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    I pulled this one out of the Kickstarter to serve as an Augnagar Qlippoth beneath Renchurch Abbey, as well as being a Chuul, should I ever need another one. I tried for the colour scheme in the D&D 3.5 Ed Monster Manual ( a dusty yellow with blue highlights) but ended up with something complete different. While not quite in the same pattern, the combination of colours reminds me of a blue-ringed octopus, which probably isn't a bad thing for a cephalopoidish ambush predator with paralytic poison. A bit rough and ready, but suitable for purpose Having a close look at that now I think I missed a third pair of eyes . . .
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    The Urgathoan Fly is a variant Iron Golem found in the catacombs beneath Renchurch Abbey in the final part of the Pathfinder Carrion Crown Adventure Path. Full details on the build can be found over on the Work in Progress thread, but this is how it turned out. Not exactly how I'd originally imagined, but I'm surprised at how well the wings turned out and the OSL manages to hide a multitude of faults. On the whole I'm happy with what was basically a giant rubber fly and a trawl through my bits box.
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    I wrote a blog post sharing some of my process for painting the Ghost of Christmas Past with tips for trying to create a convincing light illusion. https://birdwithabrush.com/2019/12/06/can-i-see-the-light-to-paint/
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    A good chance to practice darker skintone. Also tried for a camo cloak. He was painted back in September, just didn't get around to taking pictures until now.
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    The werebat comes with a coffin, I decided to mount him on a rock instead, and use the coffin as a terrain piece.
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    Photos are great at pointing out things we missed...gives an added purpose to doing W.I.P. pics. The third eyes aren't a Homeric nod, & should be an easy fix. Otherwise, he/she/whatever is a SPLENDID looking Beasty, BEAUTIFULLY painted in an attractive color scheme. VERY WELL DONE!
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    One of my DMs has been planning to run Curse of Strahd for a while, so I worked on some swarms for him to use. Bats, of course, are the iconic, and so right before Reapercon, I painted up a bunch of these flappy friends! I really like the bat swarm mini... it has a lot of heft to it, and it's visually intimidating compared to some other bat swarms I've seen (looking at you, 02668...) I will say, pick up the number of bat swarms you want, and do them all at once - don't grab one to do and plan on more. Once you have dealt with one of these and it's fiddly little gaps, you will never want to do one again. Better to just get it all over with at once. That said... a bat swarm is on the tougher end of CR 1/4, but it's still CR 1/4. The 2d4 attack can be rough as a 1st level party or 2nd level wizard, but beyond that, it's gonna be a non-entity, so even just 2 or three of these is probably enough for me... Mostly just used for summoners and vampires. These guys got basecoated in Walnut Brown and highlighted up in Ruddy Leather and a orange-brown Sample paint. Then I washed them a bunch in Army Painter Dark and hit them with a bit more Ruddy Leather and highlight along the front edges to really pick out the individual bats. I've painted these in Bones, too, and while the Bones ones have a good bit less detail, I'd really say they're just as solid to paint, and the flexibility makes them a little easier to paint, as long as you really wash them first... the metal ones are really chunky, and pretty heavy too. That said, they'll just fit in my Feldherr large bases foam, which is nice... The giant bats are adorable. There, I said it. I painted these up in much the same way as the swarms, and they're really, really cute... I'm not sure what stat block these guys are supposed to represent, however. Both Dire and Giant bats are Large-sized... Not that it should make too much of a difference; I'm not overly picky about that, and they're going to be flying most of the time anyways. 10/10 recommend these guys as your tougher bat option. Last but not least, and only tangentially related to the CoS game, some dire boars! A wonderful mini, these guys are large and in charge - they're as tall as a human mini, and have a really solid heft to them. Conveniently, there are two different boar statblocks that are Large-sized, the Giant and Dire boars, at CR 2 and 4, which gives these a lot of potential to see table use as both mid-tier enemies in forests and Druidic wildshapes at mid-high levels... I kept these basic - I picked three shades of brown (Ruddy Leather, Nut Brown, and the Sample from the bats) and did the bodies, and the manes in Walnut Brown. Then I washed the whole thing in Army Painter Soft, and picked out the eyes and horns, and painted the mouth interior in a purpley brown... I'm pleased with them, for a faster job. The mini really stands on its own - it's a truly phenomenal sculpt.
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    Hello again forum family, I keep my purple period rolling on :D This time wanna share with you my version of Eilluvasheth. Beingi n my purple phase the dominant color is purple, and what's better than a gold armor to complement it? So I've tried to paint it in NMM to challenge me as NMM is out of my comfort zone. Still I'm trying to figure out where to place the shines and to maximize the contrast, but in the end I'm pretty happy of her, also considering that this lady is full of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny details Also i'm trying to pump the shadows instead of the hi-lights to maximize the purple contrast, just to avoid it to look pink. Hope you'll like her :) Now, nipples are covered in armor, but to avoid mods to delete the pics, I'll link the front one. Hi-Res Front Picture Hi-Res Back picture As always every c&c is more than welcome. Thank you for watching
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    Greetings all. It has been a long time since I posted here. I used to post on these forums under the username Mercius, for anyone who might remember me. I took a long break from painting once my daughter was born but have been getting back into it again lately. Recently I have found that, due to the limited amount of time I have to paint, that I need to set a time limit for myself, and call the miniature finished when I hit that time limit, otherwise I find I continue to nitpick and paint and then eventually lose interest and end up with dozens of half painted miniatures. For this miniature I set a time limit of 3 hours and wanted to shoot for a decent table-top level paintjob. Pictures aren't the best as it washes out some of the highlights, but I feel I hit my goal within the time limit given. I hope you all enjoy and glad to be back in the Reaper community once again.
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    So I just started painting minis, and this is my 3rd.
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    I like the use of greens you put in there. Very unique in comparison to other versions I have seen.
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    As part of getting ready for Curse of Strahd, I picked up quite a few undead miniatures to pick away at. Skeletons are obviously a true classic, being the ranged option for undead in addition to their array of melee weapons and armor options. I picked up a small horde: of Reaper's most recent skeletal offerings, which come in sets of one unclothed and one clothed skeleton with similar weapons. I have to say, I really like this; it gives a lot of potential for mixed groups, and breaks up the monotony of a bunch of naked skeletons with some pops of color. I decided to use blue for all of mine - it contrasted the oranges of the bones nicely, while at the same time giving them a more unified appearance, as if they had been a squad in life, perhaps. I was in a desert mood, despite basing these guys with some more floral flocks, so I gave their shields the Star-over-Sand symbol of the Immescantii Desert warriors, who also use blue as their banner. While I like the clothed warriors, they take a lot longer to paint... next Reapercon, I'll probably pick up two each of the unclothed ones to bring my numbers up a bit, and another set of the Breakers, who are both clothed. 16 skeletons is enough for anyone, and I thing a 3/5 ratio of clothed to unclothed will work fine on the table while saving me a ton of time painting these. And the paint job was pretty quick, cloths aside! A basecoat of Goblin Skin, drybrushed with Leather White and washed with Army Painter Soft. I was kind of surprised that the wash worked as well as it did knocking the orange down - Goblin Skin is REALLY orange - but I trusted my gut and it came out pretty nice, and definately a different look from the mummies, which was important. I also picked up some statues/waymarkers from a set called Undead Rising at last year's Reapercon. These will probably see use as tokens and objective markers for D&D and Call of Cthulu-type stuff. They were a lot of fun - crisply-cast, with interesting bits all over and easy to drybrush. I'm pretty pleased with them.
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    Here's a shot of the setup with the room lights on so you can see everything. I turn them all off when shooting the minis. 1) old t-shirt over a chunk of a cardboard box. 2) a couple of bendy white usb lights plugged into a laptop, angled to avoid illuminating the blackdrop. 3) a foam stand for my phone to reduce jiggling when I press the camera button. (Edit: just realized I can improve that by using a delay!) 4) a stand for the mini to put it at the correct height. To make the colour balance consistent, I put my hand in the camera's field when I set the focus and contrast. That's it, no photoshopping required.
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    One of the Reaper minis I've always loved has been the Saprolings. Twig blights are a great early-game monster, and I love using them for low-level forest encounters... Imagine my delight when, a year or two ago, Reaper came out with the Briarlings and Blighted Dryad! Three different blight-themed monsters to slaughter my foes/players! The tragedy is, the good old Saproling is now my third-favorite treefolk sculpt, which seems... Unfair. But the Briarlings are just... better twig blights, unfortunately. Smaller, more affordable, more interesting woodwork, with four ways to assemble them instead of two, they're really perfect for what I need. I love the detail in their bodies that really make them look like little carved figures, and the head sculpts are phenomenal. And the size is great - they really are small-sized, and they look it without feeling shrimpy, clearly smaller than PCs but still intimidating. I love them. That's not to say the Saprolings are bad, though! I still love them, and they're great for a statted-up twig blight, maybe mixed in with the Briarlings to give them some more staying power. But they cost a lot compared to the Briarlings, twice as much, and for a monster I need 10-20 of for even a small combat... that's a lot. Of course, there's no forgetting the real powerhouses in the room - the Blighted Dryads. These are great - really beautiful, characterful sculpts that stand out like a much larger monster. The antlers are fantastic, as are the exposed vertebrae - someone willing to put in more time on these could do something really special. Alas, I'm not interested in spending that much effort. I painted all of these the same way. Primed, then basecoated in one of five browns: Ruddy Leather, Nut Brown, Golden Shadow, Khaki Shadow, and Gryphon Tail, I believe. Then I waited three months, and drybrushed with a white-tinted version of the basecoats. I hit them with Army Painter Medium Brown wash, except a few who got Soft wash instead, and called it a day. It worked well to bring out the texture quickly, although, again, someone could do something really special with these given the effort... It took about 3 hours to do all of these, not including basing and assembly. 10/10 would recommend... my only regret is that I didn't buy more of these, since 10 is still a very small Saproling encounter. I'll probably grab another 10 or even 20 Briarlings at Reapercon next year if I don't pick up any before then, and probably get four of the other Saproling sculpt and another three Dryads... enough to do some really wild forest encounters.
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    WB to the forum :) Great job on this using basically just browns! Love it!
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    Thanks. I've been playing around with wet blending surface colors a lot lately, instead of just straight up layering, and have really been liking how it looks as well as having fun seeing how the colors react to each other when blended.
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    Beautiful! I especially love the shading /highlighting on the cape and the dirt/mud you applied there. Very good!
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    Great bones - especially the back legs!
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    I did this piece a few months ago and I am still very proud of it. It took about a week off and on in my spare hours to do it. This was also one of my first attempts at NMM Copper/bronze.
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    The bestiary entry for Erithereans in "Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago" convinced me to finally paint a special edition Reaper miniature I had been waiting on for way too long. I can't believe it's been 12 years...and that every elephant miniature Reaper put out is currently Out of Print (I know the Bones Elephant God should be hitting retail soon, and he is very nice.) One day I may find a copy of the P-65 Elephant Man, Pachylox. He's one of the sad few who never came over to Bones. Here's Harapan!
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    The 20 resin heroes from wave 1.5 of the Shadows of Brimstone kickstarter. I believe there are 12 or so more resin heroes and companions to come in wave 2. A note about the resin used. I see that there is a lot of internet-hate directed towards the resin models, mainly because of the greasy release agent used not being easy to remove, and that many people prefer plastic for ease of gluing and such. I think many of the complainers are boardgamers more than miniature modellists, which I certainly can see these models posing problems. My experience was that with a good scrub in warm soapy water, most of the release agent went away. A few of the models needed an extra coat of primer here and there, as I had not gotten the release grease properly off everywhere, but with that extra coat on I have had no problems. In this they are not really any worse than other resin models I have worked on. One problem was that many of the parts were small, and had very small gluing surfaces (e.g. wrists to arms) but I got them stuck together by using activator spray on the superglue to make it bond quickly. Luckily the resin is lightweight, so gluing a small joint is actually enough to hold the part. (Many of these would not have worked with metal miniatures!) I avoided the small feet being small gluing surfaces altogether by using the vent-sprue bits still attached to the feet of the models as pins to fix them to the bases by drilling matching holes in the bases and cutting the vents to size instead of all the way off.
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    I chose to paint Kyphryxes (still can't spell it). Rolled the colors mint green, olive green, and fire red. Replaced mint green with alien goo. So this was painted only with the following five colors (and red and green liner): Alien Goo Olive Green Fire Red Solid Black Pure White and here are the results: WIP is here. Kinda petered out at the end. and yes, it is pretty bright in person. Hope my next foray into random colors is a little less stimulating.
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    This is Julie Guthrie's 14528: Rageclaw Slayer, a very large werewolf (the base is 40 mm). Oh, and apparently this is the first Warlord figure I've painted. WIP thread here.
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    Unfortunately I used a gloss clear coat on these.
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    And here is the last of the new figures I painted for this year's Twelve Days, the Winter Elf. I think Bob Ridolfi sculpted her in such a way that you could choose different colours and easily use her as a non-holiday figure. This is the figure for the last day, December 17.
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    So, I did a paint up of the wrapping dragon. I'm particularly proud of the eyes.
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    This is called TANITH's AWAKENING. A sideproject from my Lost World Project. It was born due to @knarthex's daughter Alsnia, showing a pic of a cute python with flowers on it's head. Then @Pezler the Polychromatic made up a little story in my Lost World Project. I had already seen a great Serpent Goddess statue in a thread from @Chris Palmer and after some suggestions from @malefactus and @Chaoswolf things really got out of hand. More forumites commented and suggested stuff. Anyway here it is. The Ananconda and the Python are plastic toys. The little snakes are from the GW Bastiladon. The Sugarskulls are from Greenstuffworld and a present from @Erifnogard THX! @knarthex also donated lots of flock and moss. The little bird and the smaller pots are Bones. Alsnia is Bones Sarah the Seeress 77210 The bigger pottery, treasures and vases are Resin pieces from Minimonsters and Ristul's Extraordinary Market. For the whole story and WIP's http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/73979-taniths-awakening-by-xherman1964/ http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-xherman1964-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/ Hope you guys like it. Building was made out of foam. I used some milliput and a Greenstuffworld Aztec Motif Rolling Pin. TANITH is the living statue of the serpent goddess, Alsnia performs the ritual to summon TANITH, and she breaks free from her stone form.
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    Finished up the Verminling Mindtheif for Gloomhaven. I had planned on painting the armor green, but halfway through I realized he was blue in the game so I switched over and I am REALLY glad I did the green first, it really pops. Eyes look a bit funky because I was trying to do the glowy thing like in the game.
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    This one is for my mother. I think Mary's eyes are the best eyes i have ever done on a human mini
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    My take on one of the LotR mice from Cartoon Miniatures. I've been told he looks like Splinter the rat cosplaying as Gandalf.
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    Mylk and her pilfered Cookies are the Twelve Days of Reaper miniature for December 13, 2017. Julie did a great job capturing the idea that a big part of the holiday spirit is all the yummy food to enjoy. The icing decorations on the gingerbread men were added with Woodland Scenics Water Effects. This is a thick gel. If you put a dab on a toothpick, it will form a sharp peak. I 'drew' the lines and dots with the peak of the substance rather than the toothpick tip. (Every few dots/strokes I reload with gel from the bottle and form that peak again.)I wanted the icing on the shape cookies to be smooth and not really have peaks, so I used a slightly thinner substance called modeling paste. Liquitex and Golden make this to create textured acrylic paintings. I am pretty sure that Liquid Greenstuff is just modeling paste with green colour added. I scooped up a small amount with a toothpick and smoothed it on, pretty much like icing real cookies. If it went astray or needed to be smoothed on top, I used a damp paintbrush. (Maybe don't do that when icing real cookies.) You could probably experiment and use either one of those substances for both functions, I just happened to have both so I used both. The Winter Elf in the scale picture is a standard humanoid size Reaper figure.
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    Finally finished my Kraken Diorama. Tough time lighting it sadly, to where it didn't glare >< but it came out pretty and it's done so I'm happy =) Only way I would have really liked to make it better is to be able to put it in resin but that'd be a bit much lol Most of my WIP is in my WIP thread, except that last stage where I added background panels (supposed to look like the sea under water, I'm not an artist lol) I was hoping to put more fish in but it started getting a little busier than I liked, and plus it was quite hard to show details on all the fish as well as the Kraken so I just put enough in for interest. Anyway, hope you like it =)
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    Ugh I hate spears in pewter but I like this model.
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    Literally painted this in 10-15 minutes. Would have been shorter but had to wait for the paint to dry in between lol. I really like how it turned out. Might do some more of these if I want to add flying robo monkeys to my campaign to terrorize the PCs with lol.
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    Another townsfolk NPC I had fun doing. Used a flash to try to capture the eyes I did and as usual not so good. oh well. lol.
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    Here's one of the Cthulhu Mythos creatures from Kickstarter III, a Gug. I really don't know what that is; I've played a bit of Call of Cthulhu from time to time, but never come across one of these. I suppose I could look it up, but I'm lazy.
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    Nice Figure. Don't know if I would pickup another though.
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    About five or six years ago I received the Knight Models 75mm Boromir as a Christmas gift. I started to assemble the pieces and became intimidated by what I needed to do to 1) finish assembly and 2) actually paint him. Last year I finally worked up the nerve to start painting, got some base colors and his face started, then again lost my nerve and drive. A couple of months ago I at last took Boromir off my shelf-of-unlimited-opportunity and started working. I finally finished him. Front view: Back view: Three-quarter view: Does this lighting wash me out? (Some day I'm going to work out my photography settings and workflow.) Each model is a learning experience and I learned quite a bit on Boromir: how to deal with large expanses of space, a method of highlighting black, keeping colors (somewhat) in balance on a large figure, and the importance of securing the weight of a big hunk of white metal. All and all, I enjoyed painting Boromir and I'm no longer afraid of taking on larger sizes.
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    This mini showed up in a recent thread, and I had to have (and paint) one. It’s an old Sandra Garrity piece, one of the oldest in the Reaper catalog. Once again, Final Fantasy provided the inspiration, this time the White Mage. Here is Gwendalyn (and apologies for the very poor pics): Taking some recent advice, I looked up the Bette Davis eyes tutorial and tried it out. The results aren’t visible in these photos because I failed miserably and painted over it all. Her eyes were simply too small for my good detail brush (a size 1). It was not a bad learning experience though. This was another experiment in white cloth, built up from Cloudy Gray and Rainy Gray, through Linen White to bright whites. It ended up looking a bit dirty, but I think is the proper look for this mini. Additionally, I really like the way her staff turned out looking like a wooden stick. Hopefully I can remember how I made that happen for the next time. The stick, the bag, and the base were all done with varying browns, so hopefully they came out somewhat distinct. As always, C&C welcome and appreciated.
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    Here is my collection of Zombicide Black Plague Notoriusly Plagued Character volume 1 I've been working on for the past few months. I now am a bit sadened that I didn't get in on the NPC's 2 as well in the KS. I did go with anything to fancy. In fact, I went straight off the artwork. I left off the blood and gore as well, though now that I got some of the Tamiya Clear Red I think I might slowly begin to bloody these up. Lets start with a group shot of the lot. Now a tease with the frisky one of the bunch. Don't get to excited she can be found chaperoned with this rather dour lady. Next up we have a traveler to these parts, who is quite eager to meet you. His traveling companion is a more on the grim side and keeps his enthusiasm in check. Lastly we have a gentlemen that is rather irate that his current return customers. Ah well, there is no pleasing some people Thanks for any C&C you feel inclined to give.
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    Nothing to special here. I was thinking about adding some flocking and plants but this is terrain I am going to store in a container so no its probably not going to survive that. lol
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    Not had time to do a lot of WIP pix except on like instagram, what with all the holiday stuffs we're doing in preschool! (Let me tell you I have glitter in places I cannot get out lol) Anyway here are some burnaboyz I finished earlier - no bases yet sadly as I'm out of the appropriate size & order hasn't come in yet.
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    Hammer was a little mangled on mine. Shame it's a nice figure but if you want this one I would have to recommend you get it in metal or check out the Bones figure in the packaging before buying and make sure there are no deformities.
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    I finished my Display Board for the competition. And the competition was this past Saturday. 7 people entered, and I didn't get any pics of their stuff. But, and this is important to me because it was pretty unexpected- I won! Apologies for the excessively large images.
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    Victory!! I was down at my former FLGS (used to be stationed there), and came across a blister of these. I picked them up on general principles. I'm sure that I will find a use for them. I also picked up a bunch of other OOP that they had in stock. I do believe that I have been biten by the Reaper bug. Now I just have to find the time to PAINT them all! :D Thanks to all. If it hadn't been for this thread I would never have realized that all of these figures were OOP. -Jeff
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