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    ... a lot of channels :D Darren Latham Miniature Painting MarcoFrisoniNJM Vince Venturella Sorastro's Painting Squidmar Miniatures Angel GiraldeZ Kujo Painting TheTerrainTutor Reaper Miniatures kiwami japan Miniac Ghools' Miniature Painting Tips Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic Black Magic Craft Draw Mix Paint Tech Ingredients Goobertown Hobbies Trapped Under Plastic Trovarion Miniatures 3DPrintingPro Miniwargamer Jay Pirate Painting Basics Tom Mason Creative Mom 3D Printed Tabletop Luke Towan PLASMO - plastic models Lukes Aps - Geek Gaming Scenics Miniature's Den Bold: no hobby related
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    Here's a rundown on how I make quick, cheap trees for tabletop games. For well under $10 you can have 3 clumps of good looking terrain using commonly available materials. What you need: - glue, white and cyanocrylic (Super Glue) - 50mm round bases - sand, gravel, or kitty litter - craft paints - craft brushes - wire cutters - flock - plastic flowers from a hobby craft store, commonly called "stems" or a "bush" if there is clump of them. Look for something more or less tree like, with branches. This example is covered with clumps of foam. They come in various colors depending on the time of year. Step one consists of separating each stem of flowers from the clump, discarding the leaves. Leave the "flower" part attached to the wire stems. Use wire cutters to trim stems to about 4" long. Coil each wire tightly so that it fits on your 50mm base. Bend and shape each stem so that you can fit 2 or 3 stems on each base. Use Super Glue to attach firmly. Step two: sand and paint. The sand helps cover up the wires, and adds a little weight for stability. It looks best if you paint the base and wires, then glue down sand or gravel (let it dry) and paint a 2nd time. This gives you good coverage on the base, and on the sand. Step three: flock and details. I already added gravel to make large stones, but you can add more if you want a rocky look. It sticks best if you glue to the sand before adding flock. Cover the base with white glue and then apply flocking of your choice. Now you can add finer details like grass tufts, flowers, leaves, or colored flock. I added orange flock to enhance the autumn theme. My final step was to give the bright grey rocks a little brown wash to make them look more natural.
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    Finished up Monster's arctic fox friend, Firn. This was such a fun project and I'm really excited to see @Hollymonster paint these cuties up!!
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    Howdy folks. Been busy with other life things lately and have not painted much in a while. Finally got round to finishing up these bugbears that have been in progress for far longer than I care to admit. Happy with how they turned out in the end and it was fun to paint again after a break. Enjoy. The whole gang. Definitely seems the leader type. Acting tough and pointing out stuff for others to kill. Really like the maul sculpt on this mini. I almost swapped out the axe on this one because I thought it might be undersized. Glad I didn’t in the end. Shiny gems on the belt. Still trying to improve on painting gemstones. great shield sculpt on this one. This guy had a slightly deformed mace and I didn’t think it was as imposing as the others so he got a weapon swap.
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    Today we're getting started on Monster's little arctic fox friend! The beginning steps for animals are pretty much the same as people. I create a ZSphere rig with the proportions I want, pose it, then "Make PolyMesh3D" and start blocking in "anatomy" or in this case fur bulk with the clay builder brush. From here I'll be using mostly the orb crack brush to define the facial features and start creating layers/clumps of fur.
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    I've wanted a table full of alien looking vegetation for quite a while, and after my wife dragged me through the floral section at Hobby Lobby, I came up with a few ideas. This is my first test piece:
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    On top of the Sherman Jumbo, I have a new project. This is Frozen Ninja 3D's resin bust of a cloaked gal holding a small flaming dragon. I picked it up ReaperCon last fall. There are four parts: a base, a robed torsos, a hooded head, and a pair of arms holding the dragon. Over the casting was good, but there were some issues with the resin sheaving (splitting off in layers) in the arms and the underside of the torso. These were sanded down, the given a layer of putty, then further sanded down. You can see the putty in the pics. I also hollowed out the sleeves and a portion of the hood. These were filled in almost to the opening. I used a Dremel tool and ball cutters to hollow them out and tried to match the inside with the exterior folds. One unique (to me) thing is the base; there is a two-leve' base with some symbols on it, and small stone house built on top of that. The roof structure is built into the torso's back. It sure beats the usual brass rod... Pics are where I'm at so far. Qs and Cs welcomed.
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    I found this mumakil on the internet here recently. It is missing a lot of pieces, however I’m going to try to rebuild this thing. Here is my progress so far. An oathmark dwarf for comparison, this thing is big! Whoever assembled this thing glued the platform on sideways, with a VERY stout glue. In my efforts to remove it I ended up breaking it so it now has a pair of gaping holes in the bottom. After trying to remove the platform pieces from the rest of the saddle I finically gave up and just ground them off, and glued the platform back on the right way. The tusks has the ends broken off so I drilled some holes and inserted some styrene rod to give my milliliter something to grip to. A pair of dowels sanded to shape serve as the front supports on the saddle. And unfortunately he is missing his trunk, so I get to practice my sculpting skills. I drilled some holes where the trunk goes so I can insert some wire to make an armature. It’s the KRAKAPHANT I’ll have to go look at some pictures at elephant trunks to see how long it should be. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they are more than welcome! That is all for now thanks for looking!
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greebo-games/necromals-eternal-lethargy?ref=ksr_email_user_new_friend_project Story Depending on the amount of orders received for each project, delivery dates might vary. The initial shipment dates indicated are not final, and even though we're committed to giving all our customers the best service we can, sometimes the amount of orders received might make the final shipment date vary compared to our initial estimates. Please keep this possibility in mind before placing your order. Regarding both the bundles and the stretch goals described above, no swaps of model of any kind are allowed. Therefore, please don’t ask us to swap any stretch goal with other add-ons or any perk models with other miniatures, because that cannot be done. We created something for those who like to not take themselves too seriously, for those who would like to relax while painting - with less details, but by no means not enough of them - for those who love their minis with a side dose of cuteness overload and, finally, for those who might have children to introduce to miniature gaming, by giving all of these people something that players will love (or hate, as the case may be) no matter their age! Wait a minute… delivery estimated after only two week after the campaign ends? A Greebo campaign?! Oh yes, and here’s why: because we’ve started production already! We’re convinced that we can reach the campaign goal, at the least, and that’s why we started the manufacturing process of everything. Therefore, the second you complete your Pledge Manager (let us remind all of you, if you don’t complete it, there will be no shipment, so do it!) your package will be processed and sent, just like that. We want to open and close this campaign in record time, and we’re confident that we can do it! Physical Prototypes Size Comparison *Meatwork will come in Resin and metal parts *Meatwork will come in Resin and metal parts
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    CHAOS DREADHOLD, OVERLORD BASTION Manufacturer: Games Workshop Sculptor: Unknown
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    Last three of the first finished batch of minis: one I like, one I think could be better, and one...let's call that one a "learning experience." The good was Magnu Timur: Reaper 77148 Mangu Timur by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Reaper 77148 Mangu Timur by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Mangu Timur came with the "Learn to Paint Kit" and was the one where I went "let's try all the things." I started him with "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" in mind, and settled on a green-and-gold color scheme pretty quickly. He's an easy figure to see as a Bad Guy, and I wanted to see if I could get him to read as not-a-Bad-Guy, if not entirely a Good Guy either. If he took off his helmet, he'd be Rutger Hauer under there. He's the first figure I tried drybrushing with, which led to the discovery, "Less paint than that." So after a while, I decided to layer on that shining silver deliberately to make his armor really look like it's been through it. That led to experiments with layered washes on his boots to make them look muddy and spattered (which kinda worked). Reaper 77148 Mangu Timur by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Reaper 77148 Mangu Timur by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr The "let's try all the things" bit with the sword: I didn't want those cool runes in the sword to get lost, so I tried painting the centerline of the sword in pure gold and then drybrushed over it to try and get the rest of the blade black but leave the runes alone. I was convinced I completely screwed it up until I looked at the sword under a magnifying glass and saw that I did better than I thought. The bad was a penguin from the Penguin Attack Pack: Reaper 44104 Penguin Attack Pack by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Reaper 44104 Penguin Attack Pack by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Killer penguin! I had to get the Penguin Attack Pack when I saw it, and this was the first one painted in basic penguin colors and the blood of its enemies spattered all around him. The eye is pretty poorly painted, and you can really see seam lines I didn't do anything about. We're still working on the other penguins (who will be killer robot penguins) and the Dire Penguin boss. Hopefully they will be better. The ugly was this Orc Marauder, which looks a bit better than the minis I used to paint in days when guides were all text and bad black-and-white photos, there were no YouTube tutorials or web sites, and all the cons were far far away. Reaper 77042 Orc Marauder by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Reaper 77042 Orc Marauder by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr This last figure that came with the "Learn to Paint" kit was the second "let's try all the things" figure. He's a lot less successful than Mangu Timur, but I don't care enough about this orc to really work more on him. I wanted his skin to be reddish-brown (in prep for the Jade Fire orc figures I have in the wings) instead of the usual green or gray, but he's a lot darker than I intended. His eyes and face are a disaster -- really looking forward to trying identifiable humanoid minis now! I also painted his entire "skirt" in metal until I realized that it was fur from other painters' versions of him; This led to a repaint and the paint is too thick and the colors aren't what I wanted, but he's done and I learned things. There's value in that even if I think he sucks.
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    Behold, Sharn the half-orc. She's all STR and CON. She hits hard and can take a hit, but don't call her burly or she's liable to knock you out. She's only half an orc and her human half believes she's a pretty flower. I built this mini using Heroforge's software then printed it at home on my 3D printer, then of course, I painted it. Not bad for a first print.
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    Hi everyone, jumping back into painting miniatures after a (mumble mumble) year hiatus. I'll say the minis I was painting were from Grenadier, Ral Partha, and Heritage USA, and I was very, very bad at it. But my wife got into some cool steampunk minis on Kickstarter and got a bunch of them plus some "learn to paint" kits. Then we looked at people's work and watched some videos and freaked out for about a year, terrified of actually painting them for fear of screwing them up. We picked up more from the Friendly Neighborhood Hobby-n-Gaming Store (my son will never turn down anything that even vaguely resembles a toy), and finally did some minis after our son asked, "Are you ever going to paint these things?" We set up a ground rule that "the only way to paint these Wrong is if paint ends up on something other than a figure." Meaning the furniture, the floor, someone else, or the dog. Anything else was to be deemed successful. And whaddya know, it was easier than we thought. Grabbed our first finished batch and shot them in my lightbox for toys. Click on any image to see it on my Flickr account, where you can see super-sized versions and alternate angles. First figures: Reaper 77070 Skeletal Archer by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Reaper 77070 Skeletal Archer by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr This figure came with the Reaper "Learn to Paint" kit, so we used it as a first try for things. My son did the base coat and I did the details (the bow and quiver, and then the wash layer and the base). Base is a brown with a red wash on it. I'd like to say the bow is a drybrush to get the textures, but it's more just a thin paint job. We tried to straighten his legs, but he slowly reset back into his extreme lean. We did this figure to learn with, so I don't really care deeply about it, but we'll have to be careful about things like this in the future. Reaper 49014 Xairbot (Large) by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Reaper 49014 Xairbot (Large) by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Keeping the trend of my son doing big things and the adults doing details. My son painted the Xairbot in a base yellow (he loves Caterpillar heavy equipment), and my wife did all the silver, blue, and red details. In hindsight, we should have straightened out the right shoulder cannon, too. Reaper 77635 Graveyard Archway by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr My wife went for furniture and accessories over creatures for now, and took to this graveyard archway. This was the first thing she painted, and came away going, "That was a lot easier than I thought it would be." Skeletal archer included for scale. Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures WZK73713 Bulette by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures WZK73713 Bulette by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures WZK73713 Bulette by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr My son liked the WizKids bulette figure. We tried a few things with him, not all successfully. I'd like to figure out how to blend things like the chest color and the body color better, and we're still learning the finer points of drybrushing. I do like that his mouth was just a few layers of a red wash, and I like some of the work on the body. The translucent base was a bunch of experimentation: matte varnish "primer" layer, a few layers of dark and brown washes to make it look like dirt, and then the brown disc under it after we noticed that the base tended to reflect colors of whatever was under it.
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    Got some more progress done! I ended up redoing the side section a bit. I added more of and angle and made it stronger. Borrowed an idea from the movie and made the spike strip between the tusks. Accidentally broke the wire so I had to redo it. And it conveniently hides the joint on its left tusk. And I decided to tackle the part I’ve been dreading the most.......The trunk. It at least resembles a trunk..... Coiled some wire around the booms for decoration. I’ll be adding the little crosspieces to them later. I started working on the second floor of the main platform. If anyone has ideas or advice feel free to share! Thanks for looking!
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    Still a WIP but these scales were done with a Nanomesh, and are being tweaked with the Move Topological Brush. I did the scales on the Cockatrices for Bones V with Nanomeshes as well. Just a different approach, in the end the result is what matters.
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    Not a huge update, but I got around to priming this thing, about 3/4 of a can of spray primer! I have a two week work trip coming up, figure I will lug it with me and see what I can get done on it...
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    Three different two-packs: 77641, 77642, and 77643 They are translucent now.
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    Just need to give them a once over once the glue dries.....
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    Thanks! And I agree this thing is big! I repaired the tusks, now they just need some work to blend them in better I started working on the side platforms? Not sure what they would be called. I may decide to make the angle from the side to the center sharper, it is a bit flat looking. Hopefully their will be more tomorrow! Thanks for looking!
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    Rear foot (will need anatomical restructuring of the back part when I fit it to the model, but it is a start): Last night, I started on the scales of the Blue Drake. They are fairly rough here and will need considerable refinement after posing and increasing the resolution.
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    The Second to last of my bones conversion class. Fire Giantess Bear-Owl Jays Wyrm now Verocthulu The last is a pure dragon - Death Sleet with alternative wings. its not much of a conversion. Apparently if I don't really want to work on something I should throw it away. Otherwise sculpting a transition is much easier than doing anything from scratch, learning how to do armatures etc.. I re-cut and glued this one to reduce the gaps. The other figure was just a weaponswap to a transparent blade - but it fell apart. this figure got a little more work after drying, but I broke my xacto blade on it, operator error.
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    Bases are done (unless I spot another spot.....). I'll seal them just before bed with gloss. Then decide if they should go matt in the morning.
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    I backed their dungeons Kickstarter and also added their “big book” of battlemats as part of my pledge; I couldn’t be happier. I’ve backed this one for the 2x2 books plus the little book that comes with it.
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    In for this one as well :) @MarvinFrom the bottom of the page: "For convenience we are making our existing products available to add on to your pledge in the BackerKit phase once the Kickstarter has ended. Our books are also available from your FLGS or favourite online retailer. Optional purchases will not increase shipping costs which we are setting based on your selected pledge level (excluding digital) So you will not pay any extra shipping if you add on more books!" Which is pretty neat, I might take advantage of this
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    Monster is all finished up, animal companion to come!
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    Some painted pics GG included in their newsletter! Mini's are available at their webstore.
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    I've been sick with a sinus infection, which is not compatible with me painting. Started feeling better yesterday, so got a start on the rest of the bases. I also hit the troopers with a spray of gloss. Will need to decide what, if anything, shouldn't be glossy....
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    Pretty much done. Off to the photos. I will add some better scale pictures next time it is on the game table. More photos on my blog. Did not want to blow up the Reaper server.
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    Before I go any further, I want to create the feet as sub tools. I am going to start out creating a rather generic draconic foot/hand and then adjust it for each drake. Here is the mannequin for this that I created based on the Z-Brush human hand mannequin: I then sculpted this into the following: This is the left front foot. I will adjust this for the rear foot by removing a digit. Then I can mirror these for the right side. Posing will happen when the rest is posed.
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    Got a decent amount of work done on Monster today. Still need to play around with the shield and there's clean up/polish work to do throughout but it's getting pretty close!
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    Little more work on Monster today. Defining the hair, adding the little holly berries and leaves, and the rough version of the horns. Blocking some more parts of the costuming throughout. I don't get to devote entire days at a time on this project so you'll see this one come together a little slower than some of my other threads. This is a couple hours of work.
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    Sigh ... too many stretch goals that are of interest to me to resist. I will probably never print a full ship ... but parts? A single deck? The want is (too) strong ...
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    After posing it should be more dynamic; lion rampant style:
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    This is what popped into my head, after thinking "how does that fit onto a shield / what shield does that fit?" $0.02: A five minute doodle. 3x2.5 inches. Feel free to modify, tweak, discard, throw rocks...
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    Bit more progress. Gave the armour (leather and metal) a light wash of Vallejo Dark Green and Dark Grey wash (50/50), added a tiny bit of Dark Grey wash in a couple of the deeper recesses and folds. The small leather straps holding the larger pieces together got a quick shot of Dark Brown wash. Then gave the crown another light coat of Vallejo Air Gun Metal and the upper-facing parts of all the buckles got the same treatment. not sure if I’m going to hit the armour with another wash or not. It’s dark, leans to a green hint which is what I was going for. still want to hit the crown with another coat or 2, just to enhance it and there’s still a bit of touch up on the face to do. thanks for looking.
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    Bit of drybrushing on the armour with Reaper Jungle Mist followed by a bit more on the tops of the shoulders and head along with the middle of the chest, this time Jungle Mist/white 50/50 and first coat of Vallejo Model Air Gun Metal on the buckles and crown. Kept it thin. going to soften the drybrush with a gentle wash and then work on brightening the metal. Bloody spittle night get added at the end... we’ll see. Thanks for looking.
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    Now that I'm thinking about it, that technically already exists. The old Micro Machines Star Wars line was pretty small, all the figures need is a ruleset.
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    This was going to be posted tomorrow but I managed the time to spray and paint today. Top base coat and masking done. That is a car hair.
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    They look good next to the minis Inarah.
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    Base coat and masking done. It will need touch ups and some bits painting.
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    Post 1 of 3 of the 111 tabletop minis I painted from Thanksgiving through Christmas.
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    Mental note: looking up reviews and tweaks and this and that for 3D printers not only results in you falling down quite the rabbit hole, but also finding various ways to justify the idea of picking up several 3D printers, and at least two of them large format... Right now we're contemplating the Sidewinder X1, Ender 5 Plus, Prusa 3S,and of all things, the Monoprice Mini Delta... ...And I thought my audio gear wishlist was big o_o
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    Only 234 days until the Friday entry deadline. So, so far behind.
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    There is one danger to this strategy: If the hotel is completely booked for that weekend they won't have any spare inventory to add to the discounted housing block. (I did reserve outside the block, but I had to think hard before doing it.) If/when Reaper finds more rooms in other hotels, things might start to balance out a bit as people transfer to more affordable spaces.
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    I'm gonna need a bigger hat! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    good example of supports & 3d printing:
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    as another "non-technical caveman" I can tell you that FDM (filament) printers (which are all you need for the terrain) are easy enough to operate and ... probably cheaper than the average forumite's pledge for Bones V ;) As far as I know, there is a special price promotion for the Ender 3 right now ...
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    My Anycubic Photon is in the attached garage and even then my wife “claims” it stinks in the house when I run it. (funny she can’t smell the large quantities of bleach she uses to clean the house )
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    Got'em! The shipping box (it tried to bite me, I swear it wasn't a paper cut!): Crates and baskets: Wardrobe: Treasure pile: Throne: Mine cart: Rug (I'm going to try to use the non-mimic rug as often as possible to make the players extra paranoid): Anvil: Well: Well unassembled: With Bones 5 "Thing in the Well" that's part of the Core Set, this one feels like a juvenile This-Isn't-Even-My-Final-Form phase.
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    Yes, I try to remind people every year to do this on your first night, because otherwise you will miss stuff. I bring cleaned and primed minis to work on when I have time to sit. But unless you have a portable lamp, too, you won't be able to see well enough to do more than basecoat. I know it's possible to use brush on primer to prep minis in the hall, but who wants to wait for primer to dry when you could be painting. Not knowing when the raffle(s) would be held was a major disappointment for me too.
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