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    Robert Jackson Bennett's "Foundryside" looks like a steampunk adventure, smells like high fantasy, but is a literal Shadowrun firmly rooted in the cyberpunk genre. It's a series of rollicking heists punctuated by massive explosions and nasty brawls. The main characters have very different objectives that pull them in similar directions, and the reluctant dynamic of them working together is really well put together. A lot of the plot is tropey, but it's so engaging I didn't care that I knew how it would all turn out in the end. Nestled into a grand adventure are questions of consciousness vs. personhood that compare favorably (and without the squick) to Heinlein's "I Will Fear No Evil," and the city-as-character elements put this on a level with Mieville's "Perdido Street Station." I cannot wait for next January, when the second book in the series drops. If you don't already know Laphroaig, it's smoky and layered, and it should be enjoyed over time. It smells like one of "Foundryside's" campos.
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    I like metal best, but warming up to bones black. Not sure if it’s intellectual property like beholders, but a nice sculpt of a carrion crawler in metal would be awesome. If not metal, at least do it in bones black. Also love the most recent Nagendra, but different body types would be awesome -Human legs, giant snake for each arms -Human legs, multiple snakes for arms -Mostly human, but scaly skin, snake eyes, forked tongue
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    * black knight - raven/night themed * green knight - nature/wild themed * red knight - war/dragon themed * blue knight - lake/ocean themed * white knight - light/sun themed Ranger jokes incoming! :)
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    Hill Giantess, female Goblins. Just more monstresses of the common encounter variety in general.
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    * dragoth standing to go with throne. * fighter in wolf armor male * dragon knights good and evil cool helms * keep adding to dungeon dwellers :)
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    Lovely piece and the marble floor turned out amazing
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    Thank you! I'll have to have a look at the stores around here and see what they have. I didn't know such a thing existed! It looks great on your crypt!
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    Very nice! I am planning on doing mine either black or dark green marble. What is this "marbling spray" you speak of? Your crypt looks very impressive. Well done!
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    Impressed with the marbling, it goes on my list of things to try. Enabler!
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    That marble paint came out great!
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    Looks fantastic! I also backed for the same reason. I didn't have any Eastern Fantasy themed minis before. The game looks cool, but I still haven't played a round of "Blood Rage" yet.
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    So cool! So jealous! I'm sadly still waiting for mine.
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    The dragon looks good. the spines might take a couple layers of wash from point down to give them some more shading, but overall it looks great. The shading on the head and horns is great.. could carry that into the rest of the body and spines. Sphere is a nice contrasting color to the rest.. The flames could use some more definition and contrast.. you might find this helpful:
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    This turned out fantastic. I'm a detail junkie so all the little bits and bobs in the treasure horde really make this come together for me. Coupled with your excellent paint work, I'm sure your players are going to love this. (Although they may dislike you for dropping that great beast on them)
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    I took Roman Gruba's OSL class at Cancon. He wanted to teach us about atmosphere so we were supposed to paint one side as if it were lit by moonlight and the other side by another source, in this case, her lantern. Her broom is only sticky tacked on so pay no attention to the blob on her back. Technically, she isn't "finished" as I would have spent a lot more time glazing and working in a little more color. I think she turned out pretty cool for only two hours of work in class and I feel like I learned a lot.
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    Great color scheme and good job following through with Slade. Now we need a Teen Titans group to beat him!
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    Very cool color scheme!
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    Awesome job! I can't wait to pick this guy up!
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    Very cool conversion, and great paint job!
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    The only thing more incredible than the paint work is stopping to consider how much of that amazing paintwork is done in really inaccessible areas ! I know you assembled last but there are still a lot of details painted in folds and obscured spaces - i have difficulty getting one color into some areas. let alone shading and freehanding eyes!
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    That's pretty disturbing; outstanding job! Having only fit-tested my own, I'm wondering did you paint it in pieces and then put it together?
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    Fantastic, I really love this sculpt I painted him myself recently but yours is so much more coolness wth the wings sir
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    Wow, crystal dragon, I wish I had come up with that. Love it.
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    The wings are so cool! They truly look translucent.
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    This is one really cool conversion. I hope he spits fiery acid in game, and I piety the players that cross him.
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    that is terrific. wonderful conversion
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    Great conversion and I love the paint job! I want a bag of Bones bits!
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    Neat little dragon! On my mobile he looked like he was made of (whoever heard of it ) coloured glass. Wonderful work. My admirations, Sir.
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    I love those wings. Is there something pearlescent in one of those colors?
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    The color combo on this guy is on point. I really like him. He almost gives me this vibe of "Get off my lawn" but in giant tongue.
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