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    This is the Shub-Niggurath model from Bones 3. I think this is the last add on mini from that KS I have yet to paint. I did another WiP of the Stygian Barge earlier in the year as a way to motivate myself into finishing a large model in a reasonable time frame. This has been ready for paint for a while now and, except for the base, I wasn't getting anywhere. So when I sat down last night and got a first layer of skin done I figured maybe I should make a progress thread to help keep up the momentum. So far this is where I'm at. I finished the base first. I wanted some otherworldly colors so it's fluorescent blue, green and pink drybrushed in with some Reaper desert stone. Then the rocks are all Reaper purples washed with a little purple ink. Right now the body is at a stage where it looks like some sort of demonic rat. This is just a glaze of Reaper golden brown with drybrushed layers of sunburned flesh and rosy skin. I'm also planning on working in a little green, dark red and purple into the skin before giving it a watered down ink wash to make all the layers become less distinct. This thing is going to be so creepy. Or at least that's the plan.
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    Not sure what the name and number of this one is, but fairly sure it is a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. In lead, no less. I pulled her out of a pile of random stuff over a year ago and didn't get very far. Decided I would finish her up in bright colors. Not sure what the staff is supposed to be, metallic green seemed appropriate. With mages you never know.
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    Hello forum family, just wanna share with you my new set-up to make (good) photos at minis. It is really really simple: A dark backdrop, a screen to block the light on the back of the background, white paper to reflect the ceiling light. No lamps at all just the daylight and the ceiling light. 100 ISO, -0,67 exposure. I think the quality has improved (sometime dramatically) from my previous pictures:
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    Dan's Build Journal #3 Sewers - Abandoned Smugglers Tunnel Ged took a deep breath to calm his nerves and then instantly regretted it, as the stench rising up from the old sewer entrance made him retch involuntarily. Reaching into his side pouch the young rogue pulled out a small vial of purple oil, uncorked it and then dabbed a copious amount in the space between his nose and upper lip. Lavender Oil, thats what the old drunkard had recommended, though truth be told the solution only made the stench slightly more bearable. The rogue carefully descended an old and very rotten wooden ladder into the underground sewer complex, the air was still and heavy and the only noises, the scuttling of nearby rats and the occasional sound of dripping water. Ged ignited his torch and pulled out a crumpled old map. It was common knowledge that in his youth the old drunkard had served as a smuggler for the local thieves guild, and after several weeks of plying the man with drink and trying to befriend the old retch he had finally revealed his secret. Decades earlier, the old man and his crew had used the sewer tunnels to smuggle contraband and stolen goods in and out of the city, that was until they had allegedly disturbed some ancient horror sleeping beneath the water and were forced to flee, abandoning their camp and their treasures. Ged couldn't help but smile to himself, he knew the old smuggler to be an honest man, and there was no doubt in his mind that the smugglers cache would be exactly where he had been told, however Ged didn't believe in monsters, the old smuggler was a notorious drunkard and he probably got spooked by his own shadow after a few too many ales. Having now gained his bearings the rogue carefully refolded the old map, and set off towards his prize confident that this was going to be an easy and profitable payday. Navigating the old tunnels proved an arduous task, the floor was slick with slime and it would have been easy to get lost within the complex labyrinth, but the smugglers map proved true and after about 30 minutes Ged arrived at the tunnel that had been marked on his map. The tunnel was long and Ged's torch did little to penetrate the darkness more than a few feet in front of him, unperturbed the rogue slowly started down the eerily quiet passageway, until.... SPLASH! Startled the young rogue spun about, hand reaching instinctively for his dagger and eyes straining to see in the darkness. Ged momentarily caught sight of several circular ripples radiating outward from the centre of the sewage canal, before the disturbed water settled back down to its prior stillness. Ged, crouched low and and holding his breath in order to better hear his surroundings continued to scan the surface of the water. After several moments of silence, he sheathed his dagger and stood up straight, it was probably just a rat he thought to himself. The next few minutes passed without incident until young Ged neared the end of the tunnel and finally came upon his prize. Stacked high were dusty old chests and coffers, caked in a decades accumulation of spiderwebs but still full of valuables, there were piles of gold and jewels, paintings, rare books and other works of art. Most of the books and artworks were ruined, rotten from years sitting in a damp environment, but the gold, this would set up a man for life. Trembling from excitement, Ged unfastened his backpack and eagerly began filling it with anything that looked valuable. So engrossed in the task at hand, Ged didn't hear the disturbance in the water, he was blissfully unaware of his encroaching doom until he felt it tighten around his leg. Looking down in surprise the young rogue had no time to time react before the long green tentacle yanked him violently into the water and complete darkness, terrified the young man tried to to scream but only succeeded in flooding his lungs with the rank sewage water, his desperate thrashing lasted but a few moments and then complete silence, the only evidence of the rogues passing, his torch slowly burning out next to the smugglers cache. Completed Project Pictures: My Other Build Journals: First off the elephant in the room. I appreciate I have literally just started 'Build Journal #2 - Ancient Ruins' which has only had one post so far, unfortunately that's had to go on temporary hold. My last piece of foamboard isn't quite big enough to support the planned build and I do not have anything else strong enough to hold it and so I've had to order some. Rather than waste my last weekend off work, I figured I'd start work on one of my smaller quicker builds which should keep me occupied until the foamboard arrives. This ones going to be a photo backdrop of a dark, dirty, fantasy sewer system. Preparing the Masonry For this build I am going to be using 'Hirst Arts Mold #343 - Underground Brick' and casting the blocks from Dental Stone which is a lot more durable than plaster. Luckily I had prepared a large batch of these blocks at the same time I was making blocks for my Ancient Ruins build and so I was ready to go straight away. The first job was creating a back wall for the project, which took around an hour to both experiment and dry-fit something I was happy with and then glue it all together. At present the wall has some pretty obvious and unsightly 'seam lines' where you can tell it is just a bunch of blocks glued together, that will be fixed later. Laying the Foundation For the foundation I used a sheet of 6mm foamcore, which I then cut to the length of the wall. I then measured and cut a block of polystyrene using a hotwire tool which will serve as the walkway above the sewage water. I glued a second piece of foamcore (this was the offcut from the first piece I had cut to size) and glued that to the back, this is to give the wall a bit more support once glued to the base. I quickly tested the fit (but didn't yet glue the wall to the base) Preparing the Walkway The walkway was made out of Sculpy, a modelling clay that needs baking to harden. I used a Greenstuff World texture roller to imprint a stone brick floor pattern into the clay, test fitted it to the polystyrene and then cut it to the right size. The flooring was then baked and glued to the polystyrene once cooled (This shrunk slightly in the oven, if you look at the next picture the wall slightly overhands the path now). I added a brick wall against the the polystyrene where the water will eventually flow, but the height was just off, to fix this I glued some old foam bricks I had laying around to the edge. These are a lot bigger than the bricks of the wall and floor, however as edging pieces they seem to work well, I textured these with a scumpled up ball of tinfoil. Finally I attempted to fill the gaps and seamlines where the blocks meet with some home made spackle. I rubbed dry powdered plaster into all the gaps and then used a soft haired makeup brush to gently dust away the excess which had gathered and filled in the detail of the brick work, once cleaned up I spritzed the entire thing with water to soak into the cracks and dried plaster. I may need to do this a second time, but its already looking a lot better. Creating the Waterway. To finish up the waterway, I built another wall section and placed it a few inches out from the first, I then cut away the excess foamboard to keep the build neat and compact. As the clay floor I'd made ended up a little uneven in places, the back wall no longer sat flat and there were gaps as a result, especially under the final buttress (not that obvious at the angle I photographed it above, but it was quite a large gap). I ended up filing all these gaps with some sculptamold, I also made some small debris piles around a few of the buttresses. To finish off the whole model was primed white ready for painting.
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lair3d/legendary-dragons?ref=elr2ef A shadow breaks through the clouds, filling hearts with wonder and dread; their fiery breaths captivating memory. These beasts live through songs that last entire generations, stories that become legend; for what could ever compare to the sight of a Dragon? LAIR is proud to present Legendary Dragons 3D-Printable Miniatures. Based on the Legendary Dragons 5e supplement by Jetpack7. Handled by the same people as Dragons of the Red Moon, which has so far delivered some amazing STLs
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    Dear all, I decided to tackle a large miniature this time : the Bones Behir. However, I won't stick to the DnD colour scheme and mix it up a bit. I thought of a jade green with red back tail. Assembly was difficult. Plenty of hard to remove mold lines (micro chisel to the rescue), ill fitting parts and lack of scale detail at joints made this a challenge. Don't get me wrong. It is a beautiful sculpt, much better than other Behir sculpts I saw online. That said this miniature would benefit from the slightly less bendy grey plastic. So far I cleaned it, resculpted scales and basecoated it with brown liner and a drybrush of Vallejo Surface Primer. I will work with glazes this time on the preshaded surface. New for me and may save some time what concerns establishing contrast. I also finally tidied up my desk, so tonight I will apply the base colours. I will add a tree to the base with one or two of its many arms resting on it.
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    Wow. The font did not behave. Silly phone interface. I have 3. Two issued by my doctors office and one issued by the HVAC crew that came to my house.
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    COVID masks - about a dozen between me and my wife. I also have a zombie mask, and a Venom mask, and my son has Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man... there's a lot of masks in my family.
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    Oops. I was wondering when if I was supposed to pop in as a backup. It is still the 5th in about 8 time zones. I was just watching / drowsing through a documentary about Flying Boats and the early glory days of Pan-Am. They were figuring out how to cross time zones nobody had ever flown across.
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    So, I obviously missed July 5 at this point, sorry. Sundays just really don't work for me since I spend my mornings at church and the afternoon doing family stuff. Sorry, I'll try for a combined Sat-Sun question next week.
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    That I'm employed here. I moved here for a job. But so far the place seems nice, has most everything, but isn't so big that it takes forever to get places. And being on the coast the weather gets less extremes compared to the rest of the province.
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    I get to experience all four seasons, though I'll admit summer and winter are my least favorites due to the chance of temperature extremes (winter wasn't bad this year, but summer is being fairly miserable).
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    Quiet little town with decent school system. And It's 30 minutes away from everything. Of course, the downside is that it's 30 minutes away from everything. But on the whole, it's more positive than negative.
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    First level phones for IT tech support. Glad I can laugh at anyone who suggests that now. I still get the jitters when my work phone rings. People who know me know you need to text me before you call unless its a real emergency.
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    I like that it's a big enough city to have big city conveniences, but not a big enough city to have too many big city problems.
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    The small town feeling. My city really isn't very tiny, but it has that magical, small-towny feeling for some reason. I really love that.
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    July 4: What is your favorite thing about living where you do?
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    Just don't be this guy!! https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29399821/cubs-jose-quintana-hurt-washing-dishes-surgery
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    At least out here on the east coast of Canada, the vast majority of people never put their normal everyday car in the garage. Garages are for bicycles, firewood, lawnmowers, snowblowers, jet skis, motorcycles, special cars, tires, tools, kids toys, etc. But not your everyday car... Not really sure why, but its how I was raised. We have a two car garage, but all 4 cars are in the driveway..... my summer car goes into the garage for winter storage, but that's generally the only time. I might take the cars in the change tires in the fall if I have it cleaned up enough, before storing the summer car.
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    I might go up onto the roof to watch them tonight, but honestly, there have been so many for the past month+ that it hardly seems worth it. Bleaching the bathroom. Inevitably I end up smelling of bleach for the rest of the day.
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    I can't think of any chore that I actually dread. I'm not fond of doing any of them (they are chores after all), but it's just a general "I'd rather be painting minis" kind of feeling. I can't speak for Canadians, but for my fellow Americans I have solved this problem by parking in my garage. It is quite nice to just get in my car and head out while I laugh at my neighbors that park outdoors. Also, remote start. Giving the car a five minute head start while I'm getting ready to leave work does wonders for loosening up whatever is frozen to it.
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    If there are any within walking distance, maybe. Otherwise, no. While the show itself is usually pretty cool, I hate having to deal with all the traffic. Mowing the lawn. When I finally have my own place, I'm ripping up the grass and putting in rock/flower/vegetable gardens. They do make Roomba style lawn mowers. They're kinda stupidly expensive, though.
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    We already had Canada Day fireworks (not the city, random people were shooting them off in the city). Plus some yahoo decided that shooting them at 3:46 in the morning was a good idea (alcohol and/or stupidity was probably involved). Wearing pants.
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    I hear you on that one... I had totally forgotten about such, and our new work trucks have insanely HUGE windshields for some reason Ford decided was necessary. But yeah, slushy snow is the worst for such, because you go in to deliver to one customer, get back out and have to spend two minutes scraping your windshield off again!
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    Nothing really although there's some I seem to put off if I can. Mostly things the wife feels are super important. Having to do some of the vet related stuff I have done with cattle puts a different perspective on normal chores. My wife has a fireworks fetish so we try to seem them when we can. On Canada Day I was lucky that the next town over does a nice show most years so we didn't travel far. Before she had her PR (like US green card) and couldn't travel stateside we even drove to the border and watched the fireworks at the nearest town from there. With the current virus situation and having just seen some we won't be crossing the border this year. I've got a clogged drain on our that I can't get cleaned out. Need to pull it apart but it's hard to get a ladder to stand straight at that corner and I keep putting it off. Doesn't help that we've been getting a fair bit of rain every few days lately. The other side of the house had big wads of sprouting tree seeds clogging the downspout but it was easy to scoop out.
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    I don't know if it's the strangest, but years ago back in HS, I was with friends & we were at a intersection in town. We pull up & next to us was a old woman in a Civic or similar car. She had her arm out the door & her head laying on it, like she was dead or something. Light turned green & away she went.
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    We were in boot camp at the same time and in the same place; I got there August 20th. Sorry for the cop out, but the story is too long to try to type on a phone. Ask me at Reapercon sometime if you're interested.
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    Hadn't seen this here yet: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620164718/28mm-pig-faced-orcs?ref=user_menu You enter the cavern with water dripping down from overhead. The smell of rotten meat is thick in the air. From up ahead in the distance you hear the loud battle cry of your enemy SQUEEEEEEE! Painted by Ben Rodman Pig faced orcs. The most iconic encounter of any classic adventure. We have a nice variety of these little oinkers in the pen. We enlisted the help of Bobby Jackson to sculpt the porcs and Jason Wiebe for all the pork besties. They did an awesome job. Fortress Figures will be casting these beauties up in lead free white metal. Any support for our small family owned business is greatly appreciated. Painted by world renowned artist Rob Wheeler Painted by world renowned artist Rob Wheeler This project is for unpainted, white metal and/or resin figurines. Models are provided NOT painted. Models are scaled to 28mm toe to eye or 1:60. Models are provided with a plastic tab/slot base. Figurines are not toys and are intended only for adults. Models may require some assembly, may have sharp or pointed parts and are a choking hazard to anyone prone to put them in their mouth. I backed for the Ettin(ess) Bodyguard myself
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    I'm loving how you've made the tree work with the pose, and it adds even more to it all!
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    Finishing the floor and weathering the brickwork With the basecoat on the floor dry I moved on to drybrushing, working in some stone colours and gradually getting lighter. I then mixed up a somewhat diluted sepia ink wash to add some contrast and definition to the stones. Once that had dried I painted the debris piles around the buttresses in an earthtone. At a later stage I plan to go over these piles with some powdered pigments to give them a more natural look, but cannot do that until I have finished applying all the washes. With the floor almost complete I mixed up another Sepia Ink wash, this time a lot more concentrated and started coating all the brick work. I used a tissue to blot away the wash in a few selective areas, creating subtle gradients in the colour of the wall. The paint that pooled at the base of the wall was wicked up with a tissue, however some was left and feathered to blend into stone of the floor, giving the illusion of a build up of grime. I used a drying retarder in the ink wash, and so I'll need to wait until everything is dry before I can add the final weathering to the brickwork, but I think it is already starting to look quite convincing as is. Much like my previous project, I have now run into a little setback. As I had not intended to start this project so soon (I had a whole ancient ruin to build first), I do not have all the greeble and decor to hand to bring the project to life. I have a few items on order that should arrive next week sometime, so I will probably resume work on this then. On the bright side, my foamboard arrived today, so I can resume work on the ruins project, I'll probably end up bouncing between the two projects now, it will allow me to be a little more time efficient as I wait for things to dry.
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    Ask and ye shall receive. Just an approximation based on the product dimensions provided by Reaper and WizKids.
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    ************** Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.. Zafira and Suleiman stood in awe when the room filled with a colourful cloud, a large humanoid shape formed, your wish? A booming voice asked. Please go back into the lamp, Suleiman answered. The Djinn lifted an eyebrow and looked at Suleiman with disdain, I only answer to the owner of the lamp! You're not it, right? That would be me, Zafira uttered. So how does this work? I get three wishes? The Djinn sighed, not again!, Ever since that stupid fairytale was told people think that. No, you get one wish a day as long as you hold the lamp. I will not raise the dead for you, I can't make people fall in love with you and I don't kill people for you. One wish a day? That sounds great! Zafira said. Be careful, Suleiman warned her, these Djinn often twist our words, choose your words wisely when making a wish. Zafira laughed, I will, come on, what could go wrong? So, your wish? The Djinn asked. I wish to find the greatest treasure of all! Zafira said. Suleiman buried his face in his hands, Oh almighty one! What have you done? Zafira shrugged, what? Wish granted! The Djinn said and he disappeared into the lamp again. Zafira wanted to talk to Suleiman again but suddenly she found herself inside a tomb. Surrounded by gold and jewels she was excited at first, the room was filled with so much treasure even her previous find was nothing compared to this! She would be rich forever! Now, how to get it all out of here, she thought. Then she looked around, slowly it dawned to her. Where was the exit??? *************************************************
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    Finished the Stygian Priest SHOW OFF https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92009-stygian-snake-priest-by-glitterwolf/ Also printed the wings and arms for the Sphinx
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    Well they aren't the first minis I painted. These are minis I painted for Cap'n John in the mid '90s: The rest of the ones I did for him can be seen here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ephqr29Tq47Tjb2L9
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    2nd coat of camo applied, tracks attached, and everything washed with Secret Weapon Soft Body Black, cut 10 - 1. Thanks for looking! SGT G
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    I don't recall if they showed the finished Lasher Demon from the Fan Favorites expansion. They were showing a spin-around on today's Bones 5 Live show, so I grabbed a few shots. They showed off the Demonic Temptations mini's again. One was oddly missing it's horns... (they supposedly had stuck Ron's head on it as a joke?) Apparently the sculptor (forgive me for forgetting his name) based the faces of the male incubi on Sam, Dean, and Castiel from Supernatural. Here's a few of the succubi, just because they showed them off. Apparently this next one isn't the final sculpt. There was a slight tweak to her eyes (but so small we probably won't be able to tell on the mini). Rhonda painted the succubi (it does use Drown Nipple Pink, and a few other discontinued colors)
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    I never did share final pics of my work... Let's fix that!
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    Yes, in Bones 4, I don't know if it released yet. Here is what I was thinking about but they call him a sheriff. Still a good one for town crier Sheriff Drumfasser sku: 44018 https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/figurefinder+plastic+fantasy+male/latest/44018
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    +1 for crabs. Swarm, tiny, small, medium, large. Angels, maybe one with shackles. Centaur with bows (polearms on the existing ones are kinda wonky), maybe a slightly wider hand to get a drill bit through? Hags, maybe one influenced by the thing in "the ring", maybe an ugly witch one. Terrain stuff: baskets, stools, chairs, thrones, pile of rocks (cairns?), long tables with a runner, a larger bag (like laundry size, that I can paint a dollar sign on), a collection of steins and drinkware, funeral pyre, altar that doesn't look demonic, announcement podium. Is there a town crier?
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    My journey through the Legendary MCU is done! Finishing off Phase 3(b) and Into the Spiderverse for good measure. Plus it was an excellent movie. BUT FIRST - War with the Evil Power Master, which is a Target, Choose Your Own Adventure game. Theoretically plays 1-99 people, but honestly it plays like a Choose Your Own Adventure book with dice. More of an activity than a game I'd say, and as such is probably best solo. And frankly wasn't even that great. It had a few jokes but otherwise...meh. Back to Marvel. First stop, Infinity Wars. Here we join our protagonist, Thanos, as he and his crew Forge the Infinity Gauntlet while Uru Enchanted Iron Man tries to stop him. Somewhere around 15 bystanders were KOed by the protagonists on their way to victory. Next up is Ant-Man and, once again, I had to improvise on the people. The Goblin from Noir was the Mastermind, as he seemed to be a mafia boss type. And he was trying to Trap the Heroes in the Microverse, which kinda happened, but wasn't really the plot. I did lose the first one, but the second one I did much better. It was a bad draw to start so I lost quickly, which is the best way to lose. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, had a pretty well defined setup. The mastermind (The Supreme Intelligence), scheme (Kree-Skrull War) and villains made sense and most of the heroes did too. I added Photon (aka Captain Marvel when I was growing up) even though she wasn't a superhero in the movie. But close enough for me. The scheme had me on the ropes for a bit but eventually we smashed it out. Which brings us to Endgame! I'll be honest with you, I wasn't looking forward to facing Thanos. Twenty-Four health to start (though it does get lower) is formidable. Nearly every hero could be used too, so picking which 5 I'd grab was tough. I wound up with Ronin (since he hadn't been played), Captain America (original), Thor (Original), Superior Iron Man and Rocket Racoon (so the Guardians could get some representation). Tough match. Spider-man: Far From Home has my favorite Legendary Mastermind, Mysterio. He's always super fun. I added him as a hero too because it was either him or Nick Fury and we've seen too much Nick Fury. Last but not least, Into The Spiderverse. Not an MCU movie but a great one nevertheless. I went for a crazy scheme (Fragmented Realities) that required everyone to have their own villain deck and city space and that actually made it a little tough. However the Spider Team is super overpowered by themselves. Most of their abilities abilities trigger off of low cost cards, and all of the cards cost 2, so you are practically guaranteed to always be activating cards. It was a slow start however as the scheme was actually causing me problems, but once I hit critical mass, Peter Parker, Spider-man Noir, Spider-Gwen, Ultimate Spider-man and Silk teamed up to take out the Kingpin and the Sinister Six. All in all it was a good run with the MCU. I played a bunch of schemes and people I wouldn't normally play and haven't played before. One of my problems is that I tend to fall into a rut with this game, and doing the MCU forced me out of those ruts. Sometimes. But I've packed it away. Onward to another game that has a solo mode.
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    Been teaching my wife some board games. So far the score is 5 to 2 (wife vs me) T__T Stone Age (one of my favorite games, too bad the expansion is expensive) The Ancient World (pretty art, but lacking substance or is not suitable for two players) 1347: De Nigra Pestis Ludo (definitely not suitable for two players) A Thief's Fortune (enjoyed it but not great for two players)
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    Egyptian, Arab, Meso-American, Native American, African, Oriental, Asian, style Undead, Monsters, Mythological Stuff and Warriors/Villagers.
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    An urban elemental/golem. Cobblestones, pipes, grates, all in a roughly human shape - a lot like the Graveyard Golem, but for the city. The Auld Grump
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    Last night's focus was on the eyes. I went for a yellow halo around a central slit, framed by red. Gloss varnish really helped to add that lustre and wickedness.
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    I'd really like to see quite a few aarakocras angels ape (medium) centaurs clockwork spider couatl crab (small) deer (medium) ghosts (non-humans) giffs goat (large) horse hyenas (medium & large) kenkus kuo-toas nothics octopus (small) owl (large) pixies salamanders sphinx (male) tiger (large) tortles vultures (medium & large) warforgeds wasp (medium) weretigers zombies (non-humans) zombies (gnoll)
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    Since the Fire Giants seem to be more character models - I would really like to see a Fire Giant blacksmith and his anvil. Could double as Vulcan in a Mythic game. The Auld Grump
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    Four stretch goals unlocked so far: Next two: and a WIP of Kundal:
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    These two culprits are why my WIP updates got delayed. But I suppose it's only fair, since I promised to have these done . . . four months ago . . . and my compatriots might get angry if they found out I was making entertainment for Internet People instead of working on their characters. Eldolan, Elf Fighter (with a bow!) is a Klocke mini. I love Klocke minis (who doesn't), but I don't so much love painting them. Too much fiddly stuff! How does he even sculpt these? Is there such a thing as too much talent? If so, Werner Klocke has it and puny mortal painters like myself simply can't handle his incredible skills. Buckles. Straps. More buckles. Straps. Struckles and baps! And that's why most of my Klockes don't so much wind up finished as they do "finished enough, because I'm sick of looking at you, now get off my table". Eldolan's base is painted, by the way. It's ice blue with white on top, it's just that my lighting is poor and washes it out. Also, Eldolan is supposed to represent a ranger, but it says fighter on the package. I shall have to complain to Bryan about this gross oversight immediately.
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    It's been a very long time indeed since I've posted anything, but that's because it's been a long time since I've PAINTED anything. I painted this figure up to represent one of my adventuring companion's DnD character in our current campaign. He specified a LOT of browns, but I tried to add a little colour wherever I could. The sculpt is absolutely gorgeous and the quality of the casting was impeccable. I certainly didn't do it justice, but what a pleasure to paint. Anyway, here he is: Comments, critiques and especially advice are always welcome. I think I've had it with metallic paints had will finally have to cross that bridge and start trying some NMM techniques. Scary!
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    Ok, I thought of one. I knew a guy in the Navy who could sleep with his eyes open.
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