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    ETA: My current favorite mini I've done is probably Mossbeard Treeman. Spoiled for large pictures.
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    I am faintly irritated that everyone else's first minis are better than MY first mini was.
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    Not the best shots in the world but I can guarantee they are probably the oldest pictures I have of my early minis. Most of the actual minis have been lost to time In particular, if anyone can identify the mini of the chariot in the lower left, if be appreciative Oh the picture was originally taken in 1984... I think.
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    Here are some early Grenadier and Ral Partha minis I painted 25+ years ago, the first picture includes my very first modded mini:
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    Some Funnel Spiders nests. Simple bases with a technique from abarothsworld for the webs. I will use these as spawning points.
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    Grenadier's delightfully whimsical Shire Dragon seems just silly enough to fit into my World. I added a scarf a la The Worm from Labyrinth to complete the effect. Here he is on The Spooky Woods Photo Stage: AND some photos on my painting table for a different perspective: There you go!
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    This is potentially exciting...
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    I’ve decided to work on one of my unfinished projects when I am waiting for paint to dry on my Draconians. This is my Artemian Army as I call it, it is made up almost exclusively of Perry miniatures. I do have a couple reaper minis for Hero’s but they are done. Most of the work involves baseing, but I’ve got a few banners to make and about 24ish figures to apply finish to. The fellows towards the front require the most work of the bunch. I’m scared to count them..........
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    Not sure what the name and number of this one is, but fairly sure it is a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. In lead, no less. I pulled her out of a pile of random stuff over a year ago and didn't get very far. Decided I would finish her up in bright colors. Not sure what the staff is supposed to be, metallic green seemed appropriate. With mages you never know.
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    Hi everyone! I don’t paint much minis from Games Workshop, but this one is a birthday gift from my DnD players. It came in so many pieces!! I’m not used to that. He was pretty fun to paint, I chose an icy theme so he could fit with my other Dwarves. Looking at his outfit, the poor guy is probably going to get a cold. :D Hope you like it.
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    These are some mini's i had yet to see assembled and painted, and i thought they were unique, so i picked a Trio from Ganesha games. They were also quite the PITA to assemble, Each Hyaendon ( Lion) and each rider were 6 pieces total. The Lions are quite nice but the riders could be better. They are really more Goblin-men than Hobgoblins, the detail on the Sowrsman's face leaves a little to be desired. So after pinning, gluing, and basing my little heart out (bases not supplied) they sat for a long time. They do not come pre-drilled, you should do this IMO if you want a solid model. The bigger Lion also has 2 legs up off the ground (will not stand up on it's own) so you have to pin it to a base too. I used my favorite Reaper Ovals. Well i finally dragged them out and finished them. I decided that since they were so similar i would paint them as a Praetorian Guard for some Evil Goblin Emperor. I used non-standard Colors for the first-time on the Furr like blue and Orange and I think it paid off since the Riders are so colorful. I also tried to do a subtle tiger stripe motif by layering it in, and for my skill level i was happy with the blending on those. cheers
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    Initial Paintwork - Under Painting The typical approach for these sort of stone buildings is to paint the whole thing black and then go over with several drybrushes starting with a dark grey, and gradually lightening the colour, before finishing off with a dark wash. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach (it can look fantastic) I wanted to attempt a more natural look. Stone is not typically just grey, if you look closely at old stonework you will commonly see hues of browns, yellows, oranges, blues and greens, and in older masonry the stone rarely all comes from the same source, so it is not uncommon to see stark variation from brick to brick. To try and achieve this look, I am going to use a technique called under-painting, whereby I lay down a paintjob that I eventually intend to paint over (in my case with washes and drybrushing). The idea is to get some of the under-painting to show through, giving some subtle natural colour variation in the final stonework. I started off by priming the whole keep white, as I really want a light base for this technique and left it to dry for a day. Once the undercoat was dry, I used a piece of sea sponge (You can get this stuff from most local art stores) to stipple on some grey artists acrylic paint, trying to leave random patches of white showing through (this will help to give some gradients and natural transitions in the colours of the stonework later on). Next up I started to paint some of the individual bricks, the trick here is to be as random and sporadic as possible because if you start painting bricks in a noticeable pattern the end result wont look natural. I used a variety of natural tones, including several shades of grey, brown and yellow (Its not to noticeable in the photo but there are 6 brick colours, 3 greys, 2 browns and a yellow). With a selection of individual bricks painted I went back to the sea sponge, this time wiping almost all the paint off (almost like a drybrush) and used it to both stipple on and then blend in some brown tones, almost tinting the whole model to a more browny colour. To finish off I did the same thing with some greens, but a little more selectively to give the impression of a mossy build up. With that done, the model is now pretty much under-painted. The walls don't look particularly great just yet, but they should (I hope... ) start to look a lot more natural and realistic once I start over painting the model. However I need to let everything fully dry before I move on to that.
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    Oh Yeah! When you see a full sized indeterminate tomato plant it's hard to see how those little things they sell in stores ever got labeled as tomato cages.
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    Things are starting to pick up in the garden. Got this today. And it looks like I'm about to have big haul of cherry tomatoes. And my fish peppers have dozens of tiny peppers growing on them now. My beefsteak tomato plant is taller than I am and required another stake to keep it from taking over its neighbors.
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    Heck I'll show the front too.
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    Here's my mindwitness for D&D. I turned it around because I thought the blend on the back was more interesting. The video how to make the pool of acid is here: https://youtu.be/8KpCZMrYScg
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    Finishing the upper level. Fortunately I didn't have a great deal more to do on the upper floor. I added some inverted arches and ruined pillars to the walls of the 2nd floor of the tower, and then I trimmed down the tiles of the 2nd floor walkway (The paving stone section with the 2 support pillars) into a semi circle so that it would fit flush with the tower. Finally I added some greeble (little candle boxes to some of the walls, small rocks to the bare surface tops of the ruins etc) With that done I tested all the pieces fit together properly (But didnt glue them yet, as it would make painting the interior harder). Gap filling. The only downside I've found to using these molds/blocks is that they can leave some pretty unsightly seam lines and gaps where the individual blocks fit together. To fix this I rubbed dry Plaster of Paris into all the gaps and seams, then using a soft haired makeup brush I dust off any excess that has filled in the detail work. To make the seal permanent I use a spritzing bottle to mist the whole model in water which will soak into the plaster and set solid, it will also help reinforce and strengthen the model against knocks and bumps. I'm now going to give the plaster a day to fully dry before I undercoat and start painting the model. Apologies for the blurred after pic, I didn't realise until now.
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    I've had good results with Gorilla Glue, but it does take a while to set.
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    After a small set back, I am finally back on track with the ruins project, and with good timing too as I've just halted my Sewer Project whilst I wait on a delivery. Initial prep work. Truth be told these blocks confused me more than a little. Most of them look almost identical and are easily mixed up, which is not immediately apparent and can lead to complications later on in the build when pieces stop matching up. There are approximately 300 individual blocks in this build and so to save myself a headache later I spent an hour sorting out and organising all the pieces. With the pieces organised I also downloaded and printed off a floor plan which I will use when laying the foundations. Next I had to pre-glue a large number of the blocks to form the various building elements, such as; arches, wall section, pillars, stairs etc. At this stage I also took some time to break some of the floor tiles and carve in some cracks. Laying the Foundation. I started off by gluing the floorplan to a piece of foamboard and then started gluing the blocks directly onto the plan. This didnt work as well as I had hoped, I do not know what went wrong but not all my pieces perfectly matched and lined up with the plan, and before long I had started to veer way off the guidelines, I decided to just wing it and hope for the best. By now I had pretty much abandoned my grand ambitions of a massive ruin and was just following one of the Hirst Arts build templates, but despite having a guide progress was extremely slow, it has taken me all night to get the ground floor done. I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm pretty pleased with how it is shaping up so far. I've just tested a flickering tealight in the middle of the ruin, and it looks really cool lit up in the dark, so I think I am going to attempt to build an LED campfire. Anyway, that's all I have in me for tonight, I'll try and get the second floor finished tomorrow.
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    These are kitbashed from the Ghost Archipelago crewmen (bodies) and the new Elf light infantry sprue. Actually, there is also a Perry miniatures cavalry arm in there too. They've been painted simply to work for Rangers of Shadow Deep or for my fantasy pirate skirmish game collection.
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    Epoxy or superglue will work fine - the only things you really want to stay way from would be the things with strong solvents in them like model glue... In order to get a really good bond, take a bit of fine grit sandpaper to both surfaces to rough them up a tiny bit.
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    A 2-part 5 or 10 minute epoxy should work. I've not had that melt bones yet.
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    Grasshoppers make the best bait for sunfish, IMO. Then again, it's been ages since I caught a bluegill. And yeah, my cucumbers are full of flowers and the bees seem to prefer them.
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    This is my first mini painting, just finished it tonight. I have a lot to learn, especially the correct way to dry brush. But I followed a Reaper paint kit on the steps for their minis and this is what I came up with. Once I get the hang of the minis themselves I'd like to learn to make custom bases, this one just looks awful as is. For some reason I can't get the picture to show the color true either, it's a much more grayish blue than this bright color that is shown. All in all, I'm pleased with its turn out.
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    This is why I refuse to live in a neighborhood with a HOA. If I want to grow clover in my yard, I should be permitted to. Overall, grass is pretty lame as a yard crop. As long as the yard is controlled enough to prevent ticks and chiggers I don't see why the neighbors should have any say. That said, I also have not beef with people who want to live under restrictions and knowingly buy into that sort of arrangement. My neighborhood will never be one of those bubble real estate locations where you can make a fortune selling your house, but if that's what you want, go for it, just don't involve me. What really irritates me is the typical HOA fees and where they go. if the HOA would maintain the yards to spec, I would have a lot less problem with them. I have only been in an HOA once. I had the termitidty to ask where all the fees were going (2000 a year per household, 900 houses in the HOA, that's a lot of cash!) It took me almost a year to pry the books out of the committee and I wound up causing legal charges to be filed against 2 of the committee members and have the rest banned from every running again. Fortunately, I had to leave shortly thereafter so I didn't have to deal with the repercussions. Anyway it left a sour taste in my mouth and I won't go near a neighborhood with an active HOA when I am looking for a house. Grasshoppers are just locusts without the attitude problem. wipe them out before the get with their friends and start behaving badly!
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    Missing beef hash is a tragedy, but blinis are just miniature wheat pancakes and I don't think you'd like them with fish eggs. I like mantises too. It's these guys I have a problem with: It is scoping out my cucumbers, which are flowering gloriously. In swarms grasshoppers are as bad as locusts. They eat anything and everything. Tiny pickles!
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    Dug some stuff out of the ground. Up till now, garlic has been one of my better crops but this batch it by far the best. And despite the fact that it isn't very impressive this is probably the most I've gotten with carrots despite just being a small patch that I had put down between tomato cages. And here are the results of my potato experiments. The bigger pile came from the container there while the smaller amount came from one of my raised beds. I'm tempted to say that the moles did some damage there. However the earthworms that I found digging them up were the fattest I've ever seen. Oh and at least with this variety (i.e. whatever was in the "farm store" as the lockdown was starting) didn't put any potatoes or even roots into the compost that I had piled on top of the potting mix you see left in the container. Overall the potatoes grew faster, better and were easier to dig in the container. I don't see mantises very often. Last time was in the web of a rather large and happy spider.
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    Nothing wrong with that. Don't understand why I can't convince my neighbors of that though... It's low growing, a pretty shade of green, mows well, and enriches the soil. It's just not grass is all they see....
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    We have plenty of mantises around here, so much so that it isn't unusual for the operators at the plant to capture a few and have gladiator battles on the blinds in the control room (mantis vs mantis, mantis vs June bug, etc) showing up in the control room in the summer its not unusual to find everyone clustered around the window at lunch hour rooting for the mantis. they let them go in the grass behind the plant at the end of the day. As for bugs, we have the usual, crickets, June bugs, mantis, ladybugs, and carpenter, bumble, and honey bees. Did I mention that my yard at this point is more clover than grass?
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    We have a tarantula and praying mantis 'problem' around here. As in, they keep freaking my neighbors out. I swear not two days go by without someone posting to the neighborhood facebook group asking what to do about the big scary spiders. The answer every time is always going to be 'leave them alone and let them do good work' but I think most of my neighbors rank them only slightly better than the bullsnakes (and by that I mean they seem incapable of distinguishing bullsnake from rattlesnake.....) the mantises just keep freaking my wife out. She says they're 'creepy'. Personally I like having them as they're about one of the only things that eats the Japanese beetles that I keep having problems with.
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    The only cool bug I've found in our garden is what I think might have been a red spotted milkweed beetle. It's at timestamp 7:19 in our Week 8 video, but the camera didn't want to focus on it. I wish I'd gotten a picture of it rather than a few seconds of blurry video, but it looked a bit like this (though I don't recall seeing long antennae): I just remember it looked just like a ladybug in coloration and spots, but totally the wrong shape (it was longish). Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    It's hard to tell from those photos but I think you're right, that is almost certainly a species of Hummingbird Moth. That is a super cool find. Like seriously, I get paid to poke around looking for neat stuff like this and I think I've only seen them twice in my entire life (they're not super prevalent around here). Kind of jealous of the neat bugs being found in folks gardens. The only ones I keep finding are the kind trying to munch down on my plants.
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    Why I do believe we've reached a point where we can start asking for a Leviathan miniature (i.e. a massive aquatic dragon/sea serpent/dire whale) for Bones 6.
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    Plus add-ons! I really like the carnivorous plants and the dino/lizard men look good, too. Oh my stars, is that a cthulhu-inspired set with fishmen and sea monsters?
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    These guys are from the Dreadmere Expansion numbers 416, 417, and 418. I thought these guys would be nice and versatile to be used as mercenaries, a sophisticated villain's professional guard, or some sinister looking city watchmen under the employ of the even more sinister looking constable. Fun figs to paint and were nice and quick. Practice, practice, practice.
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    Ral Partha elf chariot: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Rp-02-020f.jpg
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    I remember seeing these guys under some other thread. They are all great, a lovely combination of Grenadier and Partha!
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    Pic so everyone can see it easily in relation to Ron's hand. They did say they would have an accurate print size to show during the KS campaign, but I don't recall that such a thing actually happened.
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    They added a DungeonQuest-style Mage to Dungeon Dwellers. See page 701 of this thread. They added a set (3?) of shark fins to Dark Depths (so they look like shark fin mini's coming out of the table top). They added a male Rakshasa to the Fan Favorites expansion (in addition to the female that was previewed). See page 693 of this thread for the Rakshasas. I think I'm forgetting one other addition to an existing expansion. Edit: Brinewind had a seated Geisha-style Elven doxie added to it, as well as two "Sons of Barty" (making for a total of 4; three males, 1 female). The doxie is on page 690. The extra Sons of Barty were announced in the May 1st KS update. No one posted the picture here, so here you go.
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    They are putting an extra, separate, Forceful Hand spell effect miniature in the Pledge Manager. Should be $3 each.
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    I don't recall if they showed the finished Lasher Demon from the Fan Favorites expansion. They were showing a spin-around on today's Bones 5 Live show, so I grabbed a few shots. They showed off the Demonic Temptations mini's again. One was oddly missing it's horns... (they supposedly had stuck Ron's head on it as a joke?) Apparently the sculptor (forgive me for forgetting his name) based the faces of the male incubi on Sam, Dean, and Castiel from Supernatural. Here's a few of the succubi, just because they showed them off. Apparently this next one isn't the final sculpt. There was a slight tweak to her eyes (but so small we probably won't be able to tell on the mini). Rhonda painted the succubi (it does use Drown Nipple Pink, and a few other discontinued colors)
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    Hello, For me it's began with this one. In summer of 2018, i bought this toy (5cm high) for my son in a garage sale. I re-painted it, fix it on a WH base and add some sand from my garden. since then he take dust in the bottom of a box ...
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    These are my first four (about 7 months ago) to support my first D&D campaign. Reaper Satheras (warlock) with a Ghast (barlgura demon) and Zombies (undead). The Ghast was technically my first model that I did in which I tried base coat, wash, and dry brushing on. Speed painted the Zombies next and then took some time on the Satheras. I’ve painted and posted a bit since, but lost pace once the warmer weather arrived. I have a couple models currently in a semi-finished state that I need to wrap up.
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    Just finished a new temple/mausoleum with a charnel pit. Foamex construction with wood dowel pillars. The details pillars are real old oop confrontation pillars. The plate for the charnel pit and the lettering on top were from Green Stuff World and the statue is Bones 92606.
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    Thanks for the comps. The dark fantasy setting comment is interesting as this is what lots of the old trees look like over here. Every year or two I build some more bits for my forest. Most of them are pretty bog standard. Here is the last couple of batches that I did. Fairy Circle 2019 Tree of Despair 2019 "Oak" style 2018 "Pine and Birch" style 2017 In this case I had an idea squirrelling around after seeing a flock of Jackdaws squabbling in a local tree. I figured it would be a nice addition to the wood. Looking at what I have I probably add some fallen logs next year. I also need to do some more Pines at some point but they can be a bit of a pain compared to regular trees.
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    A murder of crows are added to my forest terrain. Crows are two packs of tabletop art ravens. Unfortunatly they are tiny as I was planning on doing them as a flock of Jackdaws. Tree was scratch built. It was just another project to stop me from finishing my astronomy tower.
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    Almost there..... Almost there...... You got it Kid.........
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    Since I am updating my starport terrain I decided to work on Spaceballs the Prequel. TT combat terrain Winnebago with some minor modifications. Hope you like.
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