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    This is Rambo with his favorite toy, a chunk of cinder block.
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    It turns out this is a pin-sized hole in her hair, rather than an errant dot. I'm not completely sure it's supposed to be there, so I tried filling it with gloss sealer. I also worked more on her right eye. It still needs work but I think I'm going to stop before I make things even worse. I cleaned up the shadows on her cape and basecoated her belts and other leather bits and the cord for her cape. (click on the images for slightly larger versions) Any thoughts so far?
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    I shaded the blue and white, did the basecoats for her dark leathers and cloak, and tried adding color and reflection spots to her eyes. (click on the images for larger versions) I think I messed up her right eye slightly in the process, which is frustrating. I think all I need to do is reshape her eye/pupil with strategic placements of white, something I need to do when not tired. Speaking of frustrating... orange. I ended up basecoating the orange bits with Palomino Gold and then painting multiple layers of Sunrise Orange over it. Things to revisit: Her right eye Her left leg: The whites need to look white, not gray Her flower: It should be orange-red (Holly Berry), not orange Her braid: Some of the highlights are too high and should be brought down Anything else?
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    Thread for all my new terrain makes. Any and all comments welcome! To start off, a classic piece that every town needs. Made this well from dollar store foam core and balsa. I think the shingles are a bit too large but otherwise I’m happy with it. 2” washer base. While making it I thought of a non combat encounter where a fire breaks out in town and the party must make trips to the well the help put it out. Or maybe just have barbarian raiders throwing torches and they must balance dispensing them and fighting the fires. Any ideas welcomed!
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    Look who made a light box!!! Still need to get a camera though. Doh! A fun addition to my dwarf addiction. Thanks for looking!
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    I am updating my museum terrain with some statues and centre pieces. Mostly made from children's toys and museum gift ship purchases mounted on foamex. First is whales and sharks. Next is a dinosaur The Egyptian wing Chinese Statues Other statues. A stuffed anteater. Hope you like.
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    None. Everything was primed and painted normally. Everything but the whales I left them the way the came from the store. Toys are not detailed but they really do not need to be as they are background for the action on the table and will blend into all the other details.
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    Gift shop. They are the Viking pack that are in all the national trust shops. They were not that complicated. Build a box mine were out of mat board. Fill it with a display. Paint the interior parts then basecoat the exterior. Cut plastic glass to size. Cut coffee stirrers to size and paint. Glue stirrers to glass with wood glue. Glue glass pane to the display with wood glue. Finish framing the box. Touch up and use a drop of superglue on the corners of the stirrers holding the glass in place. Simples. Edit: Forgot to add. I only used three colours per item in the display case then a wash. I figured that they would be partially obscured anyway so no need for great detail. All of the cases were variations on this theme. No set time period. Initially the display cases were for one scenario in Frostgrave but I figured that I can now use them for pulp games. I am not cracking them open to add them. Everyone thanks for the comps. Have a good night.
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    I’ve struggled with a good marble in the past. There is room for improvement but it’s finally looking like marble. For anyone trying to learn this technique, start with green marble. It seems to be more forgiving.
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    Scrap barricades are fun! :D I love the SWM "Scrap Yard Barricades." (I posted some painted SWM Scrap Yard Barricades in another thread back in January: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84685-secret-weapon-miniatures-scrap-yard-barricades ) I also have a bunch of scrap barricades I need to assemble -- I've been accumulating various bits of "corrugated tin" and "fenders" and "road signs" plus a bunch of plastic I-beams (from old "Girder & Panel" reprints) and whatnot to cobble together -- I've gone ahead and "rustified" them, but I just need to figure out the best way to arrange them. (Among my scrap heap would be a bunch of filament "trays" left over from 3D-prints, that I thought looked like "corrugated tin," so my friend Chris Thesing has been saving them for me rather than pitching them.) I used a couple of those "corrugated tin" (filament tray leftover) pieces when assembling my "B&K Cleaners/Clothiers" post-apoc shop.
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    I've got a Husky stackable tool box that I'm using as my semi-portable "minis painting-and-basing station," and one level has a bits-and-bobs organizer that I use for the bases. (In other words, basically like a Plano box, but it "locks" onto a stack of segmented sections I can roll around to more easily get out of the room when it's time to pick up and use the family/game room for other purposes.) I just sort them by general size/shape categories; that'd add another layer of complexity to try to sort by genre as well. I suppose if I had enough bases to require another layer, I could sub-divide further into some sort of sensible arrangement. That's how it usually works with my minis boxes: fill up a box with some general type that seems to make sense to me at the time, then when I get too many in that category to fit in one box, get a new box that represents some sub-category thereof -- ideally something that can split my collection in half, or nearly so -- and reorganize into the two new sub-category boxes. Thus, my first "Fantasy" box, way back when, was eventually joined by an "Elves" box ... and then the Elves box was renamed the "High Elves" box and was joined by a "Wood Elves (and friends)" box when my Warhammer/HeroQuest collection started to get out of hand.
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    Having just started a 45 figure batch paint of guardsmen, I decided a side project may be in order. Just a little something I could fiddle with off and on to disrupt the monotony and I knew just the project. About a year ago, after I finished my first commissar, I thought it would be a good idea to paint all my commissars differently. That way I could tell all of my HQs or elites apart, but wouldn't you know it after a couple games I realized it was completely unnecessary. Having already started down that path however I decided to press on. Within about the first week of pondering different color schemes I had a great idea. Unfortunately I lacked the skills and hobby confidence to attempt it. This past year I've managed to learn quite a bit though, especially about sculpting/working with greenstuff. So I think it's time to attempt a Hulk Hogan commissar. First up was locating a good reference photo for both his moustache and boa (see above). As the moustache was the trickier of the two I decided to start there. In a twist of fate getting a good texture was the easy part, but getting the proper size wasn't. After some back and forth I finally got the size correct. Then it was just a simple matter of using a pin and a toothpick to achieve a hair like texture. This is what you get zooming in, but at a regular viewing distance I think it looks good. Next came the boa. Try as I might I couldn't get a good feathery texture going. I could get a good amorphous blob/coral like texture though. Much like the moustache it'll fail upon close inspection but I think with a good paintjob it'll hold up just fine. See I told you that moustache is passable with some distance. Now it's just a matter of letting everything dry before priming. I guess it's a good thing we have holiday commitments for the next couple days. As with any greenstuff project you always end up with some leftovers. After adding a skull to the Hulkster's base I thought I'd share the wealth with a few random models from my desk.
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    We civilians have more guns than your Empire has people....
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    And here's the painted Izalguun: Upper body is made from #77252 "Beastman Warrior 1." Lower body is made from #77260 "Ape Demon."
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    Okay, so it's not a Reaper mini, but I painted up a HeroClix mini, and added some Warhammer 40K "bitz" to make an Android Technomancer. Of course, for an Android, just about any humanoid figure would work, and it's mostly just a matter of creative painting. Another figure (as it so happens, for the son of the player for the above technomancer character) is a bit more of a challenge, and I've only got a work-in-progress photo of it so far. (It's likely that this weekend, it's going to be unfinished when it goes on the table ... but at least it will look totally unlike anything else on the table, to be sure.) To try to start working out a shape for an Izalguun, I started with the body from Reaper Bones #77260 "Ape Demon" (for its gorilla-like structure), and then replaced the head with the body of #77252 "Beastman Warrior." I trimmed down the battle axe into some sort of big ol' wrench-type tool, and started building a new head out of wire and epoxy putty. So far, this has been slow-going, as I apply little bits of putty at a time, then let it cure before I do much more, or else every detail I add is just going to get MASHED while I try to add anything else. I've tried adding bits of "space suit armor" both to civilize the character (so he's not running around buck naked) and to hide the especially HAIRY parts of the figures (since the alien's body seems to be more reptilian).
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    Now there's something I hadn't thought of. Truthfully I didn't really expect to sell anything at that craft fair. My pieces were really only on the table to draw people in, which they did an amazing job at. We had a ton of people stop and check out our stuff, I think it was just the wrong type of craft fair for my wife's work.
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    Some random conversions I threw together. Frank Buck, from Chronoscope, converted to a fantasy figure by adding some Boneyard pieces I picked up at ReaperCon. NOVA Female Trooper head swap. An extra Tara the Silent donated her head Attempts at some baby griffons using the falcon and cat from one of the Bones Familiar packs. I'd rather have a rainbowsculptor or Talespinner sculpt, but these will do for my D&D campaign.
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    I missed the Game Store usage. You could make the stuff out of reinforced concrete & there will be some ham fisted oaf that will destroy it. I had a moron make a hole in a terrain piece so he could see what the inside was made of. Whatever you leave at your game store is inevitably doomed.
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    Online, from a certain market of miniatures, I found some "Kaosball" team expansion packs on clearance (for a better price than what they're listed at now, as of this writing). Each pack contains 13 32mm-scale minis in 2 poses (6 of one pose on 25mm square bases, and 7 of an alt pose on 25mm round bases), a "bust" that represents the "team coach," and a game-specific 12-sided die (which I suppose isn't much use for anything, unless I actually wanted to play the game). Anyway, this worked out to being under $1 a figure, and the sculpts looked interesting, so I got a few packs. (I find it hilarious, though, that while most of the packs are marked down, the "Felinia Hellcats" -- scantily-clad gun-toting cat-girls -- are specifically marked as "[CLEARANCE]" and yet they're priced at about 3x the asking price for each of the other teams.) I originally picked these guys up (the "Samaria Barbarians") with a vague intent that "someday" I would run a Savage Worlds convention one-shot scenario heavily inspired by the "Brütal Legend" video game ... but it occurred to me that few if any of my players would have heard of that game, and I'm no particular "expert" on anything rock-and-roll-related, so maybe I'm not the best person to GM such a setting. However, I could always use a few more post-apocalyptic wastelanders. The "big hair" style here doesn't necessarily look like it would fit the current Fallout aesthetic as established in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, but I think these guys wouldn't look terribly out of place in the original Fallout 1 & 2 (what with all the "Mad Max" and "Fist of the North Star" wannabes wandering about in those games). I removed the figures from their bases, putty-and-texture-stamped the 25mm round bases, putty-and-texture-stamped some plastic 25mm rounds for the remaining figures, and did a few hand swaps and bit-add-ons to give a few of the figures visible ranged weaponry. (I figured that would give me a little more buy-in if I were to field a gang of these guys for an encounter and then they start FIRING on the PCs, versus what pushback I might get if they *appeared* to only be armed with axes.) I used some paper printed license plates to add some "junk armor" elements to further reinforce the "post-apocalyptic" vibe. Each team pack also comes with a "bust" to represent the team coach. I went with a bronze-and-verdigris scheme for each.
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    I have clamp that’s made for minis, it has this squishy rubber covering in the clamp bits that keep the mini from being damaged. I think it was made by citadel? It’s supposed to suction onto the table, but it’s suction wasn’t so good, so I had to attach it to a board, which I clamp to my table.
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    She has a very sensitive stomach, and eats everything. She has to wear the mask when we go outside or I inevitably end up dealing with diarrhea (or a trip to the vet).
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    I have to ask: Is Alice in mourning for a lost chew toy, or is there a new fashion statement in Corgis that I have not heard of yet?
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    Alice didn't want to go out into the cold last night.
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    Thanks! I had the same thoughts today about the Telia and Armorback. Glad to see I am not the only one. If I could find a small minotaur head, I think using that and a Blackstar Corsair would make a sharp Nuar.
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    Looking through the Alien Archives (we had a character-generation session this weekend), playable reptiloid alien races include: * Dragonkin (Alien Archive: large humanoid dragonoids; considerable variation, but would need humanoid arms/legs, and wings on the back as separate limbs, so some kitbashing would be inevitable ... oh, and they're LARGE, so that's another problem) * Ikeshti (Alien Archive: small space lizardfolk -- note the "small" part, so none of the sci-fi dinos would seem to work here) * Hanakan (Alien Archive 3: non-anthro, so no go, but you could still make it from Reaper minis: take a Velociraptor -- small and non-anthropomorphic -- and give it some feathers on the "elbows," head crest, and tail tip, and some gear) * Telia (Alien Archive 3: tortoise-folk; Shellshock Warriors would definitely work for this, as you previously pointed out -- *MAYBE* you could pass off the Armorback Demolitionist as one?) I don't see any easy fits for the Chronoscope sci-fi dinos, other than the Blacktooth Suppressor as you mentioned for a Vesk. If I were wrangled into running Starfinder, I think I'd just have to *ADD* Kulathi, space dinos, and whatever else I had on hand, even if it means taking something from the Alien Archive and "re-skinning" it. (Stats of X, but in my campaign, it LOOKS like Y.) There's a certain point where, if I'm going to be the GM, and I've got to run something every other week or more, I had better be able to use things from my already-extensive collection, rather than making new purchases for each and every encounter.
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    One of the tortoise-folk from Reaper Bones #77270 "Shellshock Warriors," converted to represent a Tortanian Vanguard (tortoise-like alien from the "Starjammer SRD" third-party material for Starfinder). There don't happen to be any /illustrations/ of Tortanians, so I reasoned that since this is an *alien* and not an "uplift," I should really make something alien about it. Well, that, and when I was trying to dot the eyes on the figure, I misidentified a couple of spots further back on the head that I dotted as eyes, then realized my mistake and dotted the correct positions as well, and then I had a tortoise with four eyes and I thought ... "Hey, wait, that could actually work." Voila: four-eyed tortoise-man = alien! Originally, the figure was armed with a spiky stick and a little tortoise-shell shield, but this is Starfinder, where all our dwarves and orcs and elves and whatnot are IN SPACE. The replacement "Tortanian shock-baton" is just a random plastic bit from the bitz box that I pinned in place of the club. The shield is a leftover from an old Rafm Mekton blister pack. Another way to emphasize "SPAAAAAACE!" is to replace that broccoli base with something techno, so I used a Secret Weapon Miniatures "Warp Core" theme 25mm beveled round base. I struggled with what color to paint the shell. I started with golden tan and then did a burnt sienna wash, for a golden-brown sort of look, but ... riiiiight, this is supposed to be ALIEN. So, I tried adding a purple wash. The result wasn't nearly as PURPLE as I had expected, but I think it kind of works.
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    Oops, maybe I shouldn't have started this thread before going away on a long work trip. Anyway, before proceeding let's introduce the party. Riju, the half-giant fighter. Ready to smash with her giant claymore. Enjoys throwing enemies at other enemies. Lianna, the druid with her animal companion Lea the Peryton. (Lea is very well loved and has lost a bit of her paint around the edges). Marlowe the kitsune bard (pronouns they/them) in both fox and half-elf form. An avid follower of Brigh, goddess of invention - hence the clockworky base.
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    Hey, A new one in my collection, use for the wargame rule Of God and Mortals as Artemis goddess. From this : to a quiver from action figure (The Hobbit) and a Playmobil bow. The full work is on my blog, right here http://chti-reanimator59.blogspot.com/2019/10/le-re-animator-change-ses-plans-la.html Cheers Eric
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    I took this idea directly from DMGInfo and put a couple small twists to it based on what my home game players might like. Plus, I think they make pretty cool props for a dungeon that might be a library or wizard tower or whatever. It's an experiment, so the execution is a little sloppy on some of them, but I learned a lot so if I ever decide to do a new set (which I likely will) I can take what I learned to make a much better finished product. I started with craft sticks(popsicle sticks) cut into 1cm x 7mm pieces and used a cereal box for the book covers. On some of them, I cut up bits of the cereal box to add dimension. Superglue to keep it all together. In hindsight the cereal box I used was pretty cheap and wanted to warp and split into layers. Next time I may use a thin chipboard, or card stock. Here they are all primed up, ready for paint. Some of the designs are just decorative, while others are leather straps and buckles that bind the whole book, metallic corners to help "protect" the covers' corners, etc. I apologize for the dreadful lighting on these. I used the same acrylic paints I use on my minis. Next time I'll use craft paint because craft paints are thicker and go on thicker, which you definitely want. Spent a lot of time waiting for layers to dry. I used metallics for the raised bits on the finished ones above and I am pretty happy with the first set. The second set will have some more ambitious designs such as reptile scale book covers and: an eye sculpted out of green stuff! The more I use it, the more I love it. It allows me to add all sorts of little details to things as well as fill gaps. I'll post the finished shots once I get the last of them painted up. I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to craft your own props for your dungeons/games. Happy Crafting!
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    Done! And now he sleeps on the couch at the feet of youngest vixen.
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    Still very far behind, but I got all the islands but the big island sealed with modge podge and assembled a test print of the docks I'll be using as bridges to link the islands. I'll need to take down the table and arrange the islands on the floor to figure out how many dock parts I'll need. Hopefully I can prime these islands tomorrow.
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    Just cleared up some projects that have been cluttering up my desk for some time including these drop in interiors. Made with parts from Hirst arts, Crooked dice, Black Cat Bases, Antiocities, Mantic and others. I build my sci-fy buildings without detailing interiors and use these to fill those blank spaces. Here are some previous examples in place. Hope you like.
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    Put together a display at my FLGS to kind of advertise DnD and this terrain. Needs a sign to the effect of "The Adventure Begins Here..." Overhead view: A closeup of a party fighting against the giant rats in the wine cellar. Everyone has to start somewhere:
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    Depends on the scenario. Medical facility has been used quite a bit and so has the warehouse. With these I now have a lab and workshop to work with. My plan is to build enough of these to cover almost any scenario that I might run into. Thanks for looking all.
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    Yes, from FreeCAD to dxf, then into Studio. Three main reasons I’m using CAD over Studio. One, I’ve used Studio once so no skills but been a CAD jockey for two decades. Two, I like having precise control over the locations of things, sizes, and shapes, along with the visible dimensions and oversight that gives me. And lastly, I’m designing the little Gremlin CAVs in FreeCAD as well, and I improve with each use of the software so this is some useful practice to help become one with the machine.
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    A while back, I picked up a "scenery upgrade" kit for Mars Attacks. I primarily got it for the "street scatter" elements (trash cans, stop signs, etc.), but it also had a bunch of "ruined brick wall" segments. The off thing about those segments is that the connectors lend it a very "construction set" look: they look just fine on Mantic's "Battle Zone" sci-fi structures, but out of place on a supposedly brick building. Ditto for the gaps that happen when two wall sections come together, as the corners bevel inward to allow for more flexibility of connection. I started assembling a few of these pieces, and in order to address the "construction set" look, I used some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy as gap-filler. I made a temporary texture stamp of the brick pattern with plastic clay, dipped it in water, then mashed it onto the putty in-fill. (I never get it to line up quite perfectly, and certainly never on the first try, so I basically just mash it multiple times, moving it around each time, and trying again until it looks like it would be at least passable once it cures, if I muddle everything up when painting.) The result is NOT a smooth transition by any means, but this is supposed to be a ruin, so I suppose a few imperfections here and there can be forgiven. At least it looks better (IMHO) than the default connectors. I have a few sign images I've pulled off of the Fallout wiki for a retro look, from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and one of them was "B & K Cleaners." I took the modular "sign" piece and built it up with some foam core and the paper print-outs, then used some putty to fill in the edges. The result is a sign I can plug onto the front of the store, but pop back out for storage and transport (so it's a little less likely to simply BREAK off). Originally I had the vague idea that I could make this "generic" ruin stand in for several different businesses by having some alternate signs to swap in, but then I got the idea of having some bigger fallen letters along the side of the building -- "B & K" is pretty easy to spell out, after all. I used a couple of fridge magnets I'd picked up at Goodwill, but for the ampersand I dug into a DWCV "letter board" set I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics. (I've picked up letter board letters in varying sizes -- 1/2", 1" and 2" tall -- and used them in assorted "ruins." They "pop" visually more than my printed signage, though of course I'm a lot more limited in terms of typeface and exact dimensions.) At that point, I started getting a few more vague ideas of building this up as a structure and not just a corner wall facade, so I made a mat board base (with a repeating retro carpet pattern I tiled from a sample image via Photoshop), and started piecing things together. For the front wall, there was one piece that hinted at a display window, but I didn't have a matching piece for the other side, so I used a section of resin sprue to suggest a broken support, and an old "Girder & Panel" I-beam as a random bit of ruin fallen over a gap in the wall. (Or maybe it was *put* there later on by a post-apoc scavenger. Who knows?) The whole thing is way too "clean" for a collapsed brick building, but the Mantic "Mars Attacks" / "20th Century Brick" set is a bit abstract that way, with only the occasional "pile o' brick" piece to put here or there. I figure that either someone cleaned out the debris (scavenging for bricks to build *new* buildings?), or else this building has a healthy dose of ABSTRACTION. After all, the building footprint isn't really realistically big enough, and there aren't nearly enough rooms: there should surely be a utility room, a washroom, and at the very least a door that allows for going from the front lobby area to the employees-only back room without having to flip up a segment of the counter top to get through. Oh, and there's no sign of any plumbing, wiring, rebar or other metal structural supports, and on and on and on. I could probably go crazy trying to make these ruins look "realistic." ;) I'll just pretend for RPG purposes that this building is actually larger and a bit more intact than what I'm representing (i.e., at least some of the roof may still be overhead), but this "cutaway" view is convenient. Nonetheless, I wanted some clutter, and I got the idea of making this not just a ruined building, but something that someone had moved into and re-purposed as a post-apocalyptic merchant shop. So, I put little pieces of scrap wood over the "EAN" in "Cleaners" and painted in "OTHI" -- transforming it into "B & K CLOTHIERS." Yes, get your post-apocalyptic duds right here -- the best in pre-war clothing scavenged from the ruins, mended, laundered, and even pressed. This should make a fine addition to my "Scrap Town" facade for my "Rooby-Doo in Scary, Indiana" scenario, as if Rooby-Doo and Raggy are going to flee from a masked monster, at some point they need to run through a dressing room, clothing shop, clothesline, or other space for random bits of attire to be hanging about, so they can dash in one side, and come out the other wearing some ridiculous costumes. Or, it can provide a resource for them to fashion some absurd disguises. The counter top, crate, shelves, cabinet, a couple of wood planks and the work table are Hirst Arts Castlemolds castings. I used stirrer sticks for random wooden planks, and some napkins soaked in watered-down acrylics for the "tarps" and various "fabrics" about the shop. The sewing machine in the back is made from some random tiny bits, wire, and putty. The makeshift "corrugated steel" roof over the workstation and front room is some PLA "printing tray" remnant (a side effect of my friend Chris Thesing's 3D-prints of vehicles -- I persuaded him not to toss them, as I figured I could trim off the edges, paint 'em "rusty," and use them as parts of scrap walls and such). The ironing board and clothes rack are made from paperclips, scrap wood, and bits. The hangers were a royal pain to make, and I don't think are actually VISIBLE in any of these shots -- they were just bits of very thin wire (originally meant for hanging pictures, I think) that I worked around the paperclip frame of the clothes rack and super-glued into place, then affixed some painted scraps of napkin paper to. Several pieces are pinned (with a drill and wire) here and there for reinforcement. It's all too easy to just glue things in place and call it a day, but I need a bit more structural reinforcement if it's a terrain piece I'm planning to transport somewhere. For that reason, most of the fiddly bits are tucked away in recessed areas. I had considered putting some sort of covered area on the top where the proprietor might have a bedroll and some sort of shelter from the rain, but if I do that I think it'll be a separate piece that I simply *set* on the top level, rather than affixing it into place; otherwise, it's just too much of a candidate to get broken off or crushed when I'm transporting the whole piece. (I'm already running out of space in my "Vault-Tec Terrain Crate" piece.) Anyway, if you'd like to see this "in action," I'll be running 20 hours of Fallout-themed games at Necronomicon Science-Fiction/Fantasy Convention in Tampa, Florida, October 18-20. You can find more about it here: http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm
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    I wasn't quite up to painting yesterday; SO I did some assembling & basing. The subjects were G.W's Fungoid Cave Shaman & the Loon Boss: Later today I may do Skragrott The Loon King: ...or not.
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    I am slowly building up a head of steam. I based up the Enigma Witch in a similar manner to her Dark Sword sister: Here's the group. I may have the Enigma Witch with Pumpkinhead Henchmen: There you go!
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    ...AND the mushroom pins move out of the way just before the ball/head gets there.
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    I think your world can use more pumpkinheads, they fit right in. I'm now imagining one bowling with his own head and the bowling pins are small shrooms.
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    A Jack-O-Lantern emphasis on the lantern. This is Griffin-approved™️
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    The more I looked at the Enigma Witch, the more I disliked the severed head adorning her staff. SO the head went & was replaced by a Reaper Jack O'Lantern: The Lantern then got the base coat treatment: Well enough doesn't cut it sometimes.
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    After five hours of work, her eyes are done and her skin is mostly done: (click on the pictures for larger versions) Outstanding items: The blending on the right side of her face needs to be improved. Her fingers should be lined between them. Her eyes need reflection dots and, if feasible, iris color. She has a couple strands of hair on her face that have been a pain to paint. I'm considering painting her hair next, and then going back and fixing her face. I may not work much on her until after I get back from my short vacation.
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