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    Not sure what the name and number of this one is, but fairly sure it is a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. In lead, no less. I pulled her out of a pile of random stuff over a year ago and didn't get very far. Decided I would finish her up in bright colors. Not sure what the staff is supposed to be, metallic green seemed appropriate. With mages you never know.
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    Another one finished: Artisan Guild Amazon Fighter. SHOW OFF HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91890-amazon-fighter-by-glitterwolf/
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    So I finally fell into the temptation and got my first ground based sci fi minis!(I do have spaceships.) A Cataphract, conquerer , and a halberd by Reaper minis came in with my horsman today! Sadly the halberd is missing a piece so it may in end up being returned. So my first order of business was a small conversion to the cataphract Before conversion And the conquerer has donated the necessary parts for said conversion, specifically his smaller missile pods. A bit of work with an exacto knife removed said weapons. And a bit more exacto work to make a spot for the pods on the Cataphract. Some super glue to assemble the cataphract and voila! It is time for paint! And don’t worry about the Conquerer, I have a conversion in mind for it too. It just might not be a true mech when I’m done....... More sci-fi stuff to come soon I hope! And maybe just maybe I’ll try to make a backstory for these guys. Thankyou for looking!
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    It’s been a long time since I have posted, and a lot has been going on. Last year my friend got me into a game called gaslands, which is a post apocalyptic death race game using Converted matchbox/hot wheels cars. The game is a ton of fun, but the most fun part is converting the cars. Over the next few days I’ll post what I’ve done so far. In the game you get to choose a team which gives you a certain flavour. This team, Beverly of the highway, has a single corporeal car and a bunch of ghost cars that zip around. It seemed like a really neat idea, so I decided to make a team. Behold! first up is Beverly herself. Took awhile to get the OSL right but I like it now. ghost car 1. ghost car 2, a police paddy wagon. ghost car 3 with skeleton driver pointing at his next victim. ghost car 4. You can’t see from here but there are chains trailing from behind. the team riding the wasteland roads. even when you’re undead, you need a glamour shot for the advertisers. It took me a long time before I was happy with the painted ghost cars. My first attempt was to prime white and do a thing coat of ectoplasm green, which actually worked great but left some uneven pools on the large flat surfaces. I added more chains and flames to break those up, but the second and third attempts went poorly, so I eventually coated green then dry brushed. Oh well. let me know what you think. C&C welcome!
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    I'm running Phandelver for our 8 year old, finally pressing some of my Bones into service (Kickstarters I and II, I believe) Currently working on outfitting a band of bandits for the Redbrand encounters. Plenty of suitable minis in my collection. I really like a lot of these, but I don't like that practically everybody is dual wielding, and I don't like a few of the poses, so I decided to try my hand at converting Bones. First one I was itching to get into was 77093 Drago Voss. Cut his right hand at the wrist and his left arm at the elbow. Idea was to rotate them and run some sort of polearm through. Pin vise with drill bit through the hands after cutting. First one was off center; I'll have to fix that with the Xacto. Second one I was really happy with -- bit almost didn't fit, but I managed to get it just through with all the fingers intact. I had some plastic rod I bought from my FLGS once upon a time. Seems to be smaller than 1/16, but it fits snugly in the hole my 1/16 bit put into the bonesium. So now the big question is what kind of pokey or smashy bit I put on Mr. Voss's long stick. Original plan was for a bardiche kind of thing with the blade behind him, but mocking it up makes it seem more like he might prefer to drive a spear into somebody. Opinions?
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    Here's a few WIP pics of the Pyramid for the Necron Tomb Complex. The parts are modular and will probably use the OpenLock system to connect them. The large pyramid is made from 4 layers and the capstone. You can remove each layer to reveal the layers underneath. The inside will also be detailed with separate wall sections, similar to the Zone Mortalis walls. You can also mix and match the parts to make the pyramid different, or to make smaller pyramids.
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    She is! But also a total entitled bratty princess It was like dealing with a drunk that thought that they were sober. It was like- "I'm fine, woah, why is the floor moving....I'll jump up here, nope, still moving.....oh hey, you're my favourite human EVAR! " ....on a loop for 4 hours Thanks guys, she's feeling a lot better now. Her eyes have finally gone back to normal and she's happily in charge of the other cats. Although the place where they shaved her may take a little bit of time to grow back So glad that she's back safe and sound. Thanks for all the good wishes everybody, It really helped me.
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    <*SHIVERS*> The horror, the horror! +1 <* Also Shivering *> Any amount would be too much.
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    <*SHIVERS*> The horror, the horror! I really can't stand the flavor in jalapenos. To me it's all green and bitter and stomach churning. Wonder if it's genetic? My parents didn't like them either. I like other versions of peppers both green and colored but I do not like jalapenos.
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    Megan's builds, other than the wings - they just added bigger wings. The Auld Grump
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    Folks may have observed that this pair have been lurking in my "this month I'll be mostly painting . . ." sig for about 6 months. Finally, after finally coming to terms with my airbrush (or finally giving up hope of the crew at a not-so-friendly local hobby store getting in the parts I ordered), I found a much friendlier retailer and splashed out on a new one. The colour scheme is a combination of two I found - the purplish brown with the orange highlights came from a Monoclonius reconstruction, while the bright orange face shield with blue highlights came from a Torosaurus reconstruction. Probably the brightest minis I have painted, however I'm firmly in the "dinosaurs were just big birds" camp, so I wanted to push my limits. Firstly, the Thunderfoot Behemoth, looking surprised to see you: Some other views: Next up, the Wiz Kids version. Quite a bit smaller that the Thunderfoot, and closer to the Triceratops seen in my dinosaur books I had as a kid. I probably should have tried a different colour scheme, however I was so enamoured with this one, I'll pass it off as a juvenile or sexual dimorphism: Next up with the airbrush . . . RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
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    Another set of some oldies but goodies. One of the first minis, if not the first minis, I bought back in the '80s. Used the colors of his robes to accentuate his progression as a mage. Started drab and brown because he's just starting out and can't afford much. Second stage, he's got himself some cash and some reputation so he's now able to afford color and goes bolder with bright blue robes because he's a proud show off. He's still a travelling mage though, so there's some earthiness mixed in, albeit, also quite bright. Then the last, he's a master of the arcane and so both dignified and flashy at the same time.
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    So I dug through my giant box of Minis Acquired In An Estate Sale and found a vintage Bones 2 bagged Narthrax. I didn't twist his pose, it came pre-twisted. I like it though, he's grabbing the rock with his widdle paw, which I've used as a third anchor point. With the wings more level he looks like he's about to jump off of his perch to harry some adventurers. Without further ado, the Desert Dragon: Despite rumors to the contrary, not all Desert Dragons are blue or shiny. Some are just brown. But brown doesn't mean boring. He has an extensive pattern of spots on his wings, both above and below. He even has the same spots on the pads of his widdle feets. Unfortunately, due to his new 'ready to eat Sir Forescale' pose, no photos of the underside of his wings came out. Also, they're more impressive in person; some of the subtler browns seem to have gotten lost in photography. Here's a better look at one wing: Rawr. Ready to launch off of his rock to eat a caravan, adventuring group, or bright primary blue pretender.
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    My daughter asked to to print her a mini for her birthday so we designed a mini on Hero Forge and I printed it on my Anycubic photon. She chose the colors and viola. A Glaive using dark elf. Naturally, she added a squirrel to the base of the mini
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    I just got Diva back from the vet and.... EVERYTHING CAME BACK NORMAL!!!!! Blood tests were all excellent, all x-rays were clear and she came through the procedure safe and sound! Vet has prescribed some anti mucus medication to see if that can help her symptoms, but I'm just so glad that it's not you know what and that she made it through the whole ordeal. She's a bit groggy and I'm sitting with her on the floor of my bedroom until she feels a little bit more lively. I'm so, so relieved and happy.
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    Vote in the comments on this topic, please. Write which painted miniature is better in your opinion. 1. The Female Spiritualist. 2. Female Kitsune. You can see the painted Female Kitsune miniature in different angles in this topic P.S. I am working on a Female spiritualist’s base )))
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    I peel them and give them a crush to open them up but leave them mostly whole. oooh, worm dirt. I've bought some before but never got around to setting up the bins to do it myself. it's also excellent. Mushroom compost is pretty commonly available at garden centers around here and relatively cheap (actually cheaper than composted manure). It's the leftover spent substrate after they've harvested mushrooms from it.
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    Let me introduce Gorder and Phalz. They've been friends for a very long time, certainly much longer than either have belonged in the Watch. Gorder is a straight up Fighter - though surprisingly good at putting people down without permanently damaging them. Phalz is the Gunslinger, and good at putting people down, and making sure they stay down. While Gorder is surprisingly intelligent and even tempered for an ogre, Phalz is the brains of the pair. But Gorder is the heart. The Auld Grump
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    I suddenly find myself gainfully employed. I'm... I'm going to have to wear PANTS again! (lol just kidding, that's what skirts are for ) It's a temporary, full-time data entry job of some kind, working for the county health department. I'll get the full details when I go in for my first day today, but I believe it's pandemic-related. It'll be a good way to ease back into productive society again. Plus money, money is also good. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Well i ordered a web cam the other day so I'll prob GM pf1 game of We be Goblins! Its becoming a tradition for me. I need to coordinate with my FLGS, AS I'm running 2 games that weekend already.
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    Thanks! SFS here and happy to play anything.
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    The fantasy models need tufts but they are done. Statuesque Heresy Miniatures CP Models Hope you like.
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    I've "borrowed" one of the low level dungeons from the first adventure in the Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path - a nest of troublesome mites beneath an old sycamore tree. I have the Reaper Pathfinder mites in metal, but the boss fight at the end needed something a little more. Grabbles, the leader of the mites is a nasty little brute with delusions of grandeur who rides about on the back of a giant tick called Tickleback, and the Bloodstone Gnome Cavalry figure from the Bones IV Darkreach expansion fits the bill perfectly. I'm not sure whether the mount is supposed to be a beetle or a spider - it seems to have 8 legs and the horned attachment at the front might be able to pass as a cast-off exoskeleton or bone that Grabbles has strapped to his pet. I've painted the "tick" like a cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) with a dull khaki abdomen and bright red legs - I still have nightmares when a load of these laid eggs in a container on my lab bench - a container which could keep the adult ticks in but not their horde of tiny bright red legged offspring when they hatch. The helmet on the rider covers just enough of the head to hide that he doesn't quite have the big ears and hangdog look of the Pathfinder mites.
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    Had a few too many Fourth of July drinks last night before retiring to my painting area for the evening. This rather sloppy speed paint is what happens when I do a little too much of the homebrewing hobby mixed with painting hobby. The goblin Smurf. I can just imagine how he sounds... "I'm gonna smurf you in yer smurfing smurf, you smurfy smurfer."
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    I got a lobster. This lobster can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer to provide a hot or cold compress. He is filled with flaxseed and lavender that gets stronger when he is microwaved He weighs about a pound. He is very soft. Supposedly he will be good for anxiety, head aches, and general stress, all of which I have been suffering a lot since lock down started. Also supposedly good for cramps and muscle aches Plus he is cute
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    I received 250 filters 125 micron. I can filter resin for about 5 years if I use them as much as I did the past few months. Meant for filtering car paint, about ten times cheaper than the original Elegoo ones.
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    Group Shot Dire Penguin No-dire penguins And this one is my favorite
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    I picked up these Frostgrave spider constructs from Northstar. Really liked them (they remind me of the Dwemer) but only just got around to painting them. The bases are just xps foam blended with modelling paste, and the spiders were stuck to them with mod podge (to avoid melting foam). The bond is pretty good.
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    Latest paintjob - The Lion's Queen from my line. This one is special because it was created using images of my wife combined with ideas for this miniature that had been in my head for some time. Sculpt is by Micah Nichols and concept art by Brian Brinlee.
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    Finished these off. Really easy to paint and enjoyed the process. Reaper Razig shown on right for scale.
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    A small group of Goblins to use as opponents in Sellsword & Spellslingers or any other game. (clic on the picture to see more on my blog)
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    From Bones 3: Gug "It was a paw, fully two feet and a half across, and equipped with formidable talons. After it came another paw, and after that a great black-furred arm to which both of the paws were attached by short forearms. Then two pink eyes shone, and the head of the awakened gug sentry, large as a barrel, wabbled into view. The eyes jutted two inches from each side, shaded by bony protuberances overgrown with coarse hairs. But the head was chiefly terrible because of the mouth. That mouth had great yellow fangs and ran from the top to the bottom of the head, opening vertically instead of horizontally." H.P.Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath Ahoy, my dream enemy! Have at you! Also, this one will be a part of the Kings of War Nightstalkers army. 77524 Gug, Eldritch Horror from the Bones 3 Mythos expansion Reaper Miniatures 2016 Sculpted by Michael Brower Classic Bones 40mm base
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    More minis from the past week. First up is this bunny riding a snail from Skull n Crown. This is from their killer bunnies Kickstarter. I'm almost out of these. But luckily they're getting ready to launch another campaign based on animals found in medieval marginalia. I posted these over in show off last week. These have been sitting unpainted in a cigar box for years. I can't remember where or when I got them. But I don't think they're sold in a single package, which is how I got them, any more. Here's a happy heavily armored halfing with some rainbows. This guy has used car dealer vibe. Almost certainly going to be a con man if he ever hits the table. And I finally finished the last of these bones lizardmen. I ended up getting a bunch of these prior to bones 3. Then there were 16 of them in bones 3. And I ended up getting a bunch more from the $1 bones gumball machine at Origins over the years. At one point I probably had 30 of these. But no more! They're all of them completed. I've also begun getting paint on Shub N. But I think I'm going to make a specific WiP thread for that thing.
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    Updating this thread. This is from the Box of Goodwill I recently went through and then sent on its way. It's from Mice and Mystics. I've thought about buying the game because I do enjoy cute, but have held off since I have a bunch of other board games I've never gotten around to painting. I like this though, so I may end up getting that in the near future. I posted these in Show Off already, but they were painted during isolation so they fit here as well. I like them both but I think the troll is the real star of the show. I've been playing around with drybrushing larger figures lately and I wanted to do that with some smaller figures. So I gave it shot on some older bones lizardmen. These guys suffer from a lot of the earlier bones issues like smushed faces, tons of flash, soft features, etc... Despite that they look good enough for tabletop play and I think I'm going to paint the remainder of my lizard guys (I've got 5 of them left) like these. And finally here's a little bones 4 scenery. It looks like it's going to rain all week so there's a good chance I'll get quite a few more done in the near future. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally take the plunge and start getting paint on the Black Goat of the Woods mini that's been sitting around prepped and primed for about a month now.
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    Finished Kataa the Inca Princess both mounted and dismounted version: SHOW OFFs https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91933-kataa-inca-princess-on-giant-panther-by-glitterwolf/ https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91932-inca-princess-on-foot-by-glitterwolf/
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    sku 44126 - Amazon living statue linked the showoff topic for nudity
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    And all the tables are islands!!!!!!! We should get shore forts to put on a few and each island could have booty....... You raid the table and take the booty you want!!!!!! Oh I am loving this concept of the tournament. Biggest tabletop game ever. And since sea level would be considered about 3 foot off the floor, everyone seated in the main area would be treated to an... immersive game experience.
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    Well, yesterday sucked. We lost 250 company wide, 22 in IT. 2 from my team and my manager's manager. But, I'm still employed, so could have been worse.....
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    There are several people who are either visiting less or ave been absent for a while. @paintybeard @ub3r_n3rd to name a few. Hope everybody is alright.
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    Potential anger inducing post incoming, spoiled so as to not ruin anyone's day.
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