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    EDIT - This is now going to be somewhere I dump all my Reaper projects while (hopefully) not causing chaos by misusing the Show Off section. I'll pop finished miniatures that are individually worth looking at over there, too. My first post on the Reaper Forum, so please be nice! Not 100% sure where to post this as it falls into several categories. but here it is anyway - my Reaper Bones Hill Giant "Tribe" and their hillside display base. I posted these in my regular Warhammer forum but they are too far removed from WFB to gain much interest, so I thought I'd share them here in their "proper" home. I've always painted miniatures with the "excuse" that they will be used to play games with, whether that be D&D or Warhammer or anything in between, so my emphasis is on table-ready minis rather than masterpieces. This is one of the first projects I've done without a clear gaming purpose, but because I'm a gamer at heart I still needed to put everything on individual bases for two reasons - 1 - "just in case" a gaming use comes up 2 - because gaming bases excuses a gaming paint job! I decided on hex bases because I liked the way they tessellate The paint scheme, choice of pets and landscape are inspired by my AD&D days, I'm constantly trying to recapture my youth! (Glad to say that Reaper Bones have finally made this sort of project practical and affordable, and I hope to follow it with similar projects using the other trad D&D Giant races.) All 11 miniatures used (and the 11th is very hard to spot in these two pictures!) are from Reaper, mostly Bones. There are a few relatively simple conversions, mostly so I could use two pairs of giants without them being identical. The major scenic elements (trees and rocks) are made from errr real trees and real rocks, while almost all of the greenery is from a range of suppliers (Citadel, Army Painter and so on) I tried to position all of the models so that they are focused on something located just in front of the scene - presumably, a party of hostile adventurers! I don't want to drown people in images, but if there is interest I can post individual pictures of each giant and some WIP pictures of the project, as well as the identity of that 11th miniature...
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    So I've been socially isolating since March 12th at this point. With working from home and all my normal events, vacations and activities canceled I've had a lot of extra time on my hands. Some of that has been filled wit speed painting through my backlog of figures. I realized recently that, except for the occasional post on the Show Off thread, many of these will never be seen by anyone but me. Especially since my gaming group has gone on hiatus while we wait this thing out. Well that seemed like a shame. And since most of these are just quickly painted, and I don't want to load up the Show Off page with my base, wash and quick detail jobs I thought putting a running log of what I'eve finished or am working on would fit in well on this thread. So here are all the minis I've both started and finished since lock down began a month and a half ago... I had no idea where I was going with this and I'm not entirely sure where I ended up. Second from the left stole my mom's haircut from the 70's and 80's. Let me sing you the song of my people. Not sure what breed this was supposed to be, but foxhound seemed about right. An Entling in a little glade from one of the familiar packs. Bad photo, but there's a little water feature in there. Yeah, this was fun but will likely never have a reason to hit the table. This is currently fighting a fat plastic unicorn on my wife's work from home desk. Iron Wind Metals, old FASA/Ral Partha troopers of some sort. It's going to get weird. Dum-dum. Dum-dum... Dumdumdumdumdumdum Craft Paint Challenge. I've got a few more on the table and I'll post them when they're done. And maybe I'll even occasionally post a WIP shot of some of the bigger stuff I'm working on.
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    I would like to see the existing Brain in a Jar figure scaled down by 50% (or possibly even more). Right now it is effectively a large figure and the brain itself only right if it belonged to a giant or dragon. Reducing it in size would make it more suitable as the head of a medium or small creature.
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    Similarly I've used a lot of female dark elf torsos to make armoured vampires. And now for something a bit different. Halflings for Frostgrave! Why halflings? To be honest, I stumbled across Stonehaven Miniatures halflings on ebay and fell in love, but needed a project to justify the eye-watering cost of buying some. So, a halfling warband for the then-new Frostgrave game came about. And then when you need affordable reinforcements, where would you turn but Reaper Bones? This is the very latest mini that I've finished, in fact, Hellakin Goregutter (77165) A fairly basic paint job (much like most of my gaming minis). That blue-grey is one of my "go to" colours, I just love how it goes with everything. Going back to this time last year (Frostgrave minis seem to be a winter thing for me, naturally enough) a series of games made me feel I needed more ranged firepower, so I recruited this trio: You can't buy these from Reaper, because I converted them all from Woody Stumpwimple (77218)(at the bottom) I frequently replace the wobbly weapons of Bones minis, but the main change (other than the crossbow) is in the head positions. I find it can change the whole demeanor and story of a mini, and it's so easy to do with Bones. For interest's sake, a quick shot of the rest of the team (mostly Stonehaven Minis)
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    Of course, the one thing that works just like every other miniatures forum and I miss it! Thanks Digging through my photobucket, here are some assorted Reaper Undead for you to gawp at... these are all based in the same theme as those undead dragons. Undead from KS3 (I think) Selection of Ethereal critters. I use the very lazy Nihilakh Oxide wash method for these, quick and very striking on the tabletop. Because the army theme is that all of the vampires are female, I wanted to use as many female models as possible, and Reaper are a great source for those. Some of these photos aren't great and I've got better at both lighting and editing since, but who has time to re-photograph things?
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    This is potentially exciting...
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    So I painted another dragon today, and I decided that if I start turning out more of these, I need to start collecting them in one place. So, I"m going to link my two previous reaper dragons here, and start adding all my other dragons to this thread. So, here they are here. Viridius (Autumn Monarch) Blightfang (the Guardian) M3DM's Chinese Dragon So here's the dragon I did today. This is the Chinese Dragon from M3DM's Welcome Kit. I set myself a goal to make this a one day paint. I did one better and printed, cleaned up, cured, and painted in under 24 hours. I wanted something dramatic and bold, with unusual colors, like most of my dragons. I also wanted to limit my color palette. The only paints used in this paint are as follows: Reaper: Canary Yellow, Solid White, Marine Teal, Copper Verdigris, Clear Yellow, and finally one non-reaper, Golden Hi-Flow magenta.
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    I have been putting together some eastern/desert flavoured monsters (posted separately) and also a band of rangers for the latest mission in Rangers of Shadow Deep, set in the desert. The camels are Reaper Bones. There is a special NPC, Arisien the Royal Cartographer, and I used a Dreadmere figure for him. I have a Privateer Press model of Belit who I painted as a fish out of water Northern barbarian. Then there are two foot soldiers and a Knight. These are plastic kitbashes and a figure from Diehard miniatures. I need to finish off some other minis to round out the team, all Reaper.
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    This is the female orc boss from Yedharo Models. I painted her to match my Jade Fire orcs even though this model is 60mm tall and towers over them--that's probably why she's the boss. She's definitely got a bit of giant in her, and if you're looking for size comparisons, she's comparable to Reaper's latest stone giant models.
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    I already have one of those.... The Auld Grump - love that model.
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    The new house we are buying simply does not have the space for this sadly. It would have made a great display, but I will have to struggle for fun stuff space like this beauty.
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    I mostly modelled this off Michael Proctor's paint job, and used it as an exercise in learning to push contrast and glaze unlike colours. The photos make the colours seem to little more vibrant than they are in real life. Overall very pleased with the result!
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    This mini said Paizo on the bottom and a date from the early 2000's. It reminded me of the Robert E. Howard Conan story "Rogues in the House" and painted him with red in his cloak as sort of an homage.
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    I love this guy might have to get more dinosaurs
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    Finished a group of 6 'looters', think they are all from Dreadmere. Happy with em! Very expressive faces and the Bones black is a lot easier to paint then basic bones. Better detail, sharper, etc.
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    Some work on the Benkai Oni from Gloomykid
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    Yes, in Bones 4, I don't know if it released yet. Here is what I was thinking about but they call him a sheriff. Still a good one for town crier Sheriff Drumfasser sku: 44018 https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/figurefinder+plastic+fantasy+male/latest/44018
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    +1 for crabs. Swarm, tiny, small, medium, large. Angels, maybe one with shackles. Centaur with bows (polearms on the existing ones are kinda wonky), maybe a slightly wider hand to get a drill bit through? Hags, maybe one influenced by the thing in "the ring", maybe an ugly witch one. Terrain stuff: baskets, stools, chairs, thrones, pile of rocks (cairns?), long tables with a runner, a larger bag (like laundry size, that I can paint a dollar sign on), a collection of steins and drinkware, funeral pyre, altar that doesn't look demonic, announcement podium. Is there a town crier?
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    We need a bigger Kraken model now. Sir Cyr looked at this and went "it isn't a miniature, it is a centerpiece".
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    SO The Box is about as full as it can be. Basing is now a necessity: Have a good evening!
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    YET MORE mushrooms of lesser size were finished yesterday & some are in the works: There you go until later...whenever that is.
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    Neeeed! Mumble, mumble, mumble, PLOT! Mumble!
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    SO I have been puttering around with bases & painting up some less personable supporting cast mushrooms: It keeps me out of trouble.
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    Not even being sarcastic, really, why didn't I?
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    The last of the unpainted Mushrooms is now painted & ready for basing: ONTO THE BASING...eventually!
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    As I continue to mull over how I will base up the Mushrooms, I have finished another Out of The Box one: Until whenever.
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    Just finished both learn to paint kits. First minis I've ever painted, pretty stoked how they turned out. I did take a couple experimental liberties just to see what happened. What do you guys think?
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    Thanks, Corsair. I am glad you like them. They further fulfill the requirements for Umpires with suitably bad attitudes. SO this how The Box looks now with all but three of the Mushrooms ready for basing: I do love the Group Photos though.
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    The photos are a bit fuzzy, but two more Mushrooms are ready to basing. It is almost time for a Group Photo of The Box; then some serious base work: There you go!
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    One more Mushroom is now ready to be based: Seen here with the other two Weekend Mushrooms for a size comparison: Enjoy the evening!
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    AND here is another Mushroom, This one is tiny by comparison: Enjoy your day!
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    There is another Merry Mushroom in The Box awaiting basing: Until whenever.
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    The three One Eyed Mushrooms from The Box are now done less bases: More later...or not.
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    There is YET ANOTHER one ready to be based: Have a good night!
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    YET ANOTHER Mushroom is ready to be plant on some base or other. He/they are seen here with his/their W.I.P. friends: AND alone: Until whenever.
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    AND another Mushroom & accompanying mushrooms are ready to base: The day is young; SO there may be more...or not.
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    I have been doing up the somewhat less personable mushrooms over the last couple of days. Here is The Group thus far: More later...or not.
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    Those are great! Welcome to the hobby and the forum. Remember as long as you are having fun you are doing it right.
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    I third the vote for guardian beast, I was really hoping that it would be in the Bones 5 Chronoscope expansion.
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    More from the same project - Reaper Bat Swarms (with a couple of modifications, because I can't use exactly the same model twice) and something a bit different - I added this Sleeping Beauty model... To my GW Black Coach!
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    Cheers! I'm a firm believer that you can go a long way in miniature painting (especially for armies) with a few core skills and a strong theme! Let's see how forgiving you lot are! How about some assorted female Reaper models, co-opted for my army? There's a couple of weapon swaps in there, notably the Cleric of Urgathoa's scythe ( those rose-vine plastic scythes are all over my army) and the Wight Queen at the end. No idea where that sword came from, which is a shame because it's a beauty. There's a lot of variation in my success at painting skin tones and faces in this selection, I'd like to say I got better as I went along but tbh the sculpt of the model is the biggest influence on my success, I think. Also my photos seem to wash out the contrast a bit, I promise they look slightly better in person... ;)
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    I recently posted some painted miniatures for the first time, and got told they were good enough to "show off", so here we are. If no-one minds, I thought I'd just make a thread of Reaper minis which I have painted in the past, and then add to it as I paint more in future? Although I discovered Reaper while hunting minis to use for AD&D games maybe 20 years ago, I haven't painted loads of Reaper models. Although I have own loads of them, having big boxes from each Bones Kickstarter so far. In the last decade or so I've mostly been painting for Warhammer battles, so I've been picking out Reaper miniatures that fitted in and around those projects. So initially you can expect to see quite a lot of Undead from my Vampire army, and a few heroic types from my Empire army. Let's start with my latest Bones mini, a Skeletal Dragon from KS4 My Warhammer Vampire Counts army has this autumnal theme and also features a lot of blood red roses. This was a really quick model to paint, I heartily recommend a spray can of Army Painter "Skeleton Bone" to anyone painting an undead project! Here are some more boney Bones from KS4, painted in the same fashion... Let's do all the Big Undead Dragons in this post, shall we? Here's the Zombie Dragon (77466) And a little bigger than that, here's Nethyrmaul The Undying (77190). He's developed a slight lean which I must fix at some point. And then finally, of course, I had to paint the ridiculously sized Kaladrax! Kaladrax is so huge that I painted the model in sections and then glued it all together, something I wouldn't normally contemplate. There are a lot of brass rods helping support that model, and I had to heat bend the mighty tail to get it to curve enough to fit on the base.
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    One more picture - I wanted to show how I fitted the two small wolves into a large hex space: With hexes, you can fit 3 half sized bases into the space of one full sized base (leaving three little diamond shapes to fill in.) Top tip - if you might want to do this, buy large hex bases of such a size that you can also buy half sized ones! So pick 60mm (and 30mm) or 70mm (and 35mm) NOT 65mm (and then have to make your own 32.5mm hex bases).
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    Thank you, I shall be more confident and put my other finished works in the Show Off section. I'm glad you like the wolves, I try to look at lots of images so that what I'm painting looks vaguely like the real thing. I realised that you're never going to spot No 11 from those pictures, so here's a plan view where he's much more obvious...? Then I'll pop in all the individual pictures so that you can see him properly. I think the close ups will show the limitations of my technique, so don't forget that they are on gaming bases so I only have to paint to gaming standard! And here he is! Not part of the tribe! I needed something to fill an empty space and I liked how a fox fitted the colour palette of the overall scene. And oh, a scenery tip - the ferns here are made from real bracken fronds. I collected brown bracken off the hillside, brushed several layers of varnish on and then painted it green. Next time I would probably try spraying varnish and paint as the brushing broke quite a few leaves, but the results are quite good I think.
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    Thanks! Tbh I was a bit put off by the "Show Off" section because my work isn't that great, at least to me! I never take enough WIP pictures because once I get going on a stage I forget to stop to do so! But here's a couple showing how I laid out the board, and how it looked before and during painting. In the last one, you can see the blue putty on the giants' feet - I was constantly re-testing how everyone fitted together on the board up to the moment where I started gluing them in place (which was just after this picture was taken). One thing I learned from the project was to be constantly checking that the bases fitted back into place, often filing or sanding bits of filler or glue or paint or sand back off the edges.
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    I am playing in the Pathfinder "Ruins of Azlant" Adventure Path campaign. A few of the PCs have some healing magic, but we didn't have an actual cleric until a PC recently took the Leadership feat, and an NPC cleric joined the party as his cohort. (Click here for the Show-Off thread about the figure that I use for my character.) The new cohort-cleric, Father Kurvis, is middle-aged and acts like a curmudgeon but has a kind heart. He worships Abadar, the god of cities, law, merchants, and wealth. Abadar's colors are gold and black, and his holy symbol is a golden key. Our GM has an extensive collection of prepainted plastic figures (D&D and Pathfinder), and this Village Priest seemed appropriate. It is from a 2005 D&D miniatures release. I offered to repaint it to be specifically Kurvis. Two hours of slinging paint got me to "finished" ... and after I took the first set of photos, I saw how bugged and asymmetrical his eyes were, so I just spent a few more minutes touching them up. Before and after: Enjoy, Derek
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    A user in the Dwarven Forge Facebook group pointed out that monster hunter blind box figures were the perfect scale for D&D, so I picked one up to see how it faired. I really like this creature! I completely repainted the tail as I did not care for the heavy-handed drybrush work of the factory paint, and it was touched up everywhere else. The base is a "huge" that I stamped, then pressed the mini into while the green stuff was still pliable. THe "waves" are actually dirt/moss from the Basius IMperial stamp, but I tried to paint the to look like waves because I thought this fella looked like a water dragon. I am eager to use it in a future campaign. Neat critter! The first two photos are the completed touch-up. The middle is the stamped base I made before I attached him. THe last two show the mini's factory paint job and hex base for comparison. The factory paints weren't too bad, and may be a good option for someone looking to fill out a table with unusual monsters quickly.
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    Finally finished my 18 strong orc army (okay it's not really an army, it's for D&D). Last six were just finished yesterday (the blues and purples). What can I say? These guys are really cool minis. I really love their "old school" feel and they are perfect for the battle mat. Like all my "armies" they are uniquely color coded for easy identification (I attack the blue one with the sword). Their skin is the 29810 / 29811 / 29812 HD mossy / turf / meadow green triad. I thought about making them a bit more cartoony but in the end went with a more realistic green. Comments and criticism always appreciated. The feedback I've gotten on these boards made me repaint several of the colors to get a brighter end result and greater contrast, so that's still something I'm working on. The whole army on my shelf...
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    So here are the Bones Orc swordsmen (77019), which are the last of my bones orcs (untill Boneami arrives). And here is the last missing spearman (Bones 77003) that I had blamed the cats for stealing. He was in fact hiding behind some other minis on the shelf. Since he was late to the party he got the bent bronze spear.... And here is the whole tribe (can you find Waldo the warrior?) Fun group to paint, I am sure they will harass adventurers for a long time.
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