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    Just before Bones 5 completed, there was a kickstarter for a card game called Volfyirion by Tabula Games (KS link). I backed specifically for the mini, but did get the game as well (which is a lot of fun, by the way!). The base has crystal tokens that you plug into it that can be used in the game play and are made to be taken out. Here is the model unpainted: Anyhow, once I completed Blacktooth, I remembered I hadn't painted this yet, so started last night :) Here are the tokens painted up as green crystals with the first coat of green on them. They're a bit more painted up now (which I'll have in the third pic): Then, once I had those done, I started doing the crystals on the base in a similar manner: And, then as I did with the tokens, I painted the base crystals up with a darker green thinned out a lot, then a lighter green thinned out, and then a light green/white mix thinned and used to edge, and a green glaze over all of it, then a light dry brush of white on the edges. I also started base coating the armor plates on his back, which I like this blue/gray color combo for it, but am trying to decide what to do with his underside and his head... Thinking a light purple/gray mix, but haven't fully decided on what to do with it - if you have any recommendations, definitely let me know! So, so far so good! I really like the mini, and the game that started off as an afterthought purchase with the mini actually ended up being a really fun game! So, win/win with this kickstarter! Once he's done, I'll be back to trying to get Bones 4 stuff painted before I get a bunch of other minis in August from another kickstarter...
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    Ouch, that part must have gone over splendidly... I also think that that particular segment seems to want an editor to look things over and provide praise, instead of what an editor is supposed to do, which is, well, double check things, make sure things are correct, and point out every single mistake that's been made... And I know I'm missing a bunch of things an editor actually takes care of. Treated fairly, no matter how pained a writer's pride is, a good editor is an insanely valuable resource. Editing is something I hate soooo much, because editing my own stuff requires a very specific mindset, which explains why none of the fiction I've written has gone any further than the initial rough draft... EDIT: The other thing I find so odd is that so many seem to think that an editor will fix every single mistake, especially spelling. No, you has chellspecker, use that and your own eyes for your initial pass... Also, unless they're rather familiar with your topic, as well as specific writing style, an editor isn't clairvoyant, they aren't psychic either.
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    After completing my Reaper training kits, I'm ready to start tackling my old 80s lead minis from my youth. I tried painting a couple when I was twelve years old and failed so miserably I literally thought there was no way I would ever be able to even attempt this hobby and it was just better left to others with more talent. Thanks Reaper for making the awesome training sets and helping me try again after over 35 years. So without further ado I begin digging into my vault from the 80s. Apologies if this forum is for Reaper products only, no insult intended. So I think this baddie might be a Ral Partha Hill Troll, but not sure. Anybody have some insight?
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    I have started building my small fleet of ships. One Hasbro Nerf ship and two models.
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    Several weeks ago I got to go to the hobby store and found a couple of new minis, one was this little jewel. It is pretty much done in the painting department, but what good is a catapult without its crew? These are some Oathmark dwarves that I’m converting to do the job. I admit the barrel is too big to fit in the catapult, but I’m going to find a way to work it in. I need to build a base big enough to hold everything and get some more dwarves, it is a start though. Ideas are welcome! Thanks for looking!
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    On the language bit... I was rather fluent in speaking, writing, and reading French... Up until I went from French Immersion, where it was regularly used alongside English, to.... High School, where that exact same treatment of things is described. French 31C, supposedly third year college or university French, was barely even grade 6 French Immersion level... I also wanted to learn Spanish, and by the gods, we had an AWESOME teacher from Spain, and 95% of the class was just there to screw around and waste his time. Two of us desperately wanted to learn, but it wasn't an easy task because of that disruptive class.
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    This reminds me of when the girls or Mrs. Strawhat would have me review a paper for an assignment. I'm not exactly what you'd call a grammarian, but before I even looked at a paper I clarified how "enthusiastic" I was to be and reiterated that my editing was an attempt to help them get the best possible grades. They didn't always appreciate my efforts when it came time for rewrites, but they never complained after the papers were graded. I've never understood others' enthusiasm for learning English. It doesn't help that I've often thought of the process (even as a native speaker) as being similar to learning the deepest secrets of C'thulhu. The more you learn, the crazier you become, eventually succumbing to madness and being otherwise ill suited for polite company. Unfortunately, the lack of usefulness is true for many Americans. While I could quite easily use some Spanish in my area, you're not likely to hear anything other than English unless in a restaurant serving "exotic" cuisine. This isn't iron clad, though, as I hear French and possibly Ewe or Kabiye, at work on a regular basis.
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    I had no idea they existed until I read that just now and googled it. Grenadier DID do MOTU figurines, albeit about as well as they were doing all their figures back circa 1983. Huh. Well, you learn something new every day... and speaking of learning: 2. MAN AT ARMS Man At Arms, He-Man's faithful sorta sidekick, master of all weapons, and possessor of his own dental spit sink, which he has cleverly incorporated into his armor. I don't know why he needs a spit sink, or what advantage there is in armor that won't let you look down and see what you're stepping into, but, well, that's why he's Man At Arms, and I am not. I was surprised, when I was looking up pictures for color research, to find that Man At Arms' original action figure incarnation wasn't what I remembered; he was shorter, squatter, meaner looking, like a sort of angry construction worker wearing armor made from leftover plumbing and props from the last Flash Gordon movie. And a pair of fur briefs. Can't forget those. I also noted that his original action figure had said briefs and shoes molded in PURPLE plastic. A PURPLE fur loincloth. What sort of technicolor wildlife do they HAVE running around the forests and plains of Eternia, for potato's sake? Fortunately, Filmation decided to make his briefs and shoes brown, a decision I went along with when choosing the colors. The metal figurine looked less like the action figure and more like the character from the cartoon, whose name was Duncan, because apparently the writers wanted to have something to call him other than the name on his package. They also gave him a mustache and aged him up a decade or two, to make him more sympathetic, as well as a believable stepfather to Teela and a mentor figure for He-Man. This is good, because I preferred the look of the Filmation character to the action figure. The lesson here: Go with a gold that contrasts as much as possible with the brown loincloth, and DON'T be subtle. Cartoons aren't subtle. Although weirdly, it makes me want to buy a second set of these minis, and redo them in such a way where I make all the color choices, instead of going with Filmation's story bibles and screen clips. 3. ORKO Orko was the single cartooniest figure on the TV show. Not remotely human, with big cartoon eyes and a knack for bungling magic spells. Orko wasn't one of the first wave of action figures, or even the second or third. He wasn't supposed to be there at ALL; Filmation added him to the TV cartoon as comic relief, and to be the character that everyone else explains things to, in terms of exposition. This was necessary, because he wasn't from Eternia; he was a troll, from the planet Trollia, where the laws of physics work differently, hence his inability to use his magic properly. He was popular enough with the kids that he did eventually wind up getting an action figure of his own. And Orko was a bear and a half. While other figures had issues with flash, Orko had issues with MOLDING, as he had no recesses in the ends of his sleeves or the bottom of his hem. This is an issue, because his hands were separate from his arms; you get to cut those off the slot sprue and glue them on the ends of his arms. The sleeve cuffs you see? Those are in fact crazy glue; I put enough coats on there that there eventually WERE recesses to plug his wrists into! Had a tougher time with Orko than with any of the other figures. Art references couldn't seem to agree as to whether his robe was rose colored or the same red as his hat; I decided to go with rose. In the course of researching this, I also learned of a fan theory in which MOTU is set in the same universe as The Smurfs, but two thousand years in the future; Orko is, in fact, a disguised Papa Smurf, the last of his kind since Gargamel unlocked the secret of turning Smurfs into potent magical energies. The years have not been kind to Papa Smurf, bringing senility and magical impotence, far down from his powers at their height. These same fans differ on whether or not Gargamel destroyed himself with unlimited Smurf magic, or whether it addicted, corrupted, and mutated him into Skeletor. Abs for days, sure, but a whole dairy's wortha Butter Face. Me? I think some people just don't have enough to do to occupy their minds properly. Learn to paint, fanboys! THAT will teach you FOCUS!
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    Dire Wabbit is an Almiraj: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Almiraj
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    Having lived abroad for a few years in high school (and maybe others who have done so have encountered this?), I noticed that, even if you speak the native tongue at a decent proficiency, if people who are learning/learned English sense that you are a native speaker of English they are eager to engage you in it so that they can practice. They have a desire to practice what they spent time learning, whereas here in the States most people only take foreign language courses because high school and college have those requirements. It's the old "I'm never going to use this, so after this is done I'll just forget it" mentality. Personally, I would learn a dozen languages if I thought I could keep them all straight in my head. You make that whole editing experience sound so dirty...
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    Eh, I always hated being in a writing course and passing my essay to a classmate and then we edit each other. I am a decent but not outstanding writer. And I'm honest - the goal was to edit, so I brought out the red pen and let it go. Then I'd get comments back on my essay and have almost nothing. Either the classmate was too timid to red pen me, or didn't see errors (and there totally were errors). So I felt like that elfhole who was mean, while getting no feedback myself. When I applied to the group I'm with now, they needed me to write a scholarship application in about 4 days. Not long of a deadline to work with. But Group Editor was there to help! So I wrote something up and sent it. She edited it. I got it back and she had actually red penned it. More than anyone else had. Talked to her and she said she tried to go gentle at first... I just told her to RED PEN ME HARDER and then we got going with super nitpicky red penning and editing. It is SO AWESOME to have an editor actually rip my work to shreds. People really should stop being upset about editing. Lots to learn from it and it makes a better final product.
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    Always go with the Corgi! Also I printed a thing! (6 sided die for scale )
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    I don't mind telling you guys, some days it felt like I would never complete the core set. In part, no doubt, to my haphazard manner of deciding what to paint...When I first started playing, the Imperial player had his favored units and he seldom deviated from them. He kept winning, so it's not like he really needed to... Again, I don't have my stuff together enough to do a little story and diorama. It's time to make some calculations for the jump to hyperspace! Jynn Odan and Fenn Signis. Jynn is a smuggler of no small repute who specializes in not standing still. Fenn is a veteran of many battles who specializes in "boom!" Jynn is pretty much straight off the character card. I went with a grey "urban" outfit for Fenn instead of the classic brown. Gideon Argus and Mak Esh'karay. Gideon is a Rebel Officer and tactical genius. Mak is a Bothan sharpshooter. Gaarkhan and Chewbacca (what a wookiee!). Gaarkhan specializes (in my limited experience) in getting trashed before the halfway point of the game. He's supposed to specialize in beating things to an icky pulp. I could have done a little better with Chewie, hopefully he won't pull my arms out of the sockets because I need them to paint! I should have base coated his fur a little differently instead of just drybrushing up from the base black coat. When I was looking at some of the animated shorts on Disney+, I noticed that his fur had a light/dark pattern that I tried to replicate instead of just hitting it with "whatever." From the animated short, Chewie has what I call a hat, bolero, and shorts where the fur is darker leaving the sides of his face, the forearms and lower legs lighter. Dialla Pasilla. This is an old picture (cropped to cut out Davith Elso from The Bespin Gambit). She's one of my favorite heroes to play. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. I'm actually pretty happy with Solo. I even got a half-way decent blood stripe even though you can't see it in this picture. I do wish they had used Luke's costume from the end of ANH (yellow jacket, brown pants, black shirt) as that would have been more fun to paint than white, off-white, slightly-darker off-white, and light khaki. Rebel Saboteurs. I went with a more uniform look to these two Duros. It just seemed right that they should be Rebel regulars. I had forgotten that they had visors when I was planning colors and was disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be painting the glowing red eyes that Duros are known for. Rebel Troopers. Not much to say about them, really. They hang out with Gideon a lot. Nexu. Originally brought to us in Attack of the Clones, Nexu are ferocious feline-like creatures. The black variety is supposed to be more rare, and even more vicious. I was originally planning on altering their coloration to be more like the cats Mrs. Strawhat brought into the relationship (the black is our 20+ year old tortie, the white a Siamese mix), but I think I will do that with the Lothcats in Tyrants of Lothal. Which means I should tiger-stripe these Nexu when I feel like it. The pictures were taken before I ringed the bases in green. Trandoshan Hunters. It really stinks being the Rebel player on the receiving end of these guys. When I first started painting all these, I planned on painting the figures to match the colors on the ID tokens (blue, red, purple, black). IG-88! This blasted assassin droid really knows how to bring pain. The paint is pretty simple, though: metallics, red for eye sensors, and a couple yellow wires. Stormtroopers! Stormtroopers! More Stormtroopers! I've been asked a couple different times how I get my troopers so white. I start with Rainy Grey, follow it with Ghost White, and finish with Pure White. It's also why I'm not looking forward to the last eight (the last 25% for the game). Imperial Officers. Some people use the fleet grey scheme, but I went with Stormtrooper officer black for the regular officers. The white tunic is the elite...it just made sense for the elite to be part of the Imperial Security Bureau. You can spot the occasional ISB representative in the Death Star (I) and high ranking ISB officers in the conference room with Vader and Tarkin. E-Web Engineers. Scout Troopers are manning the cannons. The Scout Trooper armor actually is slightly a mix of hard armor and some soft-armor pieces. I varied the recipe a little, using Leather or Linen White (I don't remember which), for the soft armor to give a little different look. It doesn't really show in the pictures, though. Imperial Probe Droids. I had them done to a standard I was happy with, and then decided to add a wash. Which I then had to go back and fix. If you look carefully, you might notice that the elite IPD has a red reflection in one of the lenses, the blue IPD has a blue reflection, and the white marked droid has a grey/white reflection. The original intent was to use the reflections to ID them, but that's just too hard to see (and darn near impossible if you have some beer to "help" you game). Royal Guard. I think these guys are some of my favorite work from all that I've done, and they're also some of the first! Too bad we never really got to see them in action in Return of the Jedi. I have seen part of a deleted scene, though. The ID dots (visible just in front of the guards) have been painted over. They were ready to throw down against Vader.... Darth Vader! Not much to say here, either. Black, Nightmare Black, Shadowed Stone/Stormy Grey, more black... The Royal Guard Champion was done mostly the same way as the RGs, with a slightly altered scheme from the art. I guess the armor would normally be black, but went with brown to match the gloves and because brown is more in line with the red (in my opinion). His base has since been fixed and is now ringed in black. Which brings us to: The regular AT-ST and General Weiss. The general's AT-ST is an experimental model and a much lighter shade than the standard. Now that they're done, they'll probably never hit the table. But they're done! And that brings us to a close on what we usually use. There are still two sets to go: Twin Shadows (which is partially complete (25-30%) and Tyrants of Lothal. I will now be taking a brief, and well-earned, break from Star Wars.
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    Nobody likes being told that they are incorrectly using their own written language. Particularly when you're right about it.
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    My picks are now finalized and this is certainly my biggest pull out of the three circuits I've been in. Even after all of that, the box is still stuffed with a ton of miniatures. Cramming everything back into the box with my own contributions added too will certainly be a challenge. If I had to chose a few highlights it would have to be: The Clockwork stamp from Happy Seppuku, much thanks to @buckyball The Reaper Pulp spacewoman, that'll be painted as the Nuka Cola girl for a gift The Jetson's car too
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    @Corsair: Thanks for the cover; I didn't even notice as I was on my phone. I got late today helping my kids.
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    My adviser and group manager are editors on a mineralogy journal. They get a lot of international submissions where English is not the author's first language. The editors say these ones are often easier to correct than the English as first language authors who are bad writers, because the authors who have English as a second language have very formulaic (thus understandable) errors. The native speakers have much more random and confusing errors. Not true 100% of the time, because at a certain point even formulaic errors are too far off to know the meaning of a phrase properly, but usually that's not the case. In grading papers I see that too. Sometimes the grammar and word choice is such that it is word salad. Often it is just a certain set of errors that aren't severe enough to impact meaning of the phrase.
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    Any Yard-work, especially mowing. In fact, I hire someone to do it. Sifting through the mounds of junk-Mail That shows up is a close second. (If only we could get somebody at a lawnmower company to design a radio Controller Operated lawnmower. Like a drone, but with wheels, and blades... )
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    Changing the catboxes. I basically make Husband do it most of the time and I help as needed but I hate it.
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    Clean the inside of the car. Just so hard to get all the nooks and crannies. Looked around of fireworks and none of them close or big.
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    Thanks for the reminder. been meaning to get to those sometime soon. ETA: Not right now though. Rain and thunder storms do not play well with roof climbing.
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    Nope. I've never cared for fireworks. I just can't see spending money on something you're are gonna blow up in like 15 mins or so. We did do fireworks when my son was younger but after awhile he didn't, so we stopped completely. Good enough for me. TS #3 As much as I do it, I'm not a big fan of mowing the yards. I guess I don't mind when I'm about halfway but it takes me a bit to actually get out there & mow it in the first place. This reminds me, years ago (2000 to be exact) a friend who's house we went to for D&D had a cat who had a covered litterbox in where we could play. The cat came in, did it's business & OMG it dropped an atomic bomb that assaulted everyone's senses. We decided to go out for dinner that night vs getting pizza or coming back & eating it there.
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    No. I hate crowds and any place we could go would be a traffic nightmare. Not that there are any shows this year. Plenty of people setting them off in the street every night, if I wanted to we could find some kids around here that have some. Just about all the housework.
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    after a near accident two decades ago...I never do fireworks anymore. I stay clear from Electrical/Gas/Water stuff.
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    I found a lot of amazing stuff in this box that I will hopefully get painted up soon. I took a few games workshop orks, a boar, and horses. I love the way all of these look and I'm already planning out how to paint them. I got some bones kobolds and goblins, along with a skeleton archer, a few mummies, and a translucent ghost. Then for the metal stuff I got a great looking beggar, a pirate skeleton, a fun little zombie, and then two amazing clowns that I am going to have to work into a game because they are too great to not use, and a really cool little hedgehog bard that I couldn't pass up. I also took the rest of the Clan War stuff, I have been looking for some cool samurai to go with the daiymo expansion from the latest bones kickstarter and these are perfect. I also grabbed a great looking set of 4 3d printed minis. I saw the tortle at first and really liked the way it looked, then as I looked at them more I had to have the human female monk, tiefling fighter and goliath barbarian, and I found some nice bases to make them a group of big bads for my current campaign. I had a great time just looking through this box, and I'm looking forward to the next one, as long as it's after the kickstarter ships so I will have a lot of stuff to throw in the box.
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    Okay, I have gotten a bit sidetracked. Here are two small vehicles I have painted. They are 3D prints from Imperial Terrain.
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    Cute space hamster. Because.
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    After hanging around since the early '80s, my Goblin combo artillery piece is finally done> My sons enjoyed dry fitting the Beasty when they were boys...they are grown men now: Better late than never.
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    All Parts are now printed. Last bits are curing. It's going to be a big one!
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    something i drew many many many years ago seems fitting
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    I never did share final pics of my work... Let's fix that!
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    Vote in the comments on this topic, please. Write which painted miniature is better in your opinion. 1. Hill Giant 2. The Female Spiritualist
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    The last of the Mushroom Box Fellows are done: The whole Gang less one that was given away: I will do some individual photos from different angles eventually.
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    Despite a day trip to distant Fredricksburg for brunch, I managed to get The Mushroom Box Folks based & ready for final detailing. They & the rest of the stuff on the worktable will be getting some attention this weekend. How much actually gets done is anyone's guess.
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    An urban elemental/golem. Cobblestones, pipes, grates, all in a roughly human shape - a lot like the Graveyard Golem, but for the city. The Auld Grump
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    .... Using some wire... I... <readacted> That would have been the smart thing to do, wouldn't it? No, they're just pure putty. The advantage of not planning on casting this, I don't have to worry about any of the things Reaper's sculpters need to worry about. Also, thanks!
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    That moment when you're painting and realize you forgot to give one boot the cuff you gave the other one, and also forgot to attach the strap across Kornovik's chest to anything... And while I was at it, I have the saddle a little more detail.
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    Awww.... Well thank you!! Paint has been applied! Then round 2...
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    Finishing up some details, including the bit, bow (from the Reaper Bones 3 weapon sprue) & quiver (from the Frostgrave barbarian kit), skull (from the Frostgrave Wizard's kit). I also gave Kornovik a vest, cause there was just too much bare chest going on. Finally I added sand from Hawaii.
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    Pants! Looking carefully, and over a day or two, I realized that the orc legs that came with the beast were just... too short. So I was gonna need to make them longer, which means raising Kornovik up some. That also meant that the saddle was far too short too, so that needed bulking up. I decided not to do anything fancy with the pants. As much as I'd have loved to do something like the woven leather of the pants Kevin Sorbo wore as hercules, I just wasn't gonna try something that intricate. Maybe next time. And because I can't leave well enough alone, or do just what I'd planned on working on, I also added the reigns, the stirrup straps, wrapped over the split bracer where I'd done the hand swap to cover the obvious gap. Next time will be the finishing details! Then on to painting!! (I hope)
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    Weapon swap time! But what to choose? Decided on the beast man Gor spiked ball, but it needed a longer pole. The beast man gor standard bearer arm worked. So drill and pin and... No, wait, that's too long... Thankfully the glue wasn't dry yet. Trim, drill and glue... That's better. Then to pin him to the beast! Tomorrow is leg day.
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    A bit more work tonight. First, I cut more of the orc away from the beast. The stub I'd left behind was just too much to work with, so off it went. Gonna be interesting to see if I'll be able to sculpt in the thighs well enough to blend the torso with the legs that I didn't cut away. After all the cutting, I finished sculpting in the fur. You can't really tell except on the left flank. Most of the other spots were hard to photograph and harder to reach, like the inside of legs. Once that was done I started to sculpt in the saddle and a bag with a strap over the back of the beast. The original mini has a much taller saddle, but my initial attempts to recreate it didn't work so this lower rounder shape is what I ended up with. I think it works... But now I have to wait for the greenstuff to cure before I can do anything else. And here are a few bonus shots with the rider, bow and quiver dry fitted on to give an idea of how it'll look.
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    I speed-painted this figure when I was at Reaper HQ two months ago. You can see a 12-minute video of that (at roughly 8x speed) on Reaper's YouTube channel (link to video). Back at my home studio, I spent several hours improving the 2-hour paint job. I made a thread about it in the Works in Progress subforum: link to thread. And here is the result. Enjoy! Derek
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    Many, many years ago I used to do some editing for amateur writers... (Furry fiction) I always warned them that I would NOT be gentle. When I came across 'common' issues such as we're/where and similar, punctuation/capitalisation errors I would mark the first few issues of each and write a note explaining the correct usage. The few that got angry at the level of 'hacking' I did were all native English speakers. The same with the common issues. Non-native speakers would take my notes to heart and remember them for the next chaper or story. The rest might correct the issues in that chapter/story, but then be back to doing the same errors in their next submission. Some just fixed the couple of issues I had marked and ignore the rest. One had just submitted the edited chapter without reading it... So he posted it with all my comments... I no longer do any editing for anyone.
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    Clean the cat litter box. Cats are vile creatures. I've got one that buries his business like he's trying to dig to the center of the earth, and another that leaves everything lying uncovered, so the smell always assaults you. And the only brand of litter they'll tolerate is so fine that as you sift through the box dust flies up into the air. I have to do it at arms-length away so that I don't breathe it in or feel like it gets into my eyes.
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