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    This was just a random thing I picked up cheap at my local game store but I think its one of my best paint jobs yet! I would love to hear any feedback you all have.
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    Greetings all. It has been a long time since I posted here. I used to post on these forums under the username Mercius, for anyone who might remember me. I took a long break from painting once my daughter was born but have been getting back into it again lately. Recently I have found that, due to the limited amount of time I have to paint, that I need to set a time limit for myself, and call the miniature finished when I hit that time limit, otherwise I find I continue to nitpick and paint and then eventually lose interest and end up with dozens of half painted miniatures. For this miniature I set a time limit of 3 hours and wanted to shoot for a decent table-top level paintjob. Pictures aren't the best as it washes out some of the highlights, but I feel I hit my goal within the time limit given. I hope you all enjoy and glad to be back in the Reaper community once again.
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    So I just started painting minis, and this is my 3rd.
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    Time constraints notwithstanding, the Beasty turned out SPLENDIDLY. I love your skin tones, & your color selection in general. VERY WELL DONE!
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    Last one for a bit, have some different stuff to work on for presents for a bit, enjoy!
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    Thanks! So much fun, but also a challenge to try and get him looking like a friend's actual doggo.
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    These were the final two of the Thanksgiving Challenge I was able to complete. The one on the left is a fairly accurate depiction of the Elder Mouse that wound up briefly possessing me on Halloween and his friend is the Priestess of Cheezit. (Which has gone from a favored food of mice, to a religion it seems) Debating on the nature of Cheezits vs Cheese Nips, consulting the Book of Ralph. Nips are found to be acceptable, and they go off to spread this to the other mice...
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    WOOF APPROVES! Wonderful job, the look in his eyes, he's a determined good boy!
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    Beautiful! I especially love the shading /highlighting on the cape and the dirt/mud you applied there. Very good!
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    Finished this a few days ago. One thing I have to say. I've looked at a lot of people's online before doing mine. And not to be rude but I don't like any of theirs. Nobody seemed to try and do a theme to the rocks that location wise made more sense for the fossilized dinosaur on its back. Lots of people made gems and all kinds of other things. You wouldn't find those things around fossil remains. So this was my attempt to have something more surreal and actually include the fossils better and since I collect museum quality fossils apart from painting minis. I've seen enough to try my hand at what it would look like more on an excavation site. :)
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    To each their own really, some prefer high fantasy (even if in the normal world it would make zero sense), others prefer as realistic as possible. And there's nothing wrong with either take on them, that's the good part! Your version looks great! Very realistic looking old stone. He looks very heavy, haha =)
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    And if you find me at the con, I can help explain it if it's done different again (it's been different every year so far). I mail all my junk back. Plus my entries. Plus sometimes boxes of crackers and Buc-ee's merch. Basically whatever I can, so I make it a priority to find out what's what. What I need to do is draw inspiration from RADAR and, if I'm sneaky enough, I can mail home a Camaro a piece at a time over multiple Reapercons. If Ed or Dave ask where the radio volume knob suddenly wandered off to, you don't know nothin you didn't see nothin you didn't hear nothin.
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    I did this piece a few months ago and I am still very proud of it. It took about a week off and on in my spare hours to do it. This was also one of my first attempts at NMM Copper/bronze.
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    The bestiary entry for Erithereans in "Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago" convinced me to finally paint a special edition Reaper miniature I had been waiting on for way too long. I can't believe it's been 12 years...and that every elephant miniature Reaper put out is currently Out of Print (I know the Bones Elephant God should be hitting retail soon, and he is very nice.) One day I may find a copy of the P-65 Elephant Man, Pachylox. He's one of the sad few who never came over to Bones. Here's Harapan!
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    The 20 resin heroes from wave 1.5 of the Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter. I believe there are 12 or so more resin heroes and companions to come in wave 2. A note about the resin used. I see that there is a lot of internet-hate directed towards the resin models, mainly because of the greasy release agent used not being easy to remove, and that many people prefer plastic for ease of gluing and such. I think many of the complainers are boardgamers more than miniature modellists, which I certainly can see these models posing problems. My experience was that with a good scrub in warm soapy water, most of the release agent went away. A few of the models needed an extra coat of primer here and there, as I had not gotten the release grease properly off everywhere, but with that extra coat on I have had no problems. In this they are not really any worse than other resin models I have worked on. One problem was that many of the parts were small, and had very small gluing surfaces (e.g. wrists to arms) but I got them stuck together by using activator spray on the superglue to make it bond quickly. Luckily the resin is lightweight, so gluing a small joint is actually enough to hold the part. (Many of these would not have worked with metal miniatures!) I avoided the small feet being small gluing surfaces altogether by using the vent-sprue bits still attached to the feet of the models as pins to fix them to the bases by drilling matching holes in the bases and cutting the vents to size instead of all the way off.
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    Even in the midst of many other ongoing projects, this mini from Stonehaven's recent kickstarter called out to me. I think I shall call her "Bubble Gum." The base is from Micro Arts Studio.
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    I chose to paint Kyphryxes (still can't spell it). Rolled the colors mint green, olive green, and fire red. Replaced mint green with alien goo. So this was painted only with the following five colors (and red and green liner): Alien Goo Olive Green Fire Red Solid Black Pure White and here are the results: WIP is here. Kinda petered out at the end. and yes, it is pretty bright in person. Hope my next foray into random colors is a little less stimulating.
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    This is Julie Guthrie's 14528: Rageclaw Slayer, a very large werewolf (the base is 40 mm). Oh, and apparently this is the first Warlord figure I've painted. WIP thread here.
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    This is one of the figures from 06028 plague zombies. I painted him as part of my Morihalda Challenge, he's also going into my End Times project as a chaos marauder dedicated to Nurgle, the plague god. Table top painting, as usual.
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    Here is some Elves I painted, these aren't the toy making Elves
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    Posted this one on Facebook but I figured I would post here as well.
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    I finished up two more stands of fantasy Vikings for more portable 1/72 scale campaign set up. These are intended as “Blades” for Hordes of the Things, so I grouped all the two-handed axes I could get out of a box each of Zvezda and Orion Vikings and possible Revell Saxons. This puts me up to twelve bases for the ‘army’, with three to go, so I’ve got enough to swap the order of battle around a little bit between games.
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    So, I did a paint up of the wrapping dragon. I'm particularly proud of the eyes.
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    A couple of early holiday presents for a couple of good friends. Up first, Queen Ileosa of Korvosa, in fairly traditional holiday colors: My apologies to any Persians who I might've offended with the poor freehand rendition of the flag on the fan. That's the best that I managed to do it. Also, if you notice some little bits of red on the base under her dress, that's because I'd tried to go with kind of a red carpet look at first, before deciding that it was bad and just doing a sort of snowy base would look much better. And Baba Yaga, in a somewhat dingier take on the color scheme: Gah, this mini was horrible to work with. There was so much flash on the left hand that I thought giving her gloves would look more sensible than melting flesh, and I had to cut off most of the bar under the feet because it was too misshapen to fit into the base slot as it was (and even after that, she looks very off-balance). Then I had a mishap while gluing on the arm and ended up spilling superglue all down the back of it, but fortunately, that dried transparently enough that it only needed some minor touch-ups (plus some matte varnish to kill the shine, but I was going to do that all over it anyway). No blog link this time, since I felt like dissecting the process of making them as I usually do wouldn't be appropriate for minis that I was painting as gifts. C&C on the end results is welcome, though . The recipients both loved them, so feel free to be extra harsh to balance it out Oh, and sorry for the reflective glare in most of the photos. I'm still trying to work out the picture set-up.
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    More things posted on social media and now posting here! :D
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    I’ve just finished a set of the early doctors as a Xmas present for my brother-in-law. may have to get another set for myself. So we have Doctors 1,2,3,5,6,7 and 8, followed by Zoe and Romana
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    Finished up the Verminling Mindtheif for Gloomhaven. I had planned on painting the armor green, but halfway through I realized he was blue in the game so I switched over and I am REALLY glad I did the green first, it really pops. Eyes look a bit funky because I was trying to do the glowy thing like in the game.
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    Hi guys, i know i havent post or comment anything the las few months. I just had lot of work, but finally got free time to finish my vanja :), some have seen her wip, but she os finally done, hope you guys like her. Sorry about the quality of the photos
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    My take on one of the LotR mice from Cartoon Miniatures. I've been told he looks like Splinter the rat cosplaying as Gandalf.
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    Another bones 3 model set I am not sure of the name of.....(I'll update the title once some one lets me know) but I like how they turned out and they didn't take long to do.
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    Finally finished my Kraken Diorama. Tough time lighting it sadly, to where it didn't glare >< but it came out pretty and it's done so I'm happy =) Only way I would have really liked to make it better is to be able to put it in resin but that'd be a bit much lol Most of my WIP is in my WIP thread, except that last stage where I added background panels (supposed to look like the sea under water, I'm not an artist lol) I was hoping to put more fish in but it started getting a little busier than I liked, and plus it was quite hard to show details on all the fish as well as the Kraken so I just put enough in for interest. Anyway, hope you like it =)
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    Turned out not bad. If there is a metal version of this I would look at picking that up instead of the bones version though.
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    Did this without the helmet and the sword. I liked the bones ones so much I had to get this one to finish the set. Wish this was in bones too as it is a much better sculpt and it detracts from the bones models now. Oh well I have the "set" now so I am .....Oh and this figure is awesome I would tell people to pick up more than one because there is a helmet and sword option in the package which is cool.
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    Ugh I hate spears in pewter but I like this model.
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    Literally painted this in 10-15 minutes. Would have been shorter but had to wait for the paint to dry in between lol. I really like how it turned out. Might do some more of these if I want to add flying robo monkeys to my campaign to terrorize the PCs with lol.
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    Found him in the pile and I figured I would do a quick paint of him. I was going to to use him in my picks but people seem to get a kick out of the wizard Perf.
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    Hey all, Some of you may (or may not) have been wondering why I haven't been on the forums much as of late. The short answer is : I've been busy. Here are some recent Chaos Wars units I've been painting as part of a commission for Ral Partha. Hope you like 'em. The Egg
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    I'm not sure if this figure is actually meant to be a half-orc or not, but that's what I'm using it for. I have a pair of half-orc twins in my campaign, a brother and sister, and they need some figures.
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    Nice Figure. Don't know if I would pickup another though.
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    Did another random pull from the Box of Yesteryears, this time drawing yet another oldie, Nicole of the Blade: Nice bright pics this time, but they have washed out the darks slightly. So. Garrity Eyes strike again, and these were the smallest yet. The first thing that caught my eye was her chain mail. In the past this has been steel/silver, so I wanted to change it up and do a nice bronze. Unfortunately, the closest I had was Antique Gold, so I went with that. Basically everything not flesh or hair got a base coat of Cloudy Gray, then went metallic with Honed Steel, Blade Steel, and Polished Silver, with Antique Gold for the filigree work and the dragon on the shield. Then hit everything with a light Black Ink wash to grunge it up and fill the cracks, and a little bit heavier to line around her legs and skirt and such. Her hair is a mix of 3:1 Desert Sand and Leather Brown, which I only note because I don’t want to forget it. Again. And finally some purple for her hair ribbon to counter the grungy and morose. C&C welcome!
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    I've been meaning to make a show-off thread for this for a while, but the pictures aren't great and I no longer have the mini because she was a Secret Sophie gift to Inarah last year. Lots of things I'd like to have spent more time on, like the stray red brush stroke I noticed after I'd sent her off. Part of the point of an exchange is that there's a deadline, so that's just the way the cookies crumble. Figured people would really want to be able to see what the back side of the mini looks like now that she's available in the store again. Merry Christmas!
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    Nothing to special here. I was thinking about adding some flocking and plants but this is terrain I am going to store in a container so no its probably not going to survive that. lol
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    I really like how this one turned out. Definitely a keeper.
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    Used mold #344 from Hirst Arts to craft walls for my Zombicide: Black Plague game to take my game 3D. Going to try it tomorrow night after we meet friends to decorate Christmas cookies with the kids.
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    Hammer was a little mangled on mine. Shame it's a nice figure but if you want this one I would have to recommend you get it in metal or check out the Bones figure in the packaging before buying and make sure there are no deformities.
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    I finished my Display Board for the competition. And the competition was this past Saturday. 7 people entered, and I didn't get any pics of their stuff. But, and this is important to me because it was pretty unexpected- I won! Apologies for the excessively large images.
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    Victory!! I was down at my former FLGS (used to be stationed there), and came across a blister of these. I picked them up on general principles. I'm sure that I will find a use for them. I also picked up a bunch of other OOP that they had in stock. I do believe that I have been biten by the Reaper bug. Now I just have to find the time to PAINT them all! :D Thanks to all. If it hadn't been for this thread I would never have realized that all of these figures were OOP. -Jeff
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