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    This was a figure that I received as a free add on to one of my Hasslefree orders. I looked at her, decided she looked cool, if a little impractical, and threw her into my pile of minis. Then I came up with an idea for an air genasi blade bard who plays an evil character in touring shows, and when I looked through that pile, she practically jumped out at me with how perfect she was. Critiques and comments are always appreciated :)
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    https://dnd.wizards.com/remote/freematerial One of my favorites: https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/coloringpage_dragon1.pdf
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    Okay, so this was terrifying... But, uh... Okay... Yeah, alright... I think that's okay...
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    Way back in 2016 a new supplement for Frostgrave was released called Forgotten Pacts which was the barbarian supplement. On the cover was a cool wizard riding a woolly rhino. Now they released a resin mini for that figure named Kornovik the Outcast. I never got that figure, but I did pick up Kargir Tundra Beast Rider 14632 at Reapercon, figuring that would make a decent base for a conversion. So... I started by cutting Kargir off the Tundra Beast. Easy enough. Then what? Well, since this isn't going to be an exact copy, but rather an "inspired by" proxy, I decided that the armored plates along the beast's back were cool, and worth keeping. But it still needs fur. Bring on the greenstuff. Thankfully fur is relatively simple to sculpt. Not the best pictures... I also bulked out the beast's belly, mostly to give the fur in the middle (yet to come) something to be supported by. In addition to some more fur, I'm also going to be adding some bags, a bow and quiver, and maybe some tack. Reins especially. I also need to better trim down the orc belly to fit the barbarian body. Originally I was going to use a Frostgrave barbarian body, but they're too small to convincingly fit with the legs... so off to the Bones box... where I settled on Grundor Hoardtaker 77219. He basically fits, and once I trim down what's left of the orc body and turn it into a fancy saddle, it'll all blend in pretty well I think. More to come!
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    Posting my attempts to improve at sculpting. Feel free to comment and critique. Sorceress adventurer casting fireball. Made of polymer clay, greenstuff and wire. 34mm from feet to head. Dwarven scribe about 30 mm tall from base. Made from polymer clay, greenstuff and wire.
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    Finished him a couple days ago and finally getting a chance to sit down and show him off here. I rushed him a bit towards the end to try and get him done by the end of the month. He was a bit more of a challenge than I expected him to be. Largely because I thought I knew where I wanted to go with him when I started, but then found myself questioning and changing things over time. But in the end, I like the results. I wanted a flashy desert dragon, thus the yellow against brown tones. Inspiration for the patterning initially came from looking at crocodiles. And since crocodiles don't have wings, I ended up getting inspiration from draco lizards. Also, this was a test to see if I liked the idea of this kind of patterning if I ever got my hands on a Ma'al Drakar again to do another Tiamat. The color palette ended up being very simple. Enjoy!
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    So I think this Minotaur may have been originally sculpted by Julie Guthrie, but likewise it might have been Dennis Mize because it's part of those Ral Partha resculpts that were won't with some of the Citadel miniatures back then. Anyhoos, fun figure, and didn't take too long to paint. It's my first minotaur, I must admit! Anyhows, enjoy!
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    Our Anti-Hero Rictur Diehn the Assassin (2430) has decided to build a Wet Palette** PARTS LIST: Peanut Butter Jar Lid, 90mm, culled from recycle bin Peanut Butter Jar Lid, 85mm, culled from recycle bin Paper Towels, Bounty Brand, nicked from kitchen Parchment Paper, Reynolds Brand, nicked from kitchen Copper Wire, Solid, 3mm OD, purchased from Home Depot for $0.63 / foot QUANTITIES (In Order): (1), (1), (4 half sheets), (2 layers), (10--12 inches (255-300mm) ) #Searchwords TGPTGP; acid washed; Palette; Recycle Bin; Scratchbuilt; Plastic Lids; Copper **With some off camera help from Pendrake The Griffon
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    I finished another mini this week and hope you like him: Elladan Elven Ranger. His weapons were a bit bendy, so I replaced them. I also repositioned his arm. I like how the cloak turned out, the face could be smoother, but his cheek bones seemed to be quite pronounced, so I went for more contrast and impact from a gaming distance. I also got around taking a scenic shot. I still think my Smartphone can't replace a proper camera, but for now it must suffice.
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    Wahl clippers are honestly out of stock all over the place lol.
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    I, uhm... made Megan scream when I got home... covered in snow. She hadn't noticed the fluffy white stuff dropping from the sky. The Auld Grump All parents are. The Auld Grump
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    I finished the Two Faced Fellow today: These little accomplishments add up over time...I suppose.
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    work done for the day yoga... yoga'd shower - taken dinner - consumed walk the dogs - next. D&D & Beer - soon!
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    She has a migraine. She does not smell like plague again. She is now in the shower because I was sniffing her. She smells recovered but sleepy and a bit off, her usual migraine smell. My life is weird.
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    Painting Platinum! #018 with Sadie started about five past 3 PM. She's working on Ingrid from the Learn to Paint: Layer Up Kit and is at Reaper HQ. Justin's voice is coming from somewhere. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures/
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    "You don't smell like the plague" is not a sentence I thought I would be uttering and yet... there it is
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    In other news....with the help of an assassin I may have recently committed a Frogciddent: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90777-rictur-builds-a-wet-palette-for-63-cents/
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    R.I.B.B.I.T. expresses no-confidence that the replies to this query were sufficiently truthful. Further investigation is inbound on ballistic trajectory.
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    You threatened it with The Toolstm so it knew it better behave. GEM
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    Car hatch opened right up when I went out with the tools. Hit the remote and *pop*. Did it a few times to be sure. So I dunno what was up. It was 85 yesterday so it wasn't frozen shut.
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    Well, I did it. this is the last of the Elmore dragons that Darksword Miniatures makes. This miniature is based on a pencil sketch by Larry Elmore and is one of the tallest freestanding dragons I have in my collection. He is also one of my favorite miniatures. from the huge wingspan to the quirky happy/puzzled expression on his face, this dragon is just amazing. He has also been sitting in his box waiting patiently for years because for years I thought he was a brown dragon which made him what I considered a real challenge to paint well. Some reading and thought later and he has found his stride as a bronze dragon. It was also an excuse to break out some of my new color change paints on his wings to see what they look like over a broad expanse. The answer, as you will see below is amazing to look at, very difficult to capture in pictures. So anyway I thought I would let everyone see him. I hope you like what you see! Here he is from the front with the color effect from the color change paints in the down position and here he is again with the color change in the up position. the color flare is really pretty amazing in real life but I just cant seem to capture it well.
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    Those look fantastic! All you need now is minis of a T-rex and a lawyer and you've got a great little diorama going on
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    Less coffee?? More beer? Yes please! I built a couple of outhouses last night. Since I was having a crappy night it seemed appropriate. Work day almost done. Have D&D tonight. Tomorrow I'll wrap up the detail work on my Kornovik the Outcast... Then to paint it! COFFEE!!
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    You have a Dutch oven or a covered casserole dish? If so, grease it up and put it in the oven while it preheats. Then when you go to out your bread it, put the dough inside the Dutch oven, give it a spritzing of water on top, cover it, and bake it for half of its bake time with the cover on. Then finish it off with the cover off. That's how I got my stuff to look good.
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    These are a couple of orcs that I painted up somewhat quickly. I tried some different tones of wash on these to see how the overall figure was affected. Nothing special, but I am happy with how they turned out. Sorry about the photos, they are a little rough.
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    I'm still trying to process this. If my life had a soundtrack there would be a lot of John Prine on there.
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    He will be represent Strahd the vampire in my upcoming Ravenloft campaign.
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    Thanks for the comps all. So far I did eight sets of stairs like this one. Now I have been working but took a quick diversion so I could refocus a Zealot Miniatures Villager prison for fun. Now I can get back to the grind. Jordan, You nailed it. Pins and some metal beads.
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    Weapon swap time! But what to choose? Decided on the beast man Gor spiked ball, but it needed a longer pole. The beast man gor standard bearer arm worked. So drill and pin and... No, wait, that's too long... Thankfully the glue wasn't dry yet. Trim, drill and glue... That's better. Then to pin him to the beast! Tomorrow is leg day.
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    I love how you paint black, you wouldn't happen to have a tutorial or something of the sort, would you?
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    Mandated self isolating means terrain time. Finished the second temple. Now with more magical suppository!
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    Finished building the second one. I will post photos of both on the table once this panic dies down. It is not as straight as the first one but it will do. Just some gap filling to clean it up.
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    The Fiskar® Scissors made short work of the paper towels and then moved on to the parchment paper. Inspecting the final parts: (One more parchment disk needed.) Final Assembly** Complete: (Rictur is standing on the 90mm Lid; which will function as a lid to seal in the humidity.) **The assembly order starting at the bottom is: 85mm lid paper towel paper towel paper towel paper towel parchment layer parchment layer (optional) copper wire The larger 90mm lid drops over the whole thing when not in active use.
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    The 85mm Lid has been rolled along the length of the wire to get the approximate length. (Off camera, the Griffin ripped the wire apart at the point marked with the Sharpie® ) Next the Sharpie® traced the outline of the 85mm Lid on the paper towel stack.
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    There is Rictur (the acid-washed) inspecting ^ the raw parts that have been delivered to the assembly area. The first step was to mark a point on the smaller (85mm) jar lid.
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    Having backed a Kabuki Kickstarter that was "taken over" by Tago (mother of dragons) and that is still not delivered (though they're selling the pieces at retail, and have been for a long time), I will be staying far, far away from them
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    Love her hair and cloak - perfect concept for the figure!
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    Super! Great hair and skin and I love the base!
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    Gorgeous blues; definitely a blade-bard!
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