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    Ordered a 3D print of a Medusaceratops skull. I plan to use it as a sculpting base and add the flesh, skin and details to make it a bust. I've already attached the lower jaw
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    Two boxes arrived with more vintage molds yesterday. (Why buy toys when you could buy a toy factory instead?) One was a farily conventional WWI soldiers mold: The other, to add to the once and future retro SF project, is one of two Flash Gordon molds that were made: Back around 1996, our club (including @Chris Palmer) made a bulk order with the Eccles Brothers, collectors of molds and purveyors of castings, for a Buck Rogers game. We also threw in the Flash Gordon figures, because, why not? However, neither of those molds ever fell into our hands. The Flash Gordon mold also came with an interesting bit of ephemera, a Home Foundry catalog: Molds available for separate order run to four pages: Watching sales, it’s clear that some of these are very scarce. Others were passed down from one company to another until Castings, Inc. went out of business on the passing of its owner last fall. I’m idly considering what sort of game would involve every vintage mold I have...
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    Show off actually posted, finally: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92101-jaspers-ffg-star-wars-legion-rebel-veterans/ Now, back to Stormtroopers tomorrow.
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    I have been wanting to build tree bases of several trees each for use at home. (Conventions will probably require individual trees for transport reasons.). I finally got around to starting a few test bases today. This one is approximately done, and uses a base with some extra scenic materials started at a workshop at Gencon last year. The next two are in progress. I need to paint the rocks, add some flock, and then glue down the trees. While I would expect that 10-15 bases will be wanted for at-home gaming, three will have to do for now, and should feature in the current digression project, an attempt to paint/build everything new for a small-ish skirmish game.
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    Hello forum Family, this week I managed to paint another mini Reeve Irremborg Planomap - SKU: 44019 (woohoo!) and this is my new personal record, 2 minis in two weeks! In this bad time I'm in need of colors, so let's keep painting colorful scheme and palette... don't know if this combo really works, something is odd to my eyes, but maybe my wife is right and the problem is me (I'm basically never happy of what I do!). Also taking pics of this little one was a pain... Anyway, let me know what you think of it. Every C&C is more than welcome! Thanks :)
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    Acquired! Kickstarter Stickers to help Koalas in Australia due to fires. These were delayed a bit due to the pandemic. One of the creators got stuck in the country they being made. There were pins with the exact images but im not into pins, but I did like the quokka one. Shinedown "Atlas falls" t-shirt. Sales benefit a charity they've teamed up with to help get much needed medical supplies such as PPEs & other vital needs. This is the back of it.
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    @Arc 724 How are you doing? Please see pm when you can.
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    He is hanging out upside down while his neck base cures I will sculpt him with a slight head turn to make it more interesting than my sculpted dragon bust was
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    So, another one I had intended on doing more of a work in progress posting as I went along and just completed it before I even realized I hadn't taken more photos. I had some issues deciding on what color I would do for the head and legs once I had the blue and purple decided on, but am glad I went with the brass/copper/patina look that i ended up with, as that seems to be a good contrast to the blue and purple and green crystals. I'll be sealing this quite a bit as it is a game piece for a card game, and the small crystals that stick out on the bottom of the base are detachable. Definitely glad I got in on this kickstarter as it was a lot of fun.
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    I had intended on giving some updates on progress as I worked on this and the other model I'll be posting here, but apparently I was too focused on getting it finished The spikes didn't work out quite like I wanted them to, but I'm pretty happy with it overall. I actually had thought I was messing up the eyes when I was working on them, but they turned out better than I thought they would. Anyhow, suggestions or critiques welcome!
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    The next Quarterly Paint contest is starting over on our FB page. The winner of the last QPC (Angela Nesbitt) has chosen 44137 Chaos Toad Sorcerer as the next contest model! Head on over to https://facebook.com/events/316215619767030/… To look through the rules and details. (Reaper FB fanpage >> Events) Best of Luck! Fan page events: https://t.co/6BVMzS5fIR?amp=1 Choas toad sorcerer: https://www.reapermini.com/search/toad/latest/44137?ref=socials
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    I have wanted to get into painting for a long time and have watched days worth of videos on it. i think it shows in how my first minis came out. the first was a reaper kobold and he looks a bit sloppy. (on the card for the hobby holder i got because i could not find anything else to put him on for the pic lol) next was a blue kobold and a baby dragon, I was still working on how washes work with the blue kobold but the dragon came out better. now the one i did today I am pretty proud of him, for being my forth mini i think he looks really good. he is colored like a ring neck snake.
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    New Acquisitions! Butterbean and Linn-Miranda From the Denver Cat Company, formerly a cat rescue/adoption center/coffee-shop/bookstore. currently not serving coffee, just play time with cats. (& adoptions) they are both affectionate and playful and really well socialized. I only meant to get one, but felt he would be so lonely after constant playtime with dozens of kittens and a steady stream of people. the wife and spawn needed less persuasion than I did. we have been cat-less since march.
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    and they looks so good when your done painting them all* , although it may just be me. *expansion sets and extra dragons not included, cause Im still working on them.
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    Now working on a Platoon of M113s: A FIST track: A platoon of HMMWV Anti Aircraft:(Example) and the Track I drove in Germany.... HQ32 Thanks for looking! SGT George
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    Bit more work. Hopefully will be able to get the other side symmetrical The eye is not done, I haven't done eyelids so it will look funky
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    Put in a drip system today. Included the leafless pepper plant (the twin that was doing better was dug up and murdered by small paws; not sure if beagle or squirrel), the leafless tomato, and the leafless squash. They all have been hanging on for over a week now so I will give them a fighting chance. Mistook end-of-line drippers for in-line ones so had to redo a lot of them. Did it in the morning so it would not be so hot but wound up the morning sun was hotter than the afternoon when it clouded up. Grr. Polished off a huge container of Gatorade (52 oz) so I think I sweated just a bit much. Didn’t get to everything I wanted to do garden wise this weekend but I can do a bit during the week I suppose.
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    Added a keratin sheathe to the nose horn and began adding scaled skin
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    He was very, VERY insistent about the scritchies. He wanted his head scratched, and he wanted it NOW. He was both a complete brat and completely adorable. And so FLOOFY! I think his other person gave him a shampoo.
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    That would be Rodan. One of the contingencies for dealing with giant flying radioactive beasts is to shut down the power stations so it does not have electricity upon which to feed and grow stronger. Either that or the Bovine Death Wizard has moved South with startling speed and has harvested the power output for it's own nefarious ends...
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    I had my second Crazy Crow moment. Grump told me about his first encounter, and how Crazy Crow was making a whole lot of noise. This time was my turn, and I gave him scritchies. And gave him scritchies. And gave him scritchies. And his head feathers just kept fluffing out, floofier and floofier! And his beak open in what had to be a smile. I would never have pictured crows and floofy together until today. And he wanted scritchies for more than half an hour!
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    The squad managed to figure out what was going on - but then discovered that the cursed Girdle of Opposite Gender no longer affects Luscious - the villains cast Remove Curse to steal her belt, and once the curse id broken, it is broken. Poor Luscious. For her, it was not a curse - she had to search for years to find that girdle. (It also gave a bonus to Strength, not a bad thing for an ogre cabbie.) It was stolen to prevent a birth, the first born grandchild inheriting - that half of a family has now been written out of the will, and will be facing criminal charges, including theft of the belt. Which does not help Luscious. So, the PCs are spending some of their own time, tracking down a spell to grant the same effect as the curse. The Auld Grump - no combat at all, in this adventure. And if the PCs can find a solution for Luscious they will gain a permanent ally.
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    Continuing to add flesh over the lower jaw to make sure it is securely connected. I don't want it to suddenly pop off I got too close to the downward protrusions is the upper skull that are not supposed to be buried in the musculature,but I will just fix that with a bit if sculpting
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    When you have food and the baby sees it
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    The glue is still drying, and there will have to be some paint touch ups, but here are the tree bases laid out on a 30”x22” Kill Team mat, along with some rocks and buildings I’ve completed in the last week. Add in a hill or two (at most) and some walls or hedges and this is looking like enough for the near-term skirmish game...
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    My girl bought this little tub and a little solar powered fountain.
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    First cucumbers of the season. These are about 6", a nice size. Sometimes they hide and end up like zucchini, full of water and foot long. Variety is Pick-a-Bushel. It is very prolific, and resistant to our midwest mildew and mosaic virus problems. And this is what I did with one of them: Mix 2 parts vinegar to 1 part sugar, with a pinch or two of salt. Make enough brine to cover the cucumber slices. Add herbs and other vegetables if desired. Dill is nice. I've put thin slices of red onion in mine. Green onion works, too. You can add sliced carrot, radish, cabbage, etc. It's best if it sits an hour or two but can be eaten immediately. Keeps in the fridge overnight but is best fresh.
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    Ordered a 3D print of a Medusaceratops skull. I plan to use it as a sculpting base and add the flesh, skin and details to make it a bust. I've already attached the lower jaw
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    Yesterday I picked up a sexy looking Samson microphone for my HP Pavilion. The idea being that with the mic Cap'n John could do video style counseling session with his Alzheimer's counselor. Should my cochlear surgery prove sucessful, I could use the thing to chat with my children & grandchildren...that would be a blessing beyond belief. This what the Beasty looks like: For those interested in such things. the halo of florescent light is due to taking photos through the ring of what used to be a magnified florescent lamp. I have my camera set for that type of lighting.
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    There is literally no way that a zucchini should be able to get this big before I see it. I suspect that gnomes super glue them to my vines at night.
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    Gotta say...i like the vehicles more than the minis. But have no idea what I'd do with them.
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    And these guys are finally done, apart from sealing (they are for play after all). Now to get back to Stormtrooper production....
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    Huh, thought I posted the next day.....oh well. I did not get them finished. I did get all the little details done, even though I could feel my shoulder threatening to twing for the last half hour or so... It eventually got too hot again to do more work, so I left the bases. Monday night my shoulder decided to completely spaz out. I could barely get out of bed. Not sure what triggered it, but it took some work to get it settled, so today is my first day back holding a brush. I cleaned up the two little bases and gave them another coat, then washed them with nuln oil. The big base finally got assembled and textured. Letting that dry non, then I'll add a few rocks and should have them finished up fairly quickly.
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    I find that a certain class of entrepreneurs -- the "Mom and Pops" and the garage kitters and the small brick and mortars-- are often characterized by their inability to separate their personal lives and events and issues and priorities from their role as profitable businesses. These businesses are usually small, inefficient, poorly funded, and believe that a good excuse is almost as good as actually performing. This is not to say that all Mom and Pops are run this way; but a significant fraction are. We have a local Dairy Queen that has had one of its two freezers out for over two years ... because the family owners have decided not to spend the money to repair it. The result is that they have about half the frozen product to sell that they had formerly -- which only adds pressure to their finances. I no longer ask for ice cream sandwiches -- because their usual reply is, "We're sold out right now, maybe we'll have some in a couple of days." I know, however, that they haven't made any ice cream sandwiches because they lack the space to store and display them. We have a local family owned hobby shop that has two standard answers when one asks if they have a certain item in stock. "We can order it for you and it ought to be here in 2 weeks" and "I think we'll have some in on Wednesday. Can you come back then?" Well, I can order it myself and have it in hand in less than a week --- and save the drive, time, and gas and disappointment. I know from experience that, if I order it through the shop, it will take about a month to show up .... if it shows up at all. KS seems to have a number of these enterprises. Several creators have updated their backers to tell them that the creator will take a break because the pressure of being increasingly late on their delivery is too much for them; I would expect a competent business to let me know why they are late and what they are doing about it. Recently, one family KS informed us that their dog had died and that the mourning would impact their deliveries. Another creator is getting divorced and he took about five months off, pointing out that he just wasn't up to fulfilling his KS campaign until his head was in a better place -- but he had time to regularly post on his YouTube channel. There have been many KS updates that are full of the intentions and plans and thoughts of the creator, but in which actual activity and progress are absent. Another characteristic that I have seen is that KS creators are easily frustrated and angered when backers call them to account for their lack of progress. Artemis is a prime example. In addition, with Artemis, we've been told several times that the product is in the mail and, after a long period without delivery, be told that, for some reason (back to the good excuse is equivalent to actual delivery), it never actually was mailed.. Rather than cultivate and be responsive to backers, they seem to blame backers for holding them to account. The point in the quote is excellent. Artemis does not reflect basic business practices ... and it is not alone.
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    Seems like Kev White should stick to sculpting, then sell the sculpts to competent business folks.
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    So, it seems, in some quarters, that KS is a consequenceless source for funding for whatever use. KS is crystal clear that they assume no accountability for the performance of creators or for the use the backer's fees are put to. Even if the same creator runs campaign after campaign and delivers .... nothing. I've noted that some non-performers have requested additional funds for, usually, postage. The place to pay is some money backing site outside of KS. As posted by others, one just has to learn which creators actually perform and which just keep taking the backers' money. I'm learning. The hard way.
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    To my recollection, it will be the option to have it in normal opaque plastic or in clear transparent. There was talk of having a glow-in-the-dark option, but it may just be an idea thrown in there and not an official option (for now).
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    Progress: Getting too warm now (we're in the middle of a "heat wave"....a Canadian heat wave, so all y'all down south wouldn't understand ) for comfortable painting so will probably not get back at them until tomorrow.
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    Finally back at these guys. Getting there. Still need to do faces, goggles, gloves, black wash on guns and then metal highlighting, metal details and rank things on arms. Then the rest of the small bases, and putting together the big gun. Hoping to get them finished up by the end of the weekend, so I can get back to painting black and white......
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    Yeah, these look great. If this was a kickstarter for actual minis I would be interested, bur alas I’m not into printing 3D minis, so this is a pass for me :(
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    My neck hasn't been very happy lately, so I've been doing cleaning and assembly instead. Rebel Fleet Troopers Rebel Commandos. Neck is finally feeling ok, so got the heavy gun guy mostly caught up to the other two of the remaining Veterans. Hope to get the Veterans finished soon, so I can get back to my Imps.
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    And these 4 are done, and pics submitted. I'll wait until I get the other 3 finished up before posting a show off.
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    Awesome! And I stronlgy suggest a flyer or two, maybe even circling around the beast's head ( clear plastic flightpole, or somehow semi-attached to a horn??) Crushed building or vehicle? Footprints in the concrete. You know the drill.
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    So, it took me 8 days of work, about 50 - 60 hours or so, but I finally finished my first Ma'al Drakar. Very happy with the results, Tia-Not is currently sitting on my entertainment center and terrifying my players. It was as much practice as it was anything else. I based it off this Deviantart color palette. I kept meaning to make an "in progress" thread, but I just didn't get around to it. Not sure if it'd be worth it now that it's done. The base is an 11" diameter wooden base I picked up from Michael's. There's rocks from my driveway, clay, gravel, and crystals from the same craft store. When I do my second one, if I stick with the crystals, I'll definitely splash some color into them. They're a little pale now, but there's no way I'd be able to get the work done on this one. Not sure if I can mention it or not, but this one is something I'm currently selling on an auction site...
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    The cracks between the stone were not dark enoght to my taste. I wanted to add more shading, so I applied a layer of Citadel Agrax Earthshade all over the stones. Then, I applied a 9086, Stone Grey drybrush and re-highlighted the darker and bluish stones. Finally, I applied a 9293 Alien Flesh drybrush on all the stones and a light 9031 Tanned Leather on some spots. I think it looks nice like that, so I will move forward and paint the wooden parts.
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    Another from the Conga Line, this is Bob Ridolfi's 50016: Rosie, Chronotechnician. I painted her up for a Shadowrun game. Originally this picture was for scale for the Malifaux Whiskey Golem, but I think they look right together.
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    I'm afraid to report that my dad passed away last late night. Got a message in the middle of my shift yesterday that while my dad was in the hospital in the Big CityTM, he was starting to get delirious and several of my family members were driving out there. I rushed that way as soon as my shift was over and managed to see him, though they could only allow 2 people in the room due to COVID-19 policies. The entire family managed to make it there and see him, and he rested a lot more peacefully after the nurses gave him a breakthrough. Most of us went to the hotel to rest, but I only got an hour of sleep before I got the message that he passed away. We were all there to say our goodbyes, and I'm relieved that he's at peace now. It's going to be a tough week, but there are things that need to get done.
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    Well, that was... News from parents... Hospital that grandpa's been in for three weeks gave the special exception for four family members to be able to visit. Seems he isn't quite recovering from his collapsed lung, despite things looking good after the initial surgery, or at least that's the impression I got from the quick texts I got. I'm hoping their diagnosis is wrong, because I don't want to have to deal with parents (and extended family) that mostly won't be able to understand why I wouldn't be able to visit. Sure, I can be covered and paid for a few days of leave, but my understanding is work won't cover the two weeks of quarantine I'd have to do after the fact since I'd be leaving the province, and then being in close contact with a number of people I usually don't spend time with. That and for grandma's sake, I want grandpa to recover fully.
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