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    This is the prequel to the story line I posted about a month ago. It's a story of War, slaughter, and Mayhem. As with the last thread, images of graphic fantasy violence are part of the story, so please stop here if you are easily upset. There is also a lot more story-line this time, so if you like reading as much as my kids, you can just skip forward to the images. there's already photos of the Ogres in the second thread, so i won't re-post here. Rugg looked around at his little band of survivors. There were 6 of them all told. He and His brother Kegg were in command. The 2 large Bugbear veterans were the most experienced. They were also the most intelligent out of the group, having the brain’s and just enough brawn to lead . They were also united and loyal to each other without question. During the invasion, each of them had led an unruly platoon of Gnolls into battle. Almost impossible to control , the Gnolls had sorely tempted his command and his ability to stay committed to the war. That was 10 days ago. Now with their army shattered and his band stuck behind enemy picket lines, it was a struggle just to stay alive and get home. The Ogre’s They had 2 Ogre’s with them, Like Rugg and Kegg they were brothers and inseparable, but they were dimwits. They were huge and immensely strong. Even though Rugg and Kegg were considered freakishly large for their race, the Ogre’s were half again as tall and weighed twice as much. The more violent and unpredictable one was called Kagunk. He would fly into a rage, bellow, and charge at anything he deemed a threat. His mouth wide open, spit flying out over rotten teeth. A pure psychopath, Rugg could just see him at the edge of his vision during the fight . Kagunk had a bad tendency in combat shove his head forward and throw his shoulders back as he loaded up his club for a crushing downward blow. This motion had the unfortunate side-effect of pushing his immense shield to his left and leaving his head wide open. He was no doubt alive now because he had been fighting mostly village guards and then later conscripts on the front lines. They broke and fled at the sight of the mountain of raging meat in front of them. Had Kagunk faced professional soldiers, or mounted Knights, one of them would have undoubtedly shoved a sword or lance right thru that gaping, bellowing maw. Ughh was just as large and powerful, and when fully enraged no less dangerous and violent. However he was slower to anger, a butterfly flying around his face didn’t elicit roaring and comical attempts to swat it with his giant club. He also didn’t speak at all other than the word Ughh, hence his name. The word was used for everything, if he was angry and didn’t agree with something it was UGGGGHH, if he was tired and his shoulders slumped ugghhhhh, the same word while pointing to his tusked mouth meant he was hungry. If he pointed to something and barked out a sharp UGH, the wise creature would quickly give it to him. Kagunk had a slightly larger vocabulary, maybe that of 3 year old child. He at least knew Yes, No, mine, sleep, FOOD, KILL, etc. This quality about the Ogre’s was both a boon and a burden. They knew enough to follow Rugg and Kegg, knew enough to realize they would not last long in Human lands by themselves. They had all seen what happened to the dozen or so Hill Giants that spearheaded the clash with the human army. Those monsters should have been unstoppable, but now they were all dead. Now, Ruggs little band of survivors was stuck behind enemy lines, miles away from the border of the no man’s land separating the races. So the Ogres would follow the group, Kagunk out front and the Ughh typically behind him or maybe lagging behind the group. Rugg knew their purpose was that of battering rams, that they were incapable of tactics. Giving them complex instructions for an attack was no different than telling it to a cave-bear. His plan now was to have the Ogre’s charge any threat, and then have he and his brother surround and flank the enemy. At this point in time either a human patrol looking for stragglers or a platoon being re-positioned after the route of the humanoid army was a real possibility and huge threat to their survival. The Gnolls He thought it was possible, maybe even likely they could deal with one or 2 of these encounters if they were quick enough and didn’t let any escape to raise the alarm. There was only one weakness in his plan, the Gnolls. Rugg had 2 of them left, and he really didn’t know which one he disliked more. He didn’t even know their Gnoll names, usually a series of short barks, grunts, whines, and such only other Gnolls understood. Rugg Hated them, and when he was told he would be in charge of a platoon for the war, gave serious thought to deserting. They were worse than the Ogre’s , almost as stupid, but a lot more cunning and scheming. Rugg would normally lead other Bugbears or Goblins from the front, but he knew to never get in front of the Gnolls. They would go crazy with lust when it came time to rip apart helpless villagers, and then had to be whipped into formation before a real fight against a fully mustered and outfitted human army. He now had 2 survivors with him from his original command, he didn’t know their names, didn’t care, and probably couldn’t issue the growls and short barks needed to say their names anyway. Yapper and Snapper He called them Yapper and Snapper and with good reason , it fit their personality. Yapper was the smaller one , he was a Bowman , or in the direst of predicaments would draw a short sword. He was mostly a coward though, and would pause and weigh each fight carefully. Committing to it only if he was sure he could win. He was skilled with the bow however and other Gnolls trusted him enough to fire thru their ranks during front line melee. Grouped in clusters of 3 , the Gnoll archers would each cover a squad of a dozen Gnoll infantry. Either firing at any breakthroughs to plug a hole, or to shoot at mounted men riding above the fray. This was a tactic the Gnolls used effectively in raids, but in War it was problematic. The problem with having archers so close to the line in war was that in a serious breakthrough, one they couldn’t plug with bow fire, meant the archers would get slaughtered. So it happened with Yappers group, leaving him the only survivor. Rugg called him Yapper because he chattered nervously almost all the time. Every command from Rugg or Kegg yielded endless barking and yelping. A first Rugg thought it was nerves from the battle they had lost, but quickly realized it was his nature. Yapper was a cowardly Gnoll, and he stuck closely to the other Gnoll, who Rugg called Snapper. Snapper was the larger and more dangerous of the 2 . About Rugg’s height, he was leaner built, not as strong, but quicker. His weapon was a chained morning star , and it could come flailing out with a speed that would surprise most opponents. He was the biggest threat to Rugg’s command of this motley crew. Often In the last few days as they ran, hid, and scrounged for food , Snapper had challenged his orders with his Hyena-like bark. When Rugg pointed to the Gnolls, then down the road or to the Forrest and said “ Get food” , Snapper would squeal “Yuuu Goooo, Youuurrr tuurrn” . Other times Rugg would point in a direction for the group to travel in, and Snapper would bark and point the opposite way. Not because he had a different plan, just to challenge Rugg’s leadership. The Meal It was one of these foraging expeditions that things took a very wrong turn. Rugg knew they were not far from a Human settlement, a village or maybe a small town, possibly with a garrison. He decided to send the Gnolls out to forage for farm animals, maybe a pig, some chickens, a small calf if they were lucky. Under ideal conditions they would go at night, but they had to keep moving at night and stay hidden during the day. So around mid noon, Yapper strung his Bow and snapper hefted an axe over his shoulder, they Turned and Rugg watched them trudge off towards the scrappy Forrest that fronted the road towards Human civilization. The rest of the warband relaxed around a very small fire and a spit , Kagunk fell asleep under a nearby Tree. Time passed, it had been quite a few hours, Rugg was worried the Gnolls had been caught. As night fell, he heard a rustling In the tree’s, he and his brother jumped up and turned towards the noise. Kegg raised his battleaxe, Ughh the Ogre started lifting his mighty club. Something was moving in the Trees. Then they came into view, the Gnolls. They were carrying a tree limb between them on their shoulders . Something was swinging from it, a small Deer maybe. Rugg knew that even if the Ogres ate the bones, which they usually did, a small Deer was only enough for a day or two. Still not a bad catch, better than the three chickens they had two nights ago. That had resulted in fighting with the Ogre’s getting one bird each to prevent bloodshed. As the Gnolls entered the camp and turned slightly he realized this was no Deer. Human legs swung from the tree limb. She had Golden hair, her clothes were gone, probably ripped and torn off by the brush as they brought her back. He hoped she was a commoner, a stable girl or farmers daughter, someone of no importance the humans in charge wouldn’t miss . The Gnolls stopped in front of him, and his gut clenched. His nose told him everything he needed to know. Her finely brushed hair scented with Lavender, now matted and filled with branches. The smell of soap on her skin and her finally manicured hands now crudely lashed to the tree limb. (air brushed out with paint to fit forum rules) The FOOLS, Rugg wanted to kill them both, now, while their hands were full. He knew Kegg would follow quickly. They could do it and the Ogre’s might not even react. Instead he pointed to the Girl and shouted “ WHY” , his war club clenched tightly in his right hand. Yapper cowered, almost dropping his load. Snapper stood his ground , a look of glee on his face. He whined Eeaassssy meat , sofffft and tasstty. Rugg knew this was more than about the food they now had , this was a challenge to Rugg. The Gnoll dropped his end of the load, wheeled and faced Rugg, his hand on his morning star around his belt. For a moment, Rugg wanted to fight, but he knew they could ill afford division within the group. The Ogres would be confused as well, wouldn’t understand and might just strike out on their own. Instead Rugg pointed up the road, “MOVE” he yelled. They needed to put some distance between themselves and the town with a missing noble girl. They would eat later and this human girl’s flesh would be their survival for a few more days, or their death. Rugg knew the latter was much more likely, she would be missed, armed men would be sent out to find her killers because she was almost certainly not alone. Children of wealthy and powerful humans didn’t venture out alone. Whatever took her out of the village, to pick flowers or berries, a maid or attendant of some kind would have been with her . They no doubt hid when the arrow pierced her. The next few days were critical, getting far away from this place was their only chance. The Sequel https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91312-war-action-scenes-conversions/
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    AND it looks like it may very well be YET ANOTHER Year of The Goblin...or not. Today I have the G.W. Loon Boss' base just about done & Leo got a touch up & stripey pants: The call of Steam Punk may interrupt the Goblin progress or vice versa.
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    When I was working on other figures and had some colours spare I would paint theses. The phots aren't the best, even thought they looked good on the phone (grumble, grumble). I have tried to make the bases look as if they were on a carpet. This was a quick job and mostly involved stippling some titanium buff and raw umber together. Then just added some patterns and colour. I worked on the figures seperate from the chairs. This caused some annoyances when I rubbed off some paint, but I did allow me a better painting overall. The Flute and the Piano I finished the flute first. Checking Eureka Miniatures, he is Frederick the Great and the pianist is C. E. Bach. Frederick came with some nice dogs, I added them to my slowly growing collections which I will use at some time to create a diorama of a dog village or something. (Currently I have a Tamiya German Shepard and some small dog which are a larger scale from the farmyard animals set, the dogs from Frederick and the milkmaid set from Eureka, some War-games Foundry dog that came with hunting gentlemen set, giant wolf from Reaper). The String Instruments The photo makes the hair look more green/blue than it actually is. There is some metal filling too much space under the arm holding some of the string instruments, I removed what I could do quickly and the other parts I just painted a dark colour that would fit. In the end I am happy with how they came out. . Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated.
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    Welcome to Getting to Know You, July 2020 Edition. The rules as they currently stand ( we all know most of you rebellious lot will ignore most of it, but one can try) 1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question. 1.5. Should I be unable to post a question for the day a crack team of deputy quisitors, former quisitors, and random forum members are all chomping at the bit to step in and post one... 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted. 2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.) 3. Questions are going to be posted between 8:00 hours and 12:00 hours CET. ( Central European Time) 4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me... 5. You do not have to answer every question to play... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question.. ..or post that you decline to answer (clues regarding why can be fun...unless TMI). 7. Weekend questions will usually take the form of two or three day quests, starting on Friday or Saturday. I will be a bit slow on posting the questions the first few days here as I am furloughed from work until July 7 and am not getting up early just to get you lot a question. ;)
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    Hello forum family, today I'm gonna share with you the most recent mini I've painted: Vatanis Maggotcrown Warlock. Painting this guy was really funny, I love the sculpt and the pose; also I was bored of painting everything with colors of nature and realistic palettes. I chose a colorful palette for him, taking advantage of the red skin and the large flat surfaces... and I had hard time painting it I mean... look at it: so many details... Also I'm not totally convinced of the color scheme, but after having him on my desk for more than a week I called him done. Edit: hi-res pics As always every C&C is more than welcome, let me know what do you think about it. Thanks!
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    So I dug through my giant box of Minis Acquired In An Estate Sale and found a vintage Bones 2 bagged Narthrax. I didn't twist his pose, it came pre-twisted. I like it though, he's grabbing the rock with his widdle paw, which I've used as a third anchor point. With the wings more level he looks like he's about to jump off of his perch to harry some adventurers. Without further ado, the Desert Dragon: Despite rumors to the contrary, not all Desert Dragons are blue or shiny. Some are just brown. But brown doesn't mean boring. He has an extensive pattern of spots on his wings, both above and below. He even has the same spots on the pads of his widdle feets. Unfortunately, due to his new 'ready to eat Sir Forescale' pose, no photos of the underside of his wings came out. Also, they're more impressive in person; some of the subtler browns seem to have gotten lost in photography. Here's a better look at one wing: Rawr. Ready to launch off of his rock to eat a caravan, adventuring group, or bright primary blue pretender.
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    Here’s the last couple of minis I’ve painted. All are for the d&d game I just started running. Still have a whole bunch of bugbears and hobgoblins to paint up.
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    The dwarf is an Eureka 15mm figure (maybe 18mm, can't remember right now). I brought him with other 15mm figures to see if they would fit as brownies, gnomes or dwarves. He fits all of the roles, so now I know where to get some small folk. I actually enjoyed painting him and the 15mm landsknechts (didn't photograph them) a lot more than I expected. The monk is an old Grenadier Figure, I think you can get him at Mirliton now. I speed painted him using a Zorn Pallet. It works well for anyone who is somber or drab, it can also work well for NMM. The figures on both sides are from Ground Zero Games, i think they are from the goth set. They can work as cultists, lords or even vampires. The maid and the butler are from Wargames Foundry. I really like the sets. The rest is still being painted. With the maid I experimented in painting an impression of some lace or embroidery on her pink skirt. I tried to make the cup she holds look like bone china. Everyone Back of the Servants This picture is closer to the real colour than the one above (thought it is still not perfect, with the monks robes not being as distinct in sections as they are) Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated.
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    Hey gang, so I dug out my box of unpainted minis from the 70's and 80's and gave this one a shot. Thanks to @Jen @Hammereyez @Jasper_the_2nd for inspiration. Mine is lead, but the current version is another metal (Reaper 03087). Cheers!
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    So, I obviously missed July 5 at this point, sorry. Sundays just really don't work for me since I spend my mornings at church and the afternoon doing family stuff. Sorry, I'll try for a combined Sat-Sun question next week.
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    Had a few too many Fourth of July drinks last night before retiring to my painting area for the evening. This rather sloppy speed paint is what happens when I do a little too much of the homebrewing hobby mixed with painting hobby. The goblin Smurf. I can just imagine how he sounds... "I'm gonna smurf you in yer smurfing smurf, you smurfy smurfer."
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    ...but I've heard it does take a village.
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    This. I keep poking MrBoot that we need to do it (because otherwise I'd just pledge for all the things that I want, which would be, um...expensive ). I did lock in a core set ages ago to solidify shipping order, but other than that we need to confer to make sure that the other things we get are useful to him as well as me, since I'm more about the painting and he's more about the gaming. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm in for all the henchpeople and civilians. I like being able to represent folks that aren't swinging swords with similarly geared minis.
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    It's not a one bedroom apartment I can have as many cats as I want
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    These are some mini's i had yet to see assembled and painted, and i thought they were unique, so i picked a Trio from Ganesha games. They were also quite the PITA to assemble, Each Hyaendon ( Lion) and each rider were 6 pieces total. The Lions are quite nice but the riders could be better. They are really more Goblin-men than Hobgoblins, the detail on the Sowrsman's face leaves a little to be desired. So after pinning, gluing, and basing my little heart out (bases not supplied) they sat for a long time. They do not come pre-drilled, you should do this IMO if you want a solid model. The bigger Lion also has 2 legs up off the ground (will not stand up on it's own) so you have to pin it to a base too. I used my favorite Reaper Ovals. Well i finally dragged them out and finished them. I decided that since they were so similar i would paint them as a Praetorian Guard for some Evil Goblin Emperor. I used non-standard Colors for the first-time on the Furr like blue and Orange and I think it paid off since the Riders are so colorful. I also tried to do a subtle tiger stripe motif by layering it in, and for my skill level i was happy with the blending on those. cheers
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    Painted a little guy that made me happy today.
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    We already had Canada Day fireworks (not the city, random people were shooting them off in the city). Plus some yahoo decided that shooting them at 3:46 in the morning was a good idea (alcohol and/or stupidity was probably involved). Wearing pants.
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    New-to-us car yesterday, 2015 Hyundai Tuscon to replace this (insurance decided that there was too much damage...and being a VW the parts are too expensive here): Also a bit of music because bandcamp was/is giving their royalties to the artists for 24 hours.
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    My picks are now finalized and this is certainly my biggest pull out of the three circuits I've been in. Even after all of that, the box is still stuffed with a ton of miniatures. Cramming everything back into the box with my own contributions added too will certainly be a challenge. If I had to chose a few highlights it would have to be: The Clockwork stamp from Happy Seppuku, much thanks to @buckyball The Reaper Pulp spacewoman, that'll be painted as the Nuka Cola girl for a gift The Jetson's car too
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    We watched 28 Days Later yesterday, and I was kinda disappointed it was just a remake of Day of the Triffids with virus zombies instead of plant monsters. And Triffids was done better.
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    Nope. I've never cared for fireworks. I just can't see spending money on something you're are gonna blow up in like 15 mins or so. We did do fireworks when my son was younger but after awhile he didn't, so we stopped completely. Good enough for me. TS #3 As much as I do it, I'm not a big fan of mowing the yards. I guess I don't mind when I'm about halfway but it takes me a bit to actually get out there & mow it in the first place. This reminds me, years ago (2000 to be exact) a friend who's house we went to for D&D had a cat who had a covered litterbox in where we could play. The cat came in, did it's business & OMG it dropped an atomic bomb that assaulted everyone's senses. We decided to go out for dinner that night vs getting pizza or coming back & eating it there.
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    No. I hate crowds and any place we could go would be a traffic nightmare. Not that there are any shows this year. Plenty of people setting them off in the street every night, if I wanted to we could find some kids around here that have some. Just about all the housework.
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    Holy cow, those are all really neat. You wouldn't happen to remember what company it's from, would you? EDIT: Nevermind, forgot to look at the tags. Whoops!
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    Thanks Glitterwolf! I think she probably ran track in Drow high School
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    Here is the strangest I have a picture of: The bike racers occasionally get up to shenanigans overnight.....
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    I'm not going to have time to turn this into a class. I'm open to submitting it as a panel - or someone else taking this and running with it. For what it's worth, like Talespinner, I prefer the latter group of posts as well.
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    I got a lobster. This lobster can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to provide a hot or cold compress. He is filled with flaxseed and lavender that gets stronger when he is microwaved He weighs about a pound. He is very soft. Supposedly he will be good for anxiety, head aches, and general stress, all of which I have been suffering a lot since lock down started. Also supposedly good for cramps and muscle aches Plus he is cute
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    Right after highschool, I took a tour of Europe with some students from my French class, then worked lots of part time to make up $ leading up to college. Then 5 years of college, including 1 year studying abroad in Japan. A Hello Kitty vibrator in a vending machine in Japan...
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    I'm going to go with... A deer waiting at a crosswalk for traffic to stop and let it cross... And people actually letting it do such... There's probably other more recognizable things out there (like someone stuck in their beliefs who's arguing suddenly admitting that not only does the other side have a point, but that said point is correct...), but animals following human customs, especially animals usually known for not caring about humans and their weird tin cans zipping them around... Is probably up there.
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    Slacker. So says the guy that got up after 10 today because I slept terrible and it's a holiday.
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    Hey, no sock puppets on these forums! <=Purple!
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    something i drew many many many years ago seems fitting
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    Why I do believe we've reached a point where we can start asking for a Leviathan miniature (i.e. a massive aquatic dragon/sea serpent/dire whale) for Bones 6. Be careful what you ask for... ...somebody might have already had a go. (Drew that back in October, for Inktober, as well as this next one: )
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    *wakes up* did someone say Leviathan *while planning where to put another 30+ inch long miniature/model* :) It should be bigger... (i'll just leave this here cause ... its what i do) Sanjay :)
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    And it should open up and be anatomically correct inside with different levels so PCs can have an adventure.
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    Why I do believe we've reached a point where we can start asking for a Leviathan miniature (i.e. a massive aquatic dragon/sea serpent/dire whale) for Bones 6.
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    More minis from the past week. First up is this bunny riding a snail from Skull n Crown. This is from their killer bunnies Kickstarter. I'm almost out of these. But luckily they're getting ready to launch another campaign based on animals found in medieval marginalia. I posted these over in show off last week. These have been sitting unpainted in a cigar box for years. I can't remember where or when I got them. But I don't think they're sold in a single package, which is how I got them, any more. Here's a happy heavily armored halfing with some rainbows. This guy has used car dealer vibe. Almost certainly going to be a con man if he ever hits the table. And I finally finished the last of these bones lizardmen. I ended up getting a bunch of these prior to bones 3. Then there were 16 of them in bones 3. And I ended up getting a bunch more from the $1 bones gumball machine at Origins over the years. At one point I probably had 30 of these. But no more! They're all of them completed. I've also begun getting paint on Shub N. But I think I'm going to make a specific WiP thread for that thing.
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    I agree with reaper's logic on the hobby bag. the two pistol case box looks really nice and sounds like it has a much better chance of being available for reapercon and as an ongoing basis. my background with it though is maybe more complex. when i saw the reaper branded bag, my thoughts were that it would be perfect for taking paints and minis to a convention for classes, or to travel to friends/FLGS to paint. though, reapercon is after gencon and origins which is was planning to go to. i stewed on it, but decided that a bag of that sort would be really useful for me this year, so I purchased directly from creature caster. The thought was to buy the reaper branded bag when it became available and give away the creature caster one. 2020 has been a load of surprises though. ConCoction (local con) was the first to get cancelled. GenCon will only be online. Origins didn't occur in any fashion. I've not been on a paint outing to a game store or friends since getting the bag. I'm ready for when/if the plague gets under control. To date, I've gotten 0 utility out of it. What I'm trying to lay out is 2020 has brought many changes that have affected my engagement with the hobby. I try to roll with the changes and not get upset.
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    So, we're no longer going to need a bigger boat!
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    That shot almost, almost makes me want to buy one of the WizKids ships just for variance among the fleet I shall amass.
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    Updating this thread. This is from the Box of Goodwill I recently went through and then sent on its way. It's from Mice and Mystics. I've thought about buying the game because I do enjoy cute, but have held off since I have a bunch of other board games I've never gotten around to painting. I like this though, so I may end up getting that in the near future. I posted these in Show Off already, but they were painted during isolation so they fit here as well. I like them both but I think the troll is the real star of the show. I've been playing around with drybrushing larger figures lately and I wanted to do that with some smaller figures. So I gave it shot on some older bones lizardmen. These guys suffer from a lot of the earlier bones issues like smushed faces, tons of flash, soft features, etc... Despite that they look good enough for tabletop play and I think I'm going to paint the remainder of my lizard guys (I've got 5 of them left) like these. And finally here's a little bones 4 scenery. It looks like it's going to rain all week so there's a good chance I'll get quite a few more done in the near future. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally take the plunge and start getting paint on the Black Goat of the Woods mini that's been sitting around prepped and primed for about a month now.
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    I never did share final pics of my work... Let's fix that!
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    That moment when you're painting and realize you forgot to give one boot the cuff you gave the other one, and also forgot to attach the strap across Kornovik's chest to anything... And while I was at it, I have the saddle a little more detail.
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    I had to take a break from painting because of (good) life stuff and then decided to enter a competition for the Saga Age of Magic wargame. This led to me painting my first ever proper army over the last month, building on a bunch of orc infantry I had done previously. I went for quite a simple quite dark colour scheme with white accents. Also went for grey skin rather than green. As I got bored of black grey and white about half way through I switched to using contrast paints and painted up the Bones 3 ogres and the Bones 4 hill giants. Next project, anything with clean clothes and no jutting teeth... Orc casters, one mantic, then Greka, Bones 4 Jade Fire shaman, and Bones Black Surkar. Went for white robes as an accent. Orc females. The others from Bones 4 Jade Fire clan, Jadea, and Neroli.
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    While walking in a park one night, years ago, no wind, no rain. Just a cool summer night. Suddenly I heard a noise as if something was rushing to me and the tall grass ( half my height) moved aside as if something ran through it. It stopped right in front of me and nothing emerged. Still a bit freaked out by that one. Did I mention it suddenly got very cold and that only lasted for a few minutes?
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