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    Howdy, I don't know what to say... Kev! P.S. Click to circumvent censorship.
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    Howdy, May I introduce Chris P. Bacon? Kev!
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    Howdy, Need a drink? He'll hook you up! Kev! P.S. He used to be an adventurer like you...
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    So these guys are finally done! They got attached to their Secret Weapon Bases, I tried to make them look like some sort of blasted ash waste. So here they are! As I was painting, I saw the opportunity to have a little fun. It is something that only the older players are likely to get... (And of course, if my painting skill translates the image in my head to other people!) here is a hint: If you get the joke, please put your answer in a spoiler! Let's see how many people find it, and understand! Thanks for looking, and to all those that followed along and commented in the WiP thread! George ps, there is a little bit of flock dust on the black edges of some of the bases, that is because I was in a hurry to get these posted as I need to get to bed!
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    Howdy, Another sign of the times... Kev!
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    Large pine tree on Goose Creek, followed by about the location where the creek joins the main river. 36°44'19.91"N 105°25'38.99"W, 3091m On NM-597 north of Red River, NM, looking west. View probably reaches to the high plains near Questa, NM, roughly 9 miles, 15 km, away. Turning east at the same spot, this is either Greenie Peak, or Van Diest Peak. 36°45'35.09"N 105°25'48.00"W, 2856m Turned right down the road, now on NM-134, looking at a small creek that joins to Cabresto Creek. Thought it was pretty. Now back in Red River, at the ski resort. They've got an "adventure tower" to provide some fun during the summer. There's a zip line that goes from the tower on the right, down the side of the parking lot quite a ways. This is looking up one of the ski slopes. I think the bunny hill is on the right. It was a pretty cloud coming over the dark blue sky, so it got pictured. 36°35'30.00"N 105°16'5.95"W, 2580m View along NM-38, looking south into the valley that has Eagle Nest, NM. 36°32'35.83"N 105°14'11.82"W, 2573m Climbing out from Eagle Nest on US-64, looking west towards Wheeler Peak and Eagle Nest Lake below.
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    Because @Glitterwolf was posting pictures of the Netherlands (link here), I felt I owed it to him to give him something I run around every summer, Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico's alpine areas. It only took me six months to get the pictures downloaded, sorted, and chosen! Let's begin, shall we? 37°53'6.9"N 104°49'44.71"W, 1846m Looking south while on I-25 towards West Spanish Peak in Southern Colorado. Distance to the mountain is about 40 miles, or around 64km away from this location. Looking south from Rio Colorado Lodge in Red River, NM. Picture of the deer that would come and graze at the lodge. Looking north along a small alley way in Old Town Taos, NM. At the end of the alley is a small restaurant. We were NOT going to have lunch, but the smell. Couldn't resist. There's a toy store to the left of that entrance (thus the duck). Looking east at roughly the same spot in Taos. The buildings are old. Well, for the US at least. 36°39'3.32"N 105°22'46.86"W, 2808m On NM-578, looking south into Fourth of July Canyon. The snow capped mountain is Wheeler Peak, tallest point in New Mexico at 4,013m. Or, at least one of the peaks is the tallest point. It probably is the one on the left, sort of hidden. Mount Walter is north of Wheeler (torwards the camera) but isn't considered an independent peak. 36°37'56.68"N 105°23'25.92"W, 2868m Further along FoJ, and was a pretty stand of aspen trees alongside the road. 36°40'41.81"N 105°22'50.19"W, 2705m Picture of Goose Creek, more north on NM-578 before it joins the main stream. My brother, my cousin, and I would hike from the guest ranch (now closed and in poor condition) up the the Goose Creek Lake during our visits in the summer every year. 36°40'42.07"N 105°22'54.61"W, 2721m Another view along Goose Creek, then a moss covered stone, and finally a closeup of some of the moss growing on the rock. Specifically, the one just right of the big white spot.
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    Howdy, Jazz hands? Kev! P.S. Spirit Fingers!
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    77542 Marthrangul, The Ugly brother of the one above
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    77542 - Marthrangul, Great Dragon, painted as Amethyst Dragon
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    Taos is an awesome town!! Good rock hounding a little way south of there. Also a good winery in Dixon (also south). If you hike up the Spanish Peaks, you get a neato view of the "wheel spokes" around it. There are radiating dikes from where the pluton pushed its way into the formerly surrounding material (kinda like pushing a pencil through a piece of paper). First picture is near Huerfano Butte - kinda like a pimpley hill on the east side of I-25. Fun short hike. Your pictures are awesome! Now I want to set up a trip down there again. Taos is such a good weekending town And yes, I enjoy the sill picture! I haven't been there!
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    36°31'34.62"N 105°10'37.34"W, 2379 Still going on US-64, this is the "drinking log". We'd stop here to drink some of the mountain river water. Calm down @Pingo, we don't do that anymore. But I'm happy that it's still here, or at least recreated. 36°32'15.16"N 105°9'8.33"W, 2346m This is the Palisades, a little scenic stop along US-64 going down into Cimmaron Canyon. Really tall cliffs. A fine-grained porphyritic dacite sill. Or so Wikipedia says. That last part was for @Cyradis. Thought she might enjoy it. Finally, on our way back home, we passed a herd of donkeys being herded up the highway by some cowboys on horses just outside of Cimmaron, NM. Course, since they weren't cows... are they donkeyboys instead? Anyway, that's all that I plan to post up until another trip. Figured everybody could use a little summer right now. Well, save our Southern Hemisphere friends. And if anybody has pics they'd like to share of the area, you're more than welcome. Southwest, Montana, etc. Guess I should change the topic title then, huh?
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    Dawnsfire roars her defiance at the setting sun. although they fear her power during the day, the servants of the Dark One will come again this night, seeking once again to gain the artifact that she and her ancestors have protected for a thousand years. Someday they may rest it from her and begin the ritual open the gates of the Night, but it will not be today.
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    The red one is a repost but had to post them together for the holiday. Decided to do the second one in a fel green theme. Merry Christmas mini community!
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    Base coats on lower body skin are done. Next up: tail spikes.
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    Just a quick paint up for some practice in layering. Unfortunately there was a problem with the head of the third figure. I'd love to hear what you all think.
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    I bought my embroidery stuff today, should be here soon. Will definitely not be done with this in time for this year though.
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    Got some time to put base coats down for the arm stripes.
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    This is a living document, and as such will be updated as more information and discoveries are made with this set. Any future adjustments or formulations will be annotated here as well, so long as my memory holds up. Introduction / Overview First Impressions Philosophy of Use / Summary 1 - Introduction / Overview Kimera Kolors is a small-batch paint line manufactured by Pegaso Models based in Italy. Each paint contains 30ML of a single pigment acrylic in snap-capped dropper bottle. The Pure Pigments set contains 14 bottles; 13 colors and 1 bottle of Satin medium. Each bottle has an agitator bead included. At the time of this writing the price of the set is 56.56 Euro - and last time that I checked, there is a discount code from Orc Painter Nerd to save 15% off (orcpainternerd15). They are principally designed as a paint set for mixing colors. 2 - First Impressions The first observation I had when using the paints was the incredible saturation of color. The high pigment count in the paints is readily apparent, and the closest comparison I can make is to that of Inks. However, their consistency is somewhere between Vallejo Model Color and Scale75 ScaleColor paints. The default finish is very matte, much closer to ScaleColor's dead-flat finish. Because each bottle is a single pigment, that also means that the properties of these individual pigments also comes into play. That means some colors are naturally more opaque (the obvious being white) where others are very transparent (Phtalo Green, Orange, Red, etc.) - because of this, multiple coats or the addition of Black/White is necessary to achieve full opacity of color. Blending is challenging if attempting to use Layering/Feathering due to the high pigment count. If you are used to the Reaper "triad" method, this approach will be an uphill climb. The colors are very bold in nature, and in their pure default form they really are a bit of a challenge to get gradients to be established. They are much closer to working with what I can only describe as a heavy-body ink. Because of the default lack of White in the color base, they also glaze fantastically - much like an ink, BUT the added benefit being that they dry matte, whereas inks (and some paints when thinned) tend to be glossy. These paints can be thinned extremely (and often need to be for glazes) and they retain their imparting tinting qualities with a matte finish. This also means that just like inks, a little bit goes a LONG way. However, I did find that like ScaleColor, they do tend to wet-blend fairly well. However, they tend to have a fairly short drying time (both a pro and con) which means you have to work reasonably quickly. If you work the paint too long, you risk pulling up layers and introducing texture. This is common across multiple paint lines, but again, very similar in behavior to ScaleColor. While they dry quickly, you still need a little more drying time even when you "think" it is dry, some of the the under layers may still be setting up. Finally, color mixing is a joy. You get exactly what you think you should, and you can adjust the color as much as you like and get the results you would expect without de-saturating the color; unless that is what you want to do! Creating flesh-tones, for example, is shockingly simple. With a few mixes of Red Oxide + White or introducing some Yellow Ochre/Orange, you can create some really lovely shades with very minimal effort. The colors are vibrant out of the bottle, but can obviously be adjusted however you wish by adding a complementary color, or Black/White. Mixing in Phtalo Green with Red Oxide gives wonderful ranges of Browns as you would expect. 3 - Philosophy of Use & Summary So who is this set for, and what do I plan on doing with it? Well, I believe there are a lot of strong points to this set. However, much like ScaleColor (as I have alluded to multiple times already) there is a steep learning curve. The first learning curve is understanding how each paint behaves and its properties. The tinting strength of each pigment and its opacity varies with each color. Much like the Citadel Contrast paints, you may discover some colors simply are stronger than others. Thankfully, you only need to know the proprieties of 13 paints, rather than an extreme range of colors. The second learning curve is color theory and understanding how to mix paints to get the color you are looking for, and being able to do so consistently. Thankfully this set is a great tool for understanding color theory, mixing and the underlying foundation of how paints are made and behave. These are truly "artist" paints, in that I feel they would appeal to those who have a background in classic artist paints or those who [are used to/want] to work with a limited palette. They will not lend themselves well to army painting, or even necessarily table-top painters who want to get specific colors on a model quickly and who likely want opacity out of the gate. The default matte finish (like ScaleColor) will also highlight deficiencies in blending very rapidly compared to any other type of finish. The included Satin medium can thankfully help hide some of that. For those who are aspiring to "up their painting game" towards display quality, my personal opinion is that I feel that the matte finish will help in that regard. You are forced to acknowledge that the gradients are not as smooth as you like, and in turn, you are forced to blend "properly" and not hide behind a finish to conceal errors. If you can get a clean gradient/transition with a matte finish, you know that you have done it right. I plan on continuing to experiment and play with the various color combinations, finding tones that I can easily replicate and apply. Some color combinations will likely become recipes I incorporate into my painting process, and it is nice to know that I can safely mix and adjust colors freely. I also will likely use these paints as "boosters" to my existing line-up of paints; seeing what results they provide to my existing range of paints and seeing if they fill a role similar to inks in boosting color saturation. This section will likely be updated to provide pictures and results of further testing in the incorporation into other paint lines. In summary, this set may be for you if you... Are interested in "how paint works under the hood". Want to mix your own colors, or work with a limited palette. Enjoy a matte finish and primarily work on single miniatures (i.e. not armies). Enjoy working with inks. Enjoy wet-blending & glazing as primary blending methods. Enjoy ScaleColor, but not the concrete-shake-it-until-your-arm-falls-off consistency. This set is likely not for you if you... Want mostly opaque colors. Are used to "base/shade/highlight" approach or blend primarily in a Layering method. Want ease of consistency of color for multiple miniatures.
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    Here are some pics. This is with a gw executioner on 30mm base, 2 nemarti on 32mm base, a mantic fish dude on 30mm base and a gw greatsword on 25mm base. They are larger than their historicals and about the same size as gw empire.
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    So, based on my back of the envelope calculations, he needs about 4,000 sets of brushes to fill his current pledge levels. At a cost of $1.34 per set (and his could be cheaper, as the quote per set above is for 3,000 units, not 4,000), that $5,360. Lets be generous and say that shipping and fees from China takes it up to $6k total. Kickstarter will take about $7k in fees. So that’s $13k. The 150 minis will be $2k at most to sculpt and cast up. The only other cost I can see is shipping costs to backers. Let’s say that’s $20k (roughly $15 per backer). That leaves him with $35k profit from the campaign. That’s a fair whack of money for placing an order from China, making a Kickstarter campaign and then posting out 1,200 packages. Heck, he could probably pay someone $5k to handle the mail-out for him, still leaving him with $30k profit for doing not much at all.
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    Hi I am the Brendan guy on those comments. If I used scam in messages, I guess I mispoke. I was quite triggered by the KS when I stumbled on it. I should of said he is taking advantage of people. What got me was all the comments were from people looking to get into the hobby, one I really love and love encouraging people to get into. This guy is paying less then 4$ a set from a chinese supplier. He is gonna make a killing off this assuming he delivers. If it was a half way decent project I would of moved on. But its not, he is pretending a set of nylon brushes are this great start into mini painting. A size 3, 4, 5, and 6 brush?? Alot of you are to nice. This guy isnt not dumb, he is taking advantage of people looking to get into this hobby. If he did it off KS fine, but KS is for funding new idea and helping bring things to fruition. This is not that. He payed for a sample production of his ghost brushes, will collect money, will send some to china to have brushes that are always made the same way and shipped all over dipped in white paint and the word "ghost" pressed into them. Imagine the people investing in these brushes and then paints, minis, who knows what else only to have them curl a few hours in. Anyways, just made this to air my position. I am sure it didnt come across but I wanted to help/warn new painters. Happy Painting. Edit: Final thought, what makes me the most mad is how he repeatedly says he "designed" and my "design" if you are looking for deception find those post and words in his project. He designed nothing. I am to lazy to go back through Ali Baba but several suppliers offer the exact same design.
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    If it’s an existing product that the project creator is simply ordering from what the manufacturer is already manufacturing than yes, you’re correct. And there’s been several dice kickstarters and brush kickstarters that have been suspended for that very reason. However if you approach an existing dice/brush/paint manufacturer with your own idea, using a new or different plastic, a new material, your own recipe, something beyond merely rebranding an existing product, then that is a new product even if someone else is making it for you.
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    Fair point @Darsc Zacal, and thank you for the insight on why some people are angry... but by the same vein then there are a lot of projects listed in this very forum that should be suspended as well. Any time someone puts up a project for dice, for instance, where often the only difference is that they're some particular colour, sometimes with a symbol or word printed on them... There's no definitive proof that this is what he's done, though I think it's very likely to be the case. But then you have to get into the semantics of what actually constitutes a repackaged product. Is it enough that he made an order to a manufacturer with the specifications that he wanted white nylon, aluminum ferrules, white handles and his logo? What's an acceptable change from the norm? Does that rule exist to prevent people from taking, for instance, an As Seen On TV product and putting it in a new box? That would literally be repackaging a product. But does customization of a thing that already exists in the world count? I don't personally know. But I do know that if I felt so certain that it was not acceptable, especially to the point that I was offended and angry by the existence of the project, I'd report it to Kickstarter for them to review their own standards and move on. I think that's far more constructive than spending a bunch of time telling people in the comments that they're idiots who are letting themselves get duped. I just don't see this as being the same level as a project that has a bunch of red flags that the creator's going to take the money and run or clear IP violations and things of that sort. But that's just my personal opinion. Either way, I'm not backing the project and I wouldn't recommend it to other people. I'm just personally not offended by it and I can understand why the backers might find it attractive, that's all.
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    I’m just going to leave this here. I’ve underlined the relevant point that may be why some folks are upset by this kickstarter. Copied and pasted from Kickstarters Why Would A Kickstarter Be Suspended page. “ A project may be suspended if our Integrity team uncovers evidence that it is in violation of Kickstarter's rules, including: Misrepresentation of support, through self-pledging. Misrepresentation or failure to disclose relevant facts about the project or its creator. The creator provides inaccurate or incomplete user information to Kickstarter or one of our partners. The characteristics of the creator account overlap with the characteristics of backer accounts that pledged to their project. A party related to the creator is posing as an independent, supportive party in project comments or elsewhere. The creator is presenting someone else’s work as their own. The creator is offering purchased items, claiming to have made them. The creator or an affiliated service is spamming potential backers with promotional materials. The creator is repackaging a previously-created product, without adding anything new or aiming to iterate on the idea in any way. The creator has outstanding fulfillment issues related to a previously successful crowdfunding campaign “
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    I find it extremely likely that the manufacturer the creator's using is indeed something like Alibaba where he's just found some cheap synthetic brushes that he can customize to capture the same sort of look that the Artis Opus brushes have, which I think was likely where he got the idea and saw a way to fund his hobby and promote/fund equipment for his youtube channel. I don't think it's any more malicious than that. I also don't think that pointing this out is all that much of a "gotcha" moment. Surprise, people selling things purchase their goods for cheap, put their name on it and then sell it at a big markup to make a profit. That's nothing new. I find it amusing that he's calling out big companies for it at the same time. I think that as a display painter, synthetics have their uses, but I'd rather pay a couple more dollars for my sable Rosemary & Co. brushes that work beautifully and last forever as sable vs. synthetic makes a big difference for the way that I paint. So I'm not the target demographic here and that's fine. I'd protest more were it not for the stretch goal that pushed the price down to around $2.20 per brush (for the single set pledge) which is more than I would pay for a synthetic brush, but I don't think it's an obnoxiously ridiculous price for people to pay if they're already happy with using synthetic brushes and like the aesthetic. People pay for packaging all the time, that's why companies make their packaging as attractive as possible. What I really don't understand are the backers in the comments going out of their way to defend the quality of brushes that they've never used nor held in their hands. That just genuinely doesn't make any sense. If you're fine with giving synthetic brushes that you like the look of a chance and you're fine with supporting someone in the hobby that you think has genuine intentions, those are perfectly fine reasons to defend a project... but insisting that they're quality when you have literally no idea whether they are or not just because the creator, who obviously wants to sell them to you, says so, well.... that's honestly just silly. As far as I can tell in my scanning of the project page, he's not making any outlandish claims about how these brushes are going to perform and he's not guaranteeing anything like they're going to automatically make you a better painter or last 6 months longer than your typical synthetics. He's just claiming that they look good, he's going to personally quality check them before they go out and he's selling them for less than big miniature companies are selling their branded brushes for. When people receive them and they behave exactly like all of their other synthetics do, you'll have some people convincing themselves that they're better and some people who'll admit that they're not really different but they like the look of them and the price point. Then you'll have some people angry and all he has to do is say, well, you didn't use proper brush care or you were too rough on them or I didn't promise that they would perform any better and his project page will back him up because he didn't make those promises. Incidentally, the cheap synthetic brushes that I typically use, which I bought in big packs from....probably Blick, have white nylon bristles and not only do they eventually hook just like every other synthetic brush, but they also stain ridiculously easy and that has nothing to do with brush care. It's just the nature of the beast when you're dealing with something white that you're dipping into pigments.
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    As for shipping and money... I'm guessing that he's got a Chinese manufacturer ready, and also haven't really studied how KickStarter handles money... What a pity that he never heard of Chinese new years... Incidentally, the $3000 stretch goal was an additional set of 8 brushes included for free to anyone backing for one or more sets. He's got over 500 pledges, with over 100 being double sets. That's a lot of brushes. I have a suspicion that he's way overextended already... Actually it sounds as if he noticed what GOOD sice 0 brushes costs, and never bothered to check what a size 6, 10 or 20 of the same material costs... For those who haven't checked what a size 10 Kolinsky costs... Don't... Your wallet will scream out in terror... 'our sizes' are actually the cheapest in the series...
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    Alongside what everyone else has said (what makes these brushes different, who needs brushes THAT big? O_o), my biggest question is how they feel they can fulfill... In a single month. They won't even have the cash in their bank account from backers at the end of January, so how are they able to have these brushes to people shipping in Feb? If one were able to choose the sizes, then may... Err, no actually. For the cost of thise eight I can get almost a dozen of the Winsor & Newton synthetics I like, or almost as many of the green handled ones I really like (can't remember name of them atm)... Or I could also buy a few Raphael 8404's, Series 7's, or half a dozen Rosemary & Co Series 33's...
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    On Amazon there are several decently priced sets of synthetic brushes that have really good customer ratings. I have considered buying them several times but I already have enough brushes. I collect minis and paint so I don't need to add brushes to that too
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    I want to like this kickstarter, I really do. As someone who has yet to buy any sable brushes (I don't buy / wear fur- so in my mind I'm just conflicted on my ethical situation there) I would love some high quality synthetic brushes that won't curl, but I've read the kickstarter and I just don't really see why these are any different to synthetic brushes I can get at my local craft store. If I bought these and they curled the same as those eventually I wouldn't out that much money compared to some of the nicer synthetic brushes at my local art supply store, but I don't think I'll bother.
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    Seems like a lot of people in the comments are really excited but there are lots of beginner painters. I kind of want to go on there and tell them the same things but at the same time I don't want to rain on the creator's parade because I don't think that he is trying to deceive anyone.
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    This seems like it was designed by an eager novice who has painted a dozen minis, wants to help, and just learned how to take care of a brush. They mention that nylon is good... then proceed to spell out how to treat *any* brush. No mention of durability on these things. I do think that synthetics can be used in blending just fine, for a decent synthetic. I have a hard time believing they're more durable, or that they'll hold a point better, or that they'll hold paint as well as sable. Nah. If I want a synthetic for base coating and farting around, I'll just go to the art store instead. This KS seems pointless - or at least the brush points will be after a dozen figures.
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    Who needs all those sizes? I use size 0 - 2 of nylon brushes for priming/basecoating and other drudgework. What does a miniature painter need a 5 or 6 for? (Or if you need one, why haveboth? The difference between a 5 and 6 is pretty small, really) Lage flats? No, that's what Filberts are for...
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    Not very appealing to me. I think the nice thing about synthetic is that you can buy like 6 or 7 of them for $5 and then just throw them away when the tips curl. At this price plus shipping you can get yourself a couple nice W&N or a couple/few Rosemary and Co. brushes that will last much longer. Also the KS doesn't indicate that there is anything special about these brushes other than the white bristles (which is not unique anyways). I thought maybe they were going for a synthetic brush that was resistant to tip curl but all that the KS says is just to adjust the way you paint. These seem over priced and probably not much different than any other synthetic brush. I have found that for the majority of my painting I mainly use 3 different brushes. For the price of this set you could get some nice natural hair brushes that will last a long while and serve most your needs or several packs of synthetic brushes that will probably last you longer than this set. You have to ask yourself why they are offering a second set for free. Probably because they know they won't last.
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    Very nice to meet you, breakfast. Good painting!
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    Hey! I inspired someone.. Great pics! Awesome environment!!! Love those nature pics. Hmmm Deer! ***Drools***
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    I don't know how many of you have seen my various threads on the Translucent Bones and the Tamiya Clear paints, but now that I've done the Shadow Demons with them, my next Bones request is to get more of the existing Bones done in the clear translucent. particularly, all of the smaller dragons, like the Dragon Hatchlings and the Young Fire Dragon. The Angel of Shadows would be neat to have in clear, too, as would the two familiars sets.
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    From the WIP thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55305-froggys-wip-rocketship/
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    I got most of the color blocked out and used it in its first game last night. Here's the latest: Next up is general cleanup and blacklining.
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