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    When quarantine started one of the first things I did was go buy what I needed to follow a bunch of the Miniature Monday videos. I've only been buying the minis I liked or could use so most months I didn't do all the videos. This is my first round- the January kit!
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    Welcome! As a fair warning, I think we all say things like, "set for life" after our first Bones Kickstarter. Doesn't stop us from backing the next one.
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    This is the Shub-Niggurath model from Bones 3. I think this is the last add on mini from that KS I have yet to paint. I did another WiP of the Stygian Barge earlier in the year as a way to motivate myself into finishing a large model in a reasonable time frame. This has been ready for paint for a while now and, except for the base, I wasn't getting anywhere. So when I sat down last night and got a first layer of skin done I figured maybe I should make a progress thread to help keep up the momentum. So far this is where I'm at. I finished the base first. I wanted some otherworldly colors so it's fluorescent blue, green and pink drybrushed in with some Reaper desert stone. Then the rocks are all Reaper purples washed with a little purple ink. Right now the body is at a stage where it looks like some sort of demonic rat. This is just a glaze of Reaper golden brown with drybrushed layers of sunburned flesh and rosy skin. I'm also planning on working in a little green, dark red and purple into the skin before giving it a watered down ink wash to make all the layers become less distinct. This thing is going to be so creepy. Or at least that's the plan.
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    This is Yuki Onna. One of my first 3D printed models. I kept the colourscheme simple. She's a ghost for my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon, Project. WIP HERE: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/page/14/#comments She got a base from the Artisan Guild Oni set. I painted her eyes red, not sure if it's visible.
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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rebelminis/rebel-minis-motorpool-kickstarter/description Story Welcome to our newest Kickstarter! You'll notice this one is a little different. In this Kickstarter we are offering the STL Files of some of our classic models for you to print on your home 3D printers. These files, created and designed by John Bear Ross, offer tons of combinations and entrance into an amazing realm of sci-fi models. These models come scaled in 15mm AND 28mm! Now, keep in mind, these are for personal use, not for commercial or resale. We own the copyrights and designs but for the sake of this Kickstarter, we are allowing the files to go to you, our loyal supporters. So why are we doing this Kickstarter? Short answer…We are raising funds to increase our in-house printing capabilities. This will allow us to develop more detailed models, models in larger scales, and bring out even more product lines. Rebel Minis is growing and we want you guys to be part of it. But we can’t do it without you, so please consider pledging, and spreading the word! Thank you, Mike and JBR The Reward We have only one. ALL the files listed to be available for one pledged amount. You get the files to everything you see scaled in both 15mm and 28mm. Your pledge of $40 gets the whole kit n’ caboodle. Once again, this is for PERSONAL USE! You do not have permission to distribute, copy or sell the files. *C'mon man, you know that ain’t cool!* Stretch Goals If we reach our goals, we will unlock stretch goals. These files will be added to the reward and download at the same time. Delivery After the Kickstarter ends, and if it is successful, you will get a survey to confirm your email. Later, when they are ready, we will email you the links for download. The Files Look at all these Glorious Files, they can be yours! Can I print the weapons and vehicles on FDM and Resin Printers? Yes, everything should be printable on both types of printers found in common use. Most of our prints are optimized for desktop resin printers like the Anycubic Photon or the Elegoo Mars, but FDM should be able to support most builds. If we encounter files that are too large for resin printers, we will happily go back and supply sliced and optimized files to be printed in smaller chunks Gun drones, gun carriages, and weapons. 28mm and 15mm. The Gun Carriages and brand new and have never been issued. 15mm Painted Gunbot examples Gunbots and Gun Carriages Painted Example of 15mm Scaled Gun Turret The Sci-Fi Cycle build is a Fan Favorite. Weapon mounts on each side could be scaled for a variety of weapons. 15mm Painted Examples of teh Sci-Fi Cycles With a variety of uses, The Combat Flatbed is a main stay on the future battlefield. The Hull can use the APC Treads from our other armored units, or use the original lifters as shown. 15mm Painted Examples of the combat flatbed MATVs come in both 15mm Classic and 28mm Upscale versions. Weapons turret has options for an M240G, M2 .50 Cal, M134 Gatling, and Mk47 Striker Grenade Machinegun. The MATV Truck is a new addition. 15mm Apache Painted Example MATV Breakdown The Sahadeen's ride of choice, the Gila Fast Attack Vehicle. In 15mm Classic and 28mm Upscale. Weapon modifications for a variety of scenarios. Gila 15mm Painted example Gila Breakdown The Earth Force APC with a new grav module, treads that can also be used on the Combat Flatbed, the classic turret, and a double-barrel variant turret. There is a lot of flexibility in this model in both 28mm and 15mm scales. 15mm Painted APC Wolverine Example APC Variations APC Breakdown The Titan builds have multiple connection points to create multiple builds with the APC and the Light Tank. 15mm Titan Build (painted) 15mm Scaled Titan APC Painted Example Titan ApC Grav Build Titan Track Build Titan LTH Painted Titan LTT The Merka has been one of our best sellers in 15mm. New to this line is the battle-tank-sized grav kit has well as new small guns for the turret. 15mm Scale Painted Examples 28mm Scale Print Merka Variations Stretch Goals Below are our stretch goals and if we reach those goals, new STL files will be unlocked! Take a look! If we reach $2000, All Motor Pool pledges will receive the STL files for the Brand New Titan Battle Tank! Titan Battle Tank Stretch Goal If we reach $3000, All Motor Pool pledges will receive the STL files for the Brand New Mega Merka Tank... Madness! Mega Merka Stretch Goal!
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    The second Giant Snake from the Artisan Guild set. 3D Printed on my Elegoo Mars. WIP :https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/page/163/#comments I was inspired by the African Bush Viper. Added extra pics taken indoors after applying antishine varnish below.
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    Hello forum Family, this week I managed to paint another mini Reeve Irremborg Planomap - SKU: 44019 (woohoo!) and this is my new personal record, 2 minis in two weeks! In this bad time I'm in need of colors, so let's keep painting colorful scheme and palette... don't know if this combo really works, something is odd to my eyes, but maybe my wife is right and the problem is me (I'm basically never happy of what I do!). Also taking pics of this little one was a pain... Anyway, let me know what you think of it. Every C&C is more than welcome! Thanks :)
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    Began scaling the right side
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    If you are familiar with Battletech, that is to roughly 1/285 scale, CAV is closer to 1/160 or N scale , so roughly a 1/3 larger. Hope this helps.
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    The infantry is a human that is approximately 10mm tall, and the vehicles and mechs are sized to fit them. So Mechs are in about the 2”-4" range + or - ... suitable for a 10mm sized pilot to fit into. The price seems close to what a 2"-4" Bones fantasy monster would be priced.
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    Thickened the neck some more
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    Since it's now mid-July, has there been a definitive answer yet on how much longer the pledge manager will be open?
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    Finished after a few delays from a project started in...December 2019, woops, are some more female residents of Frostgrave. All are from the official range from North Star Miniatures, other than two metal minis they are all built from the Frostgrave Soldiers II and Frostgrave Wizards II boxed sets, though they may have a few accessories from elsewhere (and the Cultists from the Frostgrave Cultists kit. The two metals: a Barbarian Apothecary and Barbarian Apprentice. The Cultists: Just plain Thieves: Obviously Wizards: K'ren, Slayer of Managers: A hero type: Those who could pass as Townsfolk: a Mule/Porter, an Arcanist/Old Woman, Town Cryer, local guide, and Apothecary/Potion Vendor.
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    He is hanging out upside down while his neck base cures I will sculpt him with a slight head turn to make it more interesting than my sculpted dragon bust was
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    Need some muscle on your team? How about some out of work rough necks. They work for cheap and only require a club and dagger. Ensure your hideout is secure. Order yours today!
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    It's been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share one of my current projects. I started on this 70mm orc from Yedharo back in October. I took a break from it for a while and just recently got back to work on her. When I first saw the sculpt, for some reason I immediately pictured a blue orc. I know a little untraditional, but I like to switch it up from the standard green. One of the things I wanted to work with on this piece was the use of ambient color/light. I pictured her standing over some beast she'd killed and wanted to show the light reflecting off of that and onto the orc. Since she's blue, I decided on red for the beast. It's not the easiest thing to see in the photos (the effect is more obvious in person) but you can see it most clearly from behind. When I start on the armor I'll be doing the same thing and it should be even more pronounced there since metallic objects can pick up a lot of light/color from the other objects in the scene. I'll be painting her with TMM, so there's going to be some experimentation as I work matte colors into my metallics for the reflected light. My latest progress has been to build the base. I'm not much of a sculptor, but I've been getting some practice in over the past year and feel a bit more comfortable tackling something like this. Overall I'm pretty happy with how the base sculpt turned out. Now I'm curious to see what I'll think of it when I finally start to paint it! Having the base is also nice as, when I start on the metallics, I'll have a more precise reference to work from for the reflections (instead of just the vague idea I had when I worked on the skin).
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    and they looks so good when your done painting them all* , although it may just be me. *expansion sets and extra dragons not included, cause Im still working on them.
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    I have been waiting so long to lock in my pledge because I have been going back and forth with what I wanted and how much I felt comfortable spending. My wallet is crying. Definitely would of wanted a second ship but oh well. Im pretty sure Im set for life with minis to paint though. Power Up: Full Moon Fever Option x1 Power Up: Dragonslayers x1 Power Up: Rocky Brush Holder Option x1 Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x1 Power Up: Reaper Figurehead Option x1 Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1 Bones 5 Core Set x1 Extra Gem Dragon x3 Power Up: Campground and Trailer Park Scenics Option x1 Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x1 Power Up: Beastmen Option x1 Power Up: Henchwomen Option x1 Valfuryx the Vile x1 Dragon Folk x1 Catapult x1 Townsfolk x1 Dragon Bust x1 Fire Giant Hellbringer x1 Aganzarax x1 Mouslings x1 Troll Bridge Encounter x1 Mammoth x2 Fantasy Dinos x1 Yokai x1 Ballista x1 Goroloth x1 Trebuchet x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Storm Giant x1 The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1 Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1 Rune Wights x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Option: Elemental Scions x1 Encounter at Gallowgard x1 Bust Collection x1 The Dwarf King's Crypt x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1 Pirate Ship x1 Bones 5 Learn to Paint Kit x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x1 Song of the Sirens x2 Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1 Encounter: Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Demonic Temptation Option x1 Yog-Sothoth x1 Kalanzar the Wicked x1 Brinewind Extras Option x1 Opton: Kaiju Chaos x1 Henchmen and Hirelings Option x1 Daimyo Expansion x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 Base Boss 1" Round RPG Bases x1 Base Boss 2" Round RPG Base x1 Base Boss 3" Round RPG Base x1 Chronoscope Expansion x1 New MSP Paint Colors x1 MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1 Fan Favorites x1
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    I picked up a bunch of the metal Reapercon figures to make postage for some other minis worth it (and because they're excellent). First off the mark is Siobhan Redraven, Bloodwolves Swashbuckler. I based her palette off the concept art as much as possible and I'm happy with the slightly desaturated look on everything except the red armour. While I believe sh'es supposed to be a vampire, she will fit nicely into either my Skull and Shackles campaign or Dreadmir as a River Widow. I'm trying out a new lighting rig for my photographs - it seems to work well for some of the figures, but it's obscured her face a little. Plus, a Schipperke hair seems to have crept into the front shot.
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    This critter sat on my painting bench for a while mocking me. I think I like the idea of greeblies with lots of tentacles a loot more than actually painting them. I toyed with a few different paint schemes before I settled on a fairly traditional pink and purple one. I also considered giving it a cuttlefish eye to create an alien vibe, however my plans to use it in a campaign calls for a more body horror angle, so I did a human eye. Once that came together, the wide staring eye and exposed brain gave me a distinct case of the Mars Attacks, so a subtle greenish glaze completed it. While I'm happy with how it turned out (it photographed a lot better than the other minis I'm positing today) I have to say this was a dog of a miniature to paint. There's a few spots inside that were impossible to reach, however the rest of the mini tends to distract from those, so long as you don't look too closely.
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    Well... I mean... But... Fair enough. You win. And... Okay, this is probably a stupid question, and it's entirely off-topic. It's in your title, you and @Corsair just mentioned it, and I just gotta know. What is this "W.O.O.F."? Exactly why I'm glad I was given those Warhammer minis I've been painting!!
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    Not sure what the name and number of this one is, but fairly sure it is a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. In lead, no less. I pulled her out of a pile of random stuff over a year ago and didn't get very far. Decided I would finish her up in bright colors. Not sure what the staff is supposed to be, metallic green seemed appropriate. With mages you never know.
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    I read that as the base was translucent, but if it's the entire mini, eh. I'm leaning towards not adding that one in due to that.
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    I'm glad the Sirens will be translucent (and they always were denoted that way). I plan to paint them up as Nerieds, keeping them mostly translucent so they look as though they are made from water. D&D 3.5 Neried artwork I actually ordered two of this set, as I'll paint the second up as opaque humanoids to serve as sirens. I know there's someone in the last kickstarter who got two copies of the Stygian Barge, so he would get two copies of the translucent "souls." He painted one set up as spirits, remaining largely transparent, and the other set he painted up as regular humans, representing the same souls before death. The paint jobs were quite well done, and you couldn't tell the models were themselves translucent plastic.
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    Why not? Most of us (I think) prime before we get to painting anyway, so it's just a matter of how carefully you prime.
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    Here you go, folks, my second of the four Warhammer warbands I've got (Here's the first). When I first started painting these, I was a bit worried about them looking just like a blob of gold, but I must say, I'm quite pleased with how the colors look. And that bird... That bird is my favorite. I tried speckling its breast and around its neck, but it just looks blotchy. Oh well.
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    I know alot of this KS will be in Bones Black. I'm trying to get a List of what will be bones black and other materials. I know people are asking about what things will be made of. :) I'm trying to get the go ahead and make sure things are final first.
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    I have really been on the fence with if I want to add more or not on this kickstarter. Still a little disappointed with some of the drooping models from the last one. But I know I will have regrets... So fare I have * Pirate Ship * Shadows of Ravenhome * Demonic Temptation * Hench Women * Extra Halloween * Charnal Pit of the Ghoul Queen (just added today) Still have these on my wish list (i guess it should be my maybe list) * Dark Depths expansion * Brinewind Expansion * Kid Heroes * Shavynra the Slayer * Brinewind extras So $155.00 + $4.63 shipping I decided no on the Sirens because they are translucent...
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    Got some more progress done on the skin tones last night. I'm starting to like it this way. I definitely think these kind of creepy monsters are even creepier when the flesh is well, flesh like. I've also begun thinking of the tentacles more as earthworms with spikes. I like the idea of it being covered in semi independent worm like entities. Going to work on the mouths and open wounds next. I'm thinking of doing both in the same colors so the mouths on the body look similar to the ripped open skin. Except for the maw at the front that is, I'm not sure where I'm going to go with that yet.
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    Hi everyone, Here is my vignette featuring the Blacksting Wyvern hunting down a 500MD helicopter. This is a little project I had fun with recently. i painted the Blacksting Wyvern from Bones a bit more than a year back and was quite happy with it collecting dust on my shelf (original post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86236-blacksting-wyvern-speed-paint). Then, I stumbled across a 1/48 helicopter model I had almost forgotten about. 1/48th scale does fit nicely with 28mm heroic scale. The creatives juice started flowing and I decided to make a surprise encounter between the modern warfare machine and the legendary beast. I experimented as well with epoxy resin + food coloring for water, tree bark (for rocks), a couple of random 3D-printed broken statues/rubbles and toilet paper plaster for the terrain. I didn't have a clear acrylic rod for the flight stand, but wooden dowel painted black blends OK. I also forgot how much fun it is to build and paint plastic models. It is both similar and very different from miniatures painting. I'm quite happy with the result even though I could have been neater on a few places and it is a bit big for my light box. C&C appreciated
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    Facebook reminded me in June that it was 3 years ago I started painting minis on the regular, showing me the pic I took of the first group of minis I painted for my D&D group. I eventually posted them here after I joined sometime around November 2017. The one representing my dragonborn was an otter cleric from Darksword minis. In celebration of this 3 year anniversary, I decided to do the otter again to see how I've grown as a painter. I took pictures of the newer one before I built a little display base for him so the base wouldn't detract. And here he is on his new base.
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    Here’s the last couple of minis I’ve painted. All are for the d&d game I just started running. Still have a whole bunch of bugbears and hobgoblins to paint up.
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    I think I lost a sanity point getting it to this stage. Still more skin colors to go.
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    That grav tank makes it tempting, even though I don't have a printer...
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    of anyone needs a village idiot, I know where one can find one..........
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    The static poses aren't entirely a problem for generic NPCs. Dynamic poses draws more attention, which makes them feel more "important" than some random people. That said, the only thing I really like about them is that there's children and/or small villagers in the group. I'll mull it over. I've cut the Dungeon Dwellers expansion from my planned purchase so...
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    But that is a perfect size for a hamlet or small town! How unrealistic are you games if the city doesn't have more than 50 civilians? Yeah, they are pretty static. But they do work as people speaking to each other. Plus the more expensive clothing and cloaks can work for mages and wizard, so you can now make a whole college/university.
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    ...but I've heard it does take a village.
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    I'm locked in now. Since I'm still painting minis from all 4 previous kickstarters I went light this time: Pirate Ship Dark Depths Expansion Brinewind Expansion Brinewind extras Townsfolk The Spiders of Emrith Kul Encounter at Mandupar Pass Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen Encounter: Shadows of Ravenhome Encounter at Gallowguard The Dwarf King's Crypt Song of Sirens Yog Sothoth Extra Gem dragon ×5 Catapult ×4 Trebuchet ×4 Ballista ×4 Extra wall of thorns ×3 Extra armory Extra Loot golem Extra Overgourd Disapproving spell effect Sophie's Lucky dice
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    Memory is failing me right now, but wasn't Sophie Silver a RCon exclusive paint at one time? I recall getting paint sets for someone else that year but by the time I went back for my set, they were out. (Sunday, hotel, etc etc). If so I'll definitely be in for this set. Thou, having anther bottle of DNP is always nice too.
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    So, those magnets that left China Apr 9th (and then again on the 19th)? They finally were scanned as being in BC last night, woooohooooooo! ...Uh oh, this means if I don't get those last few pieces of terrain put together tonight those magnets actually will have gotten here first..
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    I have packages that left other countries two months ago... Still lost somewhere in the cogs. I swear, I'm going to order those magnets next month from a US place and have it shipped UPS Expedited (or International Saver) and I'll wind up with 3x the amount of magnets I need as the envelopes will show up the day later, but.... Yeah.
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    Never painted Ma'al, but given his size and people commenting on paint rubbing off, I would suggest pulling out a trick that I saw Laszlo Jakusovszky use to paint a large metal (i.e. heavy) dragon (sadly, his Hot Lead website seems to have vanished, so I can't link to it). He attached the feet of the model to a board as a temporary base to paint. He then drilled a hole into the board that fit the screw attachment of a normal camera tripod (not the kind for webcams) Mounted the dragon and board onto the camera tripod, so he could use the handle on the tripod to maneuver the dragon without touching it. He probably got a wingnut/washer to secure the board to the tripod, so it could be removed when he wasn't painting. Once done, he removed it from the board and mounted it onto its permanent base. Took the strain off his arm as the dragon was metal, and also allowed him to get to all the areas he needed to paint. Without having to touch the paint. A question for those of you who had the paint come off: did you prime Ma'al, either with a brush-on or brown liner, or just go straight to painting? Curious if Ma'al is the kind of Bones who would definitely benefit from a true surface primer first.
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    The cracks between the stone were not dark enoght to my taste. I wanted to add more shading, so I applied a layer of Citadel Agrax Earthshade all over the stones. Then, I applied a 9086, Stone Grey drybrush and re-highlighted the darker and bluish stones. Finally, I applied a 9293 Alien Flesh drybrush on all the stones and a light 9031 Tanned Leather on some spots. I think it looks nice like that, so I will move forward and paint the wooden parts.
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    Broke my cup (Ive had this one for 30 years) Then my daughter needed an appendectomy (all is well now) And my 18 year old cat died. I might have missed something... but its been a bit rough. Im putting the pieces back together... and hopefully making it better.
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    My first ever package from Taiwan has arrived. From the time I placed my order, it took three days to get packed, shipped, loaded on a plane, and arrive at O'Hare. It then took three weeks to make its way across the US.
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    So, back at the end of April I ordered some molds from Prince August in Ireland. They separated the order into multiple packages. The majority arrived with two weeks, but one package went to London on 9 May and hasn’t been scanned again since then, nor has it been delivered...still hoping...
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