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    Hi everyone, These two are from a Kickstarter I backed about 2 years ago, the « Village of the Witches » by Midlam Miniatures. I used Master Darkweezel as Thanadio the Pink, the BBEG in my DnD campaign. Sister Foulberry is Magda the Chubby, one of my PCs. I hope you like them. :)
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    AND it looks like it may very well be YET ANOTHER Year of The Goblin...or not. Today I have the G.W. Loon Boss' base just about done & Leo got a touch up & stripey pants: The call of Steam Punk may interrupt the Goblin progress or vice versa.
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    B:GCC - Villain Box Leftovers "Almost Done". We are finished with the mission book!* Two alt sculpts that were not specifically involved in any missions so far, and all the 3D objectives are all that remain in the villain box. The hero box leftovers will be next. *There was one more mission that featured the Batmobile, but I'm not painting that and there was no one else I hadn't painted already. Island of misfit Batman minis. Riddler, with a fantastic pose, I think. At least, one that fits his style. Riddler Year Zero was in a core book mission but not this guy. I wonder why. (Unless I missed him, which could have happened) Killer Croc, with a more animalistic look than his other sculpt. Getting his face in focus was a bit of a pain. Consoles. I wanted to make them that ugly, 1970s green. Not my best paint job but, meh. They are good enough for objectives. Computer Objectives. An unsafe safe surrounded by bombs.
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    My wife is playing a druid, painted fairly quick to get on the table.
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    Thanks, Glitter. I am happy you enjoy the stuff. There are three Mushroom that missed The Box pics. One of them is pretty much done now: The basing should be underway over the weekend.
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    Looks like he'll fit in nicely. Bases aren't a problem, I've been hoarding the 1 inch squares for a while now.
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    Not the best of assembly since it's courtesy of Mister BluTak, but... Angle might be off just a touch, but I'd say they look relatively close in height, at least compared to Sir Forscale. One thing you'll want to watch out for though is most of the blister packs aren't coming with regular 25mm round bases anymore, they're coming with LoS bases, which simply have a line in the center, and then arrows at 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right pointing towards the center line. Yeah, right now I'm not the happiest with it, but given the success I've had getting what I want from the Citadel paints we have for my Foxes, I'll be giving such paints a try tomorrow, as we have a few blues and purples But yeah, that purple, I think I was at 2-3 coats easily just for where it is.
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    Thanks, Corsair. I am glad you like them. They further fulfill the requirements for Umpires with suitably bad attitudes. SO this how The Box looks now with all but three of the Mushrooms ready for basing: I do love the Group Photos though.
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    The photos are a bit fuzzy, but two more Mushrooms are ready to basing. It is almost time for a Group Photo of The Box; then some serious base work: There you go!
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    Can't really think of any unique feature he has, other than that hat. Anyway, last day of the Deadlands RPG KS!
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    I was intending on getting further on the Red Veil minis, but, uhm.... Not much progress wound up happening on them, but I did wind up painting others a fair bit... Started blocking in colours on my Bashi Bazouks, and since I had some of the Photonic Orange / Heraldric Red mix still left, my Ayyar got a decent amount of orange himself...
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    I don't know precisely how the deal went down, but Bombshell's Neirans from their Counterblast line are pretty much Reaper Andromedans with a bit more height and bulk. (They also have some cycloptic Illyrians much like Sparg and one of the Alien Exotic Dancers.) This is one such, along with various colleagues we have seen before: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91106-spacefuture-empress-messalina-iv-of-the-andromedans-and-vizier-as-zeta-reticulans/ Her Athame-Glaive demonstrates her ritual authority as General and Commander of the Empress's Fleet. (Before all this pandemic unpleasantness hit my home state, I visited New Mexico for a family vacation, and you BET I picked up some tabletop-scale flying saucers in Roswell.) With a member of the Technician Caste: Making demands of the Chief Scientician: "We need more SPEED, laboratory beetle! 3.2 c is simply not enough to take those witless Earthlings down before they can activate a counteroffensive!" "Feh! Cartilage-brained savage, there is only so far you can bend space before it starts bending back! Our wotta-metal hulls can withstand only so much hypergeometric translocation before giving way!" "THEN MAKE THEM STRONGER!" Giving the Grand Vizier a piece of her mind (she's not the best at subtle intrigue, preferring to cut right to the point, or the throat, either way) "So, scheming remipede, my underlings tell me that the platinum requisitioned for their catalytic cannon has been rerouted to the Citadel of Nobles." "A most unfortunate happenstance, War-Leader. Bureaucracy will err; I shall have the Commissariat ritually castigated." "It was specifically rerouted to a guild of pleasure-barge manufacturers." "The less civic-minded among the nobility are known for their excess. Would that there were some way to curb their indulgences; I, your humble servant and that of Empire, have tried time and again to..." "The guild is under contract to build YOU a Sybaric Yacht!!" "One must have some way to relax after the rigors of serving both Her Incomparable Majesty and the people, War-Leader; a very reasonable perquisite. It would be invidious to suggest otherwise. Now, to the point of this interlocution, if there is one?" "You always choose your words so carefully, Vizier. I'm so glad you chose 'point' right now."
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    That JSA box is on my list, but I haven't picked it up, partially due to having a decent amount of backlog already - a ton of Haqq, a decent amount of Ariadna, then there's the Yu Jing and Aleph from their respective operations boxes too.. And that isn't counting the minis from Code One Operation:Kaldstrom, which I'll be picking up at some point in the near future. That biker is one big reason I want that set though... I haven't played since, uhm, the BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter was still live, where the warcor running the intro to Infinity game wound up buying new dice because the ones he brought wound up trying to (and mostly succeeding at) kill off his guys way too quickly.
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    I love me a good dwarf, and this was a good one. He's a metal figure from Avatars of War. Debated for a good while if his hair should be something other than red, but there it is. RED!
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    I've heard people grumble that it's small, but judging from Sir Forscale, Tusky here looks to be about 10 foot at the shoulders and 14 foot to the topknot, which is pretty respectable for a proboscidean.
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    The Deadlands KS continues, so here's another OOP miniature from their 1997 Great Rail Wars game! Zenithal priming of brown over white, with random browns and greys.
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    More April work on Large minis...
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    New pictures added to the main post.
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    I've had this one in the works for a while. She's a little more cheerful and Art Noveau than most of the rest of my Miskatonic staff, but that's okay! Misk.U. cultivates eccentrics of all types. She seems to be handling the job just fine. And those pointed ears indicate she's already survived a brush with chaos, or perhaps has a little bit of eldritch in her. Her colleagues are a Stonehaven halfling librarian and a Black Cat librarian/cultist. Gave them both a minor touch-up for this shoot.
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    So... confession time. One of my guilt little pleasures is a French animated kids show called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir where a couple of teen super heroes go around stopping villains in the streets of Paris. Part of the lore of the show is that the jewelry that enables the super powers has been used by other people for thousands of years, including Joan D'Arc. There was a contest* on Instagram for "drawings, videos, or whatever you'd like". I can't draw for [expletive], and I lack mad video skillz, so I got the idea to paint up a mini as Joan D'Arc with the Ladybug colors. I had the perfect mini for it...that I painted up a while ago and sent to my friend several states away. So after rooting through my unpainted minis, I decided to go with Aina. She has a nice, flat, round shield except for the shield boss, which actually works in favor of the design. Although she couldn't really pass as Joan D'Arc, she could be another historical Ladybug hero. Anyway, enough rambling. Here is Aina, Valkyrie and Ladybug of the North - *I decided not to enter the contest as, like the show, the demographic was a bit young for me. BUT, it was inspiration none the less.
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    I’m officially writing you a citation for not dungeons and dragons-ing hard enough if you’re not including maritime adventuring.
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    Ratman.... or maybe Wererat.
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    Quick paint of the dire crabs
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    Had some fun with these 2 mimics cant wait to see them on the game table
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    I found a picture somewhere online where someone had mounted a Kingdom Death mask on post like the warning masks you might see outside a tribal village. I thought this was a very cool effect, so I purchased a set of masks and painted them in this style. I'm very happy with how most of them turned out (though I think the demon is a little boring).
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    The Deadlands RPG KS is still on, so it's time to continue more Deadlands figures! Figure on left is Reaper Bones : Savage Words : Bone Fiend 91007. Mold lines were a pain (though kinda average for plastic), and not as many details as I would have liked. However, it was easy to paint and if you backed Bones II, you should paint it to add to your skeleton collection!
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    I believe that Katie, who handles our Customer Service emails, might have just been covering the response in the same way that we cover our Learn to Paint Kits, where we *do* substitute figures when we run out of stock on them. On the LTPK sets, we have a list of figures that we use as substitutions that we've determined are pretty close to the intended figure. BTW, Katie has been out of the office since March handling emails at home as we're still distancing. So she can't communicate as effectively with our other employees as she could when in-house. On the Miniature Monday kits, we've not developed a substitution list yet *except* for the aforementioned Oswald miniature; we're currently out of stock on the plastic version of that mini, so we've been substituting the metal version instead. So far, I don't think we've had any issues with folks getting an "upgraded" metal version of the plastic mini. But the mummy "substitution" sounds more like a packaging mistake rather than a substitution. I'll talk to our kitting department tomorrow about this; @ferret please contact me directly at [email protected] and I'll get you fixed up with the correct mini. It will be an Oswald mini, but it will be a metal one, not the Bones one.
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    I backed em on Kickstarter but haven't cashed in my two minis on credit, because their options right now are garbage. So many parts bleed into each other, the poses look more awkward than they intend in a lot of cases, their choices of starting helmets don't really... GO with the body options available (Murmillo and Hoplite helmets when all the armors are late medieval??).... Everybody who speaks highly of them are either people who get sample miniatures where all the flaws have been fixed in post, or people who got 100% custom-made miniatures (like Critical Role for that Darrington Brigade one-shot). There've also been reports of the system itself glitching out and people not getting the mini they wanted to begin with. I do agree the rapier looks less comically oversized than Heroforge's but that's not worth all the flaws associated with it otherwise.
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    Sometime later this year. Keep checking the main web page, or FB for upcoming releases. Reaper hasn't posted a schedule so we can only guess what's coming.
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    I tried redoing the blade in the style of NMM but didn't quite manage to do it. It's a small space. (click on the images for larger versions) It definitely doesn't read as metal, but I'm fine with that. The real question is: Am I happy with this? And I don't know yet.
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    It's been a while since I updated this topic. Since I last posted here, I resculpted the whole engagement ring in ZBrush. I don't have current pictures now, but these are pretty close to what it ended up looking like: I went through several trials getting it out of ZBrush. First I put considerable money into a castable resin that wasn't. It left a lot of ash in the mold after burnout and the castings all looked like they had a crackle surface. I was rather displeased. Next I tried printing it in a high temp resin and made a vulcanized mold for wax injection. This worked, but wasn't ideal. Finally, I talked to @Julia and found out what she is using. It turns out that Bluecast is the resin of choice. It is an Italian made resin that is only sold by one distributor here in the USA. It was fairly expensive at over $200 after getting it and the additives it needed. That said, it produced the sharpest prints I have yet to make. Along with the engagement ring, I also printed a new design I made in ZBrush for our Haiti project. It is a ring based on the Plumeria flowers that are native to Haiti: On Sunday, I cast a tree of these two rings in silver. These will all be going to Haiti, as the people there often use silver for wedding bands. I will be using these as learning tools for learning how to set stones. I've read a lot and watched a lot of videos, but had yet to apply that knowledge. I want Ari's ring to be perfect, so I plan on making a bunch of silver rings before I try this in gold. The tree and a partially polished plumeria ring that I had salvaged from the earlier attempt with the bad resin: Last night, I finished one of the lotus rings, setting a sapphire into it. It turned out pretty good. The stone is in solidly. The cuts for the stone are a little rough and will need refinement in future rings. It may not be master level, but it's at least mall store level. I'll get better as I set more. I have a selection of amethysts, smoky quartz, and citrines on the way here now to practice with (gets a little expensive practicing with sapphires).
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    This is Cipher Studios SKU 3016, Ashoka from their Hell Dorado line. I had trouble finishing this one, it lingered on the paint desk half done for months. I had wanted to do NMM on it, but like normal I chickened out and went with shaded metallics. The mini also has quite a lean, but I didnt want to break it off its base to fix it.
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    I needed a break from working on orcs, so here's Grenadier's Beholder. I always liked this piece, so I took a bit of extra time getting it ready for the tabletop. Enjoy. The Egg
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    This Grenadier Hydra (SKU 124) has been languishing on my painting table for a really long time (maybe 30 years), so I decided it was time to finish it once and for all. I wanted it to have a similar color scheme to the Grenadier Hydra Dragon (SKU 9911) I painted 30+ years ago, in one weekend (to get it ready for the game on Sunday afternoon). It is a true oldie, with a bunch of that old mini charm, but it has a serious lean. I didn't realize how bad it actually was until I glued it together after painting.
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    I've completed some more mooks. Enjoy. The Egg
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    This was an excellent opportunity to practice some effects for marble. Also, a tip for anyone else working on this mini: if you have a dental tool or other means of prying, the water comes right out. I painted shiny metallic fish on the undersurface of the water and their shadows on the fountain. The wash on the water kind of obscures it though; next time maybe I'll put the blue-green tint on the fountain's bowl itself and leave the water clear. AP Bright Gold, some Reaper sample blue-green, and some Nihilakh Oxide got the statue taken care of. A Reaper sample of almost-flesh-tone-pink was the basis for the marble. Then some subtle streaks of a gray-blue and a white, each mixed with the pale pink, glazed with a touch of pinked-up Apothecary White finished the stonework off. This looks pretty fresh; there's plenty of room for weathering later. The upper basin on mine was warped a bit, but the tentacle bas-relief is worth the price of admission. Click for full turnaround: Click for some in-progress pics: But let's see it in action! This looks like a late-Renaissance or Classical project for a Western Mediterranean port town, now probably relying more on tourism than shipping and fishing. Picked up some more useful backdrop paper from my local hobby store (not my preferred one, but they have more things). I've posted all of the human minis before, except for Antediluvian Miniatures's Professor Cushing (the gaunt fellow with the umbrella and monocle). He's a marvelous sculpt, very directly lifted from "At Earth's Core!" The sort of character who would appreciate all the aesthetic features of this fountain, and probably investigate its history until he uncovered the terrible maritime cult it celebrates. Oh, yes, and I also got another public-utility structure, this one considerably quicker to paint up. No, not a stage. Pan back: Click for turnaround of Madame la Guillotine:
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    Click for even more turnaround! "O Amahd, can it be you? Surely when I saw you a month ago, you were a beggar in the marketplace. And now you are dressed in fine raiment and weighted down with jewels! Allah has surely seen fit to bless you! Tell me, how did this come about?" "Indeed, the Compassionate One has blessed me greatly! And it is as you say. I was a beggar, and an unlucky one at that, for few of those with riches gave alms, and those with little could give little. I was companion to dogs and vultures. At length, starving and alone, I thought, 'Why not make an end of yourself? Surely what comes after will be no worse than such a life!' And I took myself to the ruins beyond the graves, out to the east, to cast myself down a dry well, and there perish." "But then a marvelous ocurrence befell me! Down in the well, at the bottom, was a glint of brass, lit by the mid-day sun! Instead of dashing myself down, I climbed carefully into the well and retrieved the object, thinking to sell it to a merchant for a few weeks worth of money to sustain my miserable existence. And as the evening approached, I climbed out with--a lamp!" "The top of it and the spout were sealed with wax, and this wax stamped with strange designs I knew little of. Thinking there might be further treasure inside, I peeled back the wax on the spout. And then--as surely as Allah lives--thick smoke in a multitude of colors began to spill out!" "The smoke then condensed into a pillar of iridescent cloud, which took on the form of a woman, majestic and terrible of aspect in her beauty!" "It was, it told me, a DJINN! One of those spirits of air and fire bound into service and contained in the lamp by Sulimein-bin-Daoud, who had power over all such spirits. In gratitude at being freed after many centuries, it offered me three wishes in the space of a day." "Being a beggar, my first thought was, of course, for riches. I wished for wealth like that of a mighty sultan or a merchant prince. The djinn laughed at this in derision, but in an instant brought me heaps and mountains of gold and silver, orichalcum and emeralds, the treasuries of empires buried and forgotten a thousand years." "But I have heard that even princes grow tired of riches without company, and remembered my loneliness as a beggar. So I wished for women of great beauty and trustworthiness, who would prove true to me and to the Faith. At this, the djinn outright sneered in contempt, but obeyed with great haste. She was able to find four such women, sultanas and khatuns from far-off lands, skilled in every art." "But then I bethought me, 'Ahmad, having wealth, will not others try to possess it? And will not other men of power be jealous of me, and seek to steal these women away from me? How can one safeguard oneself against calamity?' Long I thought, perplexed. Then--praise be to the Merciful One!--I thought to enquire of the princesses, who had spent their days in gentle discourse rather than in scrabbling for alms! And the wisest of them counseled me to wish for the wisdom to know who would deal honestly with me and who intended ill towards me. And at this, the genie smiled, saying 'IT IS DONE' and vanished, leaving me clothed in princely garb and endowed with the stately beard you now see." "And as you, O my friend, were always one to give when you had in abundance, and I see no guile or trickery in you, take this sack of flawless rubies in thanks for your alms in former time--for such charity is pleasing to Allah!" "This is a wondrous tale indeed, Ahmad! Surely there is neither might nor majesty save in God the Most High and Wonderful." (Special guest appearances by a RAFM egyptian assistant as Ahmad the beggar, an Artizan Afghan warlord as Ahmad in good fortune, Almah the Merchant Princess (60052), Jasmine Silverveil (02497), Nemesra (03767), and Bombshell's Qadira.) Bonus content! Let's see the two sisters, Ashana and Ziba, reunited:
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    Hey everyone! It's been forever since my last Show Off, I finally got around to upgrading my painting space with a nice lamp so I actually have decent lighting now. This is a fig for my Goliath character in a D&D game. There is a pretty bad mold line that I didn't notice until after painting, but at that point it was too late to scrape off. Overall I'm pretty happy with him and am looking forward to posting again! Comments and advice are always welcome! Thanks!
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    Finally finished my Cave Troll! I wanted to give him an amphibious feel, hopefully that translated well to the mini! Hope you enjoy :)
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    Presenting Rage, a player for the Union mercenary team in the game Guild Ball by Steamforged Games. A man prone to violent outbursts, he hated working under someone else and so made plans to take the captains spot for himself... This one turned out to be surprisingly fun to paint, and I'm happy with the result even though I wanted his hat and waistcoat to be a darker green. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    The subset called "knights" in the Bones 4 core set. These are NPC or henchmen-types. Wait a minuite! Do I really think that just because they have covered faces? Dang! I chose to use plain white capes, loincloths and so forth as a common denominator, which let them all have their own individual livery colours. B4Core #57 B4Core #58 B4Core #59 B4Core #60 B4Core #61 At least the unarmoured fencing instructor has more than a stick this time around when the white cloaks come. What do we say to the god of death? These also seem to be new sculpts for this KS. Come to think of it, this lot should be good proxies for Kings of War Vanguard Basileans. Knights subset Reaper Miniatures, Bones 4 KS 2017 Sculpted by ?? Bonesium PVC. 30mm round lipped bases should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
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    Another themed set, Knights from Bones 4. Mrs. Forscale is one of my favorites from the Core set.
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    About a month ago I said that I would start a thread for basic miniatures photography. I took a few photos that night, but they've languished on my camera and phone until the last couple of days. At any rate, here we go. The first thing to know about photographing miniatures is that it isn't really all that difficult. They don't move, you have complete control over the light, and they're small enough that backgrounds are easy. For this first post, I've taken a pictures of a couple of subjects in the simplest way I know how. (Later posts will address more complex subjects, but let's start out without adding any complexity.) The miniatures photos here were taken with my cellphone using undiffused desk lamps in a couple of minutes. There's nothing required that you can't do with things you almost certainly already own. The biggest mistakes people commonly make are busy backgrounds, strange white balance, under- or over-exposed photos, and unfocused images, We'll address those one at a time: Background: 1. Rather than shooting a picture on your desktop with bottles of paint, partially painted miniatures, rinse water, and a half-full can of Mountain Dew in the background, use a simple sheet of paper for the background. Put the bottom on the table and curve the top up to form a backdrop. To a photographer, this is a "seamless backdrop", but we only need paper the size of printer paper (letter or A4) for most subjects. White Balance 2. For white balance, there are several things that contribute to problems. First, if you are using lights of different colors, you'll end up with colors that can't be corrected either by your camera or in post-processing. Until you know exactly what you're planning to do, make sure all your lights are a single type. After that, you should still use lights of a single type unless you're trying to do something very clever. 3. If you have your camera set for incandescent lights and you're using fluorescent lights to illuminate the subject, you'll get a fairly nasty greenish-blue color cast. Similar problems will occur with other mismatched lighting and camera setting combinations. To start with, I'd recommend using automatic white balance. Which brings us to: 4. Your camera determines the color of the scene lighting by the color of the photons that hit its sensor. If you have a colored background, many of those photons will be the color of that background, which can confuse the camera's tiny little mind. Use a neutral background. Exposure 5. Your camera can adjust for nearly any light level you can read in. The amount of light, other than that, doesn't matter all that much (except for how steady you have to hold the camera, which will discuss in a bit). What does matter is that the light be relatively even. Since miniatures are ... miniature ... you don't need large lights to get decent quality light. Desk lamps placed close to the subject work just fine. But the light needs to hit the side nearest the camera and you want light on both sides of the subject, so use two lights, one to either side of the line between the camera and the subject, and put them in close. Don't use a light box unless you know exactly why you're doing it. ("Because I read somewhere that it works" is not sufficient reason.) 6. Depending on the camera, you can use an automatic exposure, use an automatic exposure with compensation, or use a manual exposure. Any of those can work, but automatic exposure requires the least work, so we'll do that this time. 7. But -- your camera determines what exposure to use again by looking at the average brightness of everything it sees in the scene. If you have a dark background, the camera will think the scene has very low light levels, so it will expose for longer. If you have a light background, for the same reason, it will expose for less time. Since you want a Goldilocks exposure, you want a medium color in the background. And since we want a neutral background (see 4 above), that means a medium gray. Use a medium gray background. Focus 8. Your camera is pretty good at pulling an accurate focus, but if you work at it, you can fool it. Cameras focus on hard lines; if your background has hard lines (or lots of stuff with sharp details), your camera might decide the background is the real subject and focus there. Use a background with no strong patterns. Plain, monochrome paper or something with diffuse mottling (like some of the Hangar 18 photo backgrounds) works fine for this. 9. Your camera has a minimum focal range. If you can't pull focus, move the camera back and crop out the extra background in post-processing. You aren't going to want to post all 16 million pixels anyway. 10. If the camera is shaking when you press the shutter release, you'll get motion blur. This can look like poor focus (which is why it's here), but the fix is to make sure the camera isn't moving. Use a tripod or set the camera on something steady. A bag of uncooked rice works pretty well as a shooting rest. 11. Finally, with a deep subject, it can be impossible to hold focus through the depth of the figure. You'll see this most often with figures that are holding swords away from their bodies, but it can happen with most figures. This is a physics problem for which the only simple fix is limiting the depth of the subject. Turn the figure so that its deepest distance is perpendicular to the camera. Which all sounds really complicated. So what does it look like? Camera on a tripod, gray paper background, and two lights close to the subject. Now, this was a really quick shoot, and there are things I would do slightly differently (mostly raise the right light to avoid the shadow on the paper), but for instructional purposes,I think it's adequate. And if you want to see other shots taken in much the same way, check out Heisler's article on the Genghis Con 2014 miniatures contest. The only difference there was that rather than using OTTlites, I used desk lamps with GE Reveal bulbs and I used my DSLR rather than a cell phone. ETA: Reveal bulbs were not really a very good choice. Their Color Rendering Index (CRI) is low and their color temp is pretty close to regular incandescents (which have a very high CRI).
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    Our dog Charlotte... ..and our cat Mica and here are the original models :)
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    1/35th (54mm) Mustang cheers, Michael
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    These adorable figures are two of the offerings in the 12 Days promotion that Reaper puts on this time of year. They are super cute and fun to paint, and a great gift idea for those friends and family who don't really get gaming and miniatures.
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    Well, after a long break from painting, I've finally managed to finish something. The 1st mini and Warlord of my girlfriend's chosen army, to be exact. Unfortunately, like any elf mini I try to photograph, she refused to co-operate. Forgive the crappy photos. Fire away.
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    Painted for a PC Evocation wizard in my D&D campaign. The top of the staff was painted to look as if its twisting into the beginnings of a fire based spell effect but hasn't yet reached ignition temperature yet. I was a bit nervous atempting a star field on the cloak and I did have to redo it once before I felt it looked correct but at some point you need to say its done and move on. But overall, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. Oh, and a big thanks to Jester for snapping these last two pics for me
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