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    I have finally shaken off the paintless stage. Two of the Mycologists got finished today. Doc McEfinn (pronounced Doc Mick-E-Fin): Chug O'Lug, the lab rat: AND the Trio of Brave Adventurers: Have a good night!
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    I did this tree awhile ago for no particular reason. Having tracked down the Goblin Bandit Chief Comsquare sent me, I thought he might look good with the tree...he still might, but the tree seemed to have a face hidden & waiting to come out. SO it is now a more personable Tree...& possible Goblin Bandit Chief base: Seen here with the other recently sculpted Trees...he is somewhat taller: There are other things in the works that may show up here or elsewhere...or not.
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    The latest Tree base is base coated...this is quite a process with the Trees: A slightly closer look at the face: From the back: AND with the other Tree base: Until later...whenever that is.
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    AND later the same day, I based up a Gang of GameZone Goblins: Not a bad day for an Old Man!
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    I felt the Goblin Shaman needed some mushrooms on his staff AND there was a nondescript little gobbly guy to be removed from his right leg. SO this is what he looks like now: He is still a charmingly ugly lunatic.
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    There are YET MORE new additions to the Supporting Cast. A couple of personable Mushrooms ready to be based: AND the steam Punk Snail is all based up with a Mushroom admirer & ready for color: Sweet dreams!
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    The Wolf Shaman & YET ANOTHER Mushroom Group are ready for paint: The new Merry Mushroom Supporting Cast: Off to one side of the Mushroom base is a hollow sporting a largish eyeball that refuses to be photographed.
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    Later the same day, the Sprinting Horrors & their One-Eyed Jack associates are ready for some color...other than black & white that is: Here are all the new Supporting Cast Mushrooms: Have a Good Night!
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    AND a couple more Supporting Cast Mushrooms have joined the throng of things in the works: ...seen here wit another in the works Goblin & Wolf: More later...or not.
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    YET ANOTHER in the works Goblin has joined the horde. In this case it's a GameZone Shaman with his trusty Wolf: There will be embellishments to the base & possibly the minis...eventually.
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    While these Girls are more a part of the Supporting Cast, where you can find their pics as well, they are also Goblins. In the interest of not having this thread disappear for lack of Goblin photos, here is Reaper's 44089 Jade Fire Shaman prior to dealing with a couple of issues strolling down the Yellow Brick Road: AND with some added curls, a few shelf mushrooms for her staff, & a paint job: Here she is with Greta Weedwhacker the Mushroom/Goblin Shaman, a Dark Hold Goblin: Greta alone: There you go.
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    I did up a Dark Hold Goblin Druid Girl yesterday. She will eventually be part of the Supporting Cast Mushrooms. Gorgeous Greta Weedwhacker: Seen here with the Mushroom Witch for a size comparison: There you go!
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    Thanks, Glitter...glad you like them. AND later the same day the Lads on the Yellow Brick Road are ready for painting: With photos of the Gang thus far: Until whenever.
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    YET ANOTHER Mushroom base is assembled & ready for base coating...once the glue dries: It has a follow the Yellow Brick Road...TO HELL! feel to it.
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    The first of the Mushroom Box Beasties are base & primed. The Tree & Associate: A Merry Little Fellow: With the Group Photo Coming along...sort of.
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    I started working on four bases for the Mushrooms: Thus far I have only gotten carried away with one...thus far: These should keep me out of trouble for awhile...or not.
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    ...when nothing else is interesting to do the Mushrooms still have an appeal. The Stone Lurkers are getting some attention as well Things are getting better...kind of.
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    SO I opted for the individual bases mostly for photo purposes: Mycologist do have a thing for mushrooms after all: Today I actually feel like what would pass for normal with me. Things are looking up...so to speak.
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    While my attention span slowly expands, I've done another prep on some G.W. strangeness. These are a pair of Goblin Mycologist (Zarbag's Gitz): AND their mushroom sniffing Squigs: I am torn between basing them separately or as a group.
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    AND base coated: That should be it for the day...or not.
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    In a burst of what passes for energy, I got The Trio based & ready for their base coat: The Shaman & The Boss (Knight Errant): The Mayor: There you go...for now.
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    I spent most of my craft time working on the G.W. Loon King (he will be the Mayor of the Goblin City). I was a difficult assembly & assembling is a weak point with me, I also decide to do a face swap. This is the result: Today he & some others will be based. The Shaman & Loon Boss will get their bases detailed as well...maybe.
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    The more I looked at the Enigma Witch, the more I disliked the severed head adorning her staff. SO the head went & was replaced by a Reaper Jack O'Lantern: The Lantern then got the base coat treatment: Well enough doesn't cut it sometimes.
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    The next batch of Thingies getting attention include the Reaper Stone Lurker & some Lurkers of my own: Enigma's Yhedra modified for modesty's sake: AND the Dark Sword DiTerlizzi Witch & Associates are getting some color: Busy, busy, busy...kind of.
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    Thanks for the ideas, Glitter. As you said, Fantasy offers a vast blank canvas for the imagination to cover with interesting scenes. That brings me nicely to the reason for a late posting. The Gobbapalooza Gang in their natural setting: There you have the Gang in its entirety.
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    As I muddle out how I will photograph The Mob, I have been working on the supporting cast. Personable Mushrooms: Some large, but less personable mushrooms: I have a heavily modified Fungal Queen waiting in the wings as well: Seen here with Mollog The Troll for size comparison. The word form the Grapevine that they are an "item" can be largely ignored; re, I believe that she doesn't go for short Guys: SO rumors of my death are for the most part exaggerated...mostly.
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    Arcane Eddy & his faithful, fanciful mount, Skedaddle, are done. That wraps up the Gobbapalooza Mob: AND the entire Mob: Next I will do some artsy photos of The Lads & Thingies...probably.
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    The fourth of the five Gobbapalooza Gang, Boogleye renamed Smoking Joe, is now done: Seen here with the rest of the Gang: The end is in sight.
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    AND the now base coated Terror Fish with added mushrooms...for flavor: The entire Mollog Mob plus the Flying Terror Fish: Until whenever.
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    Brewster's Strolling Brews aka Brewgit wrapped up yesterday: That is three done: AND two to go: until whenever.
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    What's in a name? I was starting to think of Spike as Crazy Legs. Then someone over on L.A.F. asked if the third I was something extra that I had added to the mini...it is a G.W. embellishment. That started the wheels spinning, The Hindu Folks I have had the pleasure of meeting have a dot/black spot over & between their eyes, It is their third eye to God. SO I looked up the translation of "crazy legs" to Hindi = paagal pair. ERGO Spike is now Paagal Pair The Potion Peddler: The Bad Moon Mushroom disapproves...it's his/their thing: Their you have him/them/whatever.
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    AND 44027 Terror Fish, which in true Dali fashion is now a Flying Terror Fish (fromHELL!: You now have a pretty good idea as to why I have so much stuff in backlog.
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    The pitter-patter of little flat feet, a jingling of bells, & a ghastly shriek, then a frightening visage appears. That is how Wailin' & Flash appear in The Grayscale Caverns: They are generally ignored: There you have the Lads; Legends in their own minds. Addendum: I changed the name of the duet to Wailin' & Madman; re, I got the name from Wayland & Madame...Wayland Flowers' comedy routine. Changing Flash to Madman gave a better ring to the Beasty.
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    I just posted these pic of Wailin' & Flash in the Show Off Section. This is what you will find there: There goes the Cavern.
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    YET ANOTHER new Goblin piece wrapped up today. This time it's G.W. Gobbapolooza Scaremonger...I think of them a Flash & Wailin': Have a good night!
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    The last of the Reaper 03462 Goblins wrapped up yesterday evening: They look their best as a group...I think: Now on to other things!
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    The first of Reaper's 03462 Goblin Warriors wrapped up earlier today. He is a teeny, ugly Fellow & nose deficient , but I think he will work well as some Witch's flunky: ...seen here with the rest of the Pack: The Lads have potential...for what is another question.
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    ...I may have got a tad carried away with the Guys. This is by the way how the Mushroom Box looks with the new additions: They are taking over...it may be an improvement.
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    Despite the distractions of the last few days, I managed to do some faces & such on the next batch of Goblins with an Ogre & an Elf to boot: Percy & Scratch, above, are from the Bwana Bateye Hunting Party. I was using them for Ogre skin colors. I am experimenting with some magnifying glasses. Thus far I like the results: There you go.
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    Despite feeling less than wonderful. I wrapped up the Mushroom Shaman today: When I work up some ambition, I will do some fancy pics...probably.
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    The Lads are slowly getting more colorful: ...especially the Mobile Mushroom Shaman: I think the blue part of his cap will get a star field treatment.
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    The latest Mushroom, supposedly possessed by the spirit of a long gone Shaman, now is a more mobile Mushroom: Have a good night!
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    AND now the green stuff is done & most of the details are pretty much in place...a Dark Hold Monk is to be added: Base coating next; then the Beasty gets colorful.
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    AND later the same day: That is most of the green stuff work with the detailing still to go.
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    The Big Leaping Fungus Fellow started getting his Kneadatite coating & some tusks/fangs: More to come...eventually.
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    The prepping on the Gobbapalooza Gang & some Reaper (03462) Goblins is just about done: The shorter/lack of noses on the Reaper Lads gives me the option of different skin tones: More color and/or more prepping soon...relatively speaking.
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    After several days of running around, I based up the Gobbapalooza Guys: Additional mushrooms, moss, & such will be added: The Merry Fellow on the right may be part of the Eternal Block Party. He's on an urban style base: More to come...eventually.
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    I am really looking forward to painting & basing these Fellows as well. I also have Mollog's Mob, Zarbag's Gitz, Malign Portents, & Shragrott The Looking in backlog (I just posted them in the Acquisition & Enablement thread): There are others that are now tempting after seeing just how cool these Guys are. I know in some moment of weakness the number of Goblins in the works is going to skyrocket. I hadn't thought of Maude the TV show when I came up with her as a Goblin deity, but now that you have brought it up, Bea Arthur would be perfect as the Goddess Maude & Adrienne Barbeau would be a fine addition to the pantheon. She could be the Goddess of the twin moons,Tweedledee & Tweedledum as well as Maude's daughter.
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    Over the weekend I started assembling my G.W. Gobbapalooza boxed Goblin Loonies. The minis are insanely detailed/cluttered pieces; truly inspiring: ...they inspired me to make more mushrooms of various sizes & types to go with them: A new level of strangeness has come to Absurdia.
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    Well the Lad & Wolf are done & posted in the Show Off Section. Here are some of the pic: ...well. actually all of the pics. The Show Off does have a cover story aka alibi.
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