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    Greetings! FF53 - Ogre from Citadel miniatures "Fiend Factory" range, early 1980's. I'm guessing that for older members of the forums, this old Citadel mini might be considered somewhat of a classic, maybe even iconic? Back in the day, It's imagery definately played a part in getting me into the hobby as a wee lad. I never owned it back then but recently picked one up & painted it up! Thanks for looking.
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    I bought this set at a comic book shop, some old minis the owner was blowing out. paid $15. for the set, which as it turns out is what they cost to buy retail( they come in a set of 6 for $30). Oh well, i felt like i rescued them and i wanted to finish them. The standard banner (full set comes with 2 ), had a broken pole and none of them really wanted to sit on their wolves. I then noticed the wolves were messed up, all leaning to the right, right-back leg smashed against left leg, left leg has no texture on the inside. So it was cut, straighten, add putty, texture, etc. I painted them 3 different colors, not a lot to go on detail wise , but i liked the set because it was kinds silly, playful, and wonky. Here the wolves are compared to a reaper bones Warg So they sat, the riders sitting bare metal in my case for about a year. finally, in a spurt of creativity i decided to finish them. I pinned them to their wolves, and made riding blankets out of sculpting epoxy. The riders are removable so the wolves can be used stand-alone in game play. As i painted these guys they came to life, really love them. Hope you do too, they take me back to the 1980's and watching the original animated version of the Hobbit and LOTR (still the best ones) . My only regret, i don't have the other 3
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    Tiny turtles are adorable! Colors inspired by the northern red-bellied turtle.
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    Nope. They seem to be teasing out information a bit at a time. I went back through several videos to get what I got. I'm with you there. I have not seen it on the official Reaper Facebook page. I'm not on Discord or other social media sites that some of the employees seem to enjoy. I catch the occasional video stream, but I wish they'd just get to the point and stop the waffling around. There's supposed to be a newsletter, but clearly no one is "on" that. Right now the best source seems to be the garbage stream on Twitch.
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    AND it looks like it may very well be YET ANOTHER Year of The Goblin...or not. Today I have the G.W. Loon Boss' base just about done & Leo got a touch up & stripey pants: The call of Steam Punk may interrupt the Goblin progress or vice versa.
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    Hi everyone ! I got these two guys as an add-on in the “Rise of the Powrie” Kickstarter by Cauldron Born Miniatures. Their heavy armor and thick fur cloaks were a perfect fit for the “Icebeard Clan Dwarves” in my D&D campaign. I really liked painting them, and it let me practice painting whites. And as Icebeard Dwarves excel in yeti taming, here they are with their escort :
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    Hello Reaper people, ReaperCon Online 2020 is fast approaching, this is uncharted territory for us over at Reaper, we're gonna need help to make ReaperCon a blast! Below is a link that will take you to a page for ReaperCon Sign-ups. -Volunteer- -Panel- -Dm/run a game- https://reaperconlive.com/sign-ups
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    Get info on everything ReaperCon Live Online 2020, Sign up for the newsletter and read through the FAQ. A ton more info regarding swag bags, classes, and much more coming soon. >>>>>https://reaperconlive.com<<<<<
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    While I am working on some of the other survivors, I queued up Eightball as a fairly easy and quick miniature to paint. He is mostly storm-trooper-ish. His picture gives some Tony Stark-ish vibes, but the actual sculpt looks a bit different - with no facial hair details actually molded at all. The eyes are also almost non-existant. I wish I took a picture before painting up the face, but oh well, here is a picture of the master from the kickstarter. Hmm...actually...where have I seen that face before... Skin was painted with inks, and here is where things turned out - 1, really well IMHO, and 2 - really interesting... One of the techniques I have explored is called verdaccio, or using a green-tone underpainting and then glazing flesh tones over top. What if...just what if...we took the same idea, and applied it to the zones of the face map? Hmmm... So, I took Yellow/Red/Blue ink and essentially painted a flag to mirror the topmost reference picture. I used Purple lake at the furthest borders of the face, mostly to act as a frame. This will be the "darkline" color that remains. It looked comically hideous, but so was the first step in Corporea's flesh class, so I wasn't freaking out just yet. I took Citadel Kislev Flesh and put it on my palette. After a few minutes of using Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and White, I mixed up a matching color in ink and put it in a dropper bottle. I then proceeded to glaze over the underpainting. Because the Yellow and Magenta are very transparent, and the Cyan/White are opaque, I actually had a semi-opaque ink. I simply glazed successive layers over top until I reached the above result; adding a bit of white to the original tone to push for brighter highlights. I also did take some Dark Green, very thinly, and glazed back over the 5 o'clock shadow region, and then added a touch of the original "Kislev Ink" on the chin for the highlight. ...and no chalking. No texture. No ripping up previous layers, and pretty smooth transitions of color. Time will tell of this process was a fluke - or if this process will become a staple go-to, but I am pretty pleased as punch with the results.
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    I started this one today to take a break from the tortoise I’ve been working on (see other thread on this forum). This was one of several oni type monsters that cane with the Kickstarter game Rising Sun, which I got for the minis.
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    Hi everyone! I just finished these two minis. I painted them back in May, but as I didn’t want a simple dip in glue and sand for the base of the big one, I took some time to look at different techniques to make some snow, and I’m pretty happy with the one I chose (mix of white craft paint, PVA glue and baking soda in equal quantities). I read afterwards that using baking soda can turn the snow yellow in a few years... Hopefully, the white paint is here to prevent it, I’ll post an update in a few years if I think about it. I had great fun painting these two. Especially the cookies. Any comment about the base (or anything else) is very welcome.
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    Noooo! They were doing so well until they strapped a sword on someone's back over a cloak to boot.
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    Yes, an amazing show. But definitely not a feel good show in any way really. And it takes me forever to get that version of Edelweiss out of my head after watching.....
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    Watched The Man in the High Castle. Definitely don't watch it if you want to feel good. The show is amazingly well done. But you can't really feel good about alternate history where Germany and Japan won WWII. Set in the 1960s. Minor sci-fi element to it. It punched me in my Jewiness really hard. Also weird seeing my university as a filming location, decked out/CGI'd to be Evil HQ. Yeah so... very good. Very relevant. And very painful. Watch out for Nazi-nightmares.
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    Great goblinoid looking orcs! Definitely has a pre Peter Jackson vibe going on with their skin tones, hunched over postures, and light armor. The drum player is definitely my favorite, i love that Scythian style hat he has.
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    First, I dunk it into either IPA or Spiritus ( Methylated Alcohol) Then into a jar of hot water. Thin supports will almost always come off after a hot bath and then using an old toothbrush. Medium and heavy gets softer and are easier to cut. I use an exacto knife and a side cutter. My first prints got much more damage then my later ones, I learned to use the toothbrush and hot water first, then for the smaller stuff carefully cutting with the knife. Thicker supports, side cutter. After that there might be marks, when cured you can try to sand / file those carefully ( careful, use a mask, resin dust is not good for your lungs) sometimes I have nicked a little into the model with the knife. Then I fill that with milliput or green stuff, sand that when dry, and then paint. TAIL!
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    i was going to get Greek, Depths and Favourites, but didnt like anything that ended up in favourites so changed up a bit. Final sets: Greek Depths Daimyo (not a fan of most stuff here, but will sell i guess) Sanjay
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    I think it's considered an updated version, but I don't remember.. it was 3 or 4 weeks ago
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    Sounds similar to a Master Series mini they use to carry.
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    Look at that winning smile! He wants you to come for dinner.... Reaper Bones Burrowing Horror (SKU 77372) I am sad to see the paint has rubbed off in some places, might have to try to patch that up by using some Reaper liner.
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    Yes, they showed WIPs on the live shows, but they are still tweaking them Dead Men tell no tales (still WIP) Treasure of blood reef is the pirate trying to get the chest with the kraken/octopus coming out of the water trying to stop him
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    Do we know what the two resin miniatures look like? "Treasure of blood reef" and "Dead men tell no tales"?
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    Yep. It's been a great experience for my first-ever Kickstarter. Nearly every expansion I've purchased has had extras thrown in.
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    Here's my selections! There's an awesome(3D printed?) demon, a skeletal T-rex thats going to menace my players, some lovely cork bark and a Dimetredon, which is one of my favourite prehistoric critters. I also picked a Bones catfolk, but I think that I accidentally put it back into the box. The box shall now safely reside in a cat proof cupboard until its journey shall start again. A big thank you to everyone who has taken part.
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    So much for sticking to just dragons this time around. I only want the dragon from Daimyo but that wasn't worth the whole expansion, unless we see a print and it's bigger than i expect. Power Up: Rocky Brush Holder Option x2 Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x1 Power Up: Pirate Maiden Figurehead Option x1 Power Up: Reaper Figurehead Option x1 Extra Elves x1 Extra Living Dead x1 Extra Kid Heroes x1 Extra Spell Effects x1 Monsters x1 Extra Gem Dragon x1 Extra Halloween x2 Mounted Wraiths x1 Extra Loot Golem x1 Extra Overgourd x2 Extra Murkillor x1 Extra Walls of Stone x2 Extra Walls of Thorns x2 Valfuryx the Vile x1 Aganzarax x1 Mouslings x1 Troll Bridge Encounter x1 Goroloth x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Storm Giant x1 The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1 Rune Wights x2 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Option: Elemental Scions x1 Encounter at Gallowgard x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x1 Song of the Sirens x1 Encounter: Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Kalanzar the Wicked x1 Brinewind Extras Option x1 Kaiju Chaos Option x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 New MSP Paint Colors x2 Fan Favorites x1
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    At the moment, I'm planning on getting Dungeon Dwellers, Brinewind, Fan Favorites, and Greek Odyssey. I like enough minis in each of the sets that I feel like it's justified. I probably don't need that many more "PC/Human" minis from Dungeon Dwellers, but I just like the variety and quality, and I've only got two of them in pewter already. I was really disappointed with the Daimyo expansion - too many dinosaur people and not enough "normal" races. I'd have loved to have some dwarf samurai, as their culture in my campaign is heavily based on Shogunate-era Japan, but I just don't use dinosaur-folk. I was in the market for a lung dragon several years ago, but Rising Sun met that need a while back. I don't do aquatic much, and, while it'll probably be more useful once I have a pirate ship and all the pirates from Brinewind, Dark Depths is just a little too niche for me to pull the trigger on right now. Chronoscope would be nice if I played in modern/sci-fi settings, but I have no functional use for the minis in the set as a whole right now....
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    Yes, there were also a few revisions during the "live" part of the KS like a female Halfling getting added to Dungeon Dwellers to fix a numbering issue, , and the Air Scion to Fan Favorites. I kind of count those as they weren't originally part of the set or stretch goals. @ksbsnowowl summed up the others I could think of.
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    They added a DungeonQuest-style Mage to Dungeon Dwellers. See page 701 of this thread. They added a set (3?) of shark fins to Dark Depths (so they look like shark fin mini's coming out of the table top). They added a male Rakshasa to the Fan Favorites expansion (in addition to the female that was previewed). See page 693 of this thread for the Rakshasas. I think I'm forgetting one other addition to an existing expansion. Edit: Brinewind had a seated Geisha-style Elven doxie added to it, as well as two "Sons of Barty" (making for a total of 4; three males, 1 female). The doxie is on page 690. The extra Sons of Barty were announced in the May 1st KS update. No one posted the picture here, so here you go.
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    The only new thing was the hand of disapproval:) They have added some new mini's to a few of the expansions and also a few new power ups. As mentioned in one of the other forums, the addition of a dedicated PR guy to post and comment on things OTHER then livestreams would go a long way (honestly, he should be on all media including the livestream)
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    + Bonus Titan Forge Desert Mage. I'm on a roll!
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    Might as well post a mid month report because I've actually got back to painting. Not sure exactly how many russians I've done the last week because they were in various stages of painting. Very fast, tabletop quality on most of them but a lot of hand painted shields. Finished a 21 man spear unit and about half of another the same size. Supposed to rain the next couple days so I should be able to finish off the second unit soon. Had the majority of these minis for about 10 years or more with only a few individuals painted. At the moment 28 skimishers with javelins, 25 double handed axemen, 21 spearmen and 12 heavy cavalry finished. Second unit of 21 spearmen and 25 swordsmen about half finished and almost 30 cavalry not started. Want to have a unit each of archers and crossbowmen too but still need to decide how many and assemble them. If I have any of the Fireforge plastic minis left over after all that I may do a unit as the Knyaz's (prince) guard too. Looking at nearly 200 minis all told. Going to try to finish all of them this summer.
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    Carrier? Do you mean a protective layer?
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    More work on the face, back and tail, and cleaning up the armor/decoration/accessories to get them ready to paint as golden.
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    Working on the snakes.
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    Did work on the face, the “freckles”, the dorsal fins and base coated the snakes that grow from each leg.
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    More work on the water and a little more on the face and body.
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    More work on the body and worked on the face.
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    A bit more progress.
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    Worked on his clothes, fangs, more jewelry and hair.
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    Worked on the earrings, loincloth, cloth straps, and belt.
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    Did more work on the gold, and started the belts and cloth.
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    I’ve started to paint up the oni’s gold jewelry and shield and scabbard.
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    Now painted the leggings and tiger pelt loincloth, and the bit of exposed sword, plus some highlights on the hair and beard and the bone amulet.
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    Thanks Glitterwolf. Made more progress on its skin and teeth.
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    The face emerging from the ground is an awesome touch!
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    Watched the first episode of the new Perry Mason. It's very much a gritty modern detective story, not your grandfather's tv show. I'm trying hard to see some connection between the two other than the name of the character, but it is only the first hour. Contains violence, nudity, sex, and F-bombs.
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