, but... apparently not when combined with erotica. (Like Alfie, and Oglaf can make me smile, this... not so much.) The Auld Grump
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    Episode 4 was what I like to call a breather episode. Still had some good action, but it was mostly a rest from the first plot arc and just enough additional to keep things moving forward. Also, more Cara Dune please.
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    This is definitely true, but my stack of paper maps is already six inches tall. I have fears about paper map longevity with glossy prints on paper, rather than card stock. Some of my ancient cardboard FASA maps are starting to crumble after 25-30 years, but it was a pretty good run.
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    Very impressive work...turned out excellent.
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    Nice job. He has that gritty "gets things done" feel about him.
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    Good work. Nice and clean. OSL is very subtle, you are right. It almost seems like the glow is coming only from the pages, not the whole book.
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    I've wanted to play Dungeon ever since I was a little kid. Still haven't.
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    Aside from general merriment, libations and buying Christmas gifts for people in my life... ...I'm currently working on painting up ALL of the Bones undead miniatures that I have from Bones 1-4 which is a monstrous undertaking (pun intended) but it is for my DND game!! I'm running a new adventure and, having painted up the 4 heroes, they're currently up against a horde of undead which has been unleashed on the world like a plague. I'm using the minion rules from 4th edition that I liked so much.
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    Morning all! Sounds like everyone had a less exciting thanksgiving than I did. Driving out of NYC was a dream. Seriously the easiest drive I've experienced yet. We hit the road at about 8:30 and were cruising along nicely. Out of the city, onto the highways, and even made it so a clear I95, almost out of NY when... tick... tick tick tick ticktickticktick*white smoke* Oh, look, an exit is RIGHT HERE, let's pull off for a second. I drive up the off ramp, and just as the lane merges into the side road, the oil light and battery light turn on, and the power steering dies. I yank it onto the side, and turn it off. The dogs make concerned noises in the back seat. Mrs. Hamster suggests I pop the hood and take a look. I laugh, being not particularly mechanically inclined, but do it. You know the hose that runs from the engine to the radiator? Or maybe it runs from the radiator to the engine. The little silver band that clamps around the hose at the engine was broken, and the hose appeared to not be entirely attached anymore. Thankfully we were only a mile from two different metro north train stations, there was a lovely lady who pick us, the dogs, and all the crap from the car to the station, my BiL picked us up and we were only about 2.5 hours late to getting to my sister's house. More on the day itself, and the D&D game I ran for the kids later. It's time for more coffee and to make waffles!!
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    The garage is still diagnosing the problem... It broke, it ain't worth fixing... but okay, you do you...
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